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SUNDAY, FEB. 1, 2009

Sounds like slavery

I was shocked when I read H. Duane Brown’s letter to the editor (“Make holiday meaningful,” Jan. 25). Mr. Brown advocates having government and other employees be required to work on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and that their wages be donated to the United Negro College Fund. Put bluntly, this is forced labor at no pay forced upon a certain group of people. If this does not meet the definition of slavery, both morally and legally, I don’t know what does. The Rev. King would be appalled, I believe.

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Start by respecting life

It seems to me that gun control is not the answer to the murders in this country. We need to start teaching people to respect life. I am not surprised that people have no respect for life. We murder more unborn children than any other country in the world. We have a president that feels it is OK to murder an unborn child right up to birth. We have states that say it is OK to help somebody kill themselves legally.

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What light rail?

In (last) Sunday’s paper there was an article by reporter Jonathan Brunt titled “City seeks Riverside extension.” The piece itself was shocking, but one sentence really caught my eye. While describing the Riverside extension, the description included the language two ...

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WUTC will favor Avista

You have to have respect for the attorney general filing an appeal on behalf of the Avista customers in Spokane. Far too long in Avista’s recent history has the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission ruled in favor of utility districts. ...

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SATURDAY, JAN. 31, 2009

Avista gobbling greenbacks

Avista says profits double in 2008 (Spokesman-Review, Nov. 5, 2008), and they want more! This company eats greenbacks. Avista has been upgrading its infrastructure and relicensing their dams for the past six years. These dams should now be relicensed for ...

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Big flaw in Obama plan

Almost all the adjectives in the dictionary have been used to describe the incoming president. Now that the “Messiah” is in the White House, will his money injection plans work?

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Climate threat can't be ignored

The world population is over 6.7 billion. Depending on the economy, we use between 75 million and 95 million barrels of oil each day. We use about 6.2 billion tons of coal and 2.7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas ...

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Don't fight nature's way

The first-ever human trial of embryonic stem cell research has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. A biotechnology company in Menlo Park, Calif., plans to start the first-ever treatment on up to 10 patients suffering from spinal cord injuries. The treatment will consist of a one-time injection of “glial” cells that the company thinks will restore nerve cells.

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Economic plan familiar

Remember 1980 when Ronald Reagan gave us real hope of change for an economy that was reeling from a tax-and-spend Democrat, Jimmy Carter? Republicans hoped Reagan would change the course in Washington and return to conservative values of less government ...

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Excuses for greed wearing out

Here we go again! Avista Corp. made headlines in The Spokesman-Review requesting yet another rate hike. It seems that we, the ratepayers, forfeit all opposition to their request for a rate hike. There is no appeasing their greed. To hear their worn-out excuses seems same ol’: 70-year-old equipment, price of fuel, yadda, yadda, yadda. Where is their scheduled maintenance for the prior five rate increases? How about solar power, tide, wind alternatives, etc.?

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Extravagance OK now?

During Obama’s inauguration, several TV commentators remarked that the final cost would be between $160 million and $170 million, with over $100 million from taxpayers. Bush’s second inauguration cost $43 million, with little from the taxpayers, most from private contributions.

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Honor for the office

My earliest memories of “the president” aren’t of Dwight Eisenhower, then at the nation’s helm, but of the solemn reverence my father, a World War II and Korean War veteran, passed down as stern behavioral code when speaking of the office.

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No end to Bush bashing

Eight years of nonstop Bush bashing by the left, including columnist Leonard Pitts Jr., has prepared Rush Limbaugh for the answers to the starry-eyed, lemming-like devotion of so many of President Obama’s devoted followers, including virtually all the major media stars.

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Return Castro's favor

Obama has chosen to close the “political prison” at Guantanamo, and that directive has created a dilemma as to what to do with the prisoners when that occurs. The solution to the problem is simple. The Marines should simply open ...

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Right to dissent lives on

I find Leonard Pitts Jr.’s viewpoint in Sunday’s column quite thin-skinned. For over eight years, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, most Democrats and the media worked endlessly trying to cause every President Bush policy, program and the man himself to fail.

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Marmot time

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