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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

March 7
  • Focus on riverside casino

    Page A13 I believe that the Spokane Tribe’s casino proposition is a Trojan horse. That horse, in fact, belongs on the shores of Lake Roosevelt, where the Spokane and Columbia rivers create … 18

March 6
  • Medical risk is sad

    Page A11 A Feb. 18 KHQ story about a woman battling cancer after losing her brother to a football head injury appeared on my Facebook account. It was posted by family members … 12

  • Obamacare? D’oh!

    Page A11 Why did we ever consider the idea of government-controlled health care? Have we completely forgotten the lessons from Communist Eastern Europe? 139

  • Questions abut levy election

    Page A11 Hey, property owners! March 11 is the election date for the West Bonner County School District levy. Here are some questions one should ask: 15

March 5
  • Power up the reporting

    Page A11 A Feb. 19 article on the U.S. Energy Department’s pending $6.5 billion loan guarantee for the first nuclear power plant to be built in the United States since 1977 included … 17

  • Apathy endangers U.S.

    Page A11 We live in a beautiful country. It is rich in natural resources and is the leader in many major economic, social, technological and military areas worldwide. Unfortunately, America is heading … 42

  • Sarsfield House unprotected

    Page A11 Perhaps Spokane County Commissioner Al French’s reluctance to fill the positions on the Landmark Commission is because he is uncomfortable with anything that he can’t manipulate. 6

March 4
  • Career choice isn’t singular

    Page A9 End of high school hits, and expectations slingshot from all directions. You’re their target. The pressure of relatives, friends, parents, teachers, the whole of society and, most importantly, yourself, tells … 46

  • Enhance intersections

    Page A9 I disagree with the ideas reported in the newspaper for disbursement of the extra red light money. The original purpose is clear. I agreed with the cameras being installed. In … 3

  • Reward wolf shooter

    Page A9 Concerning the reward being offered to the rat who snitches off the person who shot and killed the wolf in northern Stevens County, I’ve got a better idea: Reward the … 50

March 3
  • Thanks for the snow

    Page A7 I was warned about what winters would be here. Most of my Texas friends had voiced concern that the weather I would face would be difficult, ignoring the occasional tornado, … 19

  • Teaching still adds up

    Page A7 Conveniently absent from Robert Archer’s Feb. 15 discussion of teachers’ purportedly low salaries was the fact that teachers work, on average, roughly half the time of most other full-time professions. 98

March 2
  • Inslee being callous

    Page B9 Gov. Jay Inslee’s moratorium on the death sentence is a horrible mistake. As an elected official, Inslee has no right to usurp the justice system. Of the nine criminals currently … 56

  • Fossil fuel costs unpaid

    Page B9 No doubt about it: Transporting 100 million tons of coal through Spokane will create many well-paid jobs in the mines, in construction and on the railroad. The operation of shipping … 31

  • Shame on Idaho

    Page B9 After reading the two articles, “Senate approves campus guns bill (Feb. 19),” and “House panel OKs ‘ag-gag’ measure (Feb. 21),” all I can say is, “Shame on you, Idaho.” 35

  • Report your plunder

    Page B9 Chapter 12 of the Internal Revenue Service 2013 Federal Income Tax Guide for Individuals discusses “other taxable income,” such as pay for jury duty, rewards, prizes, etc., that must be … 9

  • Support net neutrality

    Page B9 It should be obvious by now to everyone that there are two class types in the United States: the 1 percent with nearly one-half the wealth of the country, and … 20

  • Support disabled workers

    Page B9 I felt compelled to respond to the Feb. 18 article, “Intellectually disabled still face job, pay bias.” As a masters of social work student who places a high premium on … 7

  • Follow science, not politics

    Page B9 I found Charles Krauthammer’s Feb. 22 column to be very disingenuous. The truth is that, as President Obama said, the debate is settled. Climate change is a fact. The scientific … 41

  • Enjoy conservative letters

    Page B9 It was refreshing for me to see the five good conservative letters to the editor in the Feb. 22 Spokesman-Review, and I certainly do agree with them 100 percent. It … 78

  • Math majors maligned

    Page B9 I was once again sorely disappointed in The Spokesman-Review’s slanted article. If your blatantly biased paper continues to print stories that unfairly bash mathematicians, I will be forced to cancel … 10

  • No winners with polarization

    Page B9 I can understand how Roy Tiefisher was feeling when he wrote his letter, “If only it was Romney (Feb. 22).” It is hard when your guy loses and you must … 40

March 1
  • Charen a weak columnist

    Page A13 It is my firm belief that editorial columnists should be chosen to represent a broad range of political persuasion. That said, such editorial contribution should represent a knowledgeable and responsible … 56

  • City response impressive

    Page A13 The Spokane Military Entrance Processing Station recently experienced a water outage due to a frozen main water line. From the moment we reported the outage to the city of Spokane … 1

  • Monitor coal transit

    Page A13 Congratulations to the Washington Department of Ecology and Cowlitz County for recognizing the broad scope of the environmental impact of the proposed increased coal train transit. It is very shortsighted … 13

  • Change violent culture

    Page A13 Don’t dare put one ounce of blame on the veteran shot to death by Spokane County sheriff’s deputies. A boy who grew up in a culture of guns and violence … 14

  • Like country doctor approach

    Page A13 The Spokesman-Review’s article “Country doctor approach” (Feb. 12) was a welcome read. Finally, a clear-headed solution to the morass of needlessly complex, obstructive and time-wasting insurance company manipulation.

  • Cantwell earns plaudits

    Page A13 If David Darlow (Feb. 22) really wonders what Sen. Maria Cantwell has done for Washington, and why she “seldom receives criticism in our local press,” he should read the article … 2

  • Practitioner unfairly targeted

    Page A13 Susan Bowen-Small – Suzy, as she is known by her patients – prescribed pain medication to patients who were in need. The few patients who died were taking meds other … 4

  • Zag noise harmful

    Page A13 Regarding “Sound and Fury” (Feb. 16): We started attending Lady Zag basketball games four years ago and, because of noise-induced hearing loss, I was immediately struck by the sound level. … 27