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Letters to the Editor | page 1093

SATURDAY, JAN. 17, 2009

Bush photo showed bias

I was saddened by the large, colored picture of President Bush The Spokesman-Review put on the front page of the newspaper on Jan. 13. I am sure it took quite a while to go through all the photos to make sure the worst possible picture of him was used. The news media continue to throw stones at him even as he leaves the White House.

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Child care in jeopardy

I’m neither an economist nor a politician. I’m a licensed family child care provider in Spokane Valley, and here’s what I know: If we don’t get federal relief to cushion this economic crisis, it will damage the quality of life in our communities.

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Consumer spending critical

If consumers continue their resolute reluctance to purchase goods and services, no corporate bailout can possibly ensure ultimate company survival, sustained employment or economic security for anyone, other than recipients of management salaries. Production and consequent employment cannot exist without consumer support/spending.

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End siege in Gaza

Israel’s occupation of Gaza and its disproportionate violence there violate international law and the will of virtually all nations. Jewish-American historian Norman Finkelstein tells us that Israel first violated the cease-fire with Hamas by entering Gaza on Nov. 4 and ...

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History puts data in context

The media reported 2.6 million jobs lost in 2008 and stated that it was the worst number since the end of World War II. Do they not know the population of the U.S. at the end of WWII was about 40 percent of that of today, and that for there to be a meaningful comparison, job losses for 2008 would have had to total 7 million?

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Joint government appealing

Hooray for Dorothy Carter and her gem in Saturday’s paper (“Consolidation deserves a look,” letters, Jan. 10). Memories are undoubtedly short on subjects like this, but some 25 years ago Spokane citizens missed a singular opportunity to take a major ...

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No deadline for Comcast

Please let me clarify something printed earlier (“Not all cable viewers spared,” Letters, Jan. 15) that said Comcast customers had a deadline in February. The source of confusion may be that television broadcasters are required to transition to digital on ...

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President deserved better

I was filled with sadness to see that picture of George W. Bush, our president for the past eight years, leave the White House. For a man who “gave his all” while president of this country, he deserved much better.

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'Right thing' transcends eras

It’s not just a question of doing the right thing because of the period of time you were raised in (“Palin baby is a family matter,” letters, Jan. 9). It’s a matter or respect for marriage as well as for the woman of the children who are born during a relationship.

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FRIDAY, JAN. 16, 2009

A better snow plan

A city employee said there must be a better way (snow removal) but no one knows what it is. Here are some suggestions: 1. Start snow removal sooner. 2. Invest in more and better equipment. 3. Have a set plowing ...

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Answers in natural gas

Our country needs a plan that employs people and brings financial recovery. We can do this with a loan from the government to convert our transportation system to the use of natural gas instead of gas from oil. We have a surplus of natural gas.

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Tribal radio valuable tool

Re: “Tribe gets OK for radio station” (Jan. 9): My great-auntie Fran, a Colville tribal member from Chewelah, lived to be over 101, and one of her secrets to her longevity was, “Oatmeal makes horses run fast – so it must be good for me – so I have a bowl every morning.”

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Values, work ethic ignored

I feel sorry for the young people in our modern (not much is off limits) world. This group came along after Generation X. Our state, in an attempt to improve very poor standards in our public schools, created the WASL. ...

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THURSDAY, JAN. 15, 2009

Cut state workers' pay

The Spokesman-Review had two articles regarding there not being enough funds to run the state for this next year. One of the articles was having to discontinue free immunization for children. That is not good. The other was stopping several programs and adding taxes.

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Gaza reports unbalanced

The news continues to tell us that Israel should stop going into Gaza; the news continues to tell us how many people have been injured in Gaza and Palestine; the news continues to give us the count of the dead in Gaza and Palelstine.

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Leave ownership to someone else

Industry analyst, Cox Automotive, conducted a recent consumer survey indicating that private vehicle ownership is on the wane. Half of the American survey respondents said that the cost of owning ...

WSU football means great time to tailgate

PULLMAN -- As the Washington State Cougars battle for the Pac-12 football championship this year, there’s one title they already hold: Best Tailgating School in the West. Check out the ...

Bird is the word

If you had been standing in our kitchen this morning and looked out the south-facing windows, you might have seen a large hawk perched atop a tall grape stake fence. ...