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March 20
  • Park work shows priorities

    Page A13 “The first of many multimillion-dollar projects to remake Riverfront Park launches this week …” (“Time To Design”), March 10, page one.

  • Worst traits on display

    Page A13 In Bruce Becherini’s March 15 letter “Kudos to Sen. Nuxoll,” he names a sickness called “revisionist denialism” affecting “elitist circles of liberal leftist groups.” Who are they and where do …

  • Ease off on traffic issues

    Page A13 I have to take issue with David Vogel’s March 14 letter. He wanted to know why the police were not spending more time on traffic issues.

March 19
  • Residents deserve better

    Page A9 The violations against Lakeland Village are violations against human beings.

  • Obama is petulant

    Page A9 Americans should be concerned that, for the next two years, President Obama will do everything to achieve a legacy. To date he hasn’t accomplished anything that he can put in …

  • Support poaching punishment

    Page A9 I was disconcerted to read the March 8 story entitled “Banks Lake poachers get ‘light’ sentence.” The article describes the arrest of three poachers from Tacoma who illegally netted 377 …

March 18
  • ACA made this bed

    Page A9 I was a member of the United Food and Commercial Workers for years. And the retail clerks before that (I’m still in a union).

  • Reusable energy a ways off

    Page A9 On March 8, Diane Belyea’s letter encouraged us to “take the high road and start decreasing our dependency on oil and start embracing clean, reusable energy sources.” While I am …

  • Trimming discrimination

    Page A9 In her March 13 letter to the editor, “Respect religious freedom,” Clare House defends the choice of Arlene’s Flowers to deny service to a same-sex couple based on religious beliefs.

  • Listen to Bibi on Iran

    Page A9 Kudos for publishing two conflicting pieces, by Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank (March 5) and Gonzaga University School of Law Professor Upendra Dev Acharya (March 7), on the Iran nuclear …

March 17
  • Israel gets pass from media

    Page A13 I am bemused by the uncritical treatment that the media give Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Nobody asks the hard question: “Why is it OK for Israel to have nuclear …

  • Red light tickets unfair

    Page A13 It appears that technology has the upper hand. This can be seen in the Red Light Photo Enforcement program.

  • Stagnant wages? No, Obamacare

    Page A13 The article entitled “Jobs strong, wages lag” (March 7) misses the point as to why wages are stagnant. The reason is obvious: Obamacare.

March 16
  • Civics test for lawmakers

    Page A7 The March 10 Spokesman-Review reports that the Idaho Senate has passed a bill requiring high school students to pass a civics test in order to receive their diploma. That is …

  • War means profits

    Page A7 So Republicans wrote a letter to Iran telling them that no matter what peacenik agreements President Obama makes, they will be instantly negated when a Republican gets elected in 2016.

March 15
  • Choose competence, Idaho

    Page B9 Rep. Vito Barbieri and Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll? Really, Idaho, is this the best you can do? It is one thing to be wed to all things Republican, but you might …

  • Israel is not an ally

    Page B9 Why do our press and government continually categorize Israel as an “ally”? Here are a few of the reasons Israel has not been an ally in the past:

  • Voting to kill jobs

    Page B9 Has anyone else noted the delicious irony of 50,000 people in Spokane County, not to mention many thousands of others in the 5th Congressional District, benefiting from the Affordable Care …

  • Kudos to Sen. Nuxoll

    Page B9 There is a sickness in America called Revisionist Denialism. It mostly affects those in academia and elitist circles of liberal leftist groups. I applaud Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll for taking a …

  • Nuxoll violates oath

    Page B9 Sen. Nuxoll refuses to apologize for her unfortunate behavior and remarks about the Hindu religion being false. Leaving aside such legitimate questions as common decency, tolerance or a kindergarten level …

  • Nuxoll embarrasses relatives

    Page B9 The article in the March 7 edition of The Spokesman-Review regarding Idaho Republican Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll’s rude actions and comments about the Hindu faith is worrisome, to put it mildly.

March 14
  • Support Dolezal, NAACP

    Page A13 Today, I wrote a check for membership in Spokane NAACP Chapter 1137. Although a supporter nationally of the NAACP and NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund, I never joined locally. Shawn Vestal’s …

  • Don’t stop with baristas

    Page A13 If Spokane is tired of baristas breaking the law by showing too much skin, we want every cop in Spokane to go to every water park, public beach or public …

  • Traffic violations unpunished

    Page A13 I was not at all surprised by the March 5 story on speeders in school zones in north Spokane. As a courier for a local company, I drive city streets …

  • Back gender-neutral bathrooms

    Page A13 Can you imagine being brutally assaulted for the way you dress? As seen from Nina Culver’s Feb. 4 article, “Men deny assaulting transgender woman,” hate crimes are a legitimate issue …

  • Carbon scheme unwise

    Page A13 Washington businesses operate successfully under some of the most stringent environmental rules in the world. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has now targeted around 130 industrial facilities operating in our state …

  • Read up on I-594

    Page A13 Here are some honest facts about me. I have been to gun shows and worked at gun shows, I have helped in a local gun shop.

March 13
  • ‘President’ John Boehner

    Page A11 I feel so much more secure now that “President” John Boehner has started implementing foreign policy, and made sure President Obama knows he has overreached his authority.

  • What’s effective for speeders?

    Page A11 I wonder which is the more effective in getting the public to observe speed limit areas, particularly in school and park zones: a hidden camera or a visible speed indicator …

  • Respect religious freedom

    Page A11 Regarding the case of Barronelle Stutzman and Arlene’s Flowers: