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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

May 9
  • Vote out the incumbents

    Page A13 The incumbent representatives of District 1 both pride themselves on “fiscal responsibility with taxpayer dollars.” Yet an independent study from Idaho Freedom Works ranks legislative voting records by opposition to … 63

  • Studs help tire sales

    Page A13 OK, stud lovers. You’ve put your studs to bed and have put on your summer tires. Because your studs have created a very rough and sharp roadway, it will wear … 40

  • Be a good neighbor

    Page A13 Jim Cameron’s May 1 letter regarding McDonald’s building in the Logan neighborhood needs a response. 7

May 8
  • Bundy isn’t a racist

    Page A13 Some recent letters have described Cliven Bundy as a racist. The writers of these letters are relying on misleading and incomplete media articles, such as those printed in The Spokesman-Review, … 143

  • McDonald’s is welcome

    Page A13 I live in the Logan neighborhood, and I totally agree with Jim Cameron’s May 1 letter, “Developer unfairly bashed.” My wife and I welcome McDonald’s to the neighborhood. 17

  • States get land revenue

    Page A13 I’d like to correct a mistake in Ray Vansant’s May 3 letter regarding Rep. Matt Shea’s initial support of Cliven Bundy of Nevada. Vansant stated that the “federal government … 11

  • Handouts to the rich

    Page A13 After another of Mona Charen’s irresponsible columns, this one titled “Combat poverty with jobs” (April 29), it’s amazing that The Spokesman-Review people haven’t become so embarrassed that they would dump … 189

May 7
  • Unshackle businesses

    Page A11 Gary Crooks’ April 27 commentary “Taxing the cheapskate state,” implies that the only way to raise more revenue for the state is to raise tax rates. That’s classic, simplistic, liberal, … 105

  • Facts about fracking

    Page A11 The Spokesman-Review’s April 30 article, “Survey: U.S. should export more oil,” is more corporatist, one-sided propaganda. While the article does state such a move would increase fuel costs for the … 31

May 6
  • Abortion protest unsightly

    Page A13 Spring is here and the Eastern Washington University campus is starting to look beautiful. But during this time, and as it starts to warm up, Eastern’s campus can also start … 150

  • Time for her to move

    Page A13 On April 16th, The Spokesman-Review reported that Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers has raised 12 times more money than her Democratic challenger, Joe Pakootas. It is common for incumbents to raise … 34

  • Find a real Republican

    Page A13 I checked the Internet for the latest news. I was surprised to discover that our Republican 5th Congressional District Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers dominated the headline, waving the white flag … 38

  • Bundy cause is important

    Page A13 Bigger than Bundy! In 200 words we cannot cover the constitutional issue of the federal government in its role as trustee of the Western lands and its refusal to relinquish … 76

May 5
  • Unfair to teachers

    Page A9 The editorial “Schools will feel pinch of inaction by legislators,” (The Spokesman-Review, April 25) argues that it was a mistake for Washington’s legislators not to pass a law requiring teachers … 99

  • Entitlement of youths

    Page A9 On May 1, I read an editorial from a young girl that seems to epitomize the sense of entitlement of this generation. Yes, I also believe sports are very important … 82

May 4
  • The real terrorists

    Page B9 Concerning Sen. Harry Reid referring to those who supported rancher Cliven Bundy as domestic terrorists, I see these folks as national heroes our Founding Fathers would have been proud of. 144

  • Kudos, Veterans Home

    Page B9 Until today, I hadn’t visited the Spokane Veterans Home since its dedication in 2003. Because I have a stroke-patient-veteran friend of more than 50 years who has been residing there … 1

  • ‘As is’ had meaning

    Page B9 For 30-plus years, I owned and operated a small licensed, bonded, legal used-car dealership in the Spokane area. I, and others like me, were required by Washington law to post … 19

  • Caper needs Sherlock

    Page B9 “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” Seems this applies to the Spokane Tribe’s proposed casino. 17

May 3
  • Put Bing on the map

    Page B5 With Bloomsday now and Hoopfest next month putting Spokane on the map, visitors come from all over and wonder why there are no public monuments to Spokane’s most famous citizen, … 36

  • Motivated by the vulture

    Page B5 I’ve participated in Bloomsday for the last three years, and for whatever reason I have no memory of the vulture there. This could be because I was too tired, or … 5

  • Idaho stuck in time

    Page B5 On an almost weekly basis, Idaho gets a black eye. 83

  • Capitulation on ACA

    Page B5 The recent remarks of capitulation from Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers with regard to her lack of willingness to repeal Obamacare make it clear that her current term must be her … 28

  • Become an observer

    Page B5 Do you want to see the future of the United States of America? Do you want to understand the results of the direction our country is taking? It’s easy, and … 21

  • Don’t vote for Shea

    Page B5 Well, well, our gun-toting, road-rage Rep. Matt Shea took his guns to Nevada to support a nut-case rancher who does not recognize the United States, thinks blacks would be better … 33

  • Feds have too much land

    Page B5 I supported Rep. Matt Shea’s trip to Nevada. The federal government and many local municipalities are increasingly using eminent domain to confiscate property from citizens in order to increase tax … 43

  • Freemen freeloaders, too

    Page B5 I concur with Donald Lamp and Hope Roszell, whose letters appeared with Joe Heller’s timely cartoon on the April 25 opinion page. 14

May 2
  • Perfect mauling machines

    Page A13 I read the April 22 letter from Jennifer Ward concerning pit bulls and just had to respond. There’s bad publicity and then there’s facts, all sentimentality aside. 40

  • Praise for young author

    Page A13 In response to: “Voice of her time: At 25, ‘Divergent’ author Roth is tuned in to her YA demographic (March 21)”: 4

  • Beneath ACA numbers

    Page A13 The Spokesman-Review’s “Healthy numbers” headline on April 24 doesn’t tell the whole story. Hopefully, some readers read on for the details. In your giddy trumpeting of the “success” of the … 112