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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

November 20
  • Mideast peace a mirage

    Page A9 The Spokesman-Review’s articles about violence in Israel and the threats of recognition by Europeans of a Palestinian state truly underscore why peace in the region is a mirage.

  • Support WSU med school

    Page A9 My husband and I feel we need to weigh in on the debate over a Washington State University vs. University of Washington medical school in Spokane. Don’t be conned. The …

November 19
  • The real predators

    Page A11 Regarding Keith Cress’ letter to the editor (“Wolf program mismanaged” – Nov. 8):

  • Still forgotten

    Page A11 On Nov. 6, at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel, Korean veterans and their families were honored by the South Korean government and the Washington Department of Veterans Affairs.

  • Skiers must speak out

    Page A11 The small local environmentalist group, The Lands Council, has been obstructing improved lift-assisted skiing for us locals at Mt. Spokane through ongoing disingenuous machinations.

November 18
  • Geography does not count

    Page A11 Jim Davison (Nov. 10) seems to have a problem regarding representation in Washington.

  • We’re all connected

    Page A11 For years I’ve considered myself not only an American citizen, but a citizen of the world. It can change one’s perspective. We are all connected. Lives across the globe affect …

  • Zombies and Congress

    Page A11 A new election, and once again over 90 percent of our representatives get to keep their jobs. The only requirements for these jobs are, per Article 1 of the U.S. …

  • Francis critics misguided

    Page A11 Conservative Catholic prelates, priests and laity who disagree with Pope Francis’ liberalism should meditate on the admonition of their profoundly conservative patron saint, Pope John Paul II: “It was not …

  • Sheep, wolves and guns

    Page A11 It’s been said, “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”

November 17
  • Traffic calming a joke

    Page A11 Regarding the “calming” intersection on Montgomery Avenue and Madison Street:

  • Affront to a veteran

    Page A11 William Benson’s Nov. 11 letter, “Calls for peace simplistic,” took my breath away. I literally gasped that someone would respond to a veteran in such a disturbing way.

  • Feature vets regularly

    Page A11 Coeur d’Alene resident Bud Kirchoff, who fought in the Philippines in World War II and survived the Bataan Death March, was honored on Veterans Day as Hayden’s Distinguished Veteran of …

November 16
  • Mixed messages

    Page B9 Americans have just elected a bunch of politicians who don’t want to do what they want.

  • Don’t attack voters

    Page B9 Kenneth Delanoy Sr. (“Undo I-594 mess,” Nov. 13) doesn’t like the outcome of Initiative 594. And the 59 percent of voters who passed the initiative are “dumb and dumber” because …

  • Easy to understand

    Page B9 When Kenneth Delanoy Sr. refers to those voters who voted for gun background checks (“Undo I-594 mess,” Nov. 13), as “dumb and dumber voters,” he assumes that they didn’t understand …

  • Assumptions half-cocked

    Page B9 Regarding the Nov. 13 letter by Kenneth Delanoy Sr.:

  • Where is Gruber coverage?

    Page B9 Jonathan Gruber is an Affordable Care Act consultant to the Obama administration. He is one of the key architects of Obamacare. The video of Gruber that recently surfaced of him …

November 15
  • Liberal agenda fails

    Page A11 The Spokesman-Review opinion articles and political cartoons, classifying Fox News conservative talk show hosts as extremely partisan and least-trusted news (The Center for Deceit Control, Extreme Rule Politics, and “Some …

  • Cut public servant pay

    Page A11 I’m glad The Spokesman-Review revealed the huge salaries we pay our public servants. I’ve seen my utility bill and property taxes skyrocket to pay these wages. I’m all for American …

  • How votes should count

    Page A11 Jim Davison’s Nov. 10 letter (“I-594 support limited”) fields the premise that, even though 60 percent of the citizens of Washington voted yes, this was unconvincing because only 30 percent …

  • Round curb a waste

    Page A11 I had to see for myself before responding to “Ticket fines used for traffic calming” (Oct. 30). Who in the world came up with that?

  • Minimal government best

    Page A11 Regarding John Crews’ Nov. 8 letter:

November 13
  • Undo I-594 mess

    Page A11 Congratulation to the dumb and dumber voters who voted for Initiative 594 and gave Michael Bloomberg a big foothold in Washington for future gun laws. Bloomberg spent more than $1 …

  • Big stick on immigration

    Page A11 The debate about immigration goes in the wrong direction. The anger – sometimes almost hatred – is oriented toward people who either do not harm anything or anybody (e.g., the …

  • Apathy won the day

    Page A11 The Nov. 4 election has the media in a frenzy reporting a “landslide” victory for Republican candidates nationwide, calling it a referendum on our president’s performance and programs. The actual …

November 12
  • Excelsior article upsetting

    Page A13 In reference to the Oct. 24 article, “Police: Excelsior calls too often.”

  • GOP protects dark money

    Page A13 Last September, not one Republican senator voted for a constitutional amendment that would overturn the Republican-leaning U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision and allow Congress and states to limit …

  • Get to work, Congress

    Page A13 Let us hope that the new regime in Congress will meet the expectations of Americans. This will require the passage of legislation to immediately help the American working class climb …

  • Help the VA

    Page A13 Why is the Veterans Administration emergency room closed at night when the veterans need to have a place to go for help?