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Eastern Washington values

Jan. 22, at the House Environment and Energy Committee hearing, I was looking for support on the 100 percent clean electricity bill. I'm asking myself, is our representative really representing the true values of the people of Eastern Washington? I'm asking you, yes you, the reader of this letter, what are your Eastern Washington values? Personally, I cannot support, the "Biblical Basis for Warfare", now under FBI investigation, and the repeat filling of the "State of Liberty" legislation. Those activities are not representing my Eastern Washington values. You might ask, what are my Eastern Washington values? My list is long and will have to be explored in later letters. For now, I'll state: I have lived many different places both in Europe and United States, and now I'm in Eastern Washington and the truth is, Eastern Washington is the first place, of the many places I have lived, that finally feels like home.
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Tax the Taiwan way

Despite majority opposition to President Trump's coveted wall, saving the $5.7 billion cost would scarcely dent record deficits caused partly by Trump's tax cuts for the rich.
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Unwanted transplants

Are you a liberal transplant from Seattle, California or Oregon that destroyed your own communities with socialist programs and then fled to our well-run, safe, conservative communities here in Eastern Washington and the Idaho panhandle?

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Poor border security costs us

The lack of adequate security on the southern border and the Flores Settlement are enticements to cartels, family groups and human traffickers to storm the border and create a humanitarian crisis.
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All amendments relevant

In regards to Shawn Vestal's comments in yesterday's Spokesman-Review regarding the U.S. Border Patrol retention of the Oregon comedian ("Searching for logic in 100-mile rule for Border Patrol," Jan. 30), nowhere in his comments did he note that this legal immigrant was legally required to carry documentation proving he was in the country legally, which he did not have. Why didn't he mention this?
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Armchair critics

Note to your left-of-center columnist, Shawn Vestal, and City Council politicians: Stop hammering on immigration agents (and the mayor) until you're willing to step into their shoes and follow federal policy to protect our borders. Maybe engage in a ride-along program instead of delivering your criticism from a safe office perch in the city.
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Gerson’s opinion refreshing

It was a delight to read Michael Gerson's expose of President Trump's fraudulent persona in the Jan. 31 Spokesman-Review ("Trump's '16 campaign false advertising"). It was the best analysis of Trump's dishonesty that I've ever seen in any media.
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Government worker de-demonization

Trump, for all his ranting about the "deep state," has allowed the American people to see that government workers are just ... workers, that they are just like them; workers living paycheck to paycheck, trying to pay their bills and care for their children and other family members and also wanting to do their jobs. They're not drones on perpetual coffee breaks, looking out only for themselves.
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Safety more than military spending

Robert Samuelson is entitled to his anachronistic opinion on "defense spending" ("Defense spending is less than you think," Jan. 29), but it's a shame someone entitled him to spread it on newsprint. I've been accused of comparing apples and oranges to advocate for slashing our death spiral of military extravagance, but Samuelson uses kumquats and cantaloupes to prove a ton of methane weighs the same as a ton of fresh manure.
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Shutdown impacts on Turnbull

After a 35-day shutdown, Congress has passed a temporary continuing resolution which funds the U.S. Department of Interior for three weeks. This allowed Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge staff to return to work. The five weeks of lost time put everyone behind for the work year. Planning for the upcoming field season, including habitat and survey work, and valuable fuels management, came to a halt.
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Stop, search and arrest

Several articles of late are about the disparity over the border control policy and their 100-mile mini-border for warrantless stop and search rules.
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True tolerance

I thought the Spokesman-Review's guest opinion article by Elaine Stanovsky ("Church unity means walking with LGBTQ disciples," Jan. 29) was informative and well-written. Anger and misunderstanding are always slow to be eliminated and tolerance and mutual respect need to characterize our behaviors for everyone.
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Appointment a gift to Brown

Jim Camden's glowing puff piece about Lisa Brown's anointment to lead Washington state's Department of Commerce is a great illustration of Democratic political payback at taxpayer expense.
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Repeatable and verifiable climate change

"2+2=4." That is not an opinion. Math, as science, is data accepted as fact only when it is determined to be both "repeatable and verifiable." The universal language of math and science allows scientists worldwide who speak different languages to understand how to affirm that the data is correct, using the method of repeatedly verifying the data. Therefore, when scientists worldwide affirm that climate change is real, and human caused, that is not opinion.
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Trump’s “Love for middle class”

Though his followers believe differently, King Trump has spent over three decades cheating laborers, contractors, realtors and even some of the lawyers who represented him. Some contractors had to declare bankruptcy.
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Border agents fulfilled duty

I applaud the Spokesman for writing an article with all the facts of this case (Jan. 27, "Comedian Mohanad Elshieky says he was accosted by Border Patrol agents at Spokane bus station"). Here are my two cents.
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City Council’s disrespect

So now we want to spend thousands of dollars to determine whether the Spokane City Council is badgering people who testify at their meetings. I have a cheaper method. Go sit through a council meeting and watch them show utter disrespect for anyone who doesn't agree with them. Especially vulnerable are well-trained, dedicated staff members who come armed with correct information and good ideas, only to leave after being embarrassed by council members.
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A lesson that pays

If teachers are so "ridiculously overpaid" as Mike Reno claims ("Winners and losers in the U.S.," Jan. 25), perhaps he should join this lucrative profession and share in this unlimited bounty.
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Prop 1, for our safety

I am writing today to express my support for Proposition 1- Maintenance and Operation Levy for Spokane County Fire District 8. The levy will continue the funding necessary to maintain fire protection and emergency medical services within the district, ensure each station is staffed with a paramedic, and betters response reliability. This levy is not a new tax and replaces the current voter-approved levy, which is expiring in 2019.

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