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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

June 5
  • Clean energy no guarantee

    Page A13 William Pennell (May 30) denigrates those who disagree with his theories. But many distinguished scientists believe that natural forces such as solar irradiance variations, volcanic activity and asteroid hits are …

June 4
  • Not wrong to erase Wright

    Page A9 Regarding opposition to renaming Fort George Wright and avenue: This isn’t revising history. What a shame we cannot do that. He was a product of his day?

  • Liberals don’t get business

    Page A9 Recent letters once again show how out of whack the liberal mind-set is. To their ilk, it simply doesn’t matter whether a business owner can afford to offer benefits such …

  • BSA fosters respect

    Page A9 Terry Olson’s letter, “BSA shouldn’t change” (May 20), is right on the money. BSA was founded by Christian leaders for the purpose of fostering respect for God, among other things.

June 3
  • Assistants need boost, too

    Page A11 To our leaders: I thought, like many people, that teachers had it easy. After six years working in public education, I have a different view. I have permanent injuries and …

  • Small classes, big costs

    Page A11 I wonder if voters understood how much money was at stake when they voted to instruct the Legislature to appropriate more money to lower K-12 class sizes in Washington.

  • Dog shooting inexcusable

    Page A11 Once again, I find it necessary to respond to another senseless, negligent and possibly illegal killing of an innocent animal. This time it was someone’s pet dog mistaken for a …

June 2
  • Scrutinize dealership request

    Page A11 Larry H. Miller is requesting that Spokane transfer ownership of the west 17 feet of Madison between Second and Third avenues to the dealership. (The right of way, sidewalk and …

  • Teachers have reasonable goals

    Page A11 As professional educators, we are very aware of the importance of a strong public school system, and we know that it depends on talented and effective teachers. In order to …

  • Legislature isn’t complying

    Page A11 I would like to share with the Spokane community my perspective on the teacher walkout on Wednesday.

  • Bravo to teachers

    Page A11 Walking out is not an act of aggression or “bullying.” It is a form of peaceful protest that our nation was founded on.

June 1
  • No reversing USPS cuts

    Page A9 Legislation has been proposed to continue six-day mail delivery. Attempts have been made for years to cut mail service to five days. What are the consequences of losing that one …

  • Packaged water a scam

    Page A9 The other day, I read an article discussing organic foods. The online discussion in the comments section was interesting in its content. There were points brought up regarding impressions of …

May 31
  • Rights of unborn ignored

    Page B9 The May 24 article, “Legal battle centers on ‘captive’ chimps’ rights,” is interesting when juxtaposed with the current battle to protect the legal rights of unborn children.

  • Accept higher food costs

    Page B9 Less-expensive food seemed like a great idea decades ago, when U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Earl Butz made it a priority. Cheap and fast food soon became plentiful, introducing shocking calories …

  • Heed Hadian’s warnings

    Page B9 R. Skyler Oberst’s May 24 letter, “Build bridges, not fear,” is the epitome of naiveté. He accuses Shahram Hadian of spreading rampant Islamophobia in the Inland Northwest.

  • Malek calls out bully

    Page B9 The May 17 Spokesman-Review guest opinion by Rep. Luke Malek of the 4th Idaho Legislative District was spot-on. This is a must-read for all citizens.

  • Moore memorial civilized

    Page B9 I’m sorry to hear of the recent passing of Coeur d’Alene police Officer Sgt. Greg Moore. I never met him, but he sounds like a great officer.

  • Mt. Spokane updates necessary

    Page B9 The May 16 op-ed urging policymakers to fund Mt. Spokane facilities in Washington’s capital budget is a good idea.

  • Fund Mt. Spokane’s needs

    Page B9 Now that the Washington Legislature is into yet another special session, it should be sure to fund Mt. Spokane’s facilities request in its budget for the next biennium. It’s a …

  • God’s judgment is near

    Page B9 Delilah Dixon (May 16) says she prefers a dose of calm rationality, but what she is doing is burying her head in the sand. Our cities are burning and our …

  • Suppport Sanders for president

    Page B9 I recently watched an interview with Bernie Sanders, who is announcing his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president. He is an Independent senator from Vermont. He speaks plainly about …

  • People can protect programs

    Page B9 I recently saw the results of a survey addressing the future of Social Security benefits. In the survey, 41 percent of the respondents indicated that they “didn’t think Social Security …

  • Keep politicians like Fagan

    Page B9 What we need are politicians and legislators that base laws and regulations on the requests of the people and facts, not statistics or opinions. They need to work for us.

  • Walkout can have impact

    Page B9 “Spokane teachers approve May 27 strike” reads the headline in the May 21 Spokesman-Review. Spokane School District Superintendent Shelley Redinger says the “walkout impacts our families and community.” Yes, that …

May 30
  • Districts not the targets

    Page A13 Many members of the Spokane Education Association and East Valley Education Association voted to participate in Wednesday’s walkout to highlight the Legislature’s failure to comply with their constitutional obligation to …

  • Don’t sully national anthem

    Page A13 Our national anthem is not a country-western song or a spiritual; nor is it jazz. I am deeply offended whenever a so-called artist tries to personalize our song. It was …

  • BSA shouldn’t change

    Page A13 Regarding the Boy Scouts article in the May 22 paper: I noticed buried deep in the article was one sentence saying how Robert Gates, the new Boy Scouts of America …

  • Dams unsupported

    Page A13 For years, advocates of saving salmon and ending wasteful spending have urged elected leaders to get serious about the cost and value of the Snake River dams. Thanks to Patagonia, …

  • Difficult to truly unplug

    Page A13 Any escape from the increasing digital warfare between hackers and endless security services updates? Over coffee, a friend and I concluded a person should just unplug and revert to old-fashioned …