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SUNDAY, FEB. 4, 2018

Public defenders' unreasonable demand

I'm Kendra Allen-Grant's mother offering some insight and background into how and why she went from brilliant, genius IQ attorney, to using drugs to cope with the stress of the unrealistic and, at times, illegal demands of the Public Defenders Office ("An open secret," Jan. 21).

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SATURDAY, FEB. 3, 2018

America, the Roman Empire

The end of the Roman Republic was an age, writes a historian, "in which a lie was not a lie if a man had the audacity to keep asserting that the lie was true." This also describes Donald Trump and our age. Trump's most audacious lie is that he is not a racist.

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Early results of tax reform

There are numerous stories in the Wall Street Journal of corporations increasing wages, providing substantial bonuses and providing plans to invest in new manufacturing facilities in America.If you only read The Spokesman-Review or listen to CNN you won't be aware ...

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GOP spending, we've seen it before

The Republicans get into office promising to slash taxes and the size of government, and yes they do slash taxes on corporations and the rich. They also give a token amount to middle class and working poor to keep them in line.

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Tax plan not a religious issue

This letter is in response to "Spirituality, common life and the GOP tax reform," Kevin McCruden, Ph.D. (Jan. 14).I try to be a spiritual person. I try to raise good children, go to church, volunteer, support local charities, etc. I ...

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Washington losers

Many of the working-class people of Washington will never see the financial benefits of the Trump tax reform. The Democratic governor and Democratic majority in the House and Senate are preparing to steal it. The proposed "carbon tax" and other deceptive environmental measures will bring major increases in fuel, energy and utility costs. Vehicle licensing will see a significant increase and the grossly inequitable "per mile" surcharge will further affect transportation costs.

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FRIDAY, FEB. 2, 2018

Are vaccines safe?

On the news this morning, hundreds more have died from the flu across the country. They went on to say that most of them had the flu vaccine.It was reported last month that this vaccine was only 5 percent effective. ...

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Jesus was from Africa

Jesus was a poor carpenter born in an out-of-the-way place and grew up and worked in another out-of-the-way place. He spent his time with prostitutes and criminals. He advocated for the poor. Most likely he could neither read or write. He was from Africa.

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Spellman's GOP long gone

John Spellman just died. The last Republican l actually voted for.Sadly, his GOP is now morally adrift, unable to do anything but start unfunded wars, cut budget-busting tax breaks for billionaires, destroy the banking system, suppress voting by minorities and ...

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Trump is doing better than you think

The U.S.A. is experiencing an "informational comprehension deficit." You cannot read a newspaper from the front page to the financial page and not be aware of the many positive events happening to this country since President Trump was elected. Business is the best in several years and for all the people, record low unemployment for everyone including minorities.

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THURSDAY, FEB. 1, 2018

A modest proposal

A modest proposal for our City Council as a result of their recent decision to limit individual freedom by helping us decide how much and when we can support local candidates:

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CMR called out on MLK Day

It can hardly be a surprise that Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who has spent the last year enthusiastically cheering for the agenda of a reprehensible racist, would find herself facing dissent during a rare public appearance before her constituents, on MLK Day no less. The very definition of outcry is a strong expression of public disapproval or anger. When people's most basic concerns, (e.g., their health and wellness) are repeatedly minimized, ignored and dismissed by their own representative, honest public outcry is the consequence.

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Keep it simple

Charlie McGuire ("Tax package clarification," Jan. 17) is right. We need to keep this simple.Corporate profits are more important than public health.George LathropCheney

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Thank you, IMAX

This letter is a response to "Demolition of Imax building expected in March," (Jan. 21) by Nicholas Deshais.The IMAX Theater will soon be razed and the rubble will form the terraced seating of the Pavilion's amphitheater. The Japanese Haiku poet ...

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The happiest nations on Earth

Having fallen just short on our attempt to visit Norway during our last European vacation, several years ago, my wife and I had to settle for Denmark and Sweden, instead.

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What’s your DST style?

A) Daylight Saving Time. B) Daylight Savings Time. C) Daylight Savings and Loan Time. D) Daylights Saving Time. E) Selection Sunday Time. F) daylight-saving time. G) The Life You Save ...