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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

April 6
  • Drive-by hurts Logan

    Page B9 Following the developing news of McDonald’s moving into the Logan neighborhood disturbs me. In the 10 years I worked in the Logan neighborhood, the residential area decreased and the business …

  • Enforce current planning

    Page B9 Spokane lies at a pivotal crossroads. We can further expand an already-large urban area, placing on taxpayers the burdens of new fire, police, water and sewer services, or we can … 21

  • Proud of Obama

    Page B9 Several letters here recently were critical of President Obama, but few have pointed out his successes, not the least of which is the Affordable Care Act. 130

  • Politics won’t protect lands

    Page B9 It seems that Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers has a bone to pick with the good ol’ USA. 14

  • Plenty of lessons

    Page B9 Pat Lewis (March 28) should be thankful we live in a country where civilized citizens have a venue to resolve disputes. Our legal system is not perfect, but it may …

  • Government for the rich

    Page B9 Campaign oratory is speech; it is protected by the First Amendment. Campaign contributions are commerce; money paid for services rendered or anticipated. By perverting the First Amendment and extending its … 26

  • Need a contamination plan

    Page B9 I agree mightily with John Owens’ March 31 letter. I hope other water districts are reviewing their contingency plans to notify their users in the event that their water should … 1

April 5
  • Expensive legal lesson

    Page B5 The March 28 article (“An expensive lesson”) related the Kafkaesque legal woes of Spokane Valley resident Pat Lewis. After selling a boat “as is” and then refusing to settle (suggested … 15

  • Warming up despite pitch

    Page B5 Several recent letters have referenced websites calling global warming a fraud because temperatures rose less than predicted over the last 15 years. 94

  • Woolf the most qualified

    Page B5 For 17 years, Brandon Woolf has served the people of Idaho in the state controller’s office. He started as an intern right out of college, and worked his way through …

  • Pass immigration reform

    Page B5 In a historic, bipartisan, 68-32 vote last June, the U.S. Senate passed an immigration reform bill that included a path to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants, an innovative temporary … 44

  • Legal program does good work

    Page B5 Why is it front-page news that law students working for Gonzaga Law School’s University Legal Assistance obtained a routine default judgment against a defendant who chose to ignore a lawsuit … 4

  • Not front-page news

    Page B5 Did Pat Lewis contact The Spokesman-Review about his procrastination issue (March 28)? David Whitmire needs to let things go. Perhaps, they both need to seek a professional to get help … 1

April 4
  • Predators invited to city

    Page A11 This is Wile E. Coyote calling all weasels, raccoons, skunks, coyotes and rats. Let’s head to the city. 7

  • Support animal-free circuses

    Page A11 Jim Kershner’s March 30 “This day in history” column on news from 100 years ago: “Joseph Rudersdorf, manager of the Spokane Humane Society, was taking the lead on a plan … 49

  • Grammar issue profound

    Page A11 I would like to thank Ralph Laws from Cheney for his observation (March 29) concerning the use of “snuck” instead of “sneaked” among public figures. 4

April 3
  • Jobs, not Obamacare

    Page A9 As petty as it sounds, I feel that the people who did not apply for medical insurance by March 31, as dictated by President Barack Obama’s law – now extended … 113

  • Business mischaracterized

    Page A9 “Big business doesn’t care about the public good,” says Nancy Runyan (March 26 letter). Let us take a look at a few examples indicating just the opposite. 136

  • Save the planet, soon

    Page A9 The northern parts of Russia and Canada are above the Arctic Circle. How many people choose to live with constant cold? 17

  • Phelps’ death a beginning

    Page A9 On March 19, the Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps died. His death brings a new era, hopefully an era of peace and respect. Every day, I see the battle … 15

April 2
  • Support Newman Lake fire station

    Page A9 April’s ballot will contain Proposition 1 for Newman Lake Fire and Rescue to build a new station. Our fire district has 24 volunteers, a paid chief and part-time deputy chief. … 1

  • Endorse market gardens

    Page A9 As a representative of the Spokane Regional Food Policy Council, I write to offer the council’s endorsement of the two urban agriculture ordinances approved by the Spokane City Council. 1

  • Armed against thugs

    Page A9 It seems to me that only criminals would benefit from the outlaw of firearms. They could and probably would run rampant over law-abiding, defenseless citizens. 33

April 1
  • Need to curb sprawl

    Page A9 The subdivision vesting loophole is something developers created. The urban growth area was established to curtail urban sprawl. 18

  • Weekend editions priceless

    Page A9 I subscribe to the weekend package of The Spokesman-Review, and let me tell you, the $22 price tag is a pittance compared to the value I receive from it. 8

  • Vote no on TPA

    Page A9 The March 16 Roundtable article urging Congress to pass Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) so we can enter into the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP), and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) … 4

  • Stand up for food aid

    Page A9 I would like to stand up for food stamps. I believe that social consideration is a hallmark of a democratic society and that the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program is a … 47

March 31
  • No warning on water

    Page A9 Let me get this straight: Our televisions and radios are routinely pre-empted by an automated emergency broadcast system to warn us of events like bad weather, child abductions and school … 6

  • Need sober protectors

    Page A9 Last year, when Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, visited Colombia, some Secret Service agents supposedly protecting her imbibed in too much booze, and bedded down with prostitutes. 51

March 30
  • Baristas and show business

    Page B9 My initial idea for easing the problems of racism, exotica and robbery at Spokane coffee stands – employing “burkaristas” (baristas in burkas to mask ethnicity and gender) – gained little … 3