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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

June 11
  • Spelling champ fails grammar

    Page A11 I laughed aloud with delight when I read the May 29 article about the Scripps National Spelling Bee’s co-champions, Vanya Shivashankar and Gokul Venkatachalam.

June 10
  • A price on the future

    Page A9 Regarding Gene Sivertson (“Small classes, big costs” – June 3): What he doesn’t realize is how many years teachers did not get raises.

  • Name a reminder of brutalities

    Page A9 Recent letters have responded to the May 17 article about Col. George Wright’s sordid history. One notes a 1990s Spokane Falls Community College staff meeting at which faculty member Rudy …

  • D-Day recognition left to French

    Page A9 Did I miss something? I scoured the June 6 paper and found not even a mention or reference to June 6, 1944 (D-Day). While I haven’t checked other newspapers throughout …

June 9
  • Unions in control

    Page A9 Unions are in control of the people of America at this time. The AFL-CIO basically controls all public sector employees and labor employees, thus deciding what local governments can do …

  • Drivers violate laws in Spokane

    Page A9 I’ve heard that he who is faithful in small things is faithful in much. Indeed, it is the little things that matter.

  • It’s about McCleary

    Page A9 I learned in high school civics that our government, either state or federal, was based on a system of checks and balances, i.e., laws originated within the Legislature, were signed …

  • Obama towed economy back

    Page A9 Michael Ramirez’s editorial cartoon in the June 3 paper fails to show the tow chain the president used as the “Obamanomics” tow truck pulls the economy back toward normalcy.

June 8
  • Cover own education

    Page A9 Christian Perreiah’s June 2 letter, “Legislature isn’t complying,” appears to chastise the Legislature for not meeting his demands for more pay and funding of his continuing education certification requirements.

  • Assistants undervalued

    Page A9 Jeff McCullough, who works as an instructional assistant, wrote the letter (June 3) I’ve been intending to write, but there is more to say.

June 7
  • Be open on street deal

    Page B9 We all read the news and react to it in different ways. We often have ideas we think are worth sharing. With regard to important issues like Syria and Iraq, …

  • Grand Coulee wrong on pot

    Page B9 The Grand Coulee City Council has once again blocked legal marijuana businesses and has cited federal law as the basis for said decision.

  • Search should be unbiased

    Page B9 If Todd Mielke is the best candidate for the job of Spokane County chief executive officer, then he will be appointed, even if the search and appointment is fairly and …

  • CO2 is food of our food

    Page B9 In the May 17 paper, Judy Butler decried the rising carbon dioxide component of our atmosphere.

  • Holster the sarcasm

    Page B9 Regarding Thom Foote’s May 9 diatribe (“Letter writer saves the day”), I fear that Thom may have shot himself in the foot.

  • Join I-735 movement

    Page B9 We are volunteer signature gatherers for Initiative 735 to get big money out of elections. We are modern-day freedom fighters, engaging in grass-roots political action to reclaim democracy for all …

June 6
  • Hadian presenting facts

    Enough! First you publish an op-ed, “Context needed in Sharia case” (May 3), that is replete with tendentious prevarications masqueraded as facts embellishing Islam but disparaging Christianity. Now you …

  • Long pause on warming

    Page A13 William Pennell’s opinion (May 30) that action against global warming can’t wait seems to be a contradiction of science and common sense. An article in the Whistleblower, published by World …

  • Help homeless instead

    Page A13 As a new resident to Spokane, the idea of renovating Riverfront Park with a $64 million bond levy sounded spectacular. Then, upon digging deeper, I found numerous objections. Among them: …

  • Teacher walkout was a lesson to legislators

    Page A13 I write today to tell you that teachers did not go on “strike” as reported in the newspaper and by many people, including teachers, in Washington. On May 27, we …

  • Vote yes on fire measure

    Page A13 With a sparse snowfall and a dry summer predicted, it is imperative that Spokane County Fire District 8 be well-staffed and prepared for coming fire seasons. So, I would like …

June 5
  • Hillary not qualified

    Page A13 Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. If fooled three times, you have been “Grubered.”

  • Stop butchering anthem

    Page A13 It’s about time someone spoke up about the way our national anthem is disrespected by these so-called singers who have no respect or an idea of how it is meant …

  • Tuning out national anthem

    Page A13 Amen to what Bill Tibbits said (May 30) about our national anthem. I have been to too many NASCAR races, baseball games and other events, and it drives me nuts …

  • Clean energy no guarantee

    Page A13 William Pennell (May 30) denigrates those who disagree with his theories. But many distinguished scientists believe that natural forces such as solar irradiance variations, volcanic activity and asteroid hits are …

June 4
  • Not wrong to erase Wright

    Page A9 Regarding opposition to renaming Fort George Wright and avenue: This isn’t revising history. What a shame we cannot do that. He was a product of his day?

  • Liberals don’t get business

    Page A9 Recent letters once again show how out of whack the liberal mind-set is. To their ilk, it simply doesn’t matter whether a business owner can afford to offer benefits such …

  • BSA fosters respect

    Page A9 Terry Olson’s letter, “BSA shouldn’t change” (May 20), is right on the money. BSA was founded by Christian leaders for the purpose of fostering respect for God, among other things.