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Don’t fund political bias

Why are Gonzaga and Whitworth against the First Amendment? Example: Canceling Ben Shapiro speaking engagements. Our university students are being brainwashed and federal funding should be eliminated to universities and schools that promote one-sided politics.
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HB 1706 ignores SSI

I am the parent of an adult with a disability, and I oppose HB 1706/SB 5753. I believe everyone deserves a living wage, whether or not they are disabled, but HB 1706 won't accomplish this.
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Income tax in disguise

Gov. Inslee stuck his nose under the state income tax tent with the Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) tax, which is to be paid based on employer payrolls starting January 1, 2019.

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Innocent man found innocent

American people, in fact the world, have been subjected to a conspiracy to destroy Donald J. Trump for almost three years that makes Watergate look like a school prom. The DNC, Clinton campaign, the FBI, the DOJ, Obama and major players in his administration were part of this criminal fraud. These facts have been known by many and will come out soon unless of course you get your "information" from the mainstream media.
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Majority should elect

In response to Joanne Bovey's letter "Give us a voice," (March 19) -- I agree that my vote doesn't count. In 2016 my vote was one of the majority of people in the USA who voted for Hillary but the majority did not elect the president.
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‘Subminimum’ wage has purpose

Support for the minimum wage for disabled adults fails to recognize that many severely disabled people will be left out of the job market, ("Advocates for disabled: Time for minimum wage," March 16).
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Uphold Prop 2 in Boise

Idaho citizens' Prop 2 initiative passed into law by 61 percent to 39 percent. We authorized Medicaid expansion to provide access to preventive health care services for low-income residents, with the feds covering 90 percent and the state 10 percent of the cost.
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Vaccinations protect others

With all the discussion and controversy about whether government should pass a law requiring parents to vaccinate their children against childhood diseases, I think a simple analogy might be helpful.
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Council members, hypocrites?

If there is anyone out there who still wonders if our Spokane City Council members – or for that matter, all politicians – are hypocrites, I have two words to say: Lime scooters.
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Draconian budget

Regarding the op-ed piece "Trump budget Ryan's dream" in the March 12 issue of The Spokesman-Review, the POTUS budget is a disgrace to the citizens of this great country. He is slowly making the U.S. into a third-world country.
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Existential debt

On thousand million equals on billion. One thousand billion equals one trillion. One thousand trillion equals one quadrillion.
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Scam calls

Got a call at 8 a.m. from Seattle Community College (according to my caller ID) but instead of it being SCC, it is the same scam call that we get at least once a day that says "the computer service you use is no longer in business ..." Each time they call, they use a different caller ID, something that may seem familiar as a rouse to get you to answer. Apparently, this is legal! This is very wrong, and something should be done. We have gotten so that we do not even bother answering our phone unless it is family or friends.
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Scientists or shills?

In his letter in today's Spokesman-Review, Phil Thayer ("Other info on global warming," March 26) encouraged the readers to look up some "information" that he claims will show that the bulk of recent global warming has been caused by unnamed natural forces. The references he points to are the scientists Fred Singer, Roy Spencer, Dennis Hart and Tim Ball.
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Taxpayers deserve better

The way to fix our broken government is to limit all elective terms (president, senator, representative) to four years and then after investigating each other for that period, they would have to go out and get real jobs.
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The need for safe injection sites

First, cut out the derogatory, dehumanizing language about the homeless. Sue Lani Madsen's comments: "We flushed out a woman and a dog sleeping in a red car, a woman crashed out on a mattress; and the pitiful 85 percent showing up nightly at the House of Charity drunk, drugged or addicted." ("Homeless assessment must be candid," March 23). We are talking about human beings here. Words matter. Dehumanizing language is just wrong.
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The real national emergency

The real and urgent "national emergency" is not on our southern border or to do with an invasion of unwanted foreigners. It is in our heads and has to do with a drastic and prevalent loss of the ability to think critically.,"the world's leading online source for English definitions," defines the term "critical thinking" as follows: "disciplined thinking that is clear, rational, open-minded, and informed by evidence."
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Both parties guilty

I'm a liberal Democrat. Mr. Dixon's letter (March 3) had some valid points. Many Democrats rushed to judgement not only in the Jussie Smollett case but also in the erroneous assumption about the Catholic school kids in D.C. Personally, I think both incidents purposely created lies to further anger toward President Trump's supporters and Mr. Trump.
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Leave DST as it is

There has been real enthusiasm to adopt year-round daylight saving time. The March 10 Spokesman-Review has an excellent graphic showing the time of day we will experience light and dark hours.
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Shawn Vestal column

Kudos to The Spokesman-Review! In the March 13 paper, leftist columnist Shawn Vestal derides and lambastes the several sheriffs who, out of concern for the constitution, say they do not intend to attempt to enforce I-1639 and its attacks on the Second Amendment and the right "to bear arms." This is no surprise since Vestal has repeatedly come out against guns.

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