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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

November 12
  • Get to work, Congress

    Page A13 Let us hope that the new regime in Congress will meet the expectations of Americans. This will require the passage of legislation to immediately help the American working class climb …

  • Help the VA

    Page A13 Why is the Veterans Administration emergency room closed at night when the veterans need to have a place to go for help?

November 11
  • Robert J. Samuelson: Success of Fed’s bond buying uncertain

    Page A15 The Federal Reserve has ended its roughly $3.7 trillion program of bond buying, leaving in its wake a host of hard questions. Did it strengthen the economic recovery? If so, …

  • Editorial: Don’t blame Condon for city’s salary problems

    Page A15 Spokane residents howled last month when a proposition they had passed in 2011 imposed a $7,000 pay increase on Mayor David Condon, but last week only a handful of people … 4

  • Plenty of proud landmarks

    Page A15 It’s a pity that Matthew Hunton (“Spokane landmarks?” – Nov. 6) hasn’t toured Spokane beyond Third Avenue, where he saw a few unsightly buildings.

  • Calls for peace simplistic

    Page A15 Rusty Nelson (“Peace is the vets’ friend” – Oct. 31) and his Spokane Veterans for Peace fail to grasp a basic premise: There are evil forces in this world that …

  • Don’t sensationalize shootings

    Page A15 Thanks to Philip Mulligan (“Play down school shootings” – Nov. 4) and his ideas about the school shootings in the headlines. I agree with him wholeheartedly.

  • What about this VA change?

    Page A15 Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers touted loud and strong her many achievements in helping veterans, particularly the Veterans Administration Hospital in her district.

November 10
  • Overturn McCleary

    The Washington Supreme Court holding the Legislature in contempt because it has not budgeted ample funding for education is in violation of the separation of powers of the branches …

  • Leonard Pitts Jr.: Politics trump ideas in 2014

    Page A11 The first time he said it was 10 years ago. Back then, it seemed a brisk wind in a stuffy room, a reclamation of defining verities somehow lost in the …

  • I-594 support limited

    Page A11 Based on information in a Seattle Times story, Initiative 594 passed by nearly 60 percent of the votes – as of Nov. 4. They also had an interactive graphic that …

November 9
  • Smart Bombs: Thank you for not voting

    Page B8 From Sherman Alexie’s Twitter feed: “If you think Democrats & GOP are the same, then there’s a 98% chance you’re a straight white guy.” The Native American author pinpoints a … 178

  • Kathleen Parker: Critics can’t silence their subjects

    Page B8 Lena Dunham, creator of the sensational HBO series “Girls” – and now the object of overwrought child abuse accusations by boys on the right – seems the perfect antidote to …

  • Editorial: Improving Northwest forests, economies can go hand in hand

    Page B8 Timber companies, conservationists and government stewards agree that national forests are ailing. In the Inland Northwest, trees are weakened from overcrowding and insects ravaging their innards. The result is willing … 4

  • Guest opinion: U.S. ranking on gender gap index troubling

    Page B9 Recently, the Geneva-based World Economic Forum released its annual Global Gender Gap Index. The index seeks to measure the relative gaps between women and men within a country across four …

  • Guest opinion: Performance audits are valuable tools for local government

    Page B9 Governments at all levels are looking to meet the needs of citizens while striving to be efficient and cost effective. There are many tools available to managers, directors and policymakers …

  • Support native name

    Page B9 Consistent with the meaning of our city’s name Spokane (Spokan in Salish) – “Children of the Sun” – the plaza should be named “The Gathering Place” and should appear in …

  • Bring back Pony Express

    Page B9 I recently discovered that a bill payment that I sent via the United States Postal Service from the city of Spokane Valley to the city of Spokane took three and …

  • Yield sign cheaper

    Page B9 Congratulations, to the road engineer that won the 2014 contest for the most asinine, expensive and useless project for its size. This $20,000 project is at the intersection of Lyons …

  • Wise to reject I-1351

    Page B9 Congratulations, voters in Spokane and Washington, for your wisdom in rejecting Initiative 1351 on K-12 class-size reduction.

  • Cancer marketing frustrates

    Page B9 I was moved by Heather Caro’s Nov. 4 letter “Sick of pink.” She so accurately described my own frustration with cancer awareness promotions and marketing saturation when what is really …

  • Freeway not needed

    Page B9 Spokane’s traffic congestion barely registers on Washington’s most recent congestion study. According to the Washington State Department of Transportation, Spokane County’s congestion on state highways is less than one-quarter of …

  • Proud of citizenship

    Page B9 The Spokesman-Review’s Oct. 29 article, “Many choose not to be citizens,” touched a nerve. I am a naturalized American citizen, and I reject the reasons offered for not wanting to …

  • Remove signs, please

    Page B9 Dear local politicians, winners and losers: Would you please remove your election signs with as much enthusiasm and promptness as you put them up?

  • Moral, religious grounds

    Page B9 Conscientious objectors are excused from serving in the military in any capacity, even in time of war. A conscientious objector is defined as “a person who refuses to serve in …

November 8