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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

February 22
  • Cantwell out of bounds

    Page B5 The state of Washington is in great shape. It’s so good that Sen. Maria Cantwell is getting bored to the point that all she can think of is to demand … 17

  • An attack of bigotry

    Page B5 One of The Spokesman-Review’s political cartoonists portrays (Feb. 11) the fact that a well-known athlete announces that he is a homosexual and touts this announcement as an attack on bigotry. 29

  • These conventions a danger

    Page B5 Sen. Curt McKenzie, of Nampa, is calling for a constitutional convention for a balanced budget amendment to be limited to that subject only by another amendment. Does he not understand … 6

  • Disarmament the goal

    Page B5 Gun abolitionist Shawn Vestal’s latest assault on gun owners, Second Amendment activists and the National Rifle Association was outrageous (“ Gun hearing draws NRA, familiar attitudes,” Feb. 5). As always, … 33

February 20
  • Moratorium applauded

    Page A9 I applaud Gov. Jay Inslee’s concern for justice as shown by the death penalty moratorium. Can a system ever be deemed just that is inherently unfair, costs far more (about … 22

  • Monumentally proud

    Page A9 Stand tall, America! 11

  • No food stamp police

    Page A9 I’ve read “Food stamps abused” from Dick Just (Feb. 9). Just is all in favor of helping those who really need help, just not overweight women. Just by standing in … 107

February 19
  • More to rate request

    Page A11 By the information Avista placed in The Spokesman-Review Feb. 5, they are requesting a $4.89-a-month electricity rate increase for each residential customer. It seems to me that this may not … 16

  • Lawmakers out of touch

    Page A11 Here it is, the week of Presidents Day. It doesn’t surprise me to learn (from free speech TV only; you won’t hear it on mainstream media) that Congress is taking … 46

  • Count on yourself

    Page A11 It looks like Robert Archer has finally grown up. He is the Shadle Park High School teacher who wrote (Feb. 15) that he is tired of being told how “noble,” … 25

February 18
  • Clear roads to hospitals

    Page A9 During winter it is both natural and unavoidable for snow, ice and slush to gather on the roads around Spokane. This has proven to be particularly hazardous on the hills … 2

  • Vacant homes a solution?

    Page A9 I would like to congratulate The Spokesman-Review on the well-written Feb. 9 article on homelessness. The article did a good job of covering the challenges faced by the homeless and … 30

  • Panhandling still a problem

    Page A9 I am writing this letter to letter to discuss the problem of panhandling in the Spokane area. While this has been a problem in the district for a while now, … 47

February 17
  • Gun ban convenient

    Page A9 Regarding the Feb. 11 article about the individual illegally carrying a gun on the North Idaho College campus: Why does anyone expect an emotionally disturbed person with a criminal history … 182

  • Indifference troubling

    Page A9 Working in nonprofits for 21 years and helping survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and rape, it is terribly troubling to see how people are so blind to how Spokane … 65

February 16
  • Stroke may not be obvious

    Page B9 Regarding the Feb. 7 Associated Press article: I would like to add that not all strokes show themselves with the typical symptoms. My wife had a brain stem stroke three … 2

  • Bigger dangers ignored

    Page B9 I have a hard time understanding the Republican Party’s harping on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s handling of security at the U.S. diplomatic facility in Benghazi, where an attack … 57

  • Questions about coal trains

    Page B9 How does Spokane County benefit from coal and oil trains? Cleaner air? Not so much. Healthier population? Not so much. 16

  • Happy with coal review

    Page B9 In response to “State to consider environmental review of coal terminal projects.” Once again, we have evidence that the Washington Department of Ecology is listening to Spokane and the Inland … 6

  • Cheney-Airway route, please

    Page B9 As a resident of Cheney, I can say we highly depend on the Spokane Transit Authority to get us around not only Cheney, but to and from downtown Spokane. 54

  • End freeway delay

    Page B9 Our Spokane County community needs to stop bickering and solve the North Spokane Corridor problem. Those remaining in unsold properties in Hillyard and the Interstate 90 connection zone live in … 4

  • Leash your dogs

    Page B9 To the inconsiderate, self-centered dog owners who ignore the leash law because they just don’t feel like obeying it: Have you ever considered that no one is around when your … 2

  • Pragmatic about governing

    Page B9 Let’s start with some definitions: communism, where the government owns everything; socialism, where the citizens as a group own everything; and capitalism, where certain wealthy, rapacious and/or lucky individuals own … 29

February 15
  • Tea party misunderstood

    Page B5 Although I missed Sally Jackson’s Feb. 1 letter apparently extolling the accomplishments of the president, Lou Baldwin’s (“Extremism undermines GOP,” Feb. 7) granted that President Obama has done much “for” … 124

  • Replace McMorris Rodgers

    Page B5 Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, from farm girl to the American Dream job. But she forgets her roots when she votes. 61

  • Dig deeper, be informed

    Page B5 Every teacher fights the battle of the lazy student. We are taught that our best effort, as we seek information about our world, comes from varied sources. Papers we wrote … 3

  • Snow removal problematic

    Page B5 As a resident of Spokane, I am troubled by the way the city has handled the problem of snow-plowing roads and dumping the snow back onto the sidewalks. I am … 6

  • Who wants our guns?

    Page B5 We live in a region where people do think the government is going to come to our door and take our guns. Who doesn’t know that? My question is: What … 92

  • Another governing contract

    Page B5 Mark McFall’s Feb. 11 letter really makes a good case for state-initiated action to restore our Constitution. As an intermediate step to hopefully rein in nanny-state government and its out-of-control … 28

  • Disgust for McMorris Rodgers

    Page B5 On Jan. 28, as I listened to Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ response to President Obama’s State of the Union address, I did so with much disgust. Oh, I agreed with … 21