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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

April 19
  • Kathleen Parker: Abortion divides women on Clinton

    Page B10 Here we go. If you’re a woman who might prefer someone other than Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States, you’re a self-loathing, anti-woman traitor. Already, women …

  • Editorial: State, Senate continuing negligence in parks, tourism

    Page B10 The Washington Legislature left state parks out in the cold four years ago. Tourism promotion, too. The disregard shown two of what together are one of the state’s big economic … 2

  • Smart Bombs: Politicians can’t escape politics

    Page B10 Asking a politician to “put politics aside” is an odd request. Even odder when a politician says it. Would we expect this of other professions? “I’m sure we could reach … 10

  • Jamie Tobias Neely: Mandate sharing patients’ e-data

    Page B11 If you’ve ever huddled in a thin cotton gown, talking to the back of a grumpy doctor as he furiously types into a computer, you’ve likely wondered: Just who is …

  • School starts too early

    Page B11 Ever since I was a seventh-grader at Northwood Middle School, school has started at 8:15 a.m. To begin school at this early hour is illogical for every student.

  • Child-support vote bizarre

    Page B11 Well, it’s official. Four North Idaho legislators are more afraid of Sharia law than they are concerned about Idaho’s children. By a 9-to-8 vote, a House committee killed a Senate-approved …

  • Local transit is admirable

    Page B11 “Round, round, get around, I get around.” Remember those lyrics? That’s the joy I feel riding great transit systems with no parking stress.

  • Don’t give to STA

    Page B11 The Spokane Transit Authority Plaza stands as a monument to squandered taxpayer funds. Now, STA wants to extract more funds from taxpayers and squander it on idiotic projects.

  • Don’t let city fall behind

    Page B11 The ballot title for Spokane Transit Authority’s Proposition 1, now before Spokane County voters is “Preservation and Improvement of Public Transportation Services.”

  • Nonusers shouldn’t pay

    Page B11 With the Spokane Transit Authority asking voters to approve higher sales taxes to pay for added services, those of us outside the service area are not allowed to vote. If …

  • Cheney schools need space

    Page B11 I was shocked and saddened by the results of the last election, in which the Cheney High School bond did not have enough yes votes to pass.

  • Approve the Cheney bond

    Page B11 We are writing to support Cheney School District’s high school bond measure in the April 28 election.

April 18
  • Froma Harrop: ‘Sensible middle’ elusive in politics

    Page A12 Some time ago, I heard a power company executive arguing that humans have played no role in global warming. Actually, he went further, “demonstrating” that global warming isn’t even happening. …

  • Charles Krauthammer: Hillary is who she is; only her opponent will matter

    Page A12 See Hillary ride in a van! Watch her meet everyday Americans! Witness her ordering a burrito bowl at Chipotle! Which she did wearing shades, as did her chief aide Huma …

  • Editorial: Legislature sluggish, but oil trains getting attention

    Page A12 Budget talks have stalled in Olympia while Senate Republicans wait for House Democrats to trap themselves by voting on a new capital gains tax the Democrats know will be spiked … 1

  • Frank Straub and Kathleen O’Toole: New approaches needed to cut property crime

    Page A13 As the police chiefs of Washington’s two largest cities, we share with our colleagues across the state a duty to improve public safety in the communities we serve. Yes, our …

  • Tax less, donate more

    Page A13 It’s that time of year again. I just filed and made the final payment for 2014 taxes due. This was in addition to property taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes, and …

  • Legislature disrespects teaching

    Page A13 As a teacher, I am outraged at our state legislators and their actions in regard to education in Washington.

  • SHIBA offers unbiased advice

    Page A13 Julie Shepard-Hall’s comments on April 2 require a response. As a SHIBA (Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors) volunteer, I help people with their Medicare questions by familiarizing them with the …

  • Stuztman support baffling

    Page A13 I am astonished at the support given to Barronelle Stutzman, the owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Pasco, who refused service for a same-sex wedding.

  • STA asking too much

    Page A13 Taxpayers must critically review Spokane Transit Authority’s proposed “Moving Forward Plan” and its accompanying request for a 0.3 percent increase in sales tax. This amounts to a 50 percent increase …

  • Don’t raise sales tax

    Page A13 Sales tax in most of Spokane County is about to increase from 8.7 percent to 9 percent, unless you vote “rejected” by April 28 on Spokane Transit Authority Proposition 1, …

  • Don’t support trade authority

    Page A13 George Washington wisely said in his farewell address to Congress, “The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations, is, in extending our commercial relations, to have …

  • Protect old-growth trees

    Page A13 The Jasper Mountain timber sale, located just north of Priest River, is being developed under the insect and disease portion of the 2014 Farm Bill. One of the directions of …

  • Support EV bus levy

    Page A13 On April 28, the citizens of East Valley School District will be voting on a two-year transportation levy. This levy will replace the district’s aging fleet of buses and allow …

April 17
  • Amy Goodman: U.S. shift on Cuba addresses ‘Open Veins’

    Page A11 For the first time in more than half a century, the presidents of the United States and Cuba have had a formal meeting. Barack Obama met with Cuban President Raul …

  • Editorial: Indicted state auditor needs to quit his job – now

    Page A11 When Washington State Auditor Troy Kelley was asked last month why federal agents raided his home, he said he was “puzzled by their interest.” But shortly thereafter, he sent a … 1

  • Vote yes on buses

    Page A11 Regarding Barbara Smith’s April 6 letter saying that the Spokane Transit Authority is wasting taxpayer money by urging a vote for expanded transit:

  • Transit services cost-effective

    Page A11 Not everyone in our community needs to use Spokane Transit Authority transit services. But everyone benefits from those services being available to our community.

  • Washington Policy Center serves political agenda

    Page A11 Spokane voters need to know what the Washington Policy Center is. The organization that opposes Spokane Transit Authority Proposition 1 was cited in an April 12 newspaper article. WPC is …