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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

May 16
  • Cartoon note

    Page A13 We have added cartoonist Jim Morin of the Miami Herald on a trial basis. Email to let us know what you think of his work. Thanks. 10

  • Amy Goodman: Michael Powell’s ‘war’ on net neutrality

    Page A13 Michael Powell is the son of Gen. Colin Powell. The elder Powell knows a thing or two about war. He famously presented the case for invading Iraq to the United … 49

  • Thanks for library support

    Page A13 On behalf of the board of trustees, I want to thank the voters who turned out for the recent library bond election. 2

  • Update your voter status

    Page A13 Oh no! It’s an election year again. Yes, it’s true. So, it’s time to register to vote, or to update your voter status. 21

  • Wilson a solid alternative

    Page A13 I read with great interest the letters to the editor in the May 6 Spokesman-Review. Two letters called for Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers to move on, with one letter suggesting … 43

May 15
  • Republican or Democrat?

    Page A11 Stephen Snedden is running for Idaho state representative, District 1A, as a conservative Republican. Yet his background speaks to an alignment more in tune with Democrats than Republicans. 68

  • Dana Milbank: Conservatives’ blame-Hillary effort shows anatomy of a smear

    Page A11 WASHINGTON – Conservatives have reached the firm conclusion that Hillary Clinton is to blame for those Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by the terrorist group Boko Haram, 15 months after she left … 119

  • Mt. Spokane expansion blocked

    Page A11 The Spokesman-Review editorial on April 14 outlined very well, “Washington state parks are being sold short.” The issue being raised now on the expansion of the Mt. Spokane ski area … 27

  • Studs unfairly maligned

    Page A11 It must be spring. The weather is warmer, the flowers are blooming and the biannual pastime of bashing studded tires continues for another season. 86

  • Editorial: Striking down Idaho ban on gay marriage is the right move

    Page A11 Just eight days removed from oral arguments on Idaho’s gay marriage ban, U.S. District Magistrate Judge Candy Dale returned with a swift, certain and admirable denunciation: “Idaho’s Marriage Laws deny … 34

May 14
  • Trudy Rubin: GOP probe exploits Benghazi

    Page A13 Here’s the real Benghazi scandal: Republicans have turned the deaths of four brave Americans into a campaign tool to galvanize their base. Eight congressional investigations, along with an independent review … 58

  • Editorial: Washington sales tax deduction shouldn’t come with strings

    Page A13 If Washington residents want to deduct state and local sales taxes next year, they must also subsidize NASCAR and Kentucky thoroughbreds. It’s the classic congressional deal where principled policy is … 7

  • Slavery misunderstood

    Page A13 David Wordinger (May 8) believes Cliven Bundy’s assertion that black people had stronger families under slavery. 39

  • Praise for Shea

    Page A13 Does it really matter what a candidate or elected official did in the past, or does on their own time or personal life? No. What matters is what they can … 123

  • Randleman a true hero

    Page A13 In my opinion, the word “hero” is way overused. I won’t mention any one specific case; I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble. But, to me, a hero is someone … 1

May 13
  • Editorial: Lawmakers aren’t making a good case on school funding shortfall

    Page A11 If the April 29 legislative report to the Washington Supreme Court is the strongest case lawmakers can make for their efforts so far to fully fund education, they have many … 3

  • Mona Charen: Playing on doomsday fears

    Page A11 It’s a cliche to say that Washington, D.C., is “out of touch” with voters, but there’s something to it. Arguably, in 2012, the Republican Party seemed focused on a subject … 95

  • Overreacting on Greenbluff

    Page A11 I’m confused as to what the big deal is about fighting off the idea of weddings, graduations, etc., up in Greenbluff. They don’t want too much traffic or congestion? 9

  • Gun grabbers revealed

    Page A11 The Marxist-left and anti-gun lobby has finally come out of the closet. 118

  • City not pet-friendly

    Page A11 As the owner of two well-behaved golden retrievers, I find it very difficult to find places in Spokane that allow for large dogs. There really aren’t very many restaurants, stores, … 70

  • Be considerate of neighbors

    Page A11 Considering that I and over 100 elderly and younger disabled people live a mere block west of Hamilton on Mission, the thought of a drive-through-only fast food establishment frightens me. … 15

  • Overreacting on Green Bluff

    Page A11 I’m confused as to what the big deal is about fighting off the idea of weddings, graduations, etc., up in Green Bluff. They don’t want too much traffic or congestion? 1

May 12
  • Leonard Pitts Jr.: Absence matters, Dad

    Page A9 Maybe you heard about the tribute Kevin Durant paid his mother last week. You probably missed the one he paid his dad. Both came during Durant’s acceptance speech after being … 77

  • Stuck in the ’80s

    Page A9 After reading his May 7 comments on Gary Crooks’ April 27 commentary, I wondered where Bob Strong has been these last 30 years. Trickle-down or supply-side economics, favorites of President … 117

  • Slavery was not better

    Page A9 David Wordinger (May 8) and Cliven Bundy are both misinformed about the actual living conditions under slavery. 46

  • Shortchanged in Spokane

    Page A9 Your editorial of May 8 is right on the money. As an advocate for seniors and senior issues, it is important that true “East Siders” have access to legislators during … 9

May 11