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SATURDAY, OCT. 1, 2016

Admit it, Trump is bad

It is beyond me how any informed, rational or sensible person can vote for Donald Trump. I sympathize with those who feel they can't get ahead or are disenchanted with our current leaders, but how can one believe this obnoxious, ill-informed, self-aggrandizer will realistically remedy anything?

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Anthem protesters misguided

Growing up in the 1960s, the movement for Civil Rights included people of incredible integrity. Like James Armstrong, who carried the American flag on March 7, 1965. Though beaten and bloodied as the police charged into the peaceful demonstrators, he refused to let the flag touch the ground.

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Aspire to something better

Much has been said about the erratic candidacy of Trump. I fault the Republican Party for its failure to stand up to the tea party faction and their extreme right-wing views. Otherwise the Republicans could have found a solid moderate candidate.

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Chip seal bad for bikes

As a cyclist, I appreciate the changes that have been implemented and are currently in the works to make Spokane a more bicycle-friendly community. One recent counterproductive development is the proliferation of chip seal.

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Hatred only begets more

I recently saw the following bumper sticker: "Some People Are Alive Simply Because It Is Illegal To Kill Them." This was on a pick-up truck driven by a Caucasian man. Wow, really? In what universe is this acceptable?

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Initiative 1433: Con: Heed warnings on Seattle wage hike before changing law

This fall, voters will decide whether the state’s minimum wage should be increased to $13.50, and if employers should provide paid sick leave for every worker. Before casting their ballot on Initiative 1433, voters should heed the warning of the University of Washington researchers who have studied the impact of Seattle’s new $15 minimum wage law.

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Initiative 1433: Pro: Wage increase means more customers for businesses

I opened my coffee shop and restaurant in downtown Spokane almost two years ago. From the beginning, I knew that the most important assets of my businesses are my employees. Caring for their well-being and treating them with respect have been the best decisions I have made. As a result, they love their jobs, take great care of my businesses and continue to contribute beyond my expectations.

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FRIDAY, SEPT. 30, 2016

CMR works against people

Cathy McMorris Rodgers sponsored a bill privatizing the VA while she and the Republicans continue to attack the patient rights portion of Obamacare. As usual, insurance companies would reap billions while our vets receive even less needed care. Vets and military families should send Cathy packing.

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Gain some perspective

White male gunmen kill more people than the supposed American Islamic terrorists. Isn't that so? Let's settle down and get some perspective here. And how many have we killed in the Mideast? And how many millions have had their cities destroyed so that they have no recourse except to emigrate?

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Sunday Spin 2: Put your hand in the hand…

National news commentators were almost apoplectic Wednesday night when Trump and Hillary Clinton didn’t shake hands before or after the final debate. That was down from two shakes in the ...



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