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June 7
  • Glitches in the air show

    Page B5 No one has mentioned the two-and-one-half hours it took to get off Fairchild Air Force Base after the air show. One of the airmen stationed there did say that the … 4

June 6
  • Grateful for VA care

    Page A13 I am grateful for my veterans medical care at the Spokane Veterans Affairs hospital. I have two titanium hips and the surgery was performed by an orthopedic surgeon at the … 1

  • Stop printing denials

    Page A13 Why does The Spokesman continue to publish so many letters from global warming deniers? Several leading newspapers and science magazines now ban such letters on the very accurate grounds that … 318

  • What Medicare pays for

    Page A13 When my husband was in the hospital, he asked the doctor to put a patch behind his ear so that he would not get ill from the anesthesia. Medicare denied … 15

  • What about the boys?

    Page A13 Regarding Jamie Tobias Neely’s June 1 column: I have confirmed my deep thoughts on college liberal bias – especially journalism. It was terrible that seven people were killed, but she … 11

June 5
  • Grateful for VA care

    Page A9 I am grateful for my veterans medical care at the Spokane Veterans Affairs hospital. I have two titanium hips and the surgery was performed by an orthopedic surgeon at the … 3

  • Cost of lifers steep

    Page A9 For those favoring life imprisonment over execution, consider: Prisons are overcrowded. It costs (Vera Institute of Justice, 2012) nearly $800 million per year to incarcerate Washington’s 17,000 inmates. That’s about … 98

  • The power of flowers

    Page A9 Yesterday when leaving work a couple of young people holding flowers were at the corner of Post Street and Spokane Falls Boulevard. As I crossed the street, I automatically prepared … 17

June 4
  • Continued support for sheriff

    Page A13 What a surprise to see that Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich has been overturned again (May 24). And by an arbitrator from Hawaii no less. I guess sex on duty is OK … 19

  • Truth under siege

    Page A13 “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” – George Orwell, “Animal Farm” and “1984.” 131

  • CEO pay explained

    Page A13 Although it doesn’t fit with the headline, one of the major reasons CEO pay is so high is because of consolidation of companies. If two $10 billion companies merge, one … 98

June 3
  • Questions on scandals

    Page A9 Some questions on Gary Crooks’ idea of a real scandal, as printed May 8. How many tragic military suicides are born of scandalous rules of engagement inflicting needless casualties and … 100

  • Thank troops with actions

    Page A9 The quickest way to ensure that our veterans receive fast and good health care services might be to require that all federal elected officials and their immediate families receive their … 16

  • Deputies must lead reform

    Page A9 Recent issues involving Spokane County sheriff deputy misconduct have stained the reputation of a force whose members are for the most part decent, hard-working public servants. It is time for … 14

June 2
  • Beautify rail approach

    Page A7 I am a senior in Spokane and ride the bus. The other day I spoke to a registered nurse at a Park and Ride who indicated she takes Amtrak to … 21

  • Plaza project is stupid

    Page A7 Estimates to build the Spokane Transit Authority Plaza were $8 million to $12 million. Final cost: $26 million. Current plaza value: less than $3 million. Now, the STA board would … 45

June 1
  • Congress taken care of

    Page B11 What would happen if members of Congress had the veterans’ health care, and veterans had the members of Congress’ health care? There never would have been a crisis in the … 13

  • Wage hike won’t work

    Page B11 I’m sure Mike Kraft (May 24) has a big heart. Unfortunately, he’s using it to think. The results are expectedly abysmal. 59

  • Smith targeted waste

    Page B11 I would like to thank Congressman Adam Smith for his leadership during consideration of the National Defense Authorization Act last week. His amendment proposed a transparent and independent process for … 6

  • GOP sponsored the bill

    Page B11 Don Hood (May 28) states that the Financial Services Act of 1999, supported by Democrats and signed into law by President Bill Clinton is widely viewed as causing the 2008 … 9

  • Economy better under Democrats

    Page B11 For the past few years, I have researched the record of every president from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Barack Obama and found the economy has done much better under Democratic … 136

  • Lopez hire indefensible

    Page B11 There are pillars of our medical community that have had financial strings to American Medical Response and its parent company. Because of this and other connections, Fire Chief Bobby Williams … 3

  • Phobias abound

    Page B11 Webster’s dictionary defines a “phobia” as an unreasonable, inexplicable or illogical fear of something. If one disagrees with the right to carry a weapon, for example, does that make that … 40

  • Civilize justice

    Page B11 In response to Shar Lichty’s May 25 letter: We need to take steps beyond execution, life without parole and the entire punishment model. People who have done things that make … 18

  • Biblical marriage solid

    Page B11 I am hesitant to throw around terms like “ignorant,” a social progressive mainstay, but the May 24 attack on Christian thought demands a response. Chris Halverson and Jackson Colby’s disdain … 61

  • Green Bluff being ruined

    Page B11 Thank you very much, Spokane County commissioners, for hammering another nail into Green Bluff’s coffin. By putting your blessing on the event centers in small-tract agricultural zones, you have effectively … 8

May 31
  • Truth about Arritola

    Page A15 When an incumbent politician has to start making up lies this early in the campaign, you know he is really worried. Rep. Matt Shea is already up to his dirty … 17

  • Stay home and lead

    Page A15 We are no longer looked at as a powerful leader of the world anymore. 38

  • Give Ramirez the horns

    Page A15 I’ve had to endure Michael Ramirez cartoons that ridicule President Obama for a long time. But, when he attacks Pope Francis (May 11) for following Jesus Christ by advocating helping … 9

  • Rest of Reagan story

    Page A15 Gary Crooks implies President Reagan is unworthy of his reputation as a tax reformer in his May 25 Smart Bombs column. Crooks does not lie in his article, but he … 33