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SUNDAY, JULY 8, 2018

History of our free society

The fundamental law which guarantees all of our rights is the United States Constitution. Without it, our freedom would transform from bedrock to mercury. We would, like so much of the world, be enslaved by the most brutal amongst us. The gamble risked by every free society is that average citizens will behave like responsible adults rather than selfish children.

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HydroOne sale not secure

Regarding the sale of Avista to HydroOne, there are two items that I have not seen addressed:1) Once Avista is owned by Canada, what would prevent them from selling our/their electrical system to another foreign country? How would the new ...

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Immigrants vs. Holocaust survivors

The spate of letters comparing U.S. immigration policies and enforcement with the Holocaust are obscene, to say the least, and deserve a clarification. The German-directed crimes against humanity are denigrated by those who equate the sordid past of Europe with current enforcement of pre-existing immigration laws formulated by our elected presidents and members of Congress.

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Kakistocracy in vogue

Months ago The Atlantic (10/9/2017) had an article about the new administration in Washington, D.C. An archaic word was used to describe that new government: kakistocracy.Kakistocracy came into usage in the 17th century and then fell into disuse. The word ...

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Pulling together

Doesn't it feel like we've been subtly shifted into large cages labeled D and R, given the assignment to look at the other cage, point fingers and shout, "It's your fault! It's your fault! It's your fault!" It's time for us to stage a jail break and step back into common sense.

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Religion as an instrument

The column by Leonard Pitts Jr. ("What if God were looking back at us?" June 18, 2018) is highly revealing of the bankruptcy of the religious morality of Donald Trump in particular and his conservative Christian supporters in general.

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RINOs unite

We knew that as a businessman Donald Trump lied to his contractors and his employees then stiffed them when they wanted to get paid. We know that businessman Donald Trump lied to the students of Trump University and they had to sue to get their money back.

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U.S. of R.

Welcome to the United States of Russia. You don't believe me, just look how Trump has successfully given Putin everything on his personal wish list:- Weaken the strong relation between the U.S. and our European allies. This relationship is the ...

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We are a nation ...

A recent Time magazine article stated "Presidents have many jobs, and one is telling us who we are."Based on Donald Trump's words, actions and tweets, what we, as a nation, have become isn't pretty. We are now a nation where ...

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Who's extreme?

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers has come out with attack ads paid for with Paul Ryan's PAC money. In the first she asserts that she protected our Snake River dams from "extremists." In reality she goes against the scientists and salmon recovery experts, sponsoring legislation, H.R. 3144 to prohibit court-ordered levels of "spill" over these dams, important for young migrating salmon. Sen. Patty Murray, our courageous Gov. Inslee and Oregon Gov. Brown, and others, have opposed this legislation.

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A nation needs borders

Immigration is a very divisive topic in our nation today and strong arguments can be made for both sides. I am pleased to see Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers take a strong and thoughtful stance on what is going on at our borders with Mexico.

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A will and way for fewer cars

This is in response to the letter "Take it from Malta" (July 4, 2018), about their need for parking, after there was a definite desire and effort made to cut back on people's use of cars in Malta, which turned out to be a tremendous failure.

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Bureaucracy includes Democrats, too

In a letter on July 5 ("We did this to ourselves"), Mark Johnson denounces the Republican Party for its irresponsible running of our federal government. I couldn't agree more. But he doesn't go far enough: the Democratic Party shares equally in this madness.

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Consider commuters

Recent coverage of Spokane's North-South Corridor fails to consider the project in the larger context of the area's street and arterial projects.Those critiquing the project as unnecessary choose not to consider other factors, such as increasing commuter traffic due to ...

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Even squirrels know better

The worst-looking cell tower I have ever seen. I'm a huge supporter of economic development in our area, specifically the Gateway Bridge and what that will do for the south side of the tracks.

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Why we enjoyed Airstream

In our quest to find the perfect recreational vehicle for a yearlong road trip, we tried out a sexy contender from Airstream, the most recognizable name in travel trailers. The ...

Driving well takes effort

Operating the steering wheel, brake and accelerator pedal is easy, but coordinating them for successful driving takes a bit of effort. The good news is that virtually anyone can master ...

Another sunny summer Sunday

I wonder if little kids are still surprised when they discover their parents are capable of doing something useful. Oh sure, when you are a child you count on them ...