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May 12
  • Stuck in the ’80s

    Page A9 After reading his May 7 comments on Gary Crooks’ April 27 commentary, I wondered where Bob Strong has been these last 30 years. Trickle-down or supply-side economics, favorites of President … 117

  • Slavery was not better

    Page A9 David Wordinger (May 8) and Cliven Bundy are both misinformed about the actual living conditions under slavery. 46

  • Shortchanged in Spokane

    Page A9 Your editorial of May 8 is right on the money. As an advocate for seniors and senior issues, it is important that true “East Siders” have access to legislators during … 9

May 11
  • Kathleen Parker: We should rise above an eye for an eye

    Page B8 When Lady Justice takes a count of bleeding hearts outside the execution chamber, she won’t find mine among them. I am no passionate opponent of the death penalty. I am … 1

  • Smart Bombs: Cold shoulder for global warming

    Page B8 The following sentence from the Washington State Republican Party Platform explains why climate change doesn’t begat policy change: “Climate change occurs naturally and warming from human generated greenhouse gases has … 63

  • Editorial: Graduation rate increase deserves our appreciation

    Page B8 The graduation rate at public high schools has reached 80 percent, an impressive achievement amid continual complaints about the U.S. educational system. The figures, based on recently released U.S. Department …

  • Guest opinion: Teaching civics is crucial for our future

    Page B9 On April 29, Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., and Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, introduced Senate Resolution 427, a measure expressing the sense of the Senate on the importance of effective civic … 11

  • Guest opinion: Mother’s Day just another day of worry for those with migrant children

    Page B9 Mother’s Day can be particularly devastating for parents of migrant children. Last September, I met Mathy, a Sri Lankan refugee in California. Mathy told me her family had been hiding …

  • Damage done with error

    Page B9 We were so disappointed in The Spokesman-Review last week naming James Comerford as a “man facing five years in child pornography case.” That was plain and simple sloppy journalism at … 2

  • Locale of stands overlooked

    Page B9 Articles written by Nina Culver in October 2013 and Jonathan Brunt in January 2014 regarding bikini barista stands addressed the Spokane City Council’s initiative setting nudity regulation standards for the … 3

  • GOP’s selective outrage

    Page B9 Republicans and Fox News seem bound and determined to continue their outrage over the unfortunate incident that caused the loss of four lives at Benghazi, Libya. But where is the … 136

  • Best candidate slate for Idaho

    Page B9 We are so fortunate to have wonderful candidates stepping up to the plate for our state positions. We are in such dire need of these dedicated applicants because, as one … 19

  • Silencing conservatives

    Page B9 I read with interest Joseph Wythe’s May 8 diatribe regarding Mona Charen’s columns, and observe that he proposes the tired old liberal solution to any opinion other than their own, … 41

May 10
  • Froma Harrop: Campuses’ cushy justice systems

    Page B4 If a 19-year-old high school dropout raped by her ex-boyfriend wants justice, she calls the police. The same should apply to a 19-year-old college freshman similarly attacked by another student. … 12

  • Charles Krauthammer: Keep the Benghazi hearings clean, crisp

    Page B4 The Democrats are portraying the not-yet-even-constituted House Select Committee on Benghazi as nothing but a partisan exercise. They are even considering boycotting the hearings to delegitimize them. Fine. Although this … 42

  • Editorial: Rich Hadley’s demeanor led to his GSI success

    Page B4 Friday was Rich Hadley’s last as president of Greater Spokane Incorporated. Spokane is greater for the almost 21 years he led the region’s primary economic development organization. Perhaps nothing better …

  • Guest opinion: Snapshot of older Americans deserves look, especially by baby boomers

    Page B5 Baby boomers need to start paying more attention to data about older people because as time passes, more of them will be us. More than 75 million Americans are baby … 1

  • Special to The Spokesman-Review: Washington governor shows bias with choices for climate change panel

    Page B5 After legislators made it clear they don’t all view the question of climate change as he does, Gov. Jay Inslee is trying to salvage his pet issue by taking it … 7

  • Stop barbaric practice

    Page B5 Is it cruel and unusual to put a human being to death by lethal injection? That’s the question most pundits are posing in the wake of the execution of an … 24

  • Cancel Rice speech

    Page B5 I was appalled to learn that Whitworth University has slated former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as Presidential Leadership speaker Oct. 16. 70

  • Expand ski park

    Page B5 Mt. Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park should be expanded with the proposed new lift and runs on the backside of Mount Spokane. After environmental studies and feedback sessions with the … 1

  • McMorris Rodgers wises up

    Page B5 I can’t believe I am writing a letter of support for Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who I normally never support. But her recent critics regarding Obamacare are absolutely outlandish. 31

  • Park remodel is sad

    Page B5 I sadly reviewed the Riverfront Park plan in the May 4 Spokesman-Review. The YMCA on the river was torn down for green space. The current design of Riverfront Park provides … 3

  • Water treatment expensive

    Page B5 Over the last two years I have talked to staff of the city of Spokane and Spokane County in regard to the treatment plants. 7

  • Shooting is suspicious

    Page B5 You have covered shooting victim Jeremy Arnold’s criminal history in depth and detail. It could almost qualify as character assassination. 5

  • Need more doctors

    Page B5 Your May 6 editorial does not cite proven Affordable Care Act gains. We do not know if a net gain in the number of insured people has occurred, as many … 53

May 9
  • Amy Goodman: Solitary confinement is torture

    Page A13 There has been much attention, and rightly so, on the CIA’s extensive use of torture, which the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is said to have documented in its still-classified … 41

  • Editorial: Pot banking regulations so close, yet so far away

    Page A13 With banks still on the sidelines, credit unions are taking the lead in offering financial services to the marijuana industry. Thursday, Seattle-based Salal Credit Union announced it will become the … 4

  • Veterans deserved better

    Page A13 After everything 40 proud soldiers did for us and our country, their lives may have been unfairly taken. In a Phoenix Veterans Administration Hospital, a ghastly scheme was the alleged … 55

  • Vote out the incumbents

    Page A13 The incumbent representatives of District 1 both pride themselves on “fiscal responsibility with taxpayer dollars.” Yet an independent study from Idaho Freedom Works ranks legislative voting records by opposition to … 63