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Cover Joe Albi Stadium

Years ago there was an idea to cover Joe Albi Stadium, and now is the time to relook at that idea.

Dems care too

Why Sue Lani Madsen continues to get column space in the Spokesman is beyond me. Recently she wrote under the headline "Volunteer Service can help melt polarization." She lavishly quotes from Republican Susan Hutchison on the topic before noting that a typo in the Voter's Guide didn't present opponent Maria Cantwell's own views accurately.

Ensure your vote counts

In the 2004 election for Washington state governor, Christine Gregoire bested Dino Rossi by around 130 votes from the entire state. While I voted that year, I was informed by a letter about a month after the election that my ballot was not counted as the signature did not match what was on record.

Flipping party allegiance

I am a lifelong Republican but this year I am planning to flip my party allegiance and cast my ballot for Lisa Brown as our next representative to Congress. I have watched what is happening in DC over the past two years with disgust and dismay - not only with the words and actions of the president, but with the complicity of the Republican Congress. This includes our current representative - Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

Kuney innovative, creative

Mary Kuney is a noteworthy candidate to the Spokane County Commission. She has extensive experience with budgeting, employee relations, strategic planning, policy making and community involvement. She is an innovative, creative thinker and an exceptional listener. I have had the privilege of serving with Mary on several local boards and I greatly value her wisdom, integrity and work ethic.

My Family is Voting Yes on 1631

My family and I are voting for 1631. Energy companies have been pumping pollutants into the atmosphere for a century, and the results are obvious and projected to worsen three-fold in coming years. Do not believe in all the hype about rising energy costs. It is nothing but guesses and conjecture. They are spending millions to urge you to vote no.

No time to wait

I support Lisa Brown and love what she stands for, but I have to disagree with her on I-1631, the Clean Air and Clean Energy initiative. Lisa said she supports national climate action, and I do as well, but we don't have time to wait.

Radzimski has ‘common touch’

In the early 1980s I had the good fortune to practice law in front of Ferry County District Court Judge Steve Konz. Judge Konz was one of the last lay district court judges in rural, small-town Washington. He presided over a people's court - he used common sense, was patient and always polite - Judge Konz had the 'common touch.'

Stop rich rancher welfare

Livestock grazing on public land has cost the taxpayer billions. In 2014, the federal government spent $134 million on grazing management, but only collected $17 million in fees. Considering the additional direct and indirect costs not included in the GAO report, it is estimated that grazing may cost the taxpayer over $500 million in 2014. This doesn't include the local expenses. The states spend millions to monitor and kill wolves and other species at the request of livestock persons. Wolves don't hurt livestock and people's livelihood because in most states they are compensated for any wolf predation.

Vote for the future

If there is one issue that will clinch how you vote, please make it be the very health of us, our children and the planet.

Vote NO on 1639

I just received my 2018 Washington Voters pamphlet. Initiative 1639 is presented therein.

Vote Tom Konis

Tom Konis has been an employee of the Assessor's Office for over 20 yeas, doing appraisal of residential, commercial and industrial properties. He knows Spokane County from the ground up.

Voting is the first step

Great news: Spokane voters are turning out in record numbers. ('Spokane voting heavy in early balloting' by Jim Camden, The Spokesman-Review, October 25, 2018)

We need French’s influence

One important reason to vote for Al French for the Spokane County Commission is that he is one of nine members of the County Roads Administration Board (CRAB) in Washington state. CRAB members are responsible for the Distribution of Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax, and he is the only member from Eastern Washington. We cannot afford to lose his influence. I know this to be true because he gave me an hour of his time that helped to solve a road issue that built good community. He is an impact servant.

What is democracy?

What is democracy? The dictionary defines it as rule by the people. It is the ability to elect your representative.

Ensure your vote counts

In the 2004 election for Washington state governor, Christine Gregoire bested Dino Rossi by around 130 votes from the entire state. While I voted that year, I was informed by a letter about a month after the election that my ballot was not counted as the signature did not match what was on record.

Follow the I-1631 money

Voters, follow the money: Big Oil has spilled over 21 million dollars into the anti-Initiative 1631 campaign. With the 2017 Tax Act Exxon Mobil's effective tax rate fell from 3.7 percent to -85.6 percent! We taxpayers just refunded $382 million to California Chevron.

Inslee’s smelter contradiction

Governor Inslee's secretive, toxic Newport silicon smelter has been thrust upon Newport without citizen input, and contradicts the Washington state Growth Management Act.

Community School reaffirms our faith

On Thursday morning we had the opportunity to visit The Community School, part of Spokane Public Schools, and join the upperclassmen for "kitchen table" discussions about the upcoming election. Students had researched both sides of initiative measures and candidates for state and national office. The students, as leaders and participants, knew exactly what they were talking about and truly listened to each other. As one young man pointed out, a huge difference exists between "hearing" what someone says and actually "listening." In summary sessions, these young people expressed how their opinions changed because of the research they and their classmates did.

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