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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

July 12
  • Dog was protecting car

    Page A11 I noticed you explained that Arfee was a lab, not a vicious pit bull (“Dog shot by officer was a Labrador” – July 11). Granted, labs don’t make as good … 12

  • Other contraceptives offered

    Page A11 Instead of getting riled up by all the propaganda being spouted by the media surrounding the Hobby Lobby decision, look at the facts. Of the 20 required contraception drugs, Hobby … 169

  • Take care of our own

    Page A11 Border problems are beyond description. America needs to take care of its people, especially veterans first. The government can tend to, medicate and heal all those entering against the law, … 31

  • Chemical weapons in Iraq

    Page A11 “Chemical weapons plant falls” was the headline on page 4 of the July 9 Spokesman-Review. The article goes on to say the Islamic state extremist group has taken control of … 14

  • Mandate responsibility

    Page A11 I grieve for this country because of those who are unhappy with the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case. All Americans should embrace liberty – the agency … 116

  • Bloodshed and peace?

    Page A11 The responses of the leadership of the Palestinians and the Israelis to the recent tragic murders of Israeli and Palestinian teenagers reveal the real goals of their people. In response … 16

July 11
  • Train derailment a worry

    Page A11 The recent derailment of the rail cars carrying Boeing plane fuselages should be a wake-up call to all. These could have been crude oil tank cars polluting the river and … 35

  • A solution for VA care

    Page A11 Require all VA employees to receive their medical care, as though they were veterans, at a VA facility. 43

  • Vote for independence

    Page A11 The recent Fourth of July celebrations were the perfect opportunity to reflect on our great country and the leaders of the Continental Congress that declared independence from a government that … 165

July 10
  • Israel a good country

    Page A11 My last trip to Israel reminded me why. We heard Muslims call for prayer. We listened to a group of Christians from Japan singing in the street of Jerusalem, which … 82

  • Incumbents created woes

    Page A11 Incumbents support the New World Order, illegals, slavery, racism, a school system that is abusive, financially irresponsible and economically, socially and racially discriminatory. 181

  • Johnson for Commission

    Page A11 A vote for Mary Lou Johnson for Spokane County commissioner is a vote for civility and competence in that position, two skills that have been sadly lacking. I have known … 9

July 9
  • Preserve choice

    Page A13 The U.S. Supreme Court has made another chink in the armor of contraceptive opportunities for employees. The majority saw the Constitution one way, but the women judges, who also believe … 275

  • Park plan flawed

    Page A13 As currently presented, the $40 million Riverfront Park portion of the $60 million bond issue for parks and streets is a bad idea. Here’s why: 6

  • Impeach the justices

    Page A13 Impeach the U.S. Supreme Court majority in the Citizens United, McCutcheon and Hobby Lobby cases. 133

July 8
  • Passing judgment

    Page A9 Regarding Jack Abel’s June 25 letter and the vote of the Presbyterian Church (USA) general assembly on June 20 to divest its holdings from three U.S. corporations whose operations in … 16

  • Teach citizenship skills

    Page A9 This is a late but, I believe, needed response to George Nethercutt’s May 11 guest column, “Civics crucial for the future.” 56

  • No holiday for pets

    Page A9 I hear it coming for days, small explosions building in intensity. 9

  • Check roots of city

    Page A9 If the Californians who stopped the buses that were bringing small children to a new detention center to be processed had been around in 1873, they would not have had … 94

July 7
  • Single payer affirmed

    Page A9 The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case points out yet another flaw in the employer-based health insurance model of paying for health care. The delivery of … 299

  • Second Amendment lesson

    Page A9 The following history behind the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution I first learned in high school more than 50 years ago. 50

July 6
  • Cheneys are hypocrites

    Page B9 Trudy Rubin’s July 2 opinion, “Cheney wrong on Iraq - again,” couldn’t be more true. Dick and Liz Cheney’s infomercial on the current crisis in Iraq is disgusting. The arrogance … 22

  • No to Iraq intervention

    Page B9 Now is the time for people who believe in freedom, real democracy and justice for all to stand up together to say “no” to U.S. intervention in Iraq. It was … 64

  • Too many hospitals?

    Page B9 We drove by the new Providence Medical Park facility in the Spokane Valley, and I was shocked – it is huge and beautiful. Sacred Heart has served Spokane and surrounding … 7

  • Look into disappearance

    Page B9 I am one of a team of retired Bonneville Power Administration employees who have been reviewing the disappearance of fellow employee Julie Weflen. Julie was abducted on Sept. 17, 1987, … 5

  • Why embrace Reagan?

    Page B9 On May 20, the front-page headlines in The Spokesman-Review read: “New PAC accused of deception: Two groups with different views use Reagan Republicans name.” 102

  • Keep the VA

    Page B9 Another fan letter for the Veterans Affairs hospital in Spokane. Talk is that veterans will be provided with vouchers to get medical care outside the VA system. None for me, … 10

July 5
  • Buy American

    Page A11 On July 4, America celebrated the 238th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. For most people, this meant going to a large gathering and watching a fireworks … 81

  • Media did job

    Page A11 Tom Kryzminski, the defense attorney for Donald Phillips, should be ashamed of himself. He called the media’s decision to air a jailhouse interview in which Phillips admitted to murdering Sean … 1

  • Women and religion

    Page A11 On June 24, two articles about women and religion caught my eye. The first article was about a woman who lives in America: “Mormon church excommunicates Kelly.” 18