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Trade-off for the wall

I'm just cynical enough to believe that when this administration talks about voter fraud, it really is about keeping certain ethnic groups away from the polls altogether. And when I hear talk about keeping all the criminals out of the country with a wall at the border, it really is about keeping all poor people of color out. That's not to say there is no need for security. There is, but there's something else at work here.
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Trump’s fuzzy math

What's with the $3.6 billion President Trump claims has been allocated for his prototype border wall? I recently accessed and according to its website information, to date $1.6 billion has been allocated by our GOP-controlled House and Senate.

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Where’s the money?

Am I the only person who heard candidate Trump (aka "The Donald") say Mexico will pay for the border wall?
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RIP, Spokane

With the inevitable election of the unashamedly Marxist Ben Stuckart as Spokane's next mayor, it will behoove the remaining responsible taxpayers and businesses within city limits to have a good exit plan. Already, our once great downtown, once safe and clean and desirable, is a nasty, unsafe Third World cesspool of homeless hordes and street criminals. Just take a drive down Second Avenue and see what we have become. Stuckart will make it even worse.
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Stadium decision was right

In his Dec. 16, article ("Voters swayed stadium decision"), Jim Allen stated the Spokane Public School Board's decision to build the stadium was "driven by fear, not opportunity." To the contrary, the board's decision demonstrated respect for the voters, who by a strong majority voted to build a new stadium and made it clear they prefer it be located at the Albi site. As Mr. Allen noted, "74 percent of the voters in the northern precincts prefer the Albi location over a downtown location." The board showed strong leadership recognizing they are elected to represent the entire district including the northside voters.
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Taj Mahal of bridges

So, the City Council in its usual infinite wisdom chose to use our taxpayer dollars to build the Taj Mahal of all pedestrian bridges! How many people are going to benefit from using this bridge? How many homeless people is this bridge going to help?
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GU staff knew

I'm disappointed by Gonzaga's response to the Reveal report, which detailed abusive priests shuffled among Native communities before "retiring" to Bea House at Gonzaga. President McCulloh's response states that he didn't know of any Jesuits on "safety plans" until they left in 2016 and implies minimal knowledge of those housed there.
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Shutdown nonsense

The Democrats won't put $5 billion in the federal budget. So the Democrats are responsible for the shutdown. Trump won't sign a budget without the $5 billion. So he is responsible for the shutdown.
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Church shirking accountability

Historically, when the Catholic Church learns about guilt and complicity with regard to pedophile priests, they prefer to relocate and even promote those involved in an effort to make the problem go away.
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Crisis or opportunity

Events have now reached a stage many regard as a crisis in U.S. governance with the recent demand by D. Trump that Congress fund his border wall or he would shut down the government; this demand was considered by the Senate and a bill that would have kept the government running but provided zero funds for the border wall was passed by the Senate. Trump then shut down the government as threatened and financially hurt almost one million workers and disabled many government agencies.
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From one threat to …

It seems likely that the commander in chief will move more troops from Syria to the Mexican border; ISIS is now defeated, but the refugees from Central America still pose a grave threat. Hmmm.
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Christmas Fund inspiring

For years we have wanted to do more to support the Christmas Fund than just send in a check. This year I volunteered to help with the tear-down when the last customer was served on Dec. 21.
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Costco’s traffic jam

Costco has moved north and created a traffic disaster aided and abetted by the county commissioners who bought this plan with increased accidents and thousands of people driving almost five miles further north to get there.
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How do we compare?

Almost a third of British children are poor, according to the British Social Metrics Commission (NBC News, Dec. 21). How does Britain compare to Spokane? Does your annual Christmas Bureau indicate how badly off children are? Are annual donations adequate?
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Market leaves unharvested forests

Wayne Lythgoe and the hordes of arm-chaired Fox News parrots advocating the best managed forest is a denuded forest are just not living in the real world. Simple logistics and markets have diminished timber harvests more than the hated environmentalists.

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