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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

June 11
  • The right to rail

    Page A13 In response to “Extremists sully U.S. flag” (April 24), which stated that the people do not have the right to rail against the federal government, insisting it is absolute: 72

June 10
  • Freeze the misinformation

    Page A11 Listen up, America. Admission to heaven does not have anything to do with how much money you have accumulated, what color your skin is, what country you happen to have … 71

  • Don’t overdo park facelift

    Page A11 I read with interest and support the May 31 front page article regarding the “rescue” of Charles W. Smith’s “dinosaur bone” sculpture created for Spokane’s Expo ’74. 8

  • Nobody is accountable

    Page A11 I fear that President Obama will end the Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl controversy by simply pardoning him. Again, no one is held accountable. 65

  • Voluminous venom spewed

    Page A11 Too much venom will kill the snake. Mona Charen, the spitting cobra of the radical right, should be careful. She, along with many other right-wing nuts, has been trying to … 62

June 9
  • Don’t censor denials

    Page A7 A June 6 letter calls for The Spokesman-Review to stop publishing letters from global warming deniers. This is censorship in a nation of free speech. 146

  • Support climate solutions

    Page A7 In North America, we will be taking long-term action at the state level to come up with ways to reduce carbon emissions, and I am relieved and yet aware of … 73

June 8
  • The forgotten war

    Page B11 I, along with hundreds of others, attended a wonderful ceremony at the Washington State Veterans Cemetery on Memorial Day. 10

  • Reform arbitration

    Page B11 I sympathize with Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich after the latest slap in his face. Here we have a man in a position of authority to delegate responsibilities, assignments and … 5

  • Close STA Plaza

    Page B11 The STA Plaza never worked, and never will. It should be abandoned. It is a nuisance in its location. It interferes with traffic flow and causes dangerous situations. This would … 39

  • Where is due process?

    Page B11 I can’t help wondering: For some people, is no stick too dirty to prevent them from beating on their favorite targets? 57

  • Light up bicyclists

    Page B11 The tragic death of a 15-year-old bicyclist highlights an issue I see more often now: no bicycle lights and dark clothing at night time. This isn’t just kids. I see … 11

  • Johnson ready to lead

    Page B11 Mary Lou Johnson is a very qualified candidate running against Al French for Spokane County commissioner. She is new to politics and doesn’t have the name recognition that French has, … 4

  • Support Initiative 1329

    Page B11 I never thought I would ever say this, but “Thank you, Monsanto,” for reminding us why getting Initiative 1329 on the ballot here in Washington is so important. Our signature-gathering … 9

  • No credit for Obama

    Page B11 Recent headlines: “S&P eyes a milestone.” “Workers are finding more jobs.” “Manufacturing index shows solid growth.” “Construction spending continues to increase.” 49

  • Narrow political frame

    Page B11 Government authority to deceive is a fundamental question for democracy. Dave Hamer’s June 4 letter describes an “Orwellian crisis.” Unfortunately, his opinion is two-dimensional, asserting the debate as liberals versus … 10

  • Weak men, big guns

    Page B11 I endure Michael Ramirez cartoons, because I value the First Amendment. 27

June 7
  • Support crisis intervention

    Page B5 My son, Will Berger, died after an early evening encounter with two members of the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office on June 6, 2013. Because of the tragedy, I am promoting … 28

  • SkyFest was outstanding

    Page B5 I had the opportunity to attend SkyFest at Fairchild Air Force Base. It was an outstanding experience in all regards.

  • Climate action needed

    Page B5 Kudos to the president for taking action to limit carbon emissions. 15

  • Truth about Obama

    Page B5 Donald Capstick (May 28) asks the question: “Why all this Obama bashing?” 89

  • Alter parking practices

    Page B5 As you drive down Division Street eager to go to Riverfront Park, you’re thinking, “Here goes a waste of $5.” With the increase in parking prices, and approximately six to … 8

  • Don’t delay; arm officers

    Page B5 It is unfathomable that Jenny Rose, Spokane Public Schools employees president, is putting the lives of school students in possible harm’s way because of money. 34

  • Study VA vouchers

    Page B5 I always find Gary Crooks thought-provoking and sometimes I agree with his point of view. However, the column of May 25 is confounding, even after several readings. 4

  • Helman not qualified

    Page B5 The VA scandal is caused by a recent culture shift in public policy that is threatening to public safety. In the 1930s, states started passing professional licensing laws to protect … 4

  • Spokane VA is great

    Page B5 I’m a Vietnam veteran. I’ve been using the Veterans Administration hospital for about 10 years. In my opinion, they set the standard for health care in Spokane. 1

  • Bergdahl politicized

    Page B5 Now that the news of Bowe Bergdahl’s release from the reprehensible Taliban has begun to settle in, it would be worthwhile to consider the following: All of the noise, hyperbole … 47

  • Support EPA plan

    Page B5 President Obama’s aggressive new Environmental Protection Agency proposal to dramatically limit carbon pollution is a welcome move forward in our efforts to address climate change. Obama’s proposal aims to reduce … 8

  • Glitches in the air show

    Page B5 No one has mentioned the two-and-one-half hours it took to get off Fairchild Air Force Base after the air show. One of the airmen stationed there did say that the … 4

June 6
  • Grateful for VA care

    Page A13 I am grateful for my veterans medical care at the Spokane Veterans Affairs hospital. I have two titanium hips and the surgery was performed by an orthopedic surgeon at the … 1