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Should you invest in hot pot stocks?

With recreational marijuana now legal in Canada, along with the growing popularity of the non-psychoactive CBD strains, investors in the United States and Canada are taking a hard look at cannabis stocks.

Hot Sugar a sweet commodity for Grow Op Farms

What’s better than a cold beverage on a hot day? How about a cold beverage infused with Hot Sugar, a powdered THC product that can turn just about any food or drink into an edible or a drinkable product.

Cannabis impact part of November ballot

Although Initiative 502 legalized the cultivation and sale of recreational marijuana products in Washington back in 2012, voters are still asked to provide input at the ballot box.

The High Road has big plans for big plants

In the last year, Don Grant learned more than he ever thought possible about growing cannabis – and he’s been growing it for a significant part of his life.