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January 5
  • History eludes Trump

    Some of Donald Trump’s statements, in particular the one banning Muslims from entering the United States, have generated quite a response. Some have asked for particulars in implementing his “policy.”

  • Ordinance unnecessary

    There is no mandate in our Spokane City Charter requiring the City Council to act as a union boss on behalf of employees. The proposed earned sick and safe leave …

  • Homeland terrorism overlooked

    Our federal government can wage war against terrorists in foreign lands with our military might. Our federal agents can hound Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge for owning an illegal short-barreled …

January 4
  • Lies kill people

    Planned Parenthood, the staffers working there, and the patients who rely upon them for health care have been done more than an inconvenient disservice with the lies created by a …

  • Follow lighted path

    Fear. Hate.

January 3
  • Ramirez shows true colors

    What? Michael Ramirez dissing a Republican? Best Christmas present ever! Of course, there has been scant proof of any of the accusations against Russian President Vladimir Putin contained in the …

  • Mass shootings a concern

    I have read the Congressional Research Service (CRS) report, “Mass Murder with Firearms: Incidents and Victims, 1999-2013,” referenced by Tom Stanton in his Dec. 27 letter to the editor, and …

  • Market-based solution

    Joseph R. Mason’s vision for America’s full energy potential (Dec. 27) included only fossil fuels extracted from our national lands and waters. He predicted more jobs and growth, but his …

  • Speed causes accidents

    Regarding the Dec. 30 story “Senator pushes road fixes”: Well-meaning state and local leaders are asking for more money to improve the two routes to Washington State University in Pullman …

  • Safety-free zones

    Regarding the Nov. 7, “Shoot straight on guns” letter by Doug Floyd: It appears that Floyd does not have an accurate understanding of a mass shooting and armed person scene.

December 31
  • Trump bankruptcies legitimate

    Regarding Darlene Brice’s Dec. 19 letter regarding Donald Trump’s four bankruptcies:

  • Why the optimism?

    The headline above a Dec. 23 front page article in The Spokesman-Review — “U.S. rides a strong economy into 2016” — suggests that we should all be very optimistic about …

December 29
  • Population overstressing resources

    Life on earth is doomed. The climate change talks in Paris are just a delaying tactic to the inevitable. What was not discussed? The underlying cause: population growth.

December 28
  • Obamas travel on taxpayer dime

    Why is it that we send Michelle Obama to Aspen, Colo., to ski, and we send President Obama and his daughters to New York for a fun-filled vacation, when they …

December 27
  • Aid as importnt as weapons

    Would we react any differently than Middle East people if on the receiving end of 13 years of continuous military assault? A Taiwanese China Post commentary suggested a “tipping point” …

  • Krauthammer column all gas

    After reading Charles Krauthammer’s Dec. 19 column, I wondered if he realizes that in the last four years the cost of natural gas has dropped precipitously due to an oversupply. …

  • Predators could control deer

    In my opinion, it seems a bit hasty to be thinking about contraceptive choices for controlling the over-abundance of deer in the Dalton Gardens area of Idaho.

December 26
  • Letter to the Editor: Don’t add cruelty to list

    Thousands of puppies are bought and sold every year during the holiday season, which means thousands of consumers end up unknowingly supporting puppy mills.

  • Condon should keep focus

    Mayor David Condon is a dedicated leader, a visionary and person who truly cares for the well-being of Spokane and its surrounding communities; qualities that make him a respected leader …

  • Trump’s words dangerous

    So Donald Trump wants to temporarily stop certain groups of Muslims from entering the United States. He has just given ISIS more ammunition for their recruitment efforts. It was bad …

  • Refugees deserve better

    Let me see if I have gotten this straight. I read that during the last five years over 130,000 Americans have either killed others or themselves with guns. It seems …

December 24
  • Control gangs, not guns

    In Switzerland, assault rifles are kept in homes as part of the national defense. Should we do the same now that ISIS terrorism has come to America?

  • Muslims must condemn jihadists

    I read in the paper that Muslims are afraid of being persecuted, and even thinking of changing their appearances to conceal themselves. The best thing they can do for themselves …

  • Morin cartoon dismisses Carson

    In his Dec. 18 cartoon of the Republican debate , Jim Morin Debate quoted Jeb Bush as saying “You’re not going to be able to insult your way into the …

  • Shut down ISIS on Internet

    Thank you Tom Morris for writing (Nov. 22) the great letter saying what I couldn’t say so well. If the goal of the U.S., and our allies is to defeat …

December 23
  • Sales tax fix overdue

    For over 30 years, I have been pushing the Idaho Legislature to get rid of the freeloaders who pay no sales tax (we pay more because they don’t pay anything), …

  • Talk won’t curb emissions

    Is the Paris Accord better than nothing?

December 22
  • Gas prices too high

    Why are our gas retailers struggling to reflect current economic models? I was always taught that prices are a result of economic forces, chief among them being supply and demand. …

  • Mayor earned criticism

    My good friend Bob Isitt (Dec. 10) made a nice point about the misplaced criticism of Mayor David Condon, but I am still waiting for the Condon apologists to acknowledge …

  • Sitting ducks

    The leading headline in The Spokesman-Review, “Spokane Schools won’t arm officers (Dec. 18),” alerts the bad guys that Spokane schools are sitting ducks. Bad guys are cowards who search for …