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Dr. Janes gets results

A recent article, "Doctor fights opioid prescription claims," highlights the accusations of the state's Medical Quality Assurance Commission against local physician Merle Janes. It brings a glimpse to the ongoing battle between big pharmaceutical companies (and their industry agencies) and those who practice alternative medicine.

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Flathead Tribe perfect choice

Jon Malcolm ("Demand refuge information," April 6) laments the proposal to entrust the National Bison Range, which is located on the Flathead Indian Reservation, to the Flathead Tribe asserting they are a "local special interest group"?

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Obama's ethics twisted

I read Amy Goodman's almost incoherent ramblings of March 25 ("Fight terror with stronger values") and sought to glean the values average Americans would recognize.On Good Friday, Barack Obama broke bread with the communist leaders of one of the most ...

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Pay raise prompts questions

I read your article concerning the 44 percent pay raise to be given to our city council members. I've never been on the council, nor have I read the requirements to become one. If elected to this position, does one have to give up their current business or job to allow them the time required to perform their elected duties? If these required duties are above their normal everyday routines, then I could see a increase in pay for expenses, cost of living etc.

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Superdelegates not representative

Rules for superdelegates in presidential elections are confusing. The number of superdelegates given to a state is based on the number of people who voted in the previous presidential election. Hintit.com tells how superdelegates have pledged their votes.

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Tie raises to streets

The City Council shouldn't get a 44 percent raise until there is a 44 percent improvement in the condition of our streets. There are Third World countries with better streets than Spokane. Where is the money for the raises going to come from? Probably from the general fund, which pays for some of our street maintenance, which means less street repair

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Return to Christian roots

In an April 3 letter, Sally Jackson laments the demise of America. While she conveniently forgot that alcohol was such a large problem that it was outlawed, she is mostly correct in her observations. She also forgot to mention that this amendment was later repealed because it only served to make men like Al Capone rich.

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Wary of open carry

I'm in the checkout at a big box store in the Valley with my 6-year-old. A man garbed in a camo jacket, jeans and black boots with a large semi-auto pistol dangling from a dropleg holster is in the line next to us.

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Wilson impressive

On Monday, I attended two town hall meetings to meet the candidates running for the 5th District. The first was with Cathy McMorris Rodgers. It was very difficult to hear. Only Cathy had a microphone.

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In search of priorities

I'm sleeping better at night knowing that the Spokane City Council has banned elephant hooks in the city. I guess that is why the Salary Review Commission determined these exemplary legislators deserved a 44 percent pay raise. Do you really get what you pay for?

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Unite behind nominee

Thank you, Democrats, for caucusing. It was great to meet the neighbors and talk elections. Your passion is very encouraging that we can elect a candidate for president, since we will get people registered and voting.

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Wake up, voters

The March 31 editorial from the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin ("Caucuses not same as election") dinged some Bernie Sanders supporters for "naively clinging to the belief that it (the Washington state Democratic Party caucus) is a democratic process and therefore their guy should be awarded about 75 percent of all the state's delegates."

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Clinton, Kasich only choices

Quoting Hillary Clinton, our country needs a "strong, smart, steady leadership." That leaves Hillary or Ohio Gov. John Kasich as our only choice as president of the United States. Take your pick.

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CMR aids Alzheimer's effort

I come from a family with a long history of Alzheimer's disease and see so many other families struggling with it as well. Today one in three seniors in Washington state and across the country dies of Alzheimer's and other dementias.

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Demand Bison Range information

Being a past refuge manager of the National Bison Range located on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Western Montana, I am very concerned and upset that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently notified its employees that it is dealing with the Flathead Tribes on proposed legislation to give the Bison Range in "trust" to the tribes for their benefit.

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Parting Shot — 5.3.16

The 2016 National Teacher of the Year Jahana Hayes, left, reacts to being acknowledged by President Barack Obama Tuesday, during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House ...

Three things a lot of people don’t know

1. Robbery and burglary are not the same. 2. Using "sheriff" to describe every deputy is unnecessarily confusing. 3. For better or worse, the person with the byline almost certainly ...

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