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Why are they getting paid?

Can you believe Wilbur Ross, asking the furloughed federal employees to get a loan to cover expenses? How about Congress and all of the paid staff for Mr. President and Speaker Pelosi not get paid and take out loans to cover their expenses?
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Why Dems can’t give in

Most things I read or see on TV equate Donald Trump's position on the McConnell shutdown to the Dems' position. I think that's living in the past.
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Why I march

I've waited my life for this day, to speak aloud and finally say, I am loud and proud and here to stay.

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A bad parental decision

It is sad two children lost their lives at our border. Even more sad is the realization everyone is blaming everyone else including our Homeland Security and border employees.
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A system of lawfulness

Anyone researching for signs ushering in the second coming of Christ won't have far to look. Earthquakes, famines, rampant evils, murder, hatred between nations - all are happening and growing with intensity.
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Winners and losers in the U.S.

As the LA teachers' strike ramifications ripple northward, I am repulsed by what our winners-and-losers society has become. On the winners side we now have all the ridiculously overpaid, over health-cared and over-pensioned government workers and retirees pining for more. And on the losers side we have most private-sector workers with modest pay (as contract workers), no health care and no retirement.
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A much different wall

I was amused by Patrick Conley's recent letter to the editor ("A civics lesson," Jan. 16) in which he referred to Ronald Reagan's words, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" President Reagan was speaking to a Soviet dictator who was maintaining a wall to prevent people from escaping from a socialist dictatorship which had enslaved them.
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Where is the outrage?

How can it possibly be that six of the seven members of the Spokane City Council voted this past session to override the will of the people and pass a $42 million sports complex project? I would have thought that the council got the message when the nonbinding referendum was defeated after the question was posed for District 81 to construct a complex in the past election. The voters not only defeated the project they defeated the entire idea.
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I-976 not in our interest

Enticing the electorate to vote against its own best interest has become the biggest untold story in the recent past. Kentuckians voted overwhelmingly for Trump because he and the Republicans were gonna repeal and replace Obamacare, even though 1.3 million (one-quarter of the population) Kentuckians benefit from the program. It's also been said many didn't know Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same program. ACA good, Obamacare bad. Politicians preyed on their ignorance.
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Immigrants hating immigrants

It's odd, sad, and embarrassing that a nation of immigrants has a long history of hating immigrants. Now it has a political party and its president publicly hating Immigrants. One hundred years ago, the GOP tried to ban Irish from coming here, saying we had too many Catholics. At that time, Italians were considered the illegals, with WOP meaning "With Out Papers." Now brown people are demonized and blamed for our problems, just as the Jews were in 1930s Germany. Hitler said to "Make Germany Great Again," and "Germany First."
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Madsen’s bias taints article

This is written in response to the article "There's a syndrome that needs attention, statistics PASS is a kind of PTSD, but follows abortion," Sue Lani Madsen, Jan. 12.
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A wall compromise

Trump visited California after the horrific fires and scolded California for not raking the forest. A few days later he took away the FEMA funds because of the lack of "raking." Has he ever seen a forest?
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Think about us, WUTC

I read the Washington Utility and Transportation Commission's final decision report that ended the sale of Avista to Hydro One has some interesting things to say about those that were granted petitions to intervene for the purpose of safeguarding the Avista customers and broader public interests: Energy Project, Sierra Club, NW Energy Coalition, Renewable Northwest and Natural Resources Defense Council, Alliance of Western Energy Consumers, and WNIDCL. Also, this deal was endorsed by 350 Spokane.
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Breach of legislative independence

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refuses to bring to the floor for a vote House bills to fund the government. He claims that it would be a waste of time because Trump told him he would veto them. During Obama's term both the Republican House and Senate voted on bills to repeal the Affordable Care Act numerous times, knowing full well Obama would veto them.
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CMR represents many people

CMR does represent Eastern Washington. She represents families of children with disabilities. She represents veterans. She represents on-the-ground weather observers at Spokane International Airport. She represents anyone who uses a speech-assisted device to communicate. She represents the Port of Whitman County. She represents medical students at the Teaching Health Clinic. She represents owners of small businesses. She represents consumers. She represents anyone who supports the clean, renewable and affordable energy that hydro power provides. She represents all law-abiding citizens who would like to own guns. She represents working families. This is to name a few.
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Compassion can be condemnation

Catholic Charities in Spokane means well by adding housing for the homeless. Indeed, they are providing temporarily homeless families needed short-term help. A relatively high success rate would be expected for this genuinely transitional population.
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Expand Difference Makers

Thanks to Providence Health Care for bringing the enjoyment of reading selected recent stories of the various Difference Makers who made an impact serving in our great Inland Northwest through their daily efforts in many ways ... deep, wide and high! Enormous energy was given in nominating two outstanding individuals I continue work and learn from.
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Get the facts, please

Our current state of affairs for our democracy is disastrous. Regardless of party affiliation, what is apparent is our educational system has failed us. The inability to understand how the U.S. government works is appalling.
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Legislating residential credit

A 2019 legislative priority should be updating the RCW 26.19.* child support statues per the suggestions of the previous Child Support Schedule Workgroups. In 2017, HB 1603 AMS LAW S2477.1 would have provided residential credit to households with at minimum one night per week shared residential time. It passed 96-1 in March 2017 but only the child support economic table changes made it into law in 2018.

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