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We need French’s influence

One important reason to vote for Al French for the Spokane County Commission is that he is one of nine members of the County Roads Administration Board (CRAB) in Washington state. CRAB members are responsible for the Distribution of Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax, and he is the only member from Eastern Washington. We cannot afford to lose his influence. I know this to be true because he gave me an hour of his time that helped to solve a road issue that built good community. He is an impact servant.

What is democracy?

What is democracy? The dictionary defines it as rule by the people. It is the ability to elect your representative.

Ensure your vote counts

In the 2004 election for Washington state governor, Christine Gregoire bested Dino Rossi by around 130 votes from the entire state. While I voted that year, I was informed by a letter about a month after the election that my ballot was not counted as the signature did not match what was on record.

Follow the I-1631 money

Voters, follow the money: Big Oil has spilled over 21 million dollars into the anti-Initiative 1631 campaign. With the 2017 Tax Act Exxon Mobil's effective tax rate fell from 3.7 percent to -85.6 percent! We taxpayers just refunded $382 million to California Chevron.

Inslee’s smelter contradiction

Governor Inslee's secretive, toxic Newport silicon smelter has been thrust upon Newport without citizen input, and contradicts the Washington state Growth Management Act.

Community School reaffirms our faith

On Thursday morning we had the opportunity to visit The Community School, part of Spokane Public Schools, and join the upperclassmen for "kitchen table" discussions about the upcoming election. Students had researched both sides of initiative measures and candidates for state and national office. The students, as leaders and participants, knew exactly what they were talking about and truly listened to each other. As one young man pointed out, a huge difference exists between "hearing" what someone says and actually "listening." In summary sessions, these young people expressed how their opinions changed because of the research they and their classmates did.

Iron Workers oppose I-1631

I am writing in my capacity as financial secretary/treasurer and business manager of the Iron Workers Local 14 to soundly oppose Washington state Initiative I-1631. It is clear that I-1631 will put good paying jobs with good benefits at risk, while also passing down costs to working families in our community.

Lewis is knowledgeable, qualified

A very well-attended forum of candidates for the 6th Legislative District of Washington was held at Hargreaves Hall in Cheney on October 3. Five candidates attended, while one prepared a short video.

Christian cares about community

Election season can bring confusion on whom to vote for, especially if we look past party affiliation and desire to vote for the people we believe will serve our community in the very best ways. For me, Leonard Christian - who is running for county assessor - is such a person. He is a man of great integrity and has proven through literally hundreds of volunteer hours that people matter.

Cronin’s resume

I have held Dennis Cronin's resume in my hands. Most people's resume would be one or two pages. Dennis Cronin's was more like a novel. It was amazing the background that he has in criminal justice, family law and time that he served as judge pro-tem.

Freedom requires responsibility

Dear lovers of the sound and smooth action of a well-oiled, clean gun. I always loved the sound of chambering a cartridge in a shotgun or a bolt-action rifle. My lever-action Winchester 218B hexagon-barreled rifle was particularly satisfying. With all that being said, I believe it is time to realize that we could lose that joy I felt and still feel about guns.

End deceptive Prop 1 messages

It should be no surprise that Idaho native tribes are against Prop 1. Moreover, the rhetoric that has been directed toward tribes by those who support Prop 1 is simply misguided.

Spokane County’s Marine

I am honored and privileged to have known Tim Fitzgerald for five years since he returned to settle in Spokane as a retired U.S. Marine Corps colonel with 30 years of service to our country. Tim has continued his commitment to public service as our county clerk for the past four and half years, resourcefully guiding the affairs of the second busiest office in county government.

Support bonds, learning

I belong to an extended family of lifelong public library patrons. My adult and nearly adult children are K-12 Spokane Public Schools alumnus and current student. Though my children have outgrown sitting in Mom or Dad's lap through story time, we still make trips to the library for materials and programs.

Cindy Wilson for Idaho

I've never been so excited to see someone run for public office as I am for Cindy Wilson, who is running for superintendent of Public Instruction. I adore Cindy.

Elect respect

This election, Aretha Franklin's song, "Respect," is an appropriate theme for women. It took nearly a century and a half for heroic women to gain us the right to vote via Constitutional Amendment XIX, (1920). We forever owe them a debt, to be paid by voting for candidates who will respect us as equal citizens.

Hardy will be powerful advocate

Thank you, Karen Hardy, for challenging incumbent state Sen. Shelly Short. Short has earned an F in health care. ("We need leaders who will fight for our health," Oct. 12, 2018).

Shea shame

So Matt Shea is hanging out with far-right-wingers in Whitefish that insist state governments are nothing more than unconstitutional corporations that collect taxes? That somehow arson of BLM land and armed takeovers of a federal wildlife refuge is the right (wing) thing to do? And he gets elected and re-elected by leveraging social conservatives who are pro-life and pro-biblical marriage?

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