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Gratitude for park workers

Expressions of gratitude to all of you and those working on the park.These are frustrating times, as is any other time in history. The gun debates are a new twist on an old problem: the problem of violence. While I ...

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Moving forward

I woke up this morning pretty discouraged about how difficult it is to make meaningful progress in our country on issues I find important: health care, global warming, balanced tax reform, gun control. One step forward, two steps back.

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Theater for ending violence

Congratulations and much appreciation to all those involved in the passionate production of "The Vagina Monologues" for V-Day Spokane 2018. All three performances of this groundbreaking play were sold out, and proceeds donated to the YWCA's Shelter for Domestic Violence. Many thanks to producer Josephine Keefe, director Dawn Taylor Reinhardt, the hardworking crew and the strong performances of cast members who brought to life the powerful voices of women standing up.

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Women's power in unity

The letter from Andrea Stewart ("Many women left out in the cold," March 6) saddened me.Last year, I was at the first Women's March. Afterward, I read an essay from a conservative woman who didn't attend for the same reasons ...

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Workers rights in Avista sale

In his Feb. 13 opinion piece, Avista CEO Scott Morris argues that the purchase of his company's utility operations by Canada-based Hydro One will serve communities and customers in the Pacific Northwest.

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FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 2018

Brown's past with police and fire

Just writing this letter to give folks some background on Lisa Brown, who will be running for the U.S. Congress in Washington state.When Lisa was the leader of the Washington state Senate, she chaired a committee to look into the ...

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Election interference isn't new

Russian interference in U.S. elections - say it isn't so! Understandably, we are shocked and outraged by the indictment of thirteen Russian citizens for the obviously unwarranted and criminal interference in the most recent presidential election.

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No to Scotchman Peaks Wilderness

Scotchman Peaks Wilderness. Doesn't that sound wonderful? It is a wilderness area already...almost too much wilderness, as access roads and hiking trails and bridges have been allowed to overgrow and decompose. How does one go about enjoying something that can only be seen at a distance?

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Another money pit

Thanks to the editorial from Cascadia Rail I will be contacting my legislators to kill this Seattle-to-Spokane high-speed rail idea at once. Any taxpayer dollars spent on this are wasted. How many billions of dollars do you think this would cost? If an engineer can't drive a train from Seattle to Portland without killing people how are they going to make it all the way to Spokane? Oh, I'm sure it will be automated. Like it could be now with Positive Train Control. Too bad we don't think it valuable enough to implement.

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Legislative disclosure rules

It seem the Washington state Legislature must be extraordinarily dishonest, corrupt and immoral to require an exemption to the public disclosure and transparency rules that all of the other elected officials in the state must follow -- and do follow with little problem.

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Threat to Idaho voters

In 2011, I wrote an open letter to the Independent Redistricting Commission. The letter criticized the extreme attempt by the majority to gerrymander Idaho. They wanted to gerrymander Moscow, Idaho. They wanted to gerrymander the north side of a small 25,000-person town into a completely separate district.

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Olympics remind us of paths to peace

The first Olympics were a respite from war whereby Greek city-states could demonstrate their hegemony through athletic competitions and affirm one aspect of the humanist ideal- that men could achieve feats comparable to the gods. Women were excluded from the ancient Games.

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Reminder that everything will be alright

What a joy it was to start the day watching the unveiling of the portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery on Feb. 12. Especially poignant for Black History month, artists Kehinde Wiley (who painted Barack) and Amy Sherald (who painted the Michelle) are the first African-Americans commissioned to paint Presidential portraits for the Gallery.

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Reports on guns still frightening

I appreciated the point Jay Caruso makes in his opinion piece on the "18 school shootings so far in 2018" statistic ("Reports on guns were misleading," Feb. 21). I checked out the website he mentions, Everytown for Gun Safety. He is correct: A number of the shootings listed did not involve anyone getting hurt.

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Senate Bill 6617

Last week, the Washington Legislature attempted to quietly sneak a bill through that would exempt itself from the Public Records Act, a public disclosure law that every other body within our state and local government must comply with. Over a dozen newspapers across the state, including this one, ran front-page editorials exposing this blatant abuse of power and encouraging readers to demand that Gov. Inslee veto the bill. It worked. On Thursday night, Inslee vetoed Senate Bill 6617.

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What’s your DST style?

A) Daylight Saving Time. B) Daylight Savings Time. C) Daylight Savings and Loan Time. D) Daylights Saving Time. E) Selection Sunday Time. F) daylight-saving time. G) The Life You Save ...