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Facts about Y pools

In response to the April 17 letter “Therapy pools differ,” Ms. Fanger is correct in her description of the size and temperature of the therapy pool in the soon-to-be-opened Central YMCA-YWCA, but that is where accuracy ends.

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Income tax fear misguided

It continues to surprise me that so many letter writers are vehemently opposed to a state income tax. Unless those writers make more than $200,000 a year, they are actually paying more in taxes than they would under a system like Idaho’s where there is a small income tax and a much lower sales tax. The current system in Washington that relies exclusively on sales and real estate taxes penalizes the poor and middle class and rewards the rich.

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Invitation to squatters

Put out the word, all the homeless people can move into any vacant house or apartment and be protected by the Landlord-Tenant Act. Well, at least in Spokane Valley. It is a sad day in our community when our own ...

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Labels applied too freely

With statements such as “Presidents aren’t supposed to be deciding who runs our major corporations” and “Obama threatened the car companies with bankruptcy,” Mr. Thomas McClanahan’s column (April 9) mischaracterizes the actions and positions of the administration.

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Long-term view needed

Your editorial (April 11) dismissing a state income tax takes a narrow and short term view. The present financial crisis provides an opportunity for government to do what successful businesses do, long-range planning. What are the goals and objectives of state government? What programs are needed to achieve the objectives effectively? What is the best mix of revenue streams to pay for the programs? The income tax should not be declared a non-starter. It should stand or fall on its merits along with all other possible taxes and fees that are analyzed as part of the planning process.

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No dots in 'press'

I hope something can be done to preserve our country’s newspaper publishing. Benjamin Franklin may be moaning in his grave, as well as my own ancestors who fought for our liberties. To me, “the press” refers to pressing inked typeset ...

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Pin it on politicians

Unfortunately, our banking mess can again be attributed to our unaccountable politicians doing the bidding of the bankers. In turn, the politicians continue to blame the bankers and lowly, unknowledgeable American people.

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Spotless column

Thank you for Gary Crooks’ column, “Smart Bombs.” I read the one, “They sure can dish it,” on April 8. I had read in Doug Clark’s column that people were going to Coeur d’Alene for dishwasher soap, but I couldn’t understand why, Crooks’ article cleared that up.

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Visitors in squirrels' home

We are appalled at the elimination of the squirrels from the Finch Arboretum. The squirrels are the natural residents. The arboretum is their home. If people don’t like the fact that the squirrels make holes in the ground, then they should be careful where they walk, because the squirrels live there.

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Vote yes for kids' sakes

On April 21 we go to the polls to shore up the very foundation of our democracy – public education. Though many squabble about dollars spent here, dollars spent there, or dollars not spent, these dollars are meant for kids. Kids who excel in sports, kids who are voracious readers, kids who are musicians, kids who are mathematicians, kids who are artists, kids who are authors, kids who are struggling and kids who are geniuses. This levy ensures all these kids are academically supported, challenged and inspired.

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Who are real squirrels?

I was aghast when reading in this paper that squirrels were now referred to as rodents so they could be blown to smithereens by direction of our Park Board and Parks and Recreation Department. What next, steamrollers crushing unwanted marmots, puppies and kitties? There’s an old saying about lousy management and their decisions. It’s like a bunch of squirrels running around in the bottom of a barrel. The Park Board and department are now in the barrel.

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FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2009

Income tax not so 'dubious'

Contrary to your editorial (April 11), Sen. Lisa Brown’s proposal to tax incomes above $250,000 ($500,000 for a married couple) at a flat 1 percent is not a “dubious idea.” A study of the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy indicates that as of 2003, fewer than 5 percent of Washington taxpayers had income above $250,000. The study indicated that the top 1 percent of Washington taxpayers paid, on average, 3.3 percent of their income in state and local taxes vs. 7.3 percent paid by the top 1 percent nationwide. The next highest 4 percent of Washington taxpayers paid an average of 5.6 percent of their income vs. 8.1 percent for this group nationwide.

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Provost's comments troubling

With reference to the transfer of the general education program to the College of Liberal Arts, WSU Provost Warwick Bayly states that “there was no impact on curriculum” (“Budget cuts rekindle faculty group,” April 11). The few remaining faculty teaching these classes understand that future sections will be substantially larger than current sections. Curricular research is clear that bigger classes are not better.

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Send me your squirrels

Aaarrrg, what irony! I am attempting to rehabilitate former pasture on my property here in Pend Oreille County and return it to a meadow/grass/shrub condition. Columbian ground squirrels would help to maintain the meadow condition and prevent woody invasion, but the state Department of Fish and Wildlife has informed me that I cannot live-trap any to bring to my meadow.

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Therapy pools differ

The therapy pool closing article of April 2 and the programs on TV leave the impression that one therapy pool is equal to another therapy pool and that the current participant’s needs will be covered.

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Bird is the word

If you had been standing in our kitchen this morning and looked out the south-facing windows, you might have seen a large hawk perched atop a tall grape stake fence. ...