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Letters to the Editor | page 1065

FRIDAY, JAN. 30, 2009

Magnuson will be missed

Every long-term resident of the Inland Northwest should pause for a few moments of reflection in respect for the enormous contributions of Harry F. Magnuson, a regional leader who will surely be missed.

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Militias no longer needed

Curtis E. Stone (“Gun control form of slavery,” Letters, Jan. 24) wrote that the Democratic Party continues its unconstitutional assault on his “right to keep and bear arms.” That is false. What I have heard and read is Stone’s darling ...

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Student disrespect not typical

I served as a substitute teacher at Deer Park High School. There is a newspaper called The Stag, which is written by the students. Dec. 19, 2008, had an article with the headline, “Students show dis-R-E-S-P-E-C-T.” It says, “The Veterans Day Assembly on Monday, Nov. 10, was the worst display of students disrespect yet. While we sat honoring the people who served and gave their lives to allow us to have the freedoms we have, some people didn’t seem to understand or even seem to care. These students need to learn that our freedom is because of those who gave their lives.”

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Utility bills excessive

It was mentioned in the article “Avista customers shocked by big bills” (Jan. 17) that $100 is a lot for “some people.” One hundred dollars is a lot of money for most people.

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Watch for pollution tax's return

Obama has signed an executive order that will ultimately allow California auto emission standards to be implemented. This also will include the state of Washington. A letter recently mentioned SB 6900 that would have imposed a (Washington state) pollution tax ...

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THURSDAY, JAN. 29, 2009

Beware of eugenics

We just witnessed the election of the first African-American president. Are we now on the road to freedom for all? Obama has vowed to sign the Freedom of Choice Act. This will erase all restrictions on abortion like: parental notification, ...

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Columnist creates evildoers

As one who has referred to Obama as a “faux messiah,” columnist Cal Thomas continues to invoke words and images of the new president that foment religious distrust and even hatred. By characterizing his exuberant supporters as worshippers of a false god, Thomas does nothing but validate the Obama as anti-Christ credo that is whispered and sometimes shouted from some on the right.

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Right's stonewalling is wrong

Cal Thomas had a column in The Spokesman Tuesday calling for us all to “save ourselves.” When people have money they purchase necessities. When they don’t have money they don’t buy stuff. Is that so hard to understand? In times ...

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Rosauers outclasses Microsoft

Microsoft recently announced layoffs of 5,000 employees. If you check out you’ll see that Microsoft has $9 billion in cash and another $11 billion in short-term investments. That’s over $20 billion Microsoft owns.

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WEDNESDAY, JAN. 28, 2009

A doctor in the district?

After the firing of Dr. Thorburn and the ensuing futile two-year search for a new public health officer, the health board now wants to try splitting the duties in hopes of attracting a qualified applicant. Why would any health professional worth hiring be more likely to accept a position with Spokane County knowing they have yet another layer of bureaucratic “administration” to negotiate in the course of their duties?

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Bush abandoned reality

Mr. Ornellas (Letters, Jan. 18), the so-called “democracy” that may result in Iraq will be nothing like the democracy that you and I love. It will be autocratic with continued violence. History will determine if that is truly a victory – not the self-defined history of Mr. Bush and others who avoid reality. That shallow “victory” is surely not worth the hundreds of thousands of deaths in Iraq.

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Focus stimulus on jobs

So House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thinks that hundreds of millions of “our” tax dollars spent on contraceptives (“Meet the Press,” Jan 25) should be part of the stimulus package? I guess that makes sense, less of those pesky babies.

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Trickle-down bill is due

In the last few days, Republicans in Congress have been saying that we cannot borrow and spend our way out of our current economic mess. Yet under President Bush they borrowed and spent trillions of dollars for war, pork barrel spending and tax cuts for big business. All under the guise of their cherished President Reagan’s economic theory of trickle-down economics.

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TUESDAY, JAN. 27, 2009

Adult day care saves money

The governor proposes to eliminate the adult day centers across Washington. These centers are an invaluable resource for our families and caregivers. The centers care for frail elderly, providing skilled services of rehabilitation, speech therapy, medication support and social events ...

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Bond, levy are bargains

What can you get that helps you meet the needs of the future at the prices of the past? Award-winning schools that prepare our children well for the challenges of today and tomorrow. Please join me to continue our tradition of generations of support for Spokane children: Vote yes for the educational levy and school construction and building improvement bond that will be on the March 10 ballot.

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Marmot time

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