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Letters to the Editor | page 13

SUNDAY, DEC. 3, 2017

Trump has NPD

"Of all the dangers which beset man's mortal nature and jeopardize his spiritual integrity, pride is the greatest. Courage is valorous, but egotism is vainglorious and suicidal." – The Urantia Book

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SATURDAY, DEC. 2, 2017

A rational mind

Not to excuse, but surely I am not the first to recognize that the human male is driven by natural animal instincts. He is a predator. These instincts, fortunately, are controlled by the rational mind. How he manages his rational mind is his responsibility. Our society expects it.

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Highway concerns

We live in the Colbert area, traveling frequently on the Newport Highway into town. We are confused about the sidewalks that have been constructed between Mt. Spokane Park Drive and Day-Mt. Spokane Road. Who will they serve? I don't recall seeing anyone walking there, and I would not consider it safe to do so. Many workers were on the scene during the construction, at no small cost.

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How much lower?

Conservative evangelicals and their moronic advocate in the Oval Office are backing an accused pedophile for U.S. Senate. This debasement of the GOP (Guardians of Pedophilia) is embraced by Trump voters solely for the sake of feeding Paul Ryan's crusade to destroy the social safety net for millions of Americans.

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Land value tax

Your Nov. 12 editorial expressed frustration that there is no viable tax available since vehicles are using less or no gasoline and the fuel taxes are not sufficient to fund the maintenance of the roads. Not so.

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Preserve net neutrality

Please urge your representatives to vote against repealing net neutrality. Giving corporations priority and letting them control what we see and have access to is wholly and completely unfair. It will silence people and pull the rug from under start-ups and entrepreneurs. This should be a nonpartisan issue since we all use the internet for everything from homework to business to keeping in touch with those we care about to contacting our representatives.

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Retain Johnson Amendment

The views reported on in the Nov. 15 story regarding the Johnson Amendment miss the existential concern among charitable nonprofits about the possibility of having partisan politics thrust upon us.

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Thanksgiving message

Rob Curley's message in the Thanksgiving edition shows his love for The Spokesman-Review and for Spokane. Reading Rob's comments about the design and forethought in crafting this edition reminded me of a neighbor knocking on my door on Thanksgiving and handing me the freshly baked pie she had just removed from the oven. It's a gift of kindness and caring.

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TUESDAY, NOV. 28, 2017

It's Giving Tuesday

Perhaps you got some screamin' 5 a.m. Black Friday deals. Or perhaps you were one of the online shoppers expected to push Cyber Monday sales over the $6 billion mark.

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MONDAY, NOV. 27, 2017

Franken and Trump

What if Al Franken said that he would absolutely resign immediately as long as Trump - for the same, and even more extensive, reasons - also did so immediately?Donald O. CapstickSpokane

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Kneeling isn't unpatriotic

Is Mr. Nilson suggesting in his letter ("Stand and salute." Nov. 15) that Jehovah's Witnesses are not patriotic because they do not salute the flag or stand during the national anthem? I think not and neither are those who kneel. The most patriotic thing people can do is to continue to remind us that our country can improve, especially in how we treat minorities and immigrants. If kneeling helps that happen, great. By the way, kneeling has been seen as a sign of respect for centuries.

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Thankful for plenty

First of all, I wish to express my condolences to Halina Slobodow at the loss of her husband and life partner ("Be truly thankful," Nov. 12). I also wish to express my admiration at her ability to take up a pen and tell people to be thankful in this time of her grief.

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Trump and Clinton

This is in response to the Nov. 18 article, "As sex scandals topple the powerful ... Why not Trump?" The answer to this is simple. Democrats and the liberal media excused Bill Clinton and excused Hillary after she attacked Bill's accusers. The moral outrage from these Democrats and supporters is laughable. There, in a nutshell, is your answer. Now the Democrats are going after some of their own to try to gain moral credibility.

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SUNDAY, NOV. 26, 2017

Assets from Avista

Oh, what shall we buy? An annual credit from Avista, of four thirty-two! Perhaps this year, a box of cereal will do.To pass the net benefit-to-ratepayers test (Nov. 7 article), I urge Avista not to dissipate a $31 million asset ...

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Belief in government

After watching the election returns, a thought occurred to me that the old labels of Democrat and Republican aren't useful. The losing candidates in Spokane Valley didn't exactly identify themselves politically. Instead, they distinguished themselves as "do nothing good" politicians. Some who run believe in governing -- that regulating things like pollution, drugs, food production and money in politics is a good thing. Others who run don't really like government, don't believe in it and actually work to sabotage it.

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The week that was…

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