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THURSDAY, SEPT. 22, 2016

WSU leadership fails

As a UW alumnus and former college athlete, I'm disappointed by WSU leadership's response to their athletes' apparent illegal behavior. College athletes are not children; they are young men. Responsible athletic programs seek to build up character in their student participants, and they specify at the outset guidelines by which participants are expected to abide.

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Editorial: WSU fumbles response to crime issue

WSU’s brand has been damaged, and President Shulz should at least say that something is seriously wrong when so many athletes are running afoul of the law. If the university is handling this issue well, then why so many arrests?

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'Trump Wall' disrespectful

I was really surprised by the front-page headline "Student's plan 'Trump Wall' " (Sept. 10). It got my attention as it appeared to represent the student population at WSU.

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Uphold federalism

Abraham Lincoln's assertion that the U.S. federal government is "of the people, by the people, for the people" is true in the sense that all adult citizens (except felons) may vote for, obtain and administer a federal office. However, more accurately phrased, the federal government is of the states, by the states, for the states.

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Vehrs is refreshing

Lynnette Vehrs is who the people of Eastern Washington, and indeed, our state, deserve. In an age of crippling gridlock, partisan rancor and ideological rigidity, Lynnette offers a refreshingly adult approach to politics.

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TUESDAY, SEPT. 20, 2016

CMR supports military families

Eastern Washington's representative, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, understands the hardships faced not just by service members but also by military families. As a military wife and mom, I am so appreciative of all that Cathy does for military families.

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Don't buy Hillary's ads

There are things I should be used to these days, but for the most part cannot stomach anymore. In 1992, I had registered to vote as a Democrat. I was more than proud to cast my presidential vote for William Jefferson Clinton. He certainly did the job well despite what the hateful will say. I repeated my vote for him in 1996.

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Freedom behind flag?

Football players who don't stand for the national anthem are exercising their right to do so. The NFL doesn't penalize for not standing, but God help those who don't. I love "The Stars and Stripes Forever," but I don't make people listen to it.

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Bull elk finds his piece of heaven at Turnbull

WILDLIFE WATCHING -- Early Saturday morning, Buck Domitrovich of Cheney was looking for wildlife to photograph in Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge. "With a little mist still in the air, I ...

Sunday Spin 2: Put your hand in the hand…

National news commentators were almost apoplectic Wednesday night when Trump and Hillary Clinton didn’t shake hands before or after the final debate. That was down from two shakes in the ...



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