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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

May 22
  • Term limits the answer

    Page A11 After researching history, I learned most of the founders of this great country didn’t follow a political career. Only 33 of the 55 stayed in the legislative branch after it … 54

  • No purpose to executions

    Page A11 One of the first adult jobs I had was that of a lab assistant in Philadelphia. I worked for a pair of French physicians, who routinely sacrificed lab rabbits, injected … 37

  • People want gun control

    Page A11 In response to “Gun grabbers revealed” by Curt Stone (May 3): 220

May 21
  • Deduct IRS, permanently

    Page A11 The Internal Revenue Service is one of the most feared of all of the U.S. government agencies. The IRS has outlived its usefulness; it is time for it to die. … 21

  • Mayor’s hire questionable

    Page A11 Regarding “Fire department hire faces challenge” (May 16): Mayor David Condon, via a semantics ploy, sought to bypass the city charter to create more positions exempt from civil service within … 34

  • Vets not supported

    Page A11 I would answer Mikayla Mickelsen (“Veterans deserved better,” May 9) that I’m a Vietnam veteran who begged Congress, on behalf of our troops, many times already. As for others, many … 41

May 20
  • Alcohol not pro-family

    Page A11 Republicans, Rep. Susan Fagan used her office to increase the sales of alcohol. Give me someone who is pro-family and opposed to new addictions and their attendant crimes, or I’ll … 79

  • GOP left me

    Page A11 How times have changed. From 1960 until 1980, I voted for several Republicans, including Richard Nixon against Jack Kennedy in my first presidential vote, and Washington Gov. Dan Evans three … 31

  • Follow majority opinion

    Page A11 Why do we bother to have elections? As I understand it, the majority of the people of Idaho went on record as saying that marriage is to be between a … 242

  • Focus on public benefits

    Page A11 The talks on urban growth will not go well until those talks start focusing on future public benefit. Wait, aren’t talks like this supposed to start at public benefit? How … 32

May 19
  • Thanks for good paper

    Page A9 When I moved to Spokane after living most of my life in the New York, Denver and Bay areas I was concerned about newspaper coverage. I was especially concerned about … 55

  • Keep the park green

    Page A9 I’m in agreement with Bob Korkus (May 10). When I saw the plan for the new, improved park in The Spokesman-Review, I was dismayed, to say the least. Riverfront Park … 16

May 18
  • Climate should concern you

    Page B9 Whether you’re a hard-line nonbeliever in global warming, a skeptic, or just someone who doesn’t care one way or the other, the fact that the Antarctic ice caps are melting … 184

  • Climate change is natural

    Page B9 During President Obama’s recent pep talk one statement stood out for accuracy. “Climate change is real and is happening now.” And this statement would have been accurate any time during … 126

  • If Israel were apartheid

    Page B9 Of course, Secretary of State John Kerry was wrong to raise the specter of apartheid in speaking of Israel (“Kerry backs off Israel comment: ‘Apartheid state’ comparison blasted,” April 29). … 58

  • Follow other elections

    Page B9 The largest election in the history of the world has just recently ended in India, and yet no one seems to be talking about it. India has 814 million eligible … 3

  • Vote out the incumbents

    Page B9 I have to say that I’m quite disappointed with the current Republicans serving our state. Why is it that we are the only Republican state in the United States to … 23

  • Vote for Scott

    Page B9 A rule of thumb for choosing a candidate who will serve the interests of Bonner County residents vs. corporate interests is to witness the barrage of mail received from well-funded …

  • Scott for limited government

    Page B9 Heather Scott is a local resident and has been a small-business owner. She also has spent the past 18 years assisting utility companies with natural resource studies.

  • Milfoil a top issue

    Page B9 Infestations of invasive species and milfoil continue to be a threat to the beautiful waters of North Idaho. Heather Scott is an aquatic biologist with an extensive background working to … 2

  • Scott is impressive

    Page B9 I’ve known Heather Scott for some time, and am impressed by her intelligence and can-do spirit in tackling problems and seeing them through to a successful outcome. The first in …

  • Vote for Justice Horton

    Page B9 Our existing Supreme Court Justice Joel Horton is a native of Nampa, Idaho, and has given 28 years to public service here in the Gem State. He served as deputy … 1

  • McGrane most qualified

    Page B9 The position of secretary of state requires an excellent knowledge of the job function and responsibilities related to the election process. Of all the candidates running for this office, there … 1

May 17
  • Outrage does no good

    Page B5 Thanks to Rick Johnson for writing the letter (May 11) I wanted to write. He hits the nail on the head when he points out how the Republicans and Fox … 144

  • Suggestion for new park

    Page B5 On May 9, I visited Huntington Park, the latest jewel in the crown that is Riverfront Park. It’s a beautiful place, and it’s so refreshing to be led along yet … 1

  • What about Spokane VA?

    Page B5 After my private health insurance was discontinued, I enrolled in the Spokane Veterans Administration Hospital for medical coverage. Since I served more than 20 years on active duty as an … 53

  • Dixon the true conservative

    Page B5 Sage Dixon has my vote. My wife and I have gotten to know Dixon and his wife, Veronica, well over the past four months. We hold them in high regard … 16

  • Horton takes bias lightly

    Page B5 The phenomenon of judges not disqualifying themselves in cases where they are biased or even appear to be biased is very troubling. The credibility of a decision in a case … 1

  • Best slate of candidates

    Page B5 If you haven’t had time to check out some of the new candidates running for positions in the upcoming primaries, I have. Here is what I have found and who … 19

May 16
  • Thanks for library support

    Page A13 On behalf of the board of trustees, I want to thank the voters who turned out for the recent library bond election. 2