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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

May 23
  • Wright article fans flames

    Page A13 It never ceases to amaze me when we look back on history and judge the past with the eyes of today. The Col. George Wright brouhaha (May 17) is an …

  • Bill provides transparency

    Page A13 In her May 17 letter, Cheryl Stewart explains why her organization, Associated General Contractors, opposed a bill, SB 5153, that would require increased transparency in Washington elections.

  • Ski expansion isn’t green

    Page A13 Post Falls High School teacher Cynthia Rust, in her May 16 op-ed, “Funding ski area supports students,” argues for $2.23 million to improve buildings and add a 15,000-square-foot guest center …

  • Columnists wrong on TPP

    Page A13 If Froma Harrop and Charles Krauthammer (May 16) think the Trans-Pacific Partnership is so good, then why didn’t they explain how good they think the Investor State Dispute Settlement provision …

May 21
  • Recycling reduces CO2

    Page A11 A big welcome to the Washington State Recycling Association, whose annual conference is taking place this week at the Davenport Hotel. At Citizen’s Climate Lobby, we love recycling.

  • Most officers aren’t biased

    Page A11 On May 8 you published a letter from Caylin Novell. She implies that she is an expert in bias because she is a member of a social hate class at …

  • Use recruiting firms

    Page A11 As a human resources professional, the search for a new county chief executive officer seems flawed to me. The county placed ads in numerous newspapers throughout the country. How were …

May 20
  • GOP wants SS cuts

    Page A11 Ryan Cooper, correspondent for The Week, recently wrote, “Eight out of 10 poor people are students, children, elderly, disabled, or involuntarily unemployed, because those are people who have trouble working …

  • Apartment design intrusive

    Page A11 An Indian Trail apartment complex planned by Diamond Rock Construction includes a 200-foot-long, 35-foot-high, three-story apartment building built 5 feet away from the property line of six homes. This building …

May 19
  • Looking up to IRS

    Page A11 Well now, I guess the job to get is with the IRS (“IRS workers didn’t pay taxes, kept jobs” – May 7). You cannot pay your taxes, yet get bonuses, …

  • Salmon numbers in perspective

    Page A11 Recent news articles tout the bounty of salmon coming up the Snake and Clearwater rivers through Lower Granite Dam this year, with quotes from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and …

  • New buildings and bills?

    Page A11 Two questions:

  • Urge support for LWCF

    Page A11 The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), now 50 years old, is a bipartisan commitment signed into law by Congress in 1965. Its purpose was to safeguard natural areas, water …

May 18
  • Mom of the Year

    Page A9 Donna Kuhn (May 9) nailed it. I saw that clip on KXLY. That lady cared enough about her son to take him to task for his conduct. She reminded me …

  • Adjuncts treated poorly

    Page A9 Thank you for publishing “Adjunct professors deserve more money, job security” by Keith Hoeller (May 2), highlighting the low pay for the majority of the state’s community college professors.

May 17
  • Clarifying contributions

    Page B9 The April 24 Spokesman-Review editorial mentions our organization as one that opposed Sen. Andy Billig’s campaign finance legislation, which died in the Senate. We opposed the bill, but not for …

  • VFW Post 51 snubbed

    Page B9 In reading the May 5 article on Occupy Spokane, the reporter indicated that they were at the Robert Monaghan Memorial. The actual name is the Ensign John R. Monaghan Memorial.

  • Embrace Monroe revitalization

    Page B9 The city of Spokane has unveiled an exciting new plan that will dramatically reshape a key stretch of North Monroe Street that passes through Spokane’s historic Emerson-Garfield Neighborhood, my neighborhood.

  • This is a paradise

    Page B9 Can you be in love with where we live? When I watch the nightly news, I just am blown away. These letters we write to the paper are mostly complaints. …

  • Leaders should take test

    Page B9 As parents, we have become increasingly concerned about the amount of testing our children are doing at school, and about the new Smarter Balanced test. Our children are good readers, …

  • McMorris Rodgers on VA cuts?

    Page B9 On April 22, The Spokesman-Review carried a story entitled “VA chief calls budget plan ‘inadequate’.” The Republican House subcommittee plans to cut the budget for the Department of Veterans Affairs …

  • Patagonia should stay home

    Page B9 Patagonia bought full-page ads in several newspapers in Washington. These ads were to get people to contact our state senators to attempt to destroy four hydroelectric dams on our rivers.

  • Don’t ignore rising CO2

    Page B9 It is front page news in the May 7 Spokesman-Review: Earth’s monthly average of carbon dioxide passed 400 parts per million, way over the supposedly safe level of 350 ppm …

  • Uphold sandbox rules

    Page B9 Recently, we have been aware of a squabble in the media about some people taking exception to a showing of cartoons making fun of Mohammed.

  • Change execution methods

    Page B9 In regards to Nathan Watts’ May 10 letter, “Killing is killing,” I guess he doesn’t feel killers should be held accountable for their actions.

May 16
  • Paid leave objections shallow

    Page A13 The Spokane City Council is sparring with the idea of passing a law that would require certain employers to provide paid leave. Many employers, and even some council members, do …

  • Backward business cycle

    Page A13 It was interesting to read the May 10 letter from Hal Dixon proposing the same tired platitudes that all businesses need is less regulation and lower taxes and we will …

  • Evidence hasn’t trickled down

    Page A13 Two points and two questions to consider regarding Hal Dixon’s May 10 letter to the editor:

  • Paranoia goes mainstream

    Page A13 Leonard Pitts Jr. (May 11) again hits the nail on the head. Most rational people will be hard pressed to disagree with Pitts, in that what now passes for mainstream …

  • List the acceptable words

    Page A13 Is it really the intent of the Spokane City Council to pick and choose which words will be acceptable within its chambers? Have you posted this vocabulary list? I can …