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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

May 2
  • Beneath ACA numbers

    Page A13 The Spokesman-Review’s “Healthy numbers” headline on April 24 doesn’t tell the whole story. Hopefully, some readers read on for the details. In your giddy trumpeting of the “success” of the … 112

May 1
  • Developer unfairly bashed

    Page A11 Regarding Amber Waldref and Andy Billig’s column of April 19: 104

  • Obama visit politicized

    Page A11 In response to two recent letters regarding President Obama’s visit to the mudslide in the Oso area: I disagree with both. 136

  • Need fields, pass levy

    Page A11 Regarding Spokane County’s possible $40 million park levy: I believe we should go through with it. As a city, we need to take pride in our sports programs and support … 19

April 30
  • Casino opposition a waste

    Page A13 The Spokane County commissioners have spent over $300,000 on high-priced Seattle lawyers to fight the creation of over 5,000 jobs and an influx of $450 million worth of private investment … 48

  • Don’t misread clothing

    Page A13 Recently, I was able to head over to Seattle to attend Sakura Con, an event much like a Comic-Con. I had an utter blast, but one of the most impactful … 22

  • Goldmark hypocritical

    Page A13 Democrat Peter Goldmark ran for state lands superintendent attacking incumbent Republican Doug Sutherland for accepting contributions from those he regulated in the timber industry. Sutherland’s long history of distinguished public … 29

April 29
  • Vote for Ahrens

    Page A11 Danielle Ahrens is a true voice of the people. She is a strong conservative candidate for Idaho’s Senate. 7

  • Stealing is stealing

    Page A11 The smoke screen business model is used successfully by Cliven Bundy to withhold payment of debt to the American people. Riding a horse, carrying a bigger-than-life American flag and looking … 59

  • Dems want capitulation

    Page A11 I am sick of Democratic assertions that the reason Congress accomplishes so little is Republicans are not willing to cooperate. My perception of how Democrats spell cooperate is: c-a-p-i-t-u-l-a-t-e. How … 63

April 28
  • Support of Gerlach

    Page A7 I’m so sick and tired of the perpetrator becoming the victim. I support Gail Gerlach and the jury’s decision.

  • Real heroes in our midst

    Page A7 The movie “Captain America” just came out and, personally, I thought it was amazing. With the movie fresh in my mind and all the rain this week, I had time … 77

  • Fed up with Shea

    Page A7 Regarding “Lawmaker casts lot with Nevada lawbreaker”: 52

April 27
  • Elect actual public servants

    Page B9 In Idaho’s 1st Legislative District (most of Bonner County and all of Boundary County), we have legislators who are great at accomplishing their goals. The problem is that their goal … 4

  • Stay in touch, millennials

    Page B9 In response to Paul Lee’s April 20 letter on Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ Millennial Meetup, I ask that he not give up on the political process. His vote to oust … 17

  • Critical to be involved

    Page B9 I am responding to the April 20 letter from Paul Lee. Clearly, he is not a fan of Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, and neither am I. What concerned me was … 5

  • Park plans all talk

    Page B9 I noticed the April 17 article in The Spokesman-Review saying the Parks Department is again asking for public input on what to do with Riverfront Park. This process has been … 9

  • Parks’ funding is folly

    Page B9 As a member of the State Parks Commission, I’m writing to thank you for recognizing the terrible financial position our agency has been put in. Your April 15 editorial was … 3

  • Putin is like Hitler

    Page B9 Was it my imagination, or did Russian President Vladimir Putin look like he was up to something during the Winter Olympics? He had this furtive look, now revealed as the … 40

  • All viewpoints reveal truth

    Page B9 Most of us have heard the age-old axiom “there are two sides to every story.” If that’s true, then one or the other, or both stories, are false. While there … 24

  • Provide information on votes

    Page B9 In an April 19 letter to the editor, John Thielbahr wrote about the lack of information in the newspaper concerning how our senators and representatives voted on issues that are … 13

  • Neo-Nazi coverage uneven

    Page B9 Has anyone noticed how the United States’ media characterizes neo-Nazis at home and in Ukraine? 29

  • Why negotiate necessities?

    Page B9 Why does our government negotiate the very air that we breathe, the water that we drink and the food that we eat like a bargaining chip to promote corporate demands? 42

April 26
  • Public safety issue ignored

    Page B5 Having just moved back to Spokane after two years in Idaho, I see some things never change. It’s evident money still speaks in a loud voice when it comes to … 19

  • Shea forgets Constitution

    Page B5 In championing Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, Rep. Matt Shea, 4th Legislative District, seems under the impression that the federal government is not sovereign in the states and not entitled to … 23

  • Shea’s support bad, ugly

    Page B5 As a military veteran who saw hardship and tragedy in the service of his country, I am disgusted by the reported activities of Rep. Matt Shea in his seeming support … 91

  • Question for Christians

    Page B5 I have read impassioned letters from Christians who believe that we are hurtling toward hell because we are not heeding the “word of God.” I have one simple question for … 98

  • Climate change is inevitable

    Page B5 The environmentalist diktat is unmistakable in its basic premise: No change in the natural world is acceptable. Current climates and life forms are to exist into perpetuity at any cost … 20