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Letters to the Editor | page 1097

SATURDAY, JAN. 3, 2009

Democrats wrought loan fiasco

Re: “Voters are to blame” (Letters, Dec. 26): “Additional pressure from the Bush administration upon Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to increase their funding of mortgage loans to lower income groups led to the sub-prime loans.” Totally false.

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Familiar liberal tax call

When it comes to budget crunches, conservatives traditionally tout increased efficiency and eliminating unnecessary spending as the first solution. According to the Washington state auditor, performance audits have identified 574 specific recommendations for $4.1 billion in short- and long-term cost ...

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First came marriage …

Regarding Sarah Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy, and the father saying that they “will” get married: When I was in school and one of the girls got pregnant, the guy stepped up to the plate and married the girl before the birth ...

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Look locally for stimulus

Waiting for the federal government to act on our economy’s problems will take a long time. It would be more efficient for a state government to begin helping jump-start its own economy.

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Palestinians terrorized

The Israeli government should be held accountable for murdering over 270 Palestinians in 24 hours, and then pointing the finger at Hamas saying it’s all their fault. Palestinians have been terrorized by Israel, and despite the whole world watching, the situation hasn’t changed.

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FRIDAY, JAN. 2, 2009

Mail carriers still human

In response to Mr. Louis (letters, Dec. 23): Mail carriers are not bionic. We are doing our best during limited hours, are trying to complete our deliveries despite not being able to walk our normal paths or do curbside deliveries in a timely fashion because of snow.

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Step cautiously

I am quite alarmed at the men and women that are plowing the streets of Spokane. While they are doing an exceptional job of clearing the streets for motorists, I’m wondering how they expect the hundreds of thousands of pedestrians that walk our streets every day to cross intersections or simply walk where there is supposed to be a sidewalk, instead, are piled with plowed snow.

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Take a lesson from nature

What to say about baby Izayh. Another little life so brutally taken, and for what? A woman’s poor choice in child care? A man, whose evil acts led to murder?

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Valley spends too much

The Spokane Valley wanted to keep big bad Spokane from gobbling up our friendly little suburb. We wanted a City Council to provide basic services, keep costs down, and protect our way of life. Instead, what we have is special interests controlling the Valley their way.

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WEDNESDAY, DEC. 31, 2008

Dog's death unnecessary

Last night my husband and I were driving home on the freeway when we noticed a dog running across three lanes of traffic toward the median. We are huge animal lovers and wanted to help this dog. We have three ...

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No time for vacation

I just read Gary Wheeldon’s letter to the editor (Dec. 27) regarding snowplowing or the lack of it during the Christmas holiday. I couldn’t agree with him more. We drove to my daughter’s house for Christmas, and Madison had not ...

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TUESDAY, DEC. 30, 2008

Fighting back

When I was 8 to 14 years old, growing up in Pittsburgh, kids got into fights. I certainly had my share during this period in the late ’40s and ’50s when anti-Semitism was more prevalent than it is now.

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Israel has no choice

This opinion letter is in response to Christopher Benedict’s letter “Israel overreacts” published in Sunday’s paper. Mr. Benedict says that because Hamas’ recent missile strikes have not killed anyone, Israel is not justified in attacking Hamas. I wonder what Mr. ...

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Retaliation appropriate

Perhaps Mr. Benedict (letters, Dec. 28) could explain, how many of a country’s citizens have to be killed before that country reacts to protect them? Is it 100, or maybe 1,000? How would he feel if he were living along the Canadian border and some terrorist fired rockets into his neighborhood and killed someone in his family?

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Safety first

In response to the gentleman that wrote the letter “Buses are basic” (Dec. 24), I would just like to say a couple of things. As a fellow bus rider, I feel that even though it is frustrating that the buses ...

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Tiny Kitchen Cooking Tip: Campfire Bacon

When it comes to cooking in tiny RV kitchens, it doesn't take long to learn that some foods are quick to set off the smoke alarm. That's exactly why we're ...

The speed habit

There is no shortage of drivers who have a speed habit. And those speeders are easy to spot when we drive in reasonable accordance with the speed limit, since everyone ...

Bird is the word

If you had been standing in our kitchen this morning and looked out the south-facing windows, you might have seen a large hawk perched atop a tall grape stake fence. ...