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TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2016

Support EPA's plan

Tribal leaders are right; our reliance on coal and oil is posing a serious threat to our safety and our health. Not only do oil spills in the ocean and train derailments cause devastating impacts on our water resources and wildlife, but simply the production and use of these fossil fuels impacts our health every day.

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MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2016

Forget Trump; vote smart

The Republican Party doesn't plan to win this election. They don't want their label on the economic and environmental problems they know are coming in the next four years, so they selected Donald Trump and gave him the job of alienating just about every group of voters and instilling fear and paranoia.

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Wilson reaches out

Everyone who is reading this letter knows that politics, as we have known it, is changing. It may be time to refresh politics, and find new ways to give a voice to the people who our elected representatives are advocating for. The face of the constituency is definitely changing-age, gender, race, nationality-all elements of our demographics.

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SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 2016

Ali a role model

A few years ago, my son asked me who is an ethical and courageous touchstone for young men. Without hesitation, I said Muhammad Ali.Both our probable presidential nominees and their political intimates could use a dose of what made Ali ...

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Child being manipulated

Disturbing reading about the manipulation and agenda going on in the story of "Being Rachel." Clearly the adults in his life will be responsible for what could be a terribly confused and negative experience for him throughout his growing up period. Tomboys and effeminate young males have always existed and that will not change. Most will gravitate toward their biological sex defined at birth as they grow older.

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Councilmen should be booted

Spokane Valley Mayor Rod Higgins was quoted in Sunday's May 29 Northwest section of the newspaper as saying, "The folks (i.e. councilman) who just resigned can't seem to come to terms with the fact they lost." But they didn't lose. They resigned after being successfully reelected, but due to the illegal activities cited in this article, quit as they and others have been railroaded out of office.

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Say goodbye to Fairchild

Jay Inslee's decision to allow a tribal casino to be built close to Fairchild Air Force Base is a political statement. Inslee would never have approved a casino near the confines of combined base Lewis-McChord, for Lewis-McChord is embedded in the blue-dominated counties of Western Washington.

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Support the union

Thank you for publishing the article on the region's labor unions and the picture of solidarity by the Machinists union at the Triumph Composite site. It makes me more aware that organized labor was and is a big part of what made this country great.

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U.S. complacent about guns

Shame on us again. Forty-nine more lives lost in Orlando while the gun control debate drags on; or does it? The NRA has the most powerful lobbying force in the U.S. By definition a debate is "a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward."

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Commissioners need support

The current, and very public, flap over the reappointment of Idaho Fish and Wildlife commissioners Will Naillon and Mark Doerr cannot go without comment. I do not personally know either of these gentlemen, but by all accounts, they have both done an admirable job of fulfilling the requirements of the 1938 initiative to manage the wildlife of the state of Idaho for the people of the state. They appear to have wide support from both the sporting and conservation communities.

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Council getting frivolous

Regarding "Council discusses police contract (June 9)": So now they want to spend $75,000 on uniforms and more money on paint for the police cars?They are frivolously spending money that was saved by the old city council and our old ...

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Fathers deserve recognition

On the 19th, we will be celebrating Father's Day, a holiday that originated here in Spokane. In 1910, a daughter (one of six children) of a single Civil War veteran proposed the idea. After many false starts, President Nixon made it an official national observance in 1972.

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Madsen deflected spill question

Sue Lani Madsen did a great job of deflecting attention from the most relevant question surrounding the derailment and spillage of Bakken crude in Mosier. Who is responsible for creating the risks, and how do we reduce it or eliminate them?

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Provide candidate information

I am glad that your paper asked for response about whether the paper should endorse or support anyone running for political office. It is the job of media to educate and put forth facts about a person running for any public office, in my opinion. If the paper finds one best qualified for that office, I see no problem with that, as long as the decision is made without prejudice.

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Religion has been twisted

I have been a dedicated Christian man for over 30 years now. When I was growing up, I was taught that Christianity and similar faiths are supposed to represent love, generosity and forgiveness. Lately however, with some of the hatred and bigotry that is being screamed from the pulpits in churches, synagogues, temples and meeting places in this country and around the world across many faiths, a person could be forgiven for not knowing that.

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Parting Shot — 7.29.16

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump holds baby cousins Evelyn Kate Keane, 6 months old, and Kellen Campbell, 3 months old, following his speech at the Gallogly Events Center at University ...

West Nile Virus found in Lake Roosevelt mosquitoes

UPDATE 4:45 p.m. Quote from Dan Foster, Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area superintendent: "We are working with the Washington Department of Health, our region, and national staff to understand the ...

Ups and Downs in Spokane

When traveling in a southerly direction, you can be said to be going down, right? That's certainly the way it looks if you stare at a map. But in Spokane, ...

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