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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

September 11
  • Johnson has different ideas

    Page A9 I was a teacher for many years in Spokane School District 81. One of the important things I helped students learn was how to work together to solve problems.

September 10
  • Shut down shutdowners

    Page A11 In a massive temper tantrum, Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives shut down our government for 16 days last October. Idaho Rep. Raul Labrador was one of them.

  • Wolf shooting unjustified

    Page A11 Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has done it again! For the second time in two years, wolves in Eastern Washington have been targeted and shot from a helicopter, at …

September 9
  • Intervention was needed

    Page A9 Frontier Behavioral Health Chief Executive Officer Jeff Thomas said (Aug. 31) there isn’t much anyone can do to force someone to take medications if they’re not a danger to themselves …

  • Demand that Shea debate

    Page A9 The 4th Legislative District of Spokane County has a problem. We have an excellent candidate, Josh Arritola, running against the sitting state representative. We need someone in the 4th who …

  • Police double standard

    Page A9 I was not surprised to read in the Sept. 3 Spokesman-Review that Lt. Matthew Cowles received a slap on the wrist for a reckless driving and racing incident in March. …

  • Priest Lake campers the problem

    Page A9 In response to Steve Barber’s Sept. 3 letter concerning the removal of cabins on Priest Lake, I disagree.

September 8
  • Don’t ignore forage fish

    Page A7 As our summer steelhead season and fall chinook season begins, it is hard not to think about the ocean those fish are coming from and swimming back to. Having healthy …

  • Reinstate the COLA

    Page A7 The Washington Supreme Court’s decision against the reinstatement of the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for public employees was a severe financial setback for retirees. In 1995, the Legislature merged and replaced …

September 7
  • Go to bed sooner

    Page B9 A new study finds that kids are tired when they get to school. Wow, what a revelation that is. The suggested solution is to start school later. Are you kidding …

  • Protect medical records

    Page B9 Be careful out there. My husband and I just received letters from a major health care provider saying all of our medical records were hacked.

  • The plan is no plan

    Page B9 Well, we are still waiting for a strategic plan to confront our worldly problems. But the world knows there are only two problems that are deserving of a plan:

September 6
  • VA eligibility too broad

    Page B5 Several recent letters about the Veterans Administration remind me of a sore point. Why is it that people who served for just three or four years in a peacetime military …

  • War lessons unlearned

    Page B5 Here we go again. Haven’t we learned anything about wars in the past 12 years? We are bankrupting our country on a fool’s war against Muslims. President Obama recently said …

  • What’s with age question?

    Page B5 Although I was very inspired by your “Booming Business” article (Sept. 1) on award-winning sound composer Bill Byrne, it seemed ridiculous and insulting to ask him, as you did, “You …

  • Prevent animal shootings

    Page B5 A dog is killed by a police officer in the United States approximately every 98 minutes. Many are owned by the very people who called the police for help in …

  • Full-time operative

    Page B5 David Hamer’s Aug. 24 letter reflects the sad state of affairs of our political culture.

September 5
  • Where is humane death?

    Page A11 Let me first say that, yes, I am one of those bleeding heart liberals who believe abortion needs to be an option, unless one of the people who says no …

  • Johnson good for Spokane

    Page A11 As a 35-year veteran criminal justice professional, I cannot overstate my enthusiasm for the sensible and effective Smart Justice program that Mary Lou Johnson, candidate for Spokane County commissioner, has …

  • VA changes worthwhile

    Page A11 It’s sad that Sandy Tarbox’s father (“Some vet claims suspect,” Aug. 31) may not have been aware of the Veterans Affairs claims system in place now. He initially was awarded …

September 4
  • Covering for sloth

    Page A13 Regarding Shari Lyszkiewicz’s Aug. 30 letter, which stated we need to move on immigration reform so we can get workers to do the jobs we can’t get Americans to do:

  • Corporate taxes exaggerated

    Page A13 Corporations, their lobbyists and most of the media complain that the statutory corporate tax rate is 35 percent and among the highest in the developed world. But studies (Institute on …

  • Why punish the mother?

    Page A13 In the Aug. 31 Spokesman-Review, an article ran in the Northwest section about the mother of a boy from Port Orchard, Washington, sentenced to 14 months behind bars because her …

September 3
  • Leery of challenge

    Page A11 Regarding “Ice bucket challenge summer’s hottest hit” (Aug. 28):

  • Weird on labor issues

    Page A11 Labor Day celebrates American workers and the role we each play in the social and economic achievements of America. This election season it is more evident than ever that we …

  • Dominguez impressive

    Page A11 How exciting it was to see the recent array of fresh, new, enthusiastic City Council candidates wanting to lead Spokane to our potential.

  • Cabins should be removed

    Page A11 In a move to get the Idaho Department of Lands out of the business of cabin site renting, that government entity has auctioned off 59 of these sites along Priest …

September 2
  • ER wait times matter

    Page A9 I disagree that advertising short emergency room wait times sends the wrong message (Aug. 29 editorial). There are reasons other than the objectives of the Affordable Care Act to advertise …

  • STA Plaza is valuable

    Page A9 The Spokane Transit Authority is giving the city a necessary and desirable service, and I hope the plaza will stay where it is, with or without the proposed changes.

  • Divided government works

    Page A9 The Spokesman-Review’s Aug. 24 editorial implied that divided government is bad. I disagree. The collegiality between House and Senate has disappeared, and it is dysfunctional. In my lifetime, I think …