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Media's Arab stereotype

Each time that we see an Arab on television, they are portrayed as backward, uneducated and sometimes, terrorists - a stereotype that has been made for a very long time. However, if you ask any non-Arab what they think about Arab countries and how they are living, the answer will be not even close to life over there.

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Parks department choices

I am writing regarding the Spokane Parks Department. They recently destroyed perfectly healthy trees in Dutch Jake's Park in the West Central area. If there was a problem with the trees, why weren't their limbs just trimmed? Shrubs also could have been trimmed.

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Rethink incinerating sewage sludge

While most animals know not to defecate where they eat, that logic seems to elude the human race when it comes to getting rid of its own waste ("City studies turning biosolids into power," March 28, 2018).

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FRIDAY, MARCH 30, 2018

Facts of Scotchman Peaks

Some folks are getting the facts twisted and appear to need some education about Scotchman Peaks. The federal government cannot seize lands they already have. The Scotchman Peaks are owned by the public and managed by the federal government through the United States Forest Service.

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Marsy's Law and victim rights

I'm writing to express my disappointment regarding the result of the recent vote for Marsy's Law for Idaho ("Victim rights law fails by five votes," March 8, 2018). This important legislation would have given standing for crime victims to exercise their constitutional rights. This much-needed update was held back by 28 members of the House of Representatives who voted "No." They voted against victims of crimes who are thrust into the justice system through no fault of their own. Instead, they teamed up with the likes of the ACLU and defense attorneys who were opposed to this legislation because of obvious conflicts of interest.

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Wolves killed for elk's profit

Financed with our taxpayer money, federal officials cajoled with IDFG and USDA agencies, and invaded once again with helicopters a national forest to shoot and kill wolves, ("10 wolves killed for elk," Spokesman-Review, March 15, 2018).

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American vs. Chinese education

The American education system is always in a constant state of evolution; they are still unable to meet the requirements of our hyper-connected society. It also doesn't help that all most American students want to do is watch television and play video games, spending more of their time on entertainment than education. If there is any fundamental problem with education, it's that we do not tie spending to an expectation that performance will improve - superintendents, administrators and educators gain from spending increases (salaries, new buildings, technology, etc.) but have no way to prove that those expenses are resulting in successful performance.

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Haspel endorsement concern

The endorsement of CIA director nominee Gina Haspel by Mike Morell ("Senators demand more on CIA nominee's past," March 17, 2018) raises the issue of what level of malfeasance we will tolerate from public officials.

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"Health care advocates"

Two recent Spokesman-Review articles by Betsy Russell (March 21 and March 16) start their stories with "Health care advocates rallied in the state Capitol today ..." and "Health care advocates are decrying the House's move ..."

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'Live PD' must tell full story

I agree with your editorial on the the First Amendment and the media, "Spokane's bona fide censorship of 'Live PD'," (March 11). I do have an additional comment.If the "Live PD" broadcast was exactly that - live and unedited, no ...

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New look on the upcoming generation

"Children today are tyrants. They contradict their parents, gobble their food and tyrannize their teachers." So said Socrates circa 350 B.C. People have been critical of the upcoming generation forever but one cannot help but look at the present generation with admiration.

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Steven Bradshaw for commissioner

We have known Steven Bradshaw and his wife, Cindy, for 13 years and have been able to call on them many times for help or advice. Steven has always been attentive to our community. He cares deeply about supporting it, as well as our state and our nation.

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Advertising and politics

Sales ads for products originate from ad campaigns developed by ad firms. We are fully immersed in the culture of advertising all our lives, and even more so today with online activity and the popularity of hand-held devices.

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Banning 'Live PD' is censorship

The City Council president wants to ban a TV show because it might ridicule a few miscreants, drunks and other lawbreakers. Requiring prior written permission before airing from criminals, mentally deficient persons and other malefactors is tantamount to censorship and reminiscent of the regimes in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.

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Brown's real world experience

Joseph Machala, in a letter published on March 14 ("Brown's past with police and fire"), calls out Lisa Brown as a "career politician," and apparently thinks that label is reason enough to disqualify candidate Brown for consideration to replace Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

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Earth Day Eve Ranking of the Planets

9. Venus: What has anybody on Venus ever done for you? 8. Saturn: Still getting by on her looks. 7. Mars: Eventually it comes down to one question: Why would ...