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Coping with TDS

Reading the paper Sunday I happened across two letters on the opinion page that validated what I noticed lately. Those letters were written by Rob Leach and Robert Johnson. As they have also observed, it seems that there are many people that are afflicted by TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). Not only has it influenced those such as Mr. Leonard Pitts – whose opinions are featured in the paper on almost a daily basis – it has now infected some of our good citizens of Spokane County and Eastern Washington.
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Worthy of admiration

Want to understand why Michelle Obama was recently voted America's most admired woman of the year? I recommend you read her book "Becoming," a raw, honest and inspiring tale of her life from childhood on Euclid Avenue on South Side Chicago to her becoming our first lady, living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
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“911” confusion

I received an Emergency Notification that the 911 system was down and I needed to call the Fire Department or police/sheriff directly to report an emergency. I planned to add the phone numbers to my cellphone and post them near my landline.

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Where to, liberals?

Okay, now I've read it all. Today Trump was blamed for the upcoming environmental apocalypse and the final terrible legacy of the Boomer generation.
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A resounding “You’re fired”

What is becoming of this world; why is Trump getting away with all of his spiteful actions and why does he have the power to change his mind minute by minute? He sure has a fowl Christmas spirit doesn't he? He purposefully picked this certain time, when it would hurt the most.
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Chutzpah award for 2018

The sale of Avista to Hydro One was denied by the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission, on the basis that the 47 percent owner of Hydro One, the province of Ontario, would have too much influence on Hydro One and hence Avista. They cited the new Ontario premier forcing the "retirement" of Hydro One's CEO and the resignation of the entire board of directors.
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D.C.’s biggest problem

The annual budget battle is underway in Washington, D.C., but this year there's a wild card, President Trump is asking for what he wants, funding for the border wall.
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Gonzaga’s complicity

"I knew, everyone knew. It was on the front page of the Spokesman-Review. I was reassured by Jesuits that someone will be watching him all the time, whenever he left the Bea House." These were the words of Pete Tormey, Gonzaga University's associate director of public relations, in my phone conversation with him on Dec. 20.
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Grow up, Lefties

Well the left is writing letters to the editor. They claim that Trump lies and commits crimes on a daily basis. Just because you don't agree with President Trump doesn't mean he's lying or a criminal. When you hear the media say something do you immediately believe it or do you question it? Many of us question it. We have been listing to the media lie about Republicans and prop up liberalism for generations now and we are fed up with it. To have a president who agrees with us and unlike most Republicans stands up to the bullies instead of apologizing for speaking the truth and offending them is a great pleasure and gives us pride.
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Minimum-wage spiral

Decades ago, American businesses would hire the neighborhood kid for a few bucks an hour to do basic work. The kids with no skills had a job that allowed them to save for their future: education and later a car and housing. And society was rewarded with an independent adult with skills and the start of a lifelong work ethic.
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Move beyond fossil fuels

On Dec. 30, "Meet the Press" dedicated their entire program to addressing climate change, prefacing the program stating "We're not going to debate climate change, the existence of it. The Earth is getting hotter. And human activity is a major cause, period. We're not going to give time to climate deniers. The science is settled, even if political opinion is not."
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Neither balanced nor fair

I just want to express how grateful I am (not) to Governor Inslee and the Washington state powers that be that have added yet another new tax that I must pay but will never benefit from, "At a cost that is balanced and fair."
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New year, same story

Only the second day of the New Year and all three letters to the editor were Trump bashing along with comments along that line about Cathy McMorris Rodgers. It's the same 'ole thing by people whose lives seem totally consumed by them. It has become comical to the point of boredom. Perhaps I should show some empathy towards them as I felt as they must, when I endured eight years of Obama and Hillary looming in the background.
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The Trump dilemma

Democrats are sometimes faulted for not having a positive policy message - just anti-Trumpism. But how can one discern whether that's true when reliable mainstream news is so dominated by President Trump's bizarre, dishonest, vindictive and narcissistic behavior?
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Discipline as a solution

A recent guest opinion observed that child-rearing has changed and a "large minority" of the population are emotionally immature and unable to control their violent impulses ("License people, not guns," Craig Mason, Dec. 26). He observed that "many people are temperamentally incompetent to own guns." He's on to something. Too many adults now are temperamentally incompetent. They shouldn't own guns, or any potential weapon. They shouldn't cook in restaurants, handle tools, or work in health care or any field where a sudden fit of violence will put others at risk.
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God needs political protection?

President Trump has pushed through a record number of ultraconservative federal judges with the help of the Republican Senate, most of whom where vetted by the conservative Federalist Society, a nonprofit group of conservative lawyers.
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New jail might be too big

The is written in response to the new jail proposed by Spokane County Commissioner Al French. If care is not taken, it will be overbuilt.

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