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e-edition Questions and Answers

What is the e-edition

It's an exact replica of The Spokesman-Review print newspaper. Students can log onto any computer with Internet access and flip through pages and skim headlines, just as they would with the traditional newspaper.


What are the benefits of subscribing to the e-edition?

Readers can view all the text, photos, and advertisements exactly as they are printed in the daily papers, plus have the option to change the screen layout, move easily through pages and sections, and save and send articles with the click of a button. Keyword searches allow students to research any topic, person or event instantly.

Electronic newspaper content can be translated into11 additional languages.

Hear the paper read aloud with a text-to-speech feature.

Adjust the size and style of font.

Increased use of the e-edition will have a positive impact environmentally, due to the decreased use of newsprint, and the decreased use of fuel required for delivery of print copies.


Is there a cost to e-edition subscriptions?

Thanks to our generous subscribers who donate their newspaper credits to the NIE program while on vacation, we are able to offer e-edition subscriptions at no cost.


May I view the e-edition prior to subscribing?

To take a test drive of the e-edition click here.
(link to the demo


How do I subscribe to the e-edition?

You may order online here (Order the e-edition) Once your order is processed, NIE will email you additional information, including your username and password.


How does an e-edition subscription work and how soon will my subscription start?

A subscription for the e-edition is between NIE and an educator for a specified number of licenses. Your subscriptions will start as soon as you receive your username and password via email, which should be within 48 hours of registering online.


What is a license and how do I know how many I need?

A license is the equivalent of a newspaper copy. If you were previously ordering 20 hard copies, you will need to order 20 licenses. Your number of licenses should be equivalent to the number of students that would receive a hard copy of the newspaper.


How do I "distribute" the e-edition to my students?

Teachers are assigned unique usernames and passwords that they then share with their students. The students use the login information to gain access to the e-edition.

EXAMPLE _ I have 22 students in my morning class and 12 in my afternoon class but I only have 10 computers in my room. How many licenses do I order? A: 34 licenses


Can't I share my username and password with other teachers?

Our auditors require each teacher to have a unique username. By accepting a license to the e-edition, teachers' knowledge that there are software piracy laws that may come into affect if they were to fail to abide by the user agreement.


How do I log-in?

Click here (e-edition Login)


Do I have to use the same username and password assigned by NIE, or may I change it to make it easier for me to remember?

School subscriptions must use the username and password assigned by NIE.


Do students have to use the same computer(s) every day?

No, your classroom subscriptions to the e-edition can be accessed on multiple computers.


Can I use the e-edition outside of school?

The e-edition is provided as an educational resource and instructional tool for use by educators and students only. Any access unrelated to classroom instruction is not allowed and is a violation of the NIE program license agreement.


Can I subscribe even if I don't have a computer in my classroom?

Yes. You may subscribe to the e-edition as long as you plan to use them in an educational setting. For example, you and your class may use the e-edition in a computer lab, and students may work on their lessons then, and also later on a different school computer.


Can I access previous editions?

Yes! Archived newspapers are available beginning January 1, 2010.


Do I have to subscribe to the e-edition 7 days a week?

Yes, once you sign up for e-editon licenses you will have access 7 days a week.

Click here to order your licenses to for the e-edition (Order the e-edition)

Thank you for your interest in the e-edition. You can email with any additional questions.