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TUESDAY, JAN. 9, 2018

Albi scam

Doug Bacon was on target in his letter of 12/27 regarding the Albi "scam." It's an incredibly foolish plan proposed by our district "educators." What a waste of taxpayer dollars.

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Crime of the person

Shawn Vestal's recent column (Dec. 22) about what "isn't the answer" to the current fervid subject he calls "the sexual harassment tsunami" brings some welcome common sense, as usual. More difficult is applying common sense to what is the answer. Perhaps we might begin by defusing the subject by not referring to the problem with the loaded term "sexual." No matter what the perpetrator's motive may be, the act should be treated as any other crime in our legal system. A guilty party should be treated either as criminally insane, criminally punishable and/or mentally ill, as we treat other forms of addictive behavior or serious impulse control problems.

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Goodbye Gary Crooks

Dear Gary Crooks:I'm sorry that you have left the paper. I am a retired 81-year-old lady that reads the paper every day from cover to cover. I stay informed with the latest and best news. I enjoy the Spokesman and ...

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Goodbye Mr. Balazs

Goodbye, Mr. Balazs. I wish to thank you for the half-hour you spent with my son and me. We were biking on Ruby on a hot summer afternoon when we stopped to watch you polish the sculpture that now floats in Riverfront Park. You saw us and waved for us to come on in. You explained the sculpture and showed us how you were putting on the final touches. This was a kindness I shall never forget.

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MONDAY, JAN. 8, 2018

Socialist Seattle?

It's not uncommon for someone who resides on the East Side of the Cascades to lament the "socialist haven of Seattle."But I can tell you that this opinion is dead wrong. I've lived in Seattle now for three years, and ...

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SUNDAY, JAN. 7, 2018

Trump and Jerusalem

Trudy Rubin wrote (Dec. 20) that Trump brought no peace to Jerusalem. Unfortunately, she speaks of his declaration in isolation. What U.S. president or United Nations resolution has brought true peace to Jerusalem — or to the Israel-Palestine dilemma?

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Yes for Kids Levy

I am an enthusiastic supporter of Spokane Public Schools and the 2018 Educational Programs and Operational Levy.As a parent of a District 81 graduate and current fifth-grade student, I realize the necessity of supporting schools through the levy. I see ...

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SATURDAY, JAN. 6, 2018

Alzheimer's disease

The time has come to change our thinking on Alzheimer's disease. Too often, Alzheimer's and other dementias are treated as an aging issue, ignoring the public health consequences of a disease that someone in the U.S. develops every 66 seconds.

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Gravy train is rolling again

Like a kid on Christmas Eve, I cannot wait for the GOP tax bill to take effect.Wages will be going up! Taxes will be going down! The economy will be roaring and there will be jobs, jobs, jobs for everyone!Thank ...

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Support for Riverside SD levies

In 2010 as a small family of three we moved to Elk out of necessity. We were finally able to buy a home in 2014. We love that our children will grow up knowing our next-door neighbors. The traditions like the VFW Easter Egg hunt, Elk Days, all of Riverside School District's events and the many other amazing things our community has to offer makes me proud to say I live in Elk.

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toor and football

Rachel Toor ("EWU, end football, for the sake of society - and students" Dec. 10) has a point. But it ain't gonna happen.Football is war. War is the imposition of one's will over another. War happens when all nonviolent efforts ...

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Was the win really worth it?

Just mulling over the "tax reform" passed by the GOP majority. Enlighten me, who wins when 85 percent of the tax breaks go to the top 1 percent? And, how will the $1 trillion-plus deficit this monster creates be paid for: future cuts to federal programs designed to provide assistance to state and local governments in meeting the needs of their citizenry (e.g., Medicaid and Medicare). This, then, translates into reduction in existing services and, likely, increases to state and local taxes. Directly impacting whom? You and me!

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FRIDAY, JAN. 5, 2018

North Newport Highway 2 improvements?

We have watched this past year as the four-lane north Newport Highway 2 has undergone extensive reconstruction. All looks good until you encounter man-made, artificial "wowees" in both the southbound and northbound lanes approaching east Day-Mt. Spokane Road.

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Republican tax bill clever

The Republican tax bill is a clever piece of legislation. Faced with having to sell a plan that most Americans are totally against, Congress came up with an idea: Provide a small temporary give-back to most of the public while at the same time hide a bountiful permanent give-away to a few people who honestly do not need it.

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The Bosch lot

Your Bosch lot story ("City sees new vertical horizon for lot," Dec. 10) contains errors.First, the federal government (not state) granted funds for Central Riverfront Park to complement Expo '74, stipulating the land be used for outdoor recreation. Now we ...

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Who knew we were building character?

I'm certainly not the first to say these interactive personal assistants that respond to voice commands are amazing. The ability to request a song and instantly hear it played is ...

Where’s Santa? NORAD is tracking him here

For decades the folks at the North American Aerospace Defense Command have kept track of Santa Claus as part of their duties of watching anything that comes over the North ...