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Much more to NW Pet Expo

Mr. Will Campbell's story on the Northwest Pet Expo on March 31 ("Disc Dogs competition highlights second annual Northwest Pet Expo") was an advertisement for the Disc Dogs rather than promoting and describing the Pet Expo.
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Why not just wait?

Mr. Paul Oman's recent letter ("Trump's victory lap," April 6) alleges that President Trump neutralized the Mueller investigation through control of the media.

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CDC protects public health

The issue of vaccine safety is a serious concern and occupies front and foremost position in all commercial vaccine development. The uninformed letter published in the March 22 S-R is terrifying in its content. The CDC does not manufacture vaccines. It derives none of its budget from vaccine sales but does accept pharmaceutical funding to research into disease and vaccine efficacy. It also buys and distributes vaccines for indigent children through the Vaccines for Children program. That said, with reductions in federal research funding, adequate financial support for these activities cannot arise from thin air. The CDC is federally mandated to concern itself solely with the promotion of and protection of our nation's health. Absolutely, the organization should be devoid of conflicts of interest in its promotion of safe and effective vaccines to protect the public health.
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Fresh eyes for current issues

I recently attended the Homeless Forum put on by Spokane Public Radio. The meeting was informative, but what struck me the most was the enthusiasm of our youngest City Council member, Kate Burke. She has connected with individual homeless people to try to understand what got them into that situation and what their needs are.
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Hypocrisy on display

Sherry Koers ("Both parties guilty," March 29) is a "liberal Democrat" who is concerned that other Democrats have spread lies to "further anger" toward President Trump and his supporters. Then, ironically, she claims the president "lies every time he opens his mouth." This statement is itself a lie spread by Democrats to further anger toward Trump.
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It’s our oil

How is it that our government claims that the United States is set to be the number one exporter of crude oil, yet gas prices are exploding here on the home front? Are the citizens of the United States of America being taken for a long ride while the oil companies become richer?
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Lighten up, downtown!

I've noticed that several business are painting their buildings black or gray. I'm worried that if too many paint their buildings this way, Spokane will begin to look like Gotham City. These colors may be popular right now, but they are not always appropriate for all buildings. I feel that on restaurants it may even be a deterrent to eating there as it may not look inviting.
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Mueller didn’t clear Trump

I read Mr. Lythgoe's recent letter ("Democrats, media don't care," March 28) with some interest. There were a few problems with what I read. First, the Mueller report did not find Mr. Trump "not guilty" of obstruction of justice. The media and Democrats have not been name-calling and lying for two years. The Constitution states that Congress is meant to investigate.
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Take a lesson from Seattle

If a picture truly is worth a thousand words, then one needs only to see the recent broadcast special, "Seattle Is Dying." The film speaks volumes about the outrageous blight that has settled on our state's Emerald City. The visual depiction of depravity brought about by drug-driven homelessness, is heartbreaking and appalling.
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Thanks, Zags

My wife and I would like to express our gratitude to the Gonzaga Bulldogs men's basketball team and the magnificent coach who guides them. We are in our 80s, mostly home-bound, and spend a lot of time waiting for fall when we can revel in our Zags. And we were so proud of them this year since they finished the season in the top eight of over 350 NCAA Division 1 teams in America. That's not bad!
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There’s ‘toxic feminity,’ too

It's been a couple of months since I read Faye Flan's opinion piece ("Bad medicine for toxic masculinity," Jan. 28, Spokesman-Review), but the whole subject is haunting me still. The commentary reported that a new set of guidelines from the American Psychological Association propounds that stoicism, dominance and aggression are harmful and associated those traits with traditional masculinity. Why have we never heard the term "toxic femininity"? Since when have those traits been absent in women? I've crossed paths in my life with quite a few stoic, domineering and aggressive women.
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Vietnam vets still ignored

When our troops were coming home from the war in Vietnam they were often met with outright disrespect and hostility, with little or no recognition for their sacrifice. It was as though Americans blamed the soldiers for the actions of our political leaders. I came home on a stretcher and didn't have to face the immediate humiliation many others felt. But for the following decades, I and other Vietnam veterans have had to deal with the stigma. Many of us still battle with disabilities from combat injuries, PTSD and other after-effects of our experience.
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Where does Vestal stand?

The sheriffs that are reluctant or refusing to enforce the latest gun-control law are doing the right thing. If the powers that be want to make it harder for law-abiding folks to retain their firearms they should try to change the constitution instead of this death-by-a-thousand-cuts attempt to disarm us as happened in Venezuela and so many other countries.
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Accidents waiting to happen

I drive from Highway 195 to Interstate 90 daily. I have read the articles regarding the implementation of ramp meters on the northbound lanes. When I saw the traffic lights being installed, I cringed. Having driven on highways with ramp meters in multiple states, none have been in a similar configuration, on a curve! Most are on acceleration lanes at least a quarter of a mile long.
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Can’t vote, don’t matter

It's easy to understand Trump's disdain and open dislike of the Puerto Rican people. As an unincorporated territory, Puerto Ricans aren't able to vote in presidential elections. Being unable to vote for or against him, they have no value to him at all. Why should he pander to our fellow countrymen, when the cost outweighs the benefit?
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Electric keeps money in WA

Drivers in Washington buy three billion gallons of gasoline each year. We spend $6 billion plus to buy it, most of which goes out of state.
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Keep up the bipartisanship

Nice to see Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers as part of a bipartisan congressional delegation to the U.N. ("Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers says she'll defend Israel, combat socialism as congressional rep to U.N." by Kip Hill, Spokesman-Review, April 1). She also recently joined Senator Cantwell to stand up to Jimmy Kimmel's dig against Gonzaga, during March Madness.
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Laws or suggestions?

So now it is permissible to ride a scooter on the street without a helmet. Convenience and profit are more important than safety? What has happened to the rule of law; do we ignore it now anytime we find it inconvenient?

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