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Sheriffs violating oath

The sheriffs and county commissioners of various Washington state counties who have determined that the new gun law, I-1639, is unconstitutional and refuse to enforce the law are certainly violating their oath of office. They apparently believe that they can practice law without a license and believe they know better than the judiciary. It is our courts that determine the constitutionality of our laws, not elected officials who believe they are above the law.

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Ban Big Pharma ads

After it was determined that cigarettes are a significant threat to human health, advertising by the tobacco industry on the public airways was finally banned in 1970. I believe a similar argument could be made regarding prescription drugs.
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Impeach Empress Pelosi

I believe I learned in school that the 435 members of the House of Representatives were elected to represent the voters in their districts. Members of both parties should be reaching across the aisle to negotiate with the opposite party to reach a consensus on matters of importance to the citizens whom they represent.
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Studded tires work

This letter is written in response to Rep. Cindy Ryu bill to place $100 fee on each studded tire ("Ban studded tires?" Getting There, Feb. 4).
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Clean, local Idaho energy

As the president continues to deny global climate change, I was pleased to hear Gov. Brad Little say in a recent speech that there is no question that climate change is happening, and we've got to reverse it. I am glad leadership in Idaho acknowledges climate change, and I believe that addressing climate change through our energy sources could help while also benefiting our state economy.
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Immorally wealthy

The possession of a billion or more dollars by an individual or a small family is an abomination. It is not something to be celebrated, sought after or preserved. That such "privileged" individuals control such resources is immoral and unfounded on the principles of a just, compassionate and merciful community of human beings.
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Should CMR resign?

Concerning the article in The Spokesman-Review on Feb. 4, "Virginia governor should resign over blackface row," Cathy McMorris Rodgers needs to get her priorities straight or possibly she should consider resigning.
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CBP acted professionally

Despite the S-R's effort to denigrate the Spokane region Customs and Border Protection, it is apparent CBP acted in a professional and timely manner in handling the case of comedian Mohanad Elshieky, who failed to have the proper immigration documentation on Jan. 27 ("Immigration in WA State," Jan. 29).
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Ticket scalping at Fox

Earlier this week, I got a email from Norah Jones telling me about her upcoming tour schedule that included a July show at the Fox and that tickets went on sale Feb. 1 at 10 a.m.
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A levy option

I will be voting against the police and fire levy. I agree with Mayor Condon on this one. Chief Schaeffer said he will not replace his assistant (who earned $165,000), and use the money to pay for two positions. That's a great plan.
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Eastern Washington values

Jan. 22, at the House Environment and Energy Committee hearing, I was looking for support on the 100 percent clean electricity bill. I'm asking myself, is our representative really representing the true values of the people of Eastern Washington? I'm asking you, yes you, the reader of this letter, what are your Eastern Washington values? Personally, I cannot support, the "Biblical Basis for Warfare", now under FBI investigation, and the repeat filling of the "State of Liberty" legislation. Those activities are not representing my Eastern Washington values. You might ask, what are my Eastern Washington values? My list is long and will have to be explored in later letters. For now, I'll state: I have lived many different places both in Europe and United States, and now I'm in Eastern Washington and the truth is, Eastern Washington is the first place, of the many places I have lived, that finally feels like home.
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Tax the Taiwan way

Despite majority opposition to President Trump's coveted wall, saving the $5.7 billion cost would scarcely dent record deficits caused partly by Trump's tax cuts for the rich.
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Unwanted transplants

Are you a liberal transplant from Seattle, California or Oregon that destroyed your own communities with socialist programs and then fled to our well-run, safe, conservative communities here in Eastern Washington and the Idaho panhandle?
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Poor border security costs us

The lack of adequate security on the southern border and the Flores Settlement are enticements to cartels, family groups and human traffickers to storm the border and create a humanitarian crisis.
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All amendments relevant

In regards to Shawn Vestal's comments in yesterday's Spokesman-Review regarding the U.S. Border Patrol retention of the Oregon comedian ("Searching for logic in 100-mile rule for Border Patrol," Jan. 30), nowhere in his comments did he note that this legal immigrant was legally required to carry documentation proving he was in the country legally, which he did not have. Why didn't he mention this?
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Armchair critics

Note to your left-of-center columnist, Shawn Vestal, and City Council politicians: Stop hammering on immigration agents (and the mayor) until you're willing to step into their shoes and follow federal policy to protect our borders. Maybe engage in a ride-along program instead of delivering your criticism from a safe office perch in the city.

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