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SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2018

Inslee and Tesoro

Kudos to Gov. Inslee for rejecting the Tesoro Savage Oil Terminal proposal, following the Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council's unanimous recommendation to deny the facility based on unavoidable catastrophic risks.

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Keep Riverfront Park sunny

Some cities are gifted with treasures — like our river and its park where families gather, prospective businesses are impressed, small business owners have stands, and celebrations bring crowds.Some cities are noteworthy in honoring their treasures. Chicago has 26 miles ...

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Northwood Middle School

Have you seen the new Northwood Middle School? I'm a 7th-grader there and we just moved into our new school after Christmas Break.It is such an amazing school and I want everyone to learn about it. There is an awesome ...

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School vouchers will hurt Idaho

Please contact your representatives and urge them to keep public schools funded at the optimum levels possible. Allowing private schools to take funds away from public schools will only hurt our state, especially the disadvantaged students whose parents can't afford the extra money likely required to attend religious and other private schools. The selectivity afforded private schools will also further stratify and separate our children's educational opportunities. We currently have a difficult time attracting and keeping good teachers. To further water down our limited resources will only make a difficult situation worse. Please keep public funding where it will do the most good, with public schools.

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Thank you, Happy Watkins

I was very pleased to read in the Sunday paper today (Feb. 25, 2018) about the life and career of the Rev. Happy Watkins.My wife and I moved to Spokane from Portland in 2006. It wasn't long after that when ...

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During the past year, international alliances that have kept America's adversaries and enemies at bay for decades have been disrupted. Institutions created by the labor and sacrifice of generations of patriots, intended to protect citizens from the trepidations of unscrupulous power and maintain the rule of law, are under attack and being disrupted.

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Eagle Ridge traffic safety

The grossly insufficient traffic infrastructure in the area around the Eagle Ridge development has concerned me since we bought a house in Eagle Ridge in 2014. I have written to the mayor, met with the mayor and city planning officials, and testified before City Council to bring attention to the dangerous conditions presented by outdated roads in this area for drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists and disabled residents of the Sunny Creek residential community who travel to the nearby grocery store on motorized scooters. I share the additional concerns about the dangers of intersections on Highway 195 between Interstate 90 and Hatch Road highlighted in the recent story ("Housing prospect met with ire," Feb. 16).

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No more lies

Reading all the letters accusing the "other side" of lying, I fear for us and our country's future.A lie is a deliberate untruth — saying a thing is true though we know it is false. Repeating that lie in our ...

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Refund our tax money

This is a reminder to the citizens of Spokane.In 1999, 19 years ago; the Parks Department and city told us that there was not enough money to maintain Riverfront Park. We were told that there had to be revenue-generating attractions ...

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Revelations in Russia

I am amazed at both the surprise and the outrage many have been showing at the revelations that Russia had "a strategic goal to sow discord in the U.S. political system." One questions what world have these people been living in.

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Russian sympathy

Russian sympathy in our own government is so blatant that we must demand our legislators stand up and hold President Trump accountable.Over a year has passed, and time after time, our president has deflected the impact the Russians have had ...

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Judging others

Joseph Rudmann ("Spokane too liberal," Feb. 21) inspired me to respond. Matthew 7:1-3 KJV says "Judge not, that ye be not judged." It says this not to excuse any point of view but to admonish us to judge ourselves rather than others. This has caused me to have the view that my right to my points of view requires me to listen and try to understand the points of view of others.

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Mental health and firearms

Regarding Paul Rohrbach's recent letter discussing mental health and firearm issues, I offer the following.Mr. Rohrbach laments the fact mental health awareness and treatment have all but gone away. It maycome as a surprise to Rohrbach, President Donald Trump's 2019 ...

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What is our nature?

In the middle of all the opinions, judgments and advice on this page, is it ever possible to end the finger-pointing, the blaming and the anger over so many circumstances in our lives, bitterness, the in-fighting over who's right and wrong, and the endless accusations that have been the way we have responded since this world was created?

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Creeping progressivism

I like Eastern Washington. It's been home for over 30 years; my job would have allowed me to move anywhere. But my family liked calling Spokane home. There are a lot of reasons our community is attractive. The easy commutes, low cost of housing, an excellent medical community and conservative, responsibly based politics are infused into the city and county. It's been good.

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Earth Day Eve Ranking of the Planets

9. Venus: What has anybody on Venus ever done for you? 8. Saturn: Still getting by on her looks. 7. Mars: Eventually it comes down to one question: Why would ...