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Address cause at Arboretum

It seems like we never learn. In 2007 the same emergency surplus of ducks was creating problems in Manito Park as is currently being experienced with ground squirrels at Finch Arboretum. Steve Nittolo and his park crew did not solve ...

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Development brings benefits

Why is it some folks celebrate the misfortune of others? Jim Kershner (“Recession club not so private and exclusive,” April 11) finds the troubles at Black Rock to be the silver lining in his Great Depression.

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Carbon tax elegant solution

Bravo to Bert Caldwell for recognizing the need to stop global warming, and his call for a carbon tax to do so. As the most carbon-free energy producers in the nation, Washington and Oregon stand to benefit mightily from businesses ...

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CdA levy merits approval

I would like to voice my support of the replacement levy for School District 271. Passage of this levy is necessary to continue programs already in place that benefit all of the students in the district. This type of levy is not asking for additional funds; in fact, it is asking for $1 million less than the replacement levy this community passed two years ago.

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Choice of media critical

Like Mr. Buell Hollister (“Market threatens free press,” Letters, April 10), I am a reader of newspapers. I started reading San Francisco newspapers while growing up there. I delivered papers for the News and the Chronicle. I became a newspaper junkie; I need information, and not necessarily from printed media. I prefer printed media, so I subscribe to both the local paper and The Spokesman-Review.

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A little bit too much

Legislators approve higher car fee? Are you kidding me? After the untold billions of dollars of our tax money we’ve already shoveled into this bottomless pit of inefficiency and mismanagement? The idea should be to do something that will give buyers incentive to buy a new car, not drive them away. It’s not that the extra $100 is a big deal, but it’s the “little bit here, little bit there” that really mounts up and hurts.

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Convict caregivers give hope

In these days of bad news, it was such a pleasure to read the story about the six prisoners and correctional officer Gary Kershner who baby-sat the 2 1/2-year-old boy who wandered away from his home (“Prisoners baby-sit wandering toddler,” March 28).

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Free market? What free market?

Some people are blaming capitalism/free markets or libertarians for our current economic demise. These attacks are misguided at best and malevolent at worst. Capitalism/free markets require sound money. With a dollar backed by nothing and a Federal Reserve that spends ...

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Get past 'socialized medicine' fear

OK, let’s put this ridiculous idea of “socialized medicine” to rest. First, I am a Vietnam vet who grew up as a dependent kid, who married a serviceman. I was injured on active duty during the war and receive a small disability.

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SUNDAY, APRIL 12, 2009

A counterproposal for Brown

Re: “Brown, Chopp weighing state income tax,” April 3: Isn’t it amazing? Just when you thought those in government couldn’t be any more out of touch, along comes Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown supporting a “whipping down” of those successful ...

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Assistance could be slashed

Sadly, I am calling attention to the fact that both the state House and the Senate budget programs reduce the Medicare-funded in-home-care hours available to vulnerable seniors and young clients. More than 32,000 low-income people with disabilities rely on programs such as COPES to remain in their homes and in their communities.

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Democrats passed the buck

Re: “Gregoire proposes tuition spike,” April 8: I agree with Gov. Gregoire that we (state) are in a crisis. However, the real crisis is that of a weak and pandering Democratic regime in Olympia that have sown the seeds of ...

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Family planning cost-effective

On March 31 the Washington state House of Representatives released their biennial budget, which cuts the state’s largest family planning fund by 55 percent in 2009. Furthermore, in 2010 it eliminates the fund entirely.

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Funding should reflect values

The Eye on Olympia blog highlighted an ad that economists from out of state posted, dictating how we should feel about new taxes. The fact of the matter is this: Can our families afford such drastic cuts to social services?

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Lawmakers neglect women

In 1994, 179 countries met in Cairo for the International Conference on Population and Development and affirmed that reproductive health care access not only empowers women; it is a critical part of creating a sustainable world.

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Bird is the word

If you had been standing in our kitchen this morning and looked out the south-facing windows, you might have seen a large hawk perched atop a tall grape stake fence. ...