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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

June 26
  • Oz attackers need mirror

    Page A9 It is comforting to know that we have so few problems in this country that Sen. Claire McCaskill and the U.S. Senate can take time from their busy day to … 29

  • Clarkian justice scary

    Page A9 I’ve began to wonder lately if in Doug Clark’s feverish pursuit of demonizing the entire Karl Thompson defense team (June 19) he hasn’t lost complete sight of what legal representation … 18

  • Hard-drive failure?

    Page A9 We knew this was coming, didn’t we? There was no chance at all that the Internal Revenue Service was going to turn over the information Congress wants. 82

June 25
  • Believe in the VA

    Page A13 I am a Korean veteran who gets all his care at the Veterans Administration hospital. I feel the media has added to the problem by running so many stories on … 16

  • Divestiture is odd

    Page A13 The issue of divestiture of U.S. stocks doing business with the state of Israel by the Presbyterian annual assembly is absurd. When is it the policy of a major religion … 54

  • Unfairly characterized

    Page A13 Members of pro-life organizations dedicated to opposing the destruction of innocent pre-born human life by abortion are unfailingly characterized by the press establishment as anti-abortion. While literally, minimally accurate, this … 208

June 24
  • Mager needed for balance

    Page A9 Returning Bonnie Mager to the office of Spokane County commissioner will insure a more balanced approach to our county business. Her input will provide the public with a clear picture … 35

  • Consider the source

    Page A9 We are fortunate to have Barack Obama as our president. He’s the best thing that ever happened to America. Because of him, we are living in a perfect world, and … 233

  • PreCheck troublesome

    Page A9 I’ve been registered in the Transportation Security Administration PreCheck for about six months now. Just so you know (and they won’t tell you), there is still some randomness to the … 24

  • Think independently

    Page A9 As election season nears, patriotism flares. Once again, we’re asked to evaluate our beliefs, the state of the nation, the world and, for most Spokesman-Review readers, the state of Washington’s … 24

June 23
  • Wilson is refreshing

    Page A9 Over the past years, I have become increasingly fed up with our Congress and their getting nothing done. Never before have I supported a candidate, but recently one candidate has … 19

  • Proportionate response

    Page A9 In response to the June 17 letter titled “Impeachment for swap” from Don Brockett: 86

  • Easy choice

    Page A9 So, my husband asks me if I want to read Hillary Clinton’s new book. I say, “No, I don’t like science fiction.” 88

June 22
  • Read up, Republicans

    Page B9 I am referring to the disturbing report of the recent Idaho Republican Convention. 128

  • EWU tradition all well

    Page B9 I am writing to express my frustration with Eastern Washington University’s graduation procedures. My husband graduated in the rain June 14, and it was absolutely miserable. I endured the same … 10

  • Facts over a barrel

    Page B9 Study: If you take 10 random people and let nine in on a scam, the 10th person will wind up not only thinking like the other nine, but perceiving reality … 39

  • Can’t trust Idaho GOP

    Page B9 The recent clown show that was this year’s Republican Convention raises one obvious question: If this is how Idaho Republicans run their own party, how can we trust them to … 5

  • Why get involved?

    Page B9 Why is it that we in the United States are even considering interfering with what’s happening in Iraq? Two different factions of the same religion, Islam, are fighting one another … 8

  • Climate debate is hot

    Page B9 I take exception to recent letters regarding global warming, in particular David Camp’s (June 6), which is the most condescending letter I’ve read. Camp believes that any dissent from his … 74

  • Stop all the fighting

    Page B9 Sunnis against Shiites, Muslims against Jews, Protestants against Catholics, whites against blacks and browns, rich against poor, husbands against wives, children against parents, countries against countries, environmentalists against miners of … 22

  • Physician shortage real

    Page B9 The June 19 editorial regarding the need for more physicians and residency slots is exactly what the health care community’s been saying for years. Until there are more doctors and … 17

  • Primary care mistreated

    Page B9 As a retired internist, I can tell you the shortage of primary care doctors will get worse before it gets better. Organized medicine and the government have given lip service … 7

  • Remembering base tragedies

    Page B9 I was working on the landscaping crew at Fairchild Air Force Base the week of the Dean Mellberg shootings and B-52 crash. If it weren’t for the grace of God … 5

  • Leave High Drive as is

    Page B9 I was riding my bicycle along High Drive and it occurred to me this might be the last time I see it in its present state. I was able veer … 3

  • Obama right about Iraq

    Page B9 Thank you President Obama, for not sending our young people to war again. This strife in Iraq has been going on for centuries. It is bigger and deeper than the … 6

June 21
  • Gun laws not enforced

    Page B5 When Shawn Vestal writes a column, he’s right, most of the time, but sometimes cherry-picks. Example: Firearm checks for everyone. What he leaves out is the result. 127

  • Vestal insightful

    Page B5 I find Shawn Vestal comments to be most helpful regarding the issues, for example the tragedy and the disgust that I feel with our ever more frequent school shootings. 5

  • Peace through strength

    Page B5 The June 15 article describing the background for the creation, after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, of Arab countries in the Middle East based on the whims of British … 48

  • Empty promises abound

    Page B5 In response to Stanley Carpenter’s June 10 letter (“Voluminous venom spewed”) about President Obama: Carpenter might want to read the Mona Charen column printed the same day. Charen lists just … 56

  • Support I-1329

    Page B5 The deadline for submitting petitions for Initiative 1329 signatures is July 3. The only way “we the people” are going to elect legislators is to limit and make transparent the … 27