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Anyone but Trump

For the past seven and a half years it has been one thinly disguised GOP racist attack after another against the Obama presidency. Congratulations, GOP; you now have one of the most racist (also misogynistic and xenophobic) candidates you could nominate. What does this say about a significant sector of American society? Plenty.

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Bathroom ban unworkable

I am not transgender, but I think that it's amazing that anyone would think it necessary to have a law prohibiting transgender people from using the bathroom for their gender identity.

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Caucuses not democratic

When reading the S-R articles and editorials about the Democrat Party caucuses in Washington state, I had to laugh to myself when the caucuses were referred to as a democratic process.

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Cheated at Disneyland?

Do conservatives feel cheated when they go to Disneyland and find Tomorrowland but no Yesterdayland? Just wondering.Don DawOldtown, Idaho

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Clinton best for country

I will always think of Bernie Sanders as a poor loser. Why in the world the Democratic Party allowed him, as an Independent, to run on their name confuses me. But then the Washington State Democratic Party opted for the caucus instead of the primary, which I and many others disagreed with. The primary showed that Hillary is our favorite.

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Fix infrastructure first

This new development on 55th Avenue and Regal Street is the worst idea ever. The infrastructure on Regal is already overwhelmed most of the time. On Saturday, if there is activity at the soccer fields, the traffic backs up from Palouse to the post office on 55th.

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Health care transcends capitalism

Regarding insurers seeking higher rates: We're going to be paying more for health insurance because these are companies whose bottom lines serve shareholders and CEOs' dividends and salaries.I need health insurance just like I need electricity, water, sewer, etc. The ...

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Join the "Jaunt in June"

Thanks to Blaine Stum and The Spokesman-Review for the terrific commentary on May 22 ("Destigmatize mental illness"). Sharing information about available resources, effective treatment options and the many personal stories of recovery are known to change inaccurate and unjust perceptions that promote stigma.

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Vets impacted other people

We experienced another Memorial Day celebration, and the news media ran the usual stories of heroism and sacrifice of our soldiers The missing elements are the effects these efforts have had on other people and nations throughout the world.

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Weatherhead to be missed

How does one adequately summarize a life in a 200-word letter to the editor? Impossible, especially when the recently departed is beloved attorney and friend Les Weatherhead. The victim of a deadly disease that claimed his young life, Les was devoted to his Norwegian heritage and Oregon Duck education, always quick with a clever quip or a warm smile.

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Wilson can defeat CMR

Since George Nethercutt defeated Tom Foley in 1994, Eastern Washington has become a conservative stronghold. The political math for a Democrat running for Congress doesn't add up to victory over Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

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Wolf kills, not education

Idaho Department Fish & Game (IDFG) recently hosted a public meeting in Coeur d'Alene. An agenda item was "Commission direction on expenditure of Department funds." IDFG gives $110,000 annually to the Idaho Wolf Depredation Control Board to slaughter wolves "for the protection of ungulates." IDFG considers wolves a threat to their elk farm.

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FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 2016

No out-of-court settlement

As the saga of the Frank Straub firing investigation continues at $300 per hour, plus expenses, I have a fear of what may happen. There is no way the city officials want this case to go to trial. That would mean they would have to testify under oath where the truth of the firing might come out and could be an embarrassment to those same officials.

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Parade crowd terrific

This year my son, Kevin Childre, was added to the Fallen Heroes. My daughter Kathy carried his banner at the Lilac Parade. As I rode in the trailer, I was so touched by the beautiful response of the people lining the parade route.

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Refuse to choose party

I returned my primary ballot with boxes not filled in for Democratic party or Republican parties. I vote for the man or woman, not the party. That's my right. My ballot was returned back to me indicating that I had to mark a box for either party, or my vote would not count.

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Parting Shot — 7.28.16

Singer Carole King, a long-time resident of Idaho, performs during the final day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia earlier today. King, whose hits include "You've Got A Friend," ...

Idaho Rep. Labrador is 6th-poorest member of Congress

Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador is the sixth-poorest member of Congress, according to a comparison by InsideGov.com, with an average net worth, based on his federal financial disclosures, of minus $216,000. ...

Top 21 reasons some here love hot weather

21. California envy. 20. Water recreation. 19. Mental illness. 18. Conducive to frolicsome attire. 17. "I feel the need, the need for chlorine." 16. Have AC and enjoy cranking it ...

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sponsored According to two 2015 surveys, 62 percent of Americans do not have enough savings to handle an unexpected emergency, much less any long-term plans.



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