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Review: ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ is savvy, fresh look at life on the web

“Ralph Breaks the Internet” is a fresh, smart, funny and most importantly, comprehensible analysis of both internet culture and the complexities of interpersonal relationships. Once again, the seemingly dopey video game bad guy Ralph manages to be the wokest Disney character we’ve seen in a long time.

Review: ‘The Front Runner’ sees the rise of modern media dysfunction in the fall of Gary Hart

UPDATED: Tue., Nov. 20, 2018, 10:52 a.m.

Earlier this year “Chappaquiddick” – a dramatization of Ted Kennedy’s involvement in Mary Jo Kopechne’s death – gave us an account of political elites working the levers of power to manage a news cycle and control coverage of a scandal. “The Front Runner” argues that two decades later, the media landscape had changed, and a scandal-fed news cycle was managing the elites.

Review: ‘Widows’ elevates pulpy political thriller to high art

Writer Gillian Flynn’s story trademarks are in place: flinty yet vulnerable women, story twists galore. Fused with director Steve McQueen’s unflinching eye, the pulpy political thriller is elevated to high art, while the bold, brash criminal capers inject a shot of adrenaline into the British auteur’s style.

Review: ‘Wildlife’ a stirring adaptation of a fractured marriage

In “Wildlife” the characters played by Carey Mulligan and Jake Gyllenhaal find themselves in key moments trapped in their ordinary 1960 Great Falls kitchen, evading each other’s eyeline or bearing down on each other. The marriage is down to its last few threads.

Steve Carell’s ‘Beautiful Boy’ is powerful but not pretty

Carell and Chalamet have palpable chemistry together and deliver fearless, stellar performances. The film neither sympathizes nor judges the characters and offers no easy resolution. David forlornly comes to see Nic’s addiction as a rotten hand that he dealt himself, a hardship that parental concern can’t do much to reverse.

Review: ‘Girl in the Spider’s Web’ gets tangled in tropes

The plot is a classic “thingamajig” story. Lisbeth has to keep a (insert world-ending device here) out of the hands of (insert nefarious criminal organization here). It’s a tale as old as cinematic time, edged-up with facial piercings, unfortunate bangs and light lesbian action.

Review: ‘The Grinch’ works when it sticks to original story

You can’t top what Seuss wrote, especially the poignancy of the Grinch realizing Christmas can’t be stolen, because it isn’t a thing. It’s an idea, a spirit, a song. That’s always going to be a good reminder for us every holiday season.