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May 31
  • Stay home and lead

    Page A15 We are no longer looked at as a powerful leader of the world anymore. 38

  • Give Ramirez the horns

    Page A15 I’ve had to endure Michael Ramirez cartoons that ridicule President Obama for a long time. But, when he attacks Pope Francis (May 11) for following Jesus Christ by advocating helping … 9

  • Rest of Reagan story

    Page A15 Gary Crooks implies President Reagan is unworthy of his reputation as a tax reformer in his May 25 Smart Bombs column. Crooks does not lie in his article, but he … 33

  • VA vouchers could work

    Page A15 Gary Crooks’ opening salvo against Veterans Affairs vouchers was an indication of his ignorance of the problem, and a typical response by a liberal who never served. About 92 percent … 21

May 30
  • Amy Goodman: Angelou’s words still inspire us

    Page A13 “You may write me down in history With your bitter, twisted lies, 1

  • Tea party makes record long jump in calling Idaho GOP incumbent ‘basically Democrat’

    Page A13 This commentary from the Moscow-Pullman Daily News does not necessarily reflect the view of The Spokesman-Review’s editorial board. The friend of my enemy is my enemy. 16

  • Clark demeans the vulnerable

    Page A13 Doug Clark wrote May 25 about people who frequent the STA Plaza. He facetiously recommends turning the plaza into a jail. He refers to street people as “a variety of … 55

  • ACA hurts millennials

    Page A13 Add Washington State University students to the millions whose insurance plans have been eliminated by the Affordable Care Act. I purchased the plan in 2013 before receiving a letter that … 135

  • Transporting destruction

    Page A13 Being stalled in our auto while mile-long trains move through our beloved city may be only a nuisance. The real problem is that these trains are exporting our precious nonrenewable … 15

May 29
  • Editorial: Simple fix would change fundraising: transparency

    Page A11 The Republican Party just cannot get enough money. Neither can the Democratic Party, but the GOP and its supporters have carried the fight for more cash to the federal courts, … 74

  • Dana Milbank: Foes Norquist, Nader find common ground

    Page A11 They are a preposterous political pairing: lanky Ralph Nader, the consumer advocate whose name for half a century has been synonymous with liberalism, and diminutive Grover Norquist, the anti-tax crusader … 1

  • Don’t forget Benghazi

    Page A11 There was a letter in The Spokesman-Review on May 17 expounding that we, the American people, need to forget Benghazi as it makes no difference now, and is a total … 71

  • Kudos for Tolstoy article

    Page A11 Thank you for your May 15 article about Tolstoy Farms and its rebuilding project. 2

  • Owe life to doctor

    Page A11 I am a non-service-connected disabled Vietnam era veteran with a more than 40-year medical problem. 1

  • VA stretched thin

    Page A11 I’m a combat veteran who uses the Spokane Veterans Administration Medical Center. I have complete respect for the doctors, medical staff and volunteers who choose to serve us veterans. 32

May 28
  • Editorial: Today’s teenagers impressive by most any measure

    Page A11 Curmudgeons have no trouble deriding today’s teenagers. But as the recent high school graduation coverage in this newspaper’s Voice sections has demonstrated, many of them are too busy to listen. … 6

  • Trudy Rubin: Philadelphia residents assisting in Ukraine

    Page A11 KIEV, Ukraine – When Ukrainians voted Sunday for a president, Reno Domenico, of South Jersey, was a poll monitor in Kherson, on the border of occupied Crimea. Ulana Mazurkevich, a …

  • Crack down on phones

    Page A11 The May 19 “Getting There” column says law enforcement officers will put more emphasis on cellphone and texting use while driving during the Click It or Ticket It campaign. While … 40

  • Obama-bashing a sign

    Page A11 Why all this Obama bashing? 90

  • Lack of outrage explained

    Page A11 Rick Johnson (May 11) seems genuinely concerned over what he calls the Republicans’ selective outrage. He wants to know “where is their outrage” over the Iraq War and the 2008 … 105

May 27
  • Mona Charen: Misguided protest of speaker shown up

    Page A9 This story has a very troubling start, but a pretty satisfying conclusion – if it really is the conclusion. Among the contemptible episodes of student/faculty hecklers’ vetoes at commencement ceremonies … 21

  • Editorial: Editorial: Airlines’ bid to hide taxes flies low on transparency

    Page A9 Surveying airline ticket prices is only slightly easier than taking in the view from a 747 lavatory, and the industry likes it just fine that way. Fares that exclude baggage … 7

  • Why execute people?

    Page A9 Crucifixion was one of the most painful ways to die. One amazing aspect of Christianity was to transform this symbol of terror into one of worship. Ironically, the gurney used … 73

  • Colleges misfire on security

    Page A9 Regarding the May 23 story on Idaho campus gun carry: It’s truly amazing that Idaho’s college and university administrators would consider increasing security due to the newly passed campus carry … 64

  • Not forced to pray

    Page A9 It is interesting to read Pete Scobby’s May 23 take on the U.S. Supreme Court ruling about public prayer at government meetings. He seems not to have understood the Supreme … 110

  • Drawing wrong conclusion

    Page A9 Michael Ramirez’s May 18 cartoon of Pope Francis and the so-called gospel of Marx is evidence that Ramirez is ignorant of the difference between Christ’s love of the poor and … 76

May 26
  • Leonard Pitts Jr.: A love our vets can see

    Page A9 “I want a love I can see. That’s the only kind that means a thing to me. Don’t want a love you have to tell me about. That kind of … 40

  • Be inspired by holiday

    Page A9 Memorial Day was set aside as a time to reflect on the numerous sacrifices made by fallen members of our armed forces. These brave men and women excelled in their … 15

  • Skeptics treated unfairly

    Page A9 Questioning and skepticism are necessary components of legitimate scientific work. Theories are presented, tested, challenged, debated and refined. This process bears results that are more credible, defensible and supported. 235

May 25