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July 5
  • Women and religion

    Page A11 On June 24, two articles about women and religion caught my eye. The first article was about a woman who lives in America: “Mormon church excommunicates Kelly.” 18

  • Suicide nets bizarre

    Page A11 As I watched the news, I witnessed the most bizarre thing I have ever seen. The San Francisco government approved spending $77 million to install nets on the Golden Gate … 17

  • Bible is foundational

    Page A11 It is my privilege to teach some Slavic children. My class this year was very interested in U.S. history, so teaching it was fun. We discussed our history from the … 128

  • Build a powerhouse

    Page A11 For greatness to happen, several things must come together to create the right environment. For Hollywood, greatness happened in 1939. The talent, audience demands and cultural conditions created the pinnacle … 25

July 4
  • Get over Hobby Lobby

    Page A13 So the U.S. Supreme Court decided that certain birth control cannot be forced upon a business owner. Get over it. 393

  • Look into disappearance

    Page A13 I am one of a team of retired Bonneville Power Administration employees who have been reviewing the disappearance of fellow employee Julie Weflen. Julie was abducted on Sept. 17, 1987, … 3

  • Cheneys are hypocrites

    Page A13 Trudy Rubin’s July 2 opinion, “Cheney wrong on Iraq – again,” couldn’t be more true. Dick and Liz Cheney’s infomercial on the current crisis in Iraq is disgusting. The arrogance … 45

July 2
  • More PreCheck tips

    Page A13 The June 24 letter describing the writer’s TSA PreCheck experience caught my attention. While TSA PreCheck employs a random exclusion factor, travelers who’ve enrolled and received a Known Traveler Number … 24

  • Rude cyclists on trail

    Page A13 If you truly watch these professional cyclists, they can be the most rude people on bikes. They don’t follow rules of the road. 105

  • Faculty member not so ruffled

    Page A13 I supported our internal candidate for Eastern Washington University’s presidency, but our trustees have made a decision based on a thoughtful vision of how this university may best serve the … 3

July 1
  • Win for local control

    Page A9 Apathy and the tea party strike a major blow for the red party in Virginia, as David Brat upsets Eric Cantor, the second-ranking House Republican. The defeat was a shock … 57

  • Labels miss larger issue

    Page A9 I am responding to the June 25 letter from Leonard Johnson. All of the labels typically used (pro-life, pro-choice, anti-abortion, pro-abortion) have been used as weapons and, as a result, … 84

  • Divestment is nothing new

    Page A9 Jack Abel, “Divestiture is odd (June 25),” seems unaware that church divestment for ethical reasons is nothing new. Many churches have a policy of only investing their funds (such as … 30

June 30
  • Can’t blame labor

    Page A9 Oh boy, William Rust (June 4) tells us we can use more trickledown economics if those obstructionist union bosses would get out of the way. Here? In good ol’ right-to-work-for-less-and-less … 162

  • Wolf issue fabricated

    Page A9 Regarding Becky Kramer articles, “A study in survival” (June 1) and “Rules sought for conflict over wolves” (June 11). 31

June 29
  • Stupid grandstanding

    Page B9 I have read the June 26 article “Boehner threatens lawsuit over Obama’s actions.” What a stupid grandstand game. 86

  • Iraq’s been sheer folly

    Page B9 Concerning the June 17 front-page article “Crisis growing in Iraq”: 66

  • IRS scandal is serious

    Page B9 Another phony scandal? The current controversy surrounding the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups between 2009-2011 should send chills up the spines of all Americans, regardless of political affiliation. … 30

  • Take care of vets first

    Page B9 I’m all in favor of upgrading Spokane’s parks and more in favor of upgrading the streets, but not a penny on either before all veterans in the Spokane area are … 4

  • Who’s investigating Obama?

    Page B9 Until recently, even conservatives like myself conceded that the Nixon administration was among the most corrupt in American history. It was brought down by three young men who may have … 113

  • Legacy of Green Rush?

    Page B9 Legacy is how history remembers us. 11

June 28
  • Media unfair on guns

    Page B5 It’s shameful that the so-called gun debate is so totally one-sided. Our mainstream media present the gun control lobby’s side of the debate and nothing else. 89

  • Boycott not anti-Semitic

    Page B5 Jack Abel (June 25) seems a bit confused. Maybe I can help. 9

  • Vote for smarter justice

    Page B5 As an old and serious philosopher, I’ve followed and resisted our nation’s tripling of the number of people it imprisons. A third are veterans, substance abusers and/or mentally handicapped. Many … 7

  • Thanks for Everyday Heroes

    Page B5 Thank you, Spokesman-Review, for the wonderful 36-page section on Everyday Heroes you printed on June 15, Father’s Day. That is the kind of reporting that uplifts everyone and encourages us …

  • Corporations admirable

    Page B5 Corporations are often demonized as faceless exploiters of the masses that make obscene profits. In reality, corporations employ millions of people at competitive market-and talent-based wages. They deliver a safe, … 55

  • Church actions disturbing

    Page B5 Recently, The Spokesman-Review has printed articles and letters concerning actions, positions and statements made by the Presbyterian Church’s General Assembly. The narrow political nature of these ongoing activities has regrettably … 7

  • Learn from history

    Page B5 Finally, I have heard discussions on the modern history of Iraq, and the centuries-old Sunni-Shia conflict. During the President George W. Bush-Iraq war, a university student asked me what was … 42

June 27
  • Islamic extremism spreads

    Page A13 I am concerned about the threat our country and the rest of the world is facing. Mainly the growing, brutal strength of the Islamic extremists. 167

  • Obama cartoons right on

    Page A13 As usual, the Michael Ramirez cartoons featured in the June 20, June 22 and June 23 papers are right on. 121