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Frank still inspirational

I continue decades of respect for Jim Frank, now with his current bus pass program ("Frank ponies up for 1,600 bus passes," Oct. 8, 2018) as an effort to alter our love affair with the automobile.

I miss the GOP

"You are defined by the company you keep."

Lewis is what we need

From the first time I heard Jessa Lewis ask for support in her run for state senator in the 6th Legislative District in a talk given in Airway Heights I was almost stunned. I remember thinking, "This woman will succeed at whatever she sets her mind to."

Prop 2 stops the bleeding

This letter is to encourage Idaho residents to vote yes for Proposition 2, the voter-sponsored initiative to expand Medicaid in Idaho.

School bonds are good deal

The figure of speech "You can't have your cake and eat it too" – meaning a person can't enjoy both of two desirable but mutually exclusive alternatives – does not hold true this November. When voters approve the Spokane Public Schools bond, they will authorize the building of three new middle schools, replacement of three heavily worn and outdated middle schools, and fund a variety of other much-needed capital improvements in the district. As a result of the reshuffling of taxes due to the McCleary decision, voters can approve these much-needed improvements and still see a sizable reduction in property taxes – a return of $1.22 per $1,000 of assessed value (about $20 a month savings at median home value).

Slaughter for the thrill

Re: Spokesman-Review article (Northwest, Oct. 14, 2018) "Idaho Fish &Game Commissioner Blake Fischer kills entire family of Primates in Africa."

Subtle hatred is better

Take that Westboro Baptist Church, that'll teach you. We here like our discrimination and hate speech to be homegrown and polite. None of this yelling and picketing, unless it's about abortion rights, of course.

Ads useless without truth

Why do candidates pick and choose pieces to put in a commercial putting down the other candidate? I'm tired of hearing and seeing half a truth one person made tuition go up 80 percent. They don't put the whole truth in the ad. I want to know what you will do for me instead of stabbing the other person in the back.

Are we listening?

Our young people are calling us out! Their voices are strong and persistent as they call us to act, instead of hollow words, followed by inaction.

Push past the now

We Americans began this experiment called democracy as abused children from parent countries in Europe. We wayward children wanted basic human rights. But abused children act out. invaluable

This letter is written in response to, "We Believe We Vote responds" by the president of, Penny Lancaster.

Kavanaugh a terrible example

As a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother I'm totally appalled by the Kavanaugh spectacle.

Now is the time for Prop 2

As a family doctor in Idaho, I have the privilege of hearing life stories. Some of the most heartbreaking are from those who have illness or injury but no health insurance for needed care.

Protect your rights from I-1639

If you're a Washington state resident, your Second Amendment rights are in immediate danger. Ballot Initiative I-1639, if passed, would cause owners of any semi-automatic rifle or handgun to be subjected to onerous new restrictions and taxes, with the intent to discourage their possession and use. Some of these new restrictions would be:

Voting is how you choose

Use your vote to choose the society in which our children get to live. Greed and power for some or social justice for all.

Brown supports education

Cathy McMorris Rodgers is at it again: Blaming Lisa Brown for hiking college tuition.

Szambelan’s judicial temperment

For nearly a decade, Judge Shelley Szambelan has consistently demonstrated the best qualities for judicial temperament: patience, open-mindedness, courtesy, tact, courage, punctuality, firmness, understanding, respect, compassion, humility and common sense.

Tuition hikes under Brown’s watch

Thanks to Lisa Brown doubling allowing tuition on her watch, working a part-time job to pay your way through school is a thing of the past. It's not fair to me or my fellow students that Lisa balanced the budget on our backs.

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