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MONDAY, SEPT. 3, 2018

Mutual trust

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers is running on a platform of "restoring trust in representative government" seemingly oblivious to the irony. Having served 14 years in Congress and risen to the level of fourth-ranking Republican, McMorris Rodgers is the representative government her constituents no longer trust. The desire for change in representation was reflected in the August primary when Lisa Brown became the first Democrat in over a decade to beat McMorris Rodgers in Washington 5th District's largest populated Spokane County.

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School leaders' prudence

This letter is in response to the posted letter by the superintendents of schools in the Spokane Valley districts ( "Our concerns with K-12 basic education funding," Aug. 26, 2018). I am grateful for the rarely expressed and prudent perspective of financial discipline with respect to teacher compensation negotiations.

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Sessions is following the law

Mr. Trump stated he appointed Jeff Sessions our country's attorney general because Sessions was loyal to him. Now Mr. Trump complains on TV: "He recuses himself (from the Mueller investigation). What kind of man is that?"

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SNAP a key part of safety net

Politicians and citizens alike have long acquiesced to the "dog-eat-dog" social Darwinism that holds sway in the U.S. Now, we have moved beyond the predestination practiced by the Puritans to outright viciousness.

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Space force or folly?

I can't count the times a desperate presidential candidate has called for a human mission to Mars or a moon colony. Now we are asked to fund a "Space Force." I credit the arguments for this in The Spokesman-Review. However, nobody states what this entails. It would surely call for a "Space Academy." Perhaps this could be placed in orbit or buried on the moon. It makes sense to give this mission to the Air Force, since it would involve flying hardware and pilots into space. Alternatively, a "Space Force Graduate School" could allow all the services to participate. Otherwise, we could outsource the "Space Force" to private corporations like Blackwater.

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SR not meeting its duty

The recent piece written by the Spokesman-Review concerning Trump's calling the press or "fake news" an "enemy of the people." We need a free press and all should agree with this. However a press that refuses to present both sides of an issue or one, like the SR, that continually presents an ideology that destroys civilizations and kills humanity can rightly be called an "enemy of the people."

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Support for Brown

The country is deeply divided politically. Both sides point fingers casting blame.The main reason for the deep divide is Donald Trump and Republicans who continue to support him. After Trump's embarrassing visit to Europe where he taunted, threatened and insulted ...

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Support renewable energy

I am writing to support both Washington state and Spokane's City Council in their efforts to move forward with clean energy and fight dirty coal energy. As a Christian, I think our collective health, the environment and climate change are moral issues because of their effects on God's creation and all human persons, especially the poor of the world.

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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

This is the truth about "Tax Cuts & Job Act" of 2017. I am a tax CPA in Spokane. This is my 52nd year in public accounting. I have read the new laws many times and our CPA firm has written and issued a 138-page book/seminar on the TCJA.

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Time for new leadership

What has Cathy McMorris Rodgers really done for us lately? She talks a lot about making the VA "better," but is the VA really something any of us in this new "great" America can be proud of? That's like saying "Look, the tires on your rusted out '72 Ford Pinto were bald, so I replaced them! Sure, the engine has a terrible knock and the U-joint is about to snap, but hey ... the tires sure are shiny and new!"

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Trump's very slow audit

I was wondering if President Trump's tax audit has been completed, enabling him to disclose his tax returns. If the audit is still ongoing, it seems to be progressing very, very slowly.

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WDFW, Wolves and The Public

Recently WDFW issued a kill order for wolves in the Togo Pack. This was met with a temporary restraining order being granted to environmental groups based on a challenge to the legality of the protocol used to lethally remove wolves.

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We deserve better

I have watched with interest the ads touting Cathy McMorris Rodgers helping several constituents gain access to needed medical care. It is laudable. But I find it somewhat ironic that, at the same time she was seemingly helping these persons, contrary to her promises to the rest of us, she voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, without a replacement, thereby placing at risk the health care coverage of tens of thousands Washington residents.

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Welcoming refugees

When St. Benedict instructed the monks in his order that "all guests who present themselves are to be welcomed as Christ ...," he was simply echoing a deep-seated ethic in the Judeo-Christian tradition that spans from Abraham to Jesus, and which flows into the church of today. People who find themselves in need of hospitality find vacancy signs and welcome mats at the homes and in the hearts of the people of God. To turn them away is to reject Christ himself. "As you did it one of the least of these you did it to me."

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Where's the good ol' GOP?

What's happened to the Republican Party we used to know?Being fiscally conservative was a GOP hallmark. Today they passed a spending bill that will add trillions to our federal deficit.(The last president left us with a growing economy, deficits under ...

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Tiny Kitchen Cooking Tip: Campfire Bacon

When it comes to cooking in tiny RV kitchens, it doesn't take long to learn that some foods are quick to set off the smoke alarm. That's exactly why we're ...

The speed habit

There is no shortage of drivers who have a speed habit. And those speeders are easy to spot when we drive in reasonable accordance with the speed limit, since everyone ...

Bird is the word

If you had been standing in our kitchen this morning and looked out the south-facing windows, you might have seen a large hawk perched atop a tall grape stake fence. ...