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No new jail until …

Just no, Mr. French! No expensive jail building until you can demonstrate progress on equal treatment for all, not biased by race, class, gender, sexual orientation, disability and age.
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Have you ever been …

The current White House resident, "on the feast of Stephen" (or Boxing Day for the Brits), tweeted that "most of the people not getting paid [i.e., federal workers] are Democrats." I guess his animosity for the members of the "Deep State" (that is, the civil service workers who keep government running) has blurred them into the Democratic Party.

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What about our kids’ environment?

The Trump administration is in the process of rolling back almost 80 environmental rules, many of which are aimed at fighting climate change. Everything from air pollution to drilling, infrastructure, water pollution and toxic substances and safety.
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Lock him up!

President Trump showed his true colors when he used the term "rat" when talking about Michael Cohen. A "rat" is what a mob boss calls a person who exposes evidence of various crimes.
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Planned Parenthood doesn’t care

In her Dec. 11 letter ("Planned Parenthood's priorities"), Judith Maibie "hits the nail on the head" by asking the organization what they are afraid of. The care Planned Parenthood claims they provide is only about itself. Nothing could be further from the truth that they care about the aftermaths women suffer from abortion in the realization that their own children were killed in their wombs.
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Breathtaking incompetence

The first election I voted in was in 1972 and I voted for Nixon - and I would again. In the years 1972-1974 it was clear about the immense importance of the press and media - especially investigative journalism - for our democracy and republic. Nixon committed crimes but there still is no doubt about his competence and flawed presidency.
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On election night 2016 I was working the Hillary Clinton booth. As the results became apparent a reporter approached me and said, "Sal, what do you think?" To which I replied, "If we still have a country left in four years I'll be pleasantly surprised!"
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NRA vs. the doctors

Congratulations to The Spokesman-Review and Spokane doctor Jeff O'Connor for their article (Nov. 21) and his letter (Nov. 28) describing how gun violence impacts the medical community. When the National Rifle Association picked a fight with American physicians warning them to back away from gun control advocacy and "stay in their lane," doctors across the country replied with letters and pictures showing the effects of gun violence.
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Roundabout working great

This is in response to Leon Sproule's letter dated Dec. 25 complaining about the "traffic disaster" created by Costco's new store on Highway 2, as well as the inconvenience it has caused for some. Personally, I think the move was a wise business decision and financially beneficial for them by moving it to the county. Of course many people will be inconvenienced, but that's just the way it goes. Businesses move all the time.
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Biological differences

Just when I think I've heard or read the ultimate nonsense people will resort to, efforts to eradicate the - dare I say it - God-designed differences between men and women, we learn of an even more ridiculous tactic being used in the effort.
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Crime is not down

I was watching the news this morning and they reported a story about property crime being down in Spokane.
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Don’t fear failure

I taught school on Dec. 13, 2018, at Deer Park High School. In the room where I was teaching, there was a sign on the wall which read, "Never let the fear of striking out get in your way." -Babe Ruth
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Don’t fear the meter

Change scares far too many people. David "Chicken Little" Glass' letter about smart meters ("Extorted by Avista," Dec. 4, 2018) is a perfect example. The fear mongering is nonsense. Modern meters are safe and accurate. They are better for both the homeowner and the utility company because a reader doesn't have to go trampling through yards to find meters. They're more accurate for the same reason. The scare tactics I'm seeing over smart meters is the same as that we saw over mobile phones two decades ago. There might be a kernel of truth, but it's buried under an enormous pile of nonsense.
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Government’s role in health care

I wish to address several issues that were brought up by Dr. Velazquez in his recent editorial on health care reform ("The future of health care reform," Dec. 27).
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Grifter in chief

I read the other day that Donald Trump is removing Rusal, the giant Russian aluminum company owned by spymaster Eric Deripaska, from our international sanctions list, freeing up millions of dollars for Vladimir Putin's buddy.
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GU’s “mission and values”

I graduated from Gonzaga University in 2001. That year we asked that Star Parker come and speak on campus. A nameless GU administrator said she did not meet the 'mission and values' of Gonzaga University and would not be permitted to speak. As a student body we asked if we could see the rules and review them to make sure they were not capricious and arbitrary. We got no answer.
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Studded tires are useful

I feel studded snow tires have their place. When my daughters were learning to drive they had small cars and I made sure they had studded snow tires on their cars. We live outside of Spokane and my daughters had to travel and use Highway 291, which meant dealing with a hill called Big Sandy and the river road.

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