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March 12
  • Uphill for black Americans

    Page A13 While watching a TV commercial recently, I realized how often black Americans are being depicted as successful, middle-class folks, as if all is well. But all is not well. Unemployment … 11

March 11
  • Chronic pain not a choice

    Page A11 Doctors are controlled by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, and society is judging those who truly need pain management and necessary drugs to treat multiple conditions. It’s all a train … 11

  • Values are warped

    Page A11 It does not add up: Do you know how much they pay in Spokane County for information leading to the arrest of people who ran down and killed a pedestrian? 40

  • Public loses in swaps

    Page A11 The land trade proposed by Western Pacific Timber and fully supported by wilderness advocacy groups has been controversial since it was first proposed. If past practices are any indication, the … 3

  • Labrador doesn’t get it

    Page A11 Is Rep. Raul Labrador really representative of Idaho? 25

March 10
  • Love for ‘Les Miserables’

    Page A9 Bravo to the Spokane Symphony and Spokane Civic Theatre for their outstanding weekend performances of “Les Miserables” at the Fox Theater. 3

  • The rights of attraction

    Page A9 Sexual attraction has only one purpose: to facilitate reproduction. Humans have the intelligence to understand this, and that people of the same sex cannot reproduce. For one person to be … 95

March 9
  • The demons of PTSD

    Page B9 I’m writing to thank Teresa Nevins for her letter “Failed another young man,” (Feb. 22). I’m extremely upset with the pastor’s comments at Jedadiah Zillmer’s funeral. 48

  • Romney? Not that again

    Page B9 Roy Tiefisher’s letter (Feb. 22) expresses complete misinformation; clearly he gets all of his information from Fox News or Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers. He stated we would be better off … 62

  • GOP tax plan a joke

    Page B9 This is their proposal? The Republicans want to change the tax code? Those earning up to $75,000 will pay 10 percent. From there up to $450,000, people will get a … 43

  • Voter’s weapon to fire

    Page B9 The country’s being taken apart, piece by piece, and our elected officials are doing nothing to stop it. The voters must have a way to fight back – those paying … 10

  • Don’t shop with dogs

    Page B9 I like dogs. I just don’t enjoy shopping with them. I have found myself faced with dogs in a variety of stores, from grocery to hardware to Macy’s. 16

  • Draft tempers war cries

    Page B9 Over the past few months, neoconservative columnist Charles Krauthammer has called for the United States to get back in Iraq, stay in Afghanistan, plan for Iran, get serious about Syria … 7

  • Brother’s Keeper discriminates

    Page B9 The president favors a segment of American youth. He has launched the Brother’s Keeper program. “In strong, often personal terms President Barack Obama on Thursday called for vigorous efforts to … 92

  • Tax prep too expensive

    Page B9 Shawn Vestal’s March 1 report on Emily Languell and her tax refund fees from H&R Block really missed the boat. While I agree paying $25 to use a prepaid debit … 1

  • Teachers doing well

    Page B9 In your Feb. 26 editorial, you bemoaned the fact that the Senate’s proposed budget did not include a pay hike for teachers for a fifth year. Once again, you provided … 6

  • Teacher’s job never done

    Page B9 I was saddened by Brett Delegard’s March 3 reaction to the Feb. 15 op-ed written by Robert Archer. I think Delegard missed the point of Archer’s discussion, exemplifying the problem … 10

March 8
  • Refuse the test

    Page A11 Over the years, I’ve tried to talk to many teachers about the state of education reform. What I’ve come up against time and time again is fear; long-standing, well-established fear … 18

  • WWJD cartoon disrespectful

    Page A11 I was appalled to see your cartoon of the WWJD bracelet in your March 2 newspaper. How dare you disrespect so many Christians, and especially teens in this city wearing … 34

  • Krauthammer wrong on climate

    Page A11 Charles Krauthammer’s Feb. 22 column attacks climate science and scientists on the basis that the science is not “settled,” and those “who pretend to know exactly” what human-caused carbon dioxide … 59

  • Blind, but not justice

    Page A11 I just read the disturbing March 2 letter to the editor, “Inslee being callous,” from Joshua Ross about the death penalty moratorium in our state. Regarding condemned criminals, he wrote … 3

  • Don’t infringe on base

    Page A11 I am the wife of a retired U.S. Navy sailor. I am amazed at the idea that people want to infringe on Fairchild Air Force Base. 16

  • Respect our flag

    Page A11 I am a vet with 27 years of active duty. The flag of the United States was always carried, displayed and handled with respect and reverence. 7

  • Protect U.S. interests first

    Page A11 At the cost of at least 20,000 American military personnel, the U.S. tenaciously has hung on to the myth that Iraq’s and Afghanistan’s loss would be disastrous to us. On … 4

  • Refusal of service justified

    Page A11 It’s well known a conscientious objector can be deferred from military service. We understand this special dispensation is given due to a deep personal belief war is morally wrong. 104

  • Incumbents running scared

    Page A11 If you thought that “inside the Washington Beltway” was the only place where politicians take care of each other, you might want to take a look at Boise. 3

  • Online data unsafe

    Page A11 Anyone who follows current news should now be aware of hazards and controversies growing in the Internet we all know and love. Shoppers and retailers can no longer assume their …

  • Ticket to yesteryear

    Page A11 Put this dynamic duo – Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Michele Bachmann – in the White House, and they could turn this country around and take us back to the … 17

March 7
  • Get in STEP with casino

    Page A13 Well, news flash: Former Assistant Secretary of the Air Force Terry Yonkers says the Spokane Tribe’s STEP project has a “low and insignificant disruption to the Fairchild (Air Force Base) … 35

  • Rogers to be respected

    Page A13 I barely recognized my neighbor Laurie Rogers as described by Jody Lawrence-Turner in her Oct. 9, 2013, and Feb. 28 Spokesman-Review articles. It seems that after almost five years, the … 43