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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

June 18
  • Why not cloth diapers?

    Page A11 I read the article about the Mission Community Outreach Center and the shortage of diapers for the low-income population. 32

  • Vote for Dave Wilson

    Page A11 Regarding Rep. Eric Cantor’s defeat in Virginia: Finally, Americans are waking up and realizing that the time has come for do-nothing elected officials to go. Here is a no-name candidate … 13

June 17
  • County ignoring codes

    Page A9 Mike Prager’s May 13 summary of the first city-county growth collaboration closes with: “Commissioner French said the county has sought to provide a full range of services in unincorporated urban … 4

  • Pot facility unwelcome

    Page A9 The Washington State Liquor Control Board licensed a marijuana grow/process facility at North Forker Road and Highway 206. 92

  • Impeachment for swap

    Page A9 Apparently we were not paying enough attention, because we now have a dictatorship, not a representative democracy. Congress passes laws and President Obama is supposed to carry them out. In … 124

June 16
  • Guard our children

    Page A7 If you are nuts and want to shoot someone, would you go to an U.S. Army base or a police station? No, you go where there is no resistance, such … 117

  • War wasn’t worth it

    Page A7 Our chickens have once again come home to roost; this time in Iraq and Syria. Our expenditure of $1 trillion and the killing of hundreds of thousands in order to … 88

  • Spokane VA also troubled

    Page A7 Issues facing our Veterans Administration hospitals also exist at our Spokane facility. It may not be broad-based, yet does exist in behavioral health. That critical unit deals with veterans having … 2

June 15
  • ‘Therapy’ destructive

    Page B9 Now that the Texas Republican Party has approved “reparative therapies” for gay folks, I think they should also consider promoting praying away left-handedness, eye color and height, and any other … 131

  • Graduation disappointing

    Page B9 I attended my grandson’s graduation ceremony from Deer Park Middle School. At first, this looked like any normal assembly. As things progressed, a liberal agenda, an elitist mentality, was evident. 35

  • Military needs transition

    Page B9 When Froma Harrop wrote June 7 of the coal country overdue for transition, she could have well expanded her column to include a vast number of military installations and industries … 23

  • Need response to shootings

    Page B9 Not just as a parent of a high school student, but as a concerned citizen, I share in the frustration of seeing more fatal school shootings occurring in our nation. … 27

June 14
  • Patience, fairness trashed

    Page B5 Thanks for a thoughtful and reasonable June 5 editorial on the Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl scandal. I call it a scandal because Americans trash patience and fairness to attack President Obama. 48

  • Can U.S. save itself?

    Page B5 When we entered the war after Pearl Harbor, our country changed human history. Many believe we saved the world. Now, it may be time for major foreign nations to save … 18

  • Free truth-seekers

    Page B5 A June 6 letter writer suggested that The Spokesman-Review editors not publish letters from those folks who challenge the fact of global warming. 36

  • GOP voted against vets

    Page B5 Once again the Republican Party proves it is no friend to us veterans. This time via the U.S. Senate Republicans. 49

  • Get out of Afghanistan

    Page B5 There is absolutely no reason we need to be in Afghanistan. Even the president has said he continues to send troops there only because his predecessor handed him an unstable … 35

  • Skeptical of climate change

    Page B5 Since 2007, I have read thousands of articles on climate change and alternative energy sources. Today, I am skeptical that man-made pollution has replaced natural variation as the cause of … 35

June 13
  • Spokane VA saved me

    Page A15 With all of the bad publicity the Veterans Affairs health care program is receiving at this time, I thought I should write a letter to say something good about them … 10

  • Unjustifiable wars?

    Page A15 This is a difficult letter for me to write. I do not want to disrespect the fallen soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice, but since World War II how many … 51

  • Bergdahl retrieval justified

    Page A15 As pointed out in The Spokesman-Review (June 5), how would critics lambasting the freeing of Idaho’s Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl feel today if he had died in captivity with no effort … 56

  • Not all soldiers Christian

    Page A15 There was a most interesting cartoon in the June 6 paper. It had an important message about those who gave their lives. It had another interesting message, though. 10

June 12
  • Monopoly with Obama

    Page A11 I would sincerely love to play a game of Monopoly with our president. He would, no doubt, trade me Boardwalk, Park Place, Pennsylvania Avenue, North Carolina Avenue and Pacific Avenue … 133

  • Protect ‘Mom and Pop’

    Page A11 I read with some amusement the May 25 letter from Daryl Rheingans and John Shasky in support of the Marketplace Fairness Act. They fail to note that if this misguided … 12

  • Problems with remote care

    Page A11 The use of Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) for deaf individuals needing hospital care deserves more perspective. American Sign Language (ASL) is a visual language with body language accounting for up … 6

June 11
  • Don’t forget the codes

    Page A13 The alleged backdating of Spokane County documents is a symptom of our county commissioners’ forget-the-codes, let’s-build attitude. Our neighborhood will soon plead its case in Superior Court. 10

  • Preserve WWAMI

    Page A13 Since 1973, the WWAMI program in which I was a professor for 21 years has enabled training of doctors during their first year at the University of Washington School of … 2

  • The right to rail

    Page A13 In response to “Extremists sully U.S. flag” (April 24), which stated that the people do not have the right to rail against the federal government, insisting it is absolute: 72

June 10
  • Freeze the misinformation

    Page A11 Listen up, America. Admission to heaven does not have anything to do with how much money you have accumulated, what color your skin is, what country you happen to have … 71

  • Don’t overdo park facelift

    Page A11 I read with interest and support the May 31 front page article regarding the “rescue” of Charles W. Smith’s “dinosaur bone” sculpture created for Spokane’s Expo ’74. 8