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TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2016

SPD doesn't need outsider

I hope the police chief selection panel chosen by Mayor Condon to replace Spokane's shamed previous chief will focus on potential candidates' integrity, experience and proven accountability. The past couple of chiefs chosen by inadequate and deficient panels have failed miserably.

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MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2016

Clinton a bad choice

Hillary Clinton's so proud of her candidacy that she debates her opponents on weekends during football because nobody will be watching the debate. In the beginning, she was driving away from the media in her Scooby van, then roping them off until her numbers tanked, then you couldn't keep her off all the liberal television programs.

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Misuderstanding of socialism

The writer of the "Misunderstanding of socialism (June 1)" letter is apparently lacking understanding of socialism and capitalism. Roads, bridges and airports are not the product of socialism, as they are funded by user fees (gas taxes, etc.), so they are more the product of capitalism.

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SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 2016

Coal is harmful, period

Coal means mercury exposure. Most people are not aware that the primary man-made source of mercury, a potent neurotoxin that accumulates in fish, animals and humans, is through the extraction, transportation and burning of coal.

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Just say no to CMR

Cathy McMorris Rodgers recently announced on her Facebook site that she was not exactly enthusiastic casting her ballot for Trump in the recent primary given her concerns about Trump's "comments on women, people with disabilities, and those with different backgrounds." She called Trump's "comments wrong in a Presidential campaign; in our workplaces; in our homes; and anywhere else."

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Level the energy field

Oil train cars burning within view of the Columbia River. If you needed a wake-up call that we need to level the carbon playing field, the train derailment in Oregon is it. Our nation's subsidy of fossil fuel needs to end.

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Teachers maligned

Washington lawmakers introduced a bill (SB 6332) this year that sought to remedy the looming teacher shortage. Unfortunately they chose to address variables other than the precipitating cause of the problem, which is the unjustified media- and politically-driven disrespect of teachers, claiming that our schools are failing (which is simply inaccurate) and that it's primarily teachers' fault.

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Trump claim ridiculous

Whoa, wait a minute. Donald Trump didn't want anyone to know about his donation to a veterans' charity because he didn't want to be credited for a good deed? Yeah, sure, and John Wilkes Booth went to Ford's Theater that night because he was a patron of the arts.

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Trump's ego a red flag

Regarding "The lesser of two evils": I have to disagree with some people in referring to their choice of Donald Trump as a lesser of two evils. The most glaring difference in our choices is that they seem to admire Trump for his refusal to "back down from his opinions" right or wrong. I see this as a real negative, even if it were true.

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Trump trashed POW

Early last summer, U.S. Sen. John McCain accused Donald Trump of "firing up the crazies" with his controversial statements, and Trump responded by saying of McCain, "He's not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured."

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Article sensitive, eye-opening

Eli Francovich deserves kudos and awards for the article on Rachel White. The article is a sensitive, insightful, thorough study of a transgender child and her family, their challenges and their successes.

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Disillusionment drives campaign

Although Bernie Sanders' and Donald Trump's core supporters appear different, they seem to share a disillusion with the American Dream. Millennials, who are core Sanders' constituents, cannot afford college or are graduating indebted, not finding jobs commensurate with their expectations. A cause of the latter: non-retiring boomers - they are living longer, are healthier and cannot afford health care.

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Ponder Rachel's story

Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone took the time to read the "Being Rachel" article and ponder it in its entirety? Thank you, Spokesman-Review.Valerie BairdHayden, Idaho

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'Pro-Israel' a euphemism

Charles Krauthammer occasionally frets that one or another political figure may be anti-Israel ("Sanders is unabashedly anti-Israel," June 4). I'm interested in testing what it would mean to be "pro-Israel."

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Too much cat-skinning

Thanks to Shawn Vestal for the article ("Valley council needs more transparency," June 1) regarding the Spokane Valley City Council. He hit the nail on the head: There is way too much behind the scenes plotting and "cat skinning" in this current council. Vestal saved me having to write a wordy letter to them.

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Parting Shot — 7.25.16

We've had enough of angry Democrats in Philadelphia today. So I thought I'd close with a viewtiful, tranquil photo by Marianne Love/Slight Detour of a sailboard on Lake Pend Oreille, ...

Example Quest - Who am I?

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in postings. To make it up to you, I’ve attached a free side quest of my own design. I wonder how many people can ...

The opposite of face time

These are times that can challenge even someone gifted at TV remotemanship. That's because some of us live with people who do not want to see certain politicians' faces. And ...

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