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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

November 4
  • Pass immigration reform

    Page A11 I write today to encourage everyone to work toward timely passage of comprehensive immigration reform legislation. The current system, which relies on harsh enforcement measures, is ineffective and unjust.

  • Need political balance

    Page A11 Nature is about balance, and balance seems to be incredibly lacking in our culture today, particularly in our politics. The yin and yang attraction of opposites works when the parties …

  • Play down school shootings

    Page A11 As sorry as I am for the victims, I think it was a mistake to feature the Marysville-Pilchuck High School shooting as front page news, and that it should not …

November 3
  • Landmark ruling explained

    Page A9 I would like to explain the decision reached by the Spokane Landmarks Commission regarding the historic buildings on Third Avenue. In the past, I served two terms on this body, …

  • Scary Ebola decisions

    Page A9 Why would a president who is potentially facing the biggest health crisis since the influenza pandemic of 1919, which killed more Americans than World War I, select a longtime political …

November 2
  • Don’t mock pot merchants

    Page B9 After reading both The Spokesman-Review Oct. 18 news article and Doug Clark’s Oct. 21 column poking fun at Spokane City Councilwoman Karen Stratton’s ownership of a state-licensed marijuana business, I …

  • Stratton should’ve disclosed

    Page B9 It is curious that recently appointed Spokane City Council member Karen Stratton proclaims herself to have been honest about her new status as a marijuana farmer when she selectively chose …

  • Parable of governing

    Page B9 What follows is a parable:

  • Ybarra disqualifies herself

    Page B9 Let me make this plain: I have no substantive issue with Sherri Ybarra’s educational or professional credentials. According to The Spokesman-Review’s Oct. 23 article, “Confusion over degree Ybarra’s latest misstep,” …

  • Every vote counts

    Page B9 Voter pamphlets and ballots have arrived, and many have already voted. To those who have not, I ask, “Why not?”

  • Think seriously about taxes

    Page B9 For far too long, taxes have been vilified by the politicians as if they were something sinister or criminal. Yet, it is taxes that pay the salaries and benefits of …

  • McMorris Rodgers earns vote

    Page B9 This year the president has signed two bills sponsored by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers into law (out of 72 bills signed by the president). She sponsored HR 267, the Hydropower …

  • Pakootas for Congress

    Page B9 Please check your mail and note the race for the 5th Congressional District representative is officially on. We registered voters have the opportunity to support and vote for Joe Pakootas. …

  • Support for Mitchell, Ringo

    Page B9 In 2012, congressional scholars Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein wrote a book, “It’s Even Worse Than It Looks: How the American Constitutional System Collided with the New Politics of Extremism,” …

  • French gets results

    Page B9 Spokane and Spokane County seem to realize that government welfare and new corporate call centers will not give this region the future its citizens want. We need more good-paying jobs …

  • French shouldn’t hold office

    Page B9 I find it hard to believe that The Spokesman-Review could endorse Al French for Spokane County commissioner.

  • Pick Beggs, Knezovich

    Page B9 Your vote in the next few days could decide whether we continue to spend massive tax dollars on an ineffective justice system, or we get smart about justice and law …

  • We deserve Beggs

    Page B9 Ballots have arrived, and we all have the fortunate opportunity to choose a leader who will bring legitimacy, integrity and reform to the Spokane County Prosecutor’s office. Breean Beggs is …

  • Haskell suited to role

    Page B9 Regarding the Oct. 9 edition of The Spokesman-Review and the article about Spokane County paying a $350,000 settlement:

  • Replace extremist Barbieri

    Page B9 Two years ago, Idaho state Sen. Steve Vick and Rep. Vito Barbieri co-sponsored SB 1387, the bill that would force women seeking abortions to submit to an invasive vaginal ultrasound …

November 1
  • Trainor for assessor

    Page B5 We have the opportunity to make a change in Spokane County.

  • No choice in the 4th

    Page B5 A writer recently bemoaned the lack of voter participation in elections, especially midterm elections. I think I can shed a little light on the subject.

  • I-594 a national example

    Page B5 Vote yes on Initiative 594, which closes a loophole that now allows nearly one-half of all gun sales to be conducted without background checks.

  • Election hang-up

    Page B5 When I’m undecided about which candidate to vote for, I choose the one who didn’t robo-call me.

  • Honor Moyer’s memory

    Page B5 I have been thinking how I can honor former Rep. John Moyer best, and I believe it is by the way I vote and how I evaluate candidates. Moyer was …

  • Wissink for clerk

    Page B5 As a mom and retired Spokane County deputy sheriff of 19 years, I am looking forward to the changes that Mary Wissink will bring about as our next Spokane County …

  • Treasurer Chase cares

    Page B5 Re-elect Rob Chase, our Spokane County treasurer, who works hard to keep laws fair for all.

  • Maintain right to gripe

    Page B5 About 60 years ago, when I was very young, my oldest sister was still living at home. She was a telephone operator at the time. She came home quite angry …

  • Awaiting Otter’s departure

    Page B5 I can hardly wait. I’m counting the days until Gov. Butch Otter leaves office.

  • Park generates revenue

    Page B5 When is a park not just a park? Answer: When it is an economic engine. Riverfront Park – 40 square blocks – hosts at least 21 major events yearly, a …