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February 12
  • Dogfighting crackdown praised

    Page A9 The Humane Society of the United States expresses its thanks and congratulations to Sen. Maria Cantwell for successfully working to pass legislation in the Farm Bill to crack down on … 6

February 11
  • Need fuel and jobs

    Page A11 Richard Wesson (Feb. 1) doesn’t think President Barack Obama should approve the Keystone XL pipeline because it will contribute to global warming. He wants to know what is the hurry. … 32

  • Dog tragedy heart-breaking

    Page A11 My heart was broken when (Feb. 5) I read about the young dog that was found near Boone Avenue in the West Central neighborhood. 1

  • We don’t have the money

    Page A11 Evidently without a clue about the basic economics that we cannot indefinitely spend more than we bring in – now more than 40 cents per dollar – without suffering an … 53

  • Vestal shooting blanks

    Page A11 Shawn Vestal’s liberal blathering hit another low Feb. 5 by making fun of opponents of Initiative 594, yet another gun control bill that does nothing to prevent crime but leads … 5

February 10
  • Punishment doesn’t fit

    Page A7 The Spokesman-Review reported Feb. 1 that Jeremy and Amber Clark, who live in North Idaho, were facing charges of injury to a child and conspiracy to conceal evidence. The charges … 9

  • WSP not the finest

    Page A7 Recently, KHQ profiled a Washington State Patrol trooper who was recruiting prospective new troopers. If a person is looking into law enforcement for a career, why in the world would … 21

February 9
  • Working for others

    Page B9 The Congressional Budget Office released a report Feb. 4 predicting that Obamacare would cause millions of workers to quit their jobs because they could now get subsidized health care without … 42

  • Get assurances from rail

    Page B9 I am not in favor of the rail tankers, full of crude oil, coming through Spokane because of the history of railroad accidents, along with the slowing of traffic in … 4

  • Stop lying about ACA

    Page B9 Rep. Paul Ryan, Sen. Mitch McConnell and many other Republicans are telling America that a Congressional Budget Office report says the Affordable Care Act will cause an estimated 2.3 million … 44

  • Food stamps abused

    Page B9 I suppose I should be happy the farm bill has passed, but it amazes me that a bill that is 80 percent welfare and 20 percent agriculture is even called … 33

  • King’s dream year-round

    Page B9 Attempting to guilt-trip “all you black and white folks, the tribes, Latinos and Asians out there (Feb. 1 letter to the editor)” into attending the Dr. Martin Luther Jr. March … 1

  • Ethics article downplayed

    Page B9 The story about Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers facing an ethics investigation deserved the front page, not placement on A5. 5

  • Praise for candidate Scott

    Page B9 It is so refreshing to find a candidate such as Heather Scott, who listens to our concerns. Scott is running as a candidate for the Idaho House of Representatives in …

February 8
  • Keystone has impact

    Page B5 The Feb. 1 article stating that the U.S. State Department assessment of the Keystone XL pipeline found it would not affect the environment or increase climate change was deceitful corporate … 35

  • McMorris Rodgers misleads

    Page B5 I read Shawn Vestal’s article in the Jan. 31 Spokesman-Review on Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers glossing over the facts during her Republican response to President Obama’s State of the Union … 113

  • Obama not so super

    Page B5 Sally Jackson (Feb. 1) said that President Barack Obama saved the auto industry; ended the war in Iraq; eliminated Osama bin Laden; tried to stabilize Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle … 66

  • Wage bill is costly

    Page B5 I read about House Bill 2238, proposed by Rep. Gael Tarleton, in the Feb. 3 Spokesman-Review. 24

  • Fagan, reverse liquor law

    Page B5 Violent sexual predators. That term was deployed 19 times by Susan Fagan’s publicist at the Whitman County Gazette (“Fagan vows to take on public safety in legislature,” Jan. 9). Hardly. … 6

  • Executive orders aren’t new

    Page B5 I simply have to respond to the Feb. 1 letter to the editor from Faye Palmer in The Spokesman-Review regarding President Obama’s statement “to take his own path.” 7

  • Natural gas fires different

    Page B5 E. Kirsten Peters wrote a Feb. 3 column recommending we put out coal and natural gas fires as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and, by implication, global warming. …

February 7
  • Leak assertion is suspect

    Page A13 James Clapper has alleged in evidence before the Senate Intelligence Committee that intelligence leakers like Edward Snowden are a greater threat to American security than terrorists. 9

  • Immigration ruse is obvious

    Page A13 I hope Republicans don’t break their arms patting themselves on the back. Actually, I do. They have come up with a tag line to avoid acting on the immigration issue: … 63

  • Extremism undermines GOP

    Page A13 I loved Sally Jackson’s letter in the Feb. 1 paper. I could not agree more. 143

February 6
  • Fish and Game unethical

    Page A9 The Idaho Fish and Game killing proposal is a money-making tool. The budget comes mainly from hunting permits. The agency leans heavily one-sided in favor of ranchers, outfitters and hunters, … 12

  • Is violence faith-based?

    Page A9 Some people are trying to differentiate between “core” al-Qaida and affiliates that have spread across the Islamic world (Dana Milbank, Jan. 16). They argue that most of these newer radical … 111

  • Numbers point to Democrats

    Page A9 Hmm. Interesting. In a Jan. 28 article in Mother Jones titled “Charts: Unemployment Benefits’ Big Bang for the Buck,” we find out that every dollar in food stamps puts another … 94

February 5
  • An ACA success story

    Page A13 In the Republican response to the State of the Union speech, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers told us that the Affordable Care Act does not work, and used “Bette” as an … 111

  • She bore false witness

    Page A13 I would like to thank The Spokesman-Review for exposing the distorted tale about health insurance in Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ State of the Union rebuttal. This is the same type … 138

  • Support foreign assistance

    Page A13 With Congress due to be in session again, they will of course be voting on very important issues and legislation that affects different people all over, even globally. But representatives … 11