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As part of the Ridpath renovation, the former Ankeny's restaurant on the top floor is being converted into condominiums by developer Ron Wells. (Colin Mulvany / The Spokesman-Review)

Conversion of Ridpath complex moves foward

Work on the former Ridpath Hotel complex continues, with permits issued for work on a top-floor condo unit and demolition of most of the adjoining Ridpath Motor Inn.

Leonid Bershidsky: Stephen Hawking and the unconstrained mind

In “Professor Dowell’s Head,” a 1925 science fiction novel by Alexander Belyayev that was a must-read when I was a kid, a dying scientist bequeaths his body to a colleague who then revives just the heart and the head. In this form, Professor Dowell lives on but hates it. The life of British physicist Stephen Hawking, who died Wednesday, had been almost like fictional Dowell’s since the 1980s, and he cherished it. Hawking’s scientific achievements are too obscure for most people, even though he was outstanding at popularizing his work. “A Brief History of Time,” his work on cosmology that sold 10 million copies, has been described as “the most popular book never read.” Most of those who helped crash the website on which Hawking’s 1966 Ph.D. thesis, “Properties of Expanding Universes,” was published last year probably couldn’t get through the manuscript. The origins and size of the universe and the inner workings of time are esoteric matters, and to get at Hawking’s bird’s-eye view one would need to be quite a high-flying bird. “The subject of this book is the structure of space-time on length-scales from 10-13 cm, the radius of an elementary particle, up to 1028 cm, the radius of the universe,” a monograph Hawking coauthored with mathematician George F.R. Ellis in 1973, states boldly on Page 2.
View in My Room 3D is an augmented reality tool in the Houzz app that lets people preview over 1 million furniture and decor products within their homes, before they buy. (Houzz)

The latest apps for home layouts, inside and out

Planning out how to arrange furniture in your home – or plants in your garden – used to involve a pencil, graph paper, a measuring tape and a lot of imagination. The process has gotten easier – and way more streamlined – thanks to a burgeoning selection of home and garden apps.

Trudy Rubin: Tillerson held the brake on Trump’s worst instincts. Now what?

Rex Tillerson’s biggest mistake was that he didn’t retire with dignity on his own terms before his boss unceremoniously sacked him and named CIA chief Mike Pompeo as his successor. The crude way it was done – Tillerson only learned of his firing via a presidential tweet – confirms that President Trump loves to reprise his role as star of “The Apprentice.”
Charlie Schmidt and Keyboard Cat. Bento, the cat, passed away on March 8. (Holly Stein / COURTESY PHOTO)

Keyboard Cat, an internet sensation and local celebrity, dies

UPDATED: Sat., March 17, 2018, 9:59 a.m.

Spokane’s Keyboard Cat, an internet sensation whose visage graced everything from T-shirts to pistachio commercials, died on March 8. Charlie Schmidt, his owner, posted a video tribute to the celebrated feline Friday.