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The Cathy I know

My time-tested opinion of Cathy McMorris Rodgers is in lockstep with Robert Rosencrantz's (McMorris Rodgers is a treasure," Sept. 9, 2018).

Turn away from negativity

Today I glanced at and read part of the Opinions page as I usually do. Sometimes the letters and op-ed pieces make me angry, so I make phone calls and put out yard signs and make donations. But anger does not make me or anyone else feel good about anything.

Bikers, gear up for safety

It's that time of year again, and those outdoor enthusiasts are up to their old tricks.

Medicaid expansion good for Idaho

Medical bankruptcy is a uniquely American medical problem, as is affordable health care for over 60,000 Idahoans. Idaho taxpayers are currently paying for Medicaid expansion in 33 states, but we do not benefit from this program.

Vote yes on I-1631: I’m sick of smoke

As a college student living in Cheney, I was really looking forward to a summer full of hiking, camping and picnicking. However, each time my husband and I cleared our weekends to get out into the great outdoors, the sky turned red. Like many others I have asthma, which makes getting active hard even before the smoke chokes up my throat.

Anthony is creative, courageous

I have never known Robbi Katherine Anthony by any other name, but that would have not mattered to me. Regardless of what her name is, it only takes one conversation with her to know that she has a beautiful mind. It takes a special kind of someone to literally invent things (she has patents!), maintain multiple businesses and have the courage to run for county commissioner, all at the age of 26. Be she young or old, the people of Spokane County would be lucky to have her as a commissioner. I know I am lucky and endlessly grateful to have her as one of my best friends.

Cathy benefits the middle class

I am tired of hearing people say that the top 1 percent are the only people who benefit from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Research done by the CATO Institute shows that the middle class is benefiting MORE than the upper class, "by far the largest percentage tax cuts go to the middle class. The middle quintile received a huge 31.6 percent income tax cut, which is three times the 10.6 percent cut received by the top quintile. The top 1 percent received a much smaller cut of 6 percent."

Cathy leads from the heart

I was very moved and impressed to hear Cathy McMorris Rodgers speak out in support of all human life at a recent event.

E is for Ellen

To all concerned voters looking for sane and sensible leadership for the Idaho House of Representatives: ELLEN WEISSMAN, Democratic candidate, is the right choice for District 1, seat A.

GOP’s hypocritical ‘outrage’

Republicans are currently full of manufactured moral outrage over the Kavanaugh SCOTUS nomination. It seems to me they have conveniently short memories over who started this partisan fire.

Health care “system” broken

Our health care "system" is eating us alive. It delivers a long list of poor results at an astronomical cost. For this awful report card, we pay about $10,350 per person per year, consuming 18 percent of our gross domestic product. Other wealthy nations average $5,200 per person (half our cost), or about 10 percent of GDP, and provide better care — for everybody.

I-1631: Support the solution

Upton Sinclair once quipped, "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it."

Konis has knowledge, experience

Vote for Tom Konis, Spokane County assessor. Tom has the needed technical knowledge and management skills to do this job. He has that all-important mass appraisal experience and assessment administration knowledge acquired after 25 years at the Spokane County Assessor's Office.

‘Local concern’ just a mask

It's election season. Our representative is trying to paint herself as concerned, in touch with the area voters and their issues, and her opponent as frighteningly liberal and irresponsible with money.

Mockery reveals them

At a political rally in Mississippi, President Trump mocked Christine Blasey Ford and the crowd laughed in approval. Do Trump and the crowd have no sense of human decency?

NO on I-1639

I-1639 is quite possibly the most revolting extortion of tragedy used to advance a political agenda we have seen to date.

Randy Brandt for Judge

I have known Judge Randy Brandt since he was a college student in my classes. He was very intelligent, perceptive and demonstrated maturity beyond his years.

Spokane’s opioid epidemic

Lately the news has been buzzing with the names Demi Lovato and Mac Miller; along with these names the diction of the article usually consists of addiction, overdose, tragedy and support. When stars are seen in need or struggling, the world reaches out. Prayers are made for the families that have lost, and articles are written; the opioid epidemic in America is real, and for once our society thinks about it.

Thank God for Democratic candidates

Thank God, in this upcoming election, we have a choice of candidates who have good Christian values, and good American values.

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