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Letters to the Editor | page 8

SUNDAY, MAY 27, 2018

Protect our oceans

The flow of plastic in our oceans and beaches is something that can't be ignored. Single-use plastics are ending up in our oceans. At least 8 million tons of plastic enter our oceans each year. This not only affects marine life, but our overall health too.

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School safety needs change

When I was a little kid going to kindergarten for a half a day, I wasn't worried about the possibility of someone coming into my school and shooting everyone. Nowadays some kids are scared to go to school because they think that could happen to them.

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Scouts and the Mormon Church

As a member of the Mormon Church, I grew up watching my brothers in the Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts have been a part of the church for about a hundred years. It's strange to think that by the end of 2019, all ties with the Scouts will be severed.

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S-R article a lifesaver

My husband and I are active great-grandparents who enjoy reading the Spokesman-Review each morning.Recently I read the article highlighting the fact that women's heart attack symptoms differ greatly from men's. I noticed the seven warning signs and realized I was ...

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The STA experience

On January 21, 2018, as a new arrival without personal transportation, I began riding on the area's Spokane Transit Authority. Being over 65, I got a nice discount on my monthly pass and became immediately impressed by the courtesy and upbeat attitude of the drivers. Before reading the May 6 Front & Center article, I had a pleasant encounter with a fellow rider, Karl Otterstrom, the STA's director of Planning and Development, who told me of his work and explained plans for additional routes and coverage.

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Trump fights to correct

President Trump is still having to fight the hostile Washington political machine and the negative press from the national propaganda machine -- AKA national news media -- without any support from the Republican Party.

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Untermenschen and animals

Untermenschen (subhumans) is a term the Nazis used to describe non-Aryan "inferior people" - often referred to as "the masses from the east," that is Jews, Roma and Slavs.Substitute the word "animals," the terms "rapists and criminals," the phrase "masses ...

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Why do we feel inferior?

It is an appalling but true fact that most people are unhappy with their appearance. Thanks greatly in part to society's harsh standards, we are pressured into looking, and even acting a certain way. Social media has shaped the expectations of the "ideal" human body; the only catch is that almost every single photo online has had some form of alteration. As a person who constantly struggles with body positivity, I find it completely unfair that the bodies we praise aren't real.

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FRIDAY, MAY 25, 2018

A day to honor

As Americans get ready to enjoy another three-day Memorial Day holiday, let us not forget the true meaning of the day.Memorial Day is a federal holiday meant to commemorate all men and women who have died in military service for ...

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District 81 bullying statistics

For students, bullying is, unfortunately, a natural part of their routine - whether they are the bullies or the bullied. Nationally, only 28 percent of students report experiencing bullying; this statistic is important as it indicates that the statistics regarding bullying rates may be gravely underestimated. Within schools, approximately 70 percent of students and staff report witnessing bullying. The statistics also report that 15 percent of high school students experience cyber-bullying.

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NRA's political stranglehold

Ryan Moore (Guest Opinion, May 12) views the National Rifle Association as the "true gun safety organization."How ironic that the organization's truer nature is more accurately reflected in an article in the same issue about the defeat of an NRA-supported ...

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TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2018

CMR camouflages net neutrality views

Like most citizens I favor net neutrality, so my internet connection remains equivalent to that of the wealthiest corporations and individuals. In my view the internet exists primarily to support citizen communications, and business activities only secondarily, so oversight of this public asset belongs with the Federal Communications Commission rather than the Federal Trade Commission.

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Liberalism ruins American story

It's amazing and extremely disappointing to me the bringing home of three American prisoners in North Korea is relegated to second position so to speak so the president's CIA nominee can be bashed by Riechmann, Freking and Vestal. It's shameful your liberalism trumps a truly incredible American story.

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People in, money out

Dear politicians (our elected officials): if you want to represent your constituency, get voted into office, and save this country ... end money in politics! Start representing the people and not big money. This is a very simple message that crosses both parties lines.

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MONDAY, MAY 21, 2018

Blown off again by CMR

I just returned from my third year of volunteering at the annual Planned Parenthood Lobby Day in Washington, D.C. And, for the third year in a row, I was unable to meet with my congressional representative, Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

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Hard headed

I have a small titanium plate in my skull. As of this week, it has been there for three years. And its presence in my head makes me wonder. If ...

Keeping an eye on it…

This is my last post here, but starting Monday, I’ll be blogging at in my new position as Boise bureau chief and state capital reporter for the Idaho Press-Tribune ...