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Media aided Trump ascent

Many people, who I believe to be folks with critical thinking skills, seem to have forfeited the task in favor of backing Donald Trump at all costs because he isn't Hillary Clinton. It's interesting, because many of these folks have occupied positions wherein they were tasked with employee hiring. They learned to hire folks with resumes that included experiences directly related to the job.

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Trump should clarify claim of judicial bias

Donald Trump is having a tough stretch as the primary season comes to an end, not because he is a racist, but because he has done a thoroughly inadequate job insulating himself from that charge in a case that is so easy to explain that even I can do it.

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29th becoming speedway

Gotta get somewhere really fast east or west? Try the new interstate route, I-29. Unlike I-90, it has no speed limit. Just head south on Cedar, turn left onto I-29. Gotta get to Target, Trader Joe's? This is the route you wanna take for sure.

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End coal dependence

Consider the following numbers. Over the Industrial Age, mankind has burned about 500 gigatons of carbon in the forms of coal, oil and gas and this will cause the average temperature of the Earth to increase about 1.0 degree C. Science tells us that we cannot afford to allow the Earth's temperature to increase more than 2.0 C (if not 1.5 C). Thus, we cannot afford to burn more than another 500 gigaton of carbon in the future.

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I-1515 foes are discriminating

Over the many years I've lived, I've read and reread the Constitution and its articles many times. I have never found where it declares that anyone has the "right" to use the bathroom which best "fits" the gender they see themselves to be, rather than what their birth certificate and/or their anatomy prove them to be.

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Fear-mongering on guns

Faye Palmer's letter ("Clinton will confiscate firearms," May 29) continues to show the fear-mongering used by the far right to defend the gun industry.

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Grandkids bring hope

Thanks to Cris Currie for the piece "How to fix the cost of health care (May 28)." It's a comprehensive and lucid description of the causes and remedies of high health care costs. It's also extremely well-written.

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Sanders the most favorable

Current polls show that Donald Trump has an unfavorability rating of 57.2 percent, Sen. Hillary Clinton, 55.2 percent, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, 41 percent. It does not take a genius to figure out that Sen. Clinton is distrusted and disrespected almost as much as Donald Trump. These unfavorability ratings come from voters and not delegates.

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More bad news for newspapers

In The Nation, writer Eric Alterman writes that the time is getting late for the newspaper industry -- and why that should matter to all Americans who value democracy: Evidence ...

When you put a firecracker in a cow pie

I got a note from my friend John Mraz. "Growing up on a farm, our favorite firecracker maneuver was to find a fresh cow pie, insert firecracker, and then light ...

State maps medical marijuana stores

If you read Friday's story about the start of state-licensed medical marijuana sales, you might be wondering where exactly are those stores. The Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board is willing ...



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