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The Future is here for The Spokesman-Review’s Newspaper in Education program. We are offering teachers the newspaper electronically through The e-Edition. It’s not just a website. It looks just like today’s copy of The Spokesman-Review with features that go far beyond.

  • Translates in 11 different language
  • Key word search
  • Hear the paper read aloud with a text to speech feature
  • Archives back to Jan. 1 2010
  • E-notify (sends you an email when a specific word/phrase is in the daily paper)
  • Adjustable text
  • Print, save and email articles, coupons, and ads
  • Compatible with an interactive whiteboard, projector or computer
  • …and more!

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Linking Students with the World

Student reading paper

Welcome to The Spokesman-Review’s Newspaper in Education (NIE) program. Our goal is to promote and expand readership among Inland Northwest youth using our newspaper and various educational programs through corporate, community, and subscriber sponsorship. Our NIE program provides those newspapers, as well as a variety of enrichment materials, to schools throughout our region.

What We Believe

  • Newspapers play a role in encouraging young people to get involved with their communities.
  • Today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders.

What Is NIE?

Newspapers In Education (NIE) is an international readership program connecting teachers with free- or low-cost newspapers for classroom use. Newspapers are more contemporary than traditional text books and cover a broad range of local and global topics. Awareness of issues both local and beyond encourages involved citizenship in students.

Newspapers have been shown to help students in their education. A 2002 University of Minnesota report found students in classrooms that incorporated NIE papers performed 20-30% better on standardized tests than students who did not participate in an NIE program. The Newspaper Association of America concluded that schools with NIE programs in place performed an average of 10% better than schools without NIE programs.

NIE is a non-profit program funded by donations from corporate sponsors, individual donors, and Spokesman-Review subscribers. NIE offers papers to teachers for classroom use, as well as supplemental enrichment tools. For more information on how you can donate to this program, please contact us at (509) 747-4422.


The Spokesman-Review

Just Say “Vacation Donation”

Thanks to hundreds of our pay-by-mail subscribers, The Spokesman-Review is able to offer complimentary newspapers to teachers in our delivery area. Instead of stopping their subscriptions while on vacation, these generous readers donate their newspaper credits to the NIE Vacation Donation fund.

Parade Classroom

Parade Classroom

Parade Classroom has partnered with The Spokesman-Review’s Newspaper in Education program, allowing us to offer complimentary programs to teachers throughout the year.