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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

May 8
  • Officers should check biases

    Page A11 On April 4, in North Charleston, South Carolina, Officer Michael Slager shot Walter Scott after he ran from the scene of a routine traffic stop. Why are police officers misusing …

  • GOP attacks self-defeating

    Page A11 When the Republicans won both chambers during the last election, I hoped that the avalanche of attacks against the president would stop. On the contrary, they increased. “He is ignorant” …

May 6
  • Beyond tattoos

    Page A13 I’m responding to the May 2 letter from Barb Beck of Colbert titled “Who Pays for Tattoos?” It must be the same source that pays for body piercings, acrylic nails, …

  • Do-nothing mayor

    Page A13 My monthly visit for an allergy shot forced me to negotiate the splendiferous roads in downtown Spokane. Driving my van found me bouncing around uncontrollably, even at 20 mph. I …

  • Speaking up for troops

    Page A13 As a Vietnam veteran, I would tell Jan Polignoni (May 3) that she/he is one of many Americans who thanks and appreciates all that our military has done to keep …

May 5
  • Bloomsday spirit

    Page A9 As my husband and I watched the Bloomsday race Sunday morning, I was impressed by the number of young runners who noticed my husband’s Vietnam Veteran hat and paused to …

  • STA campaign was bad

    Page A9 I was not surprised how close Spokane Transit Authority Proposition 1 ballot measure was to passing considering the advertising that showed a loving STA; great for the elderly, students and …

  • County search a charade

    Page A9 So, in this large country, full of talented, experienced people, we advertise for a Spokane County chief executive officer. The selection board winnows down the choice for two county commissioners, …

May 4
  • Out on a limb

    Page A11 Wilma Vail knows the score (“Beware quaking aspens” – April 4)

  • Pot profiteers harmful

    Page A11 Unfortunately, I believe that Washington government has equated the “gangland attitude” of profiteering shown by so many so-called medical cannabis “stores” with all of us, i.e., legitimate medical patients and …

May 3
  • STA wants vs. needs

    Page B11 Spokane Transit Authority Proposition 1 lost, as it should have. On this proposition, STA lost sight of needs versus wants.

  • Stop teaching, start testing

    Page B11 With SAT testing, Smarter Balanced testing and AP testing, high school juniors could spend four straight weeks taking tests, and that’s not enough.

  • Troops deserve medical care

    Page B11 Am I one of the few American citizens who thanks and appreciates all our military has done and is doing to keep the U.S. and its citizens safe and free?

  • Abortion not responsible

    Page B11 David Teich’s April 7 response to Anna Haukeli (March 29) made me wonder, who’s the “confused” writer? Saying those choosing abortion are “taking responsibility for their actions,” as Teich did, …

  • Guns will be hidden

    Page B11 To advance its goal of banning, confiscating and destroying all privately owned firearms, the subversive anti-gun lobby is pushing background checks, an Obama administration scheme.

  • More movies, fewer reruns

    Page B11 I was so disappointed that Fox-TV (Channel 28.2) changed from movies to the old, stupid sitcoms, taking after KXLY’s (Channel 4.2) running of same.

May 2
  • Hillary can give us hope

    Page A13 On April 12, Hillary Clinton made the announcement that she is once again running for president of the United States. During the video, Hillary expresses her desire to become the …

  • Shared values of America, Israel

    Page A13 In his remark about Hannah Allam’s March 20 letter, Wayne Kraft (April 1) omitted some important facts.

  • Nonreligious atrocities abound

    Page A13 Sandy Tarbox, in her letter on April 9, seems to be trying to say that all of the bad things that are going wrong in the world are due to …

  • Baltimore mayor inflammatory

    Page A13 If anyone is wondering why the riots occurred in Baltimore, one only has to listen to a news conference given by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, on April 26, a day before …

  • Studded tire fee too low

    Page A13 The state legislators finally acted, proposing a $5 per tire fee on those who use studded tires. I can fully understand why local Republican representatives voted no.

  • What about Idaho drivers

    Page A13 Regarding the proposed $5 studded tire fee, my question would be: What do we do with all the Idaho drivers with studded tires coming to Spokane to work and play?

  • Who pays for tattoos?

    Page A13 After reading the April 12 article on the front page of Sunday’s paper about the chronically homeless people now living at the Collins Apartments, I do hope that someone can …

  • Full information on TPP

    Page A13 I hear members of Congress saying they should have a say in what should happen between our nation and Iran. I believe all members of Congress should be fully informed …

  • Let USPS make loans

    Page A13 Mike Rapp’s April 18 reminder of delayed service at mail-processing centers is a hint of things to come in the U.S. Postal Service, which has enjoyed widespread trust for its …

  • Informed med school view

    Page A13 Regarding Washington State University’s future Spokane medical school: Your readers would be better served listening to the mature and authoritative words of Dr. Francisco Velazquez, chief executive officer of Pathology …

  • Celebrate good police work

    Page A13 Nine years after Otto Zehm’s death, we’re seeing the benefits of critical incident training for law enforcement, along with collaborative efforts with local mental health agencies, first responders and others.

May 1
  • Add context to USPS woes

    Page A13 The Republicans passed a bill under President George W. Bush that required the U.S. Postal Service to put aside funding to cover medical expenses for the next 75 years. This …

  • Defund Bank of Boeing

    Page A13 Did anyone else see the recent propaganda advertisement on TV extolling the benefits of the billions in corporate welfare distributed by the Export-Import Bank? It seems the so-called Bank of …

  • Need federal Food Labeling Act

    Page A13 We have seen across the country states attempting to mandate that foods containing GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are labeled. Finally, legislation on the federal level, the Safe and Accurate Food …