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June 21
  • Sick leave policy crucial

    Page B9 I am glad the Spokane City Council is considering a sick and safe leave policy for all workers in Spokane as it would have made a huge difference in my …

  • Discuss teachers with facts

    Page B9 Regarding “Teachers in it for themselves” – June 16. Rob Leach states teachers don’t deserve a pay raise, and “the tax base has been demolished by the last six years …

  • Better ways than begging

    Page B9 I agree with Phil Bergin on his June 15 letter about street corner solicitation. To me, it is no different than begging. I understand some of it, but not all.

  • Can’t afford shutdown

    Page B9 We risk a government shutdown if there isn’t a state budget agreement very soon. According to the notice I received recently from the Washington State Department of Agriculture, a shutdown …

  • Inslee should say no

    Page B9 After ignoring years of objections from elected, business and community leaders, the Bureau of Indian Affairs just recommended the Spokane Tribe should be allowed to build an off-reservation casino. This …

  • Happy for Spokane Tribe

    Page B9 What a joy it was to see that the U.S. Interior Department has given its approval for the Spokane Tribe to build a casino on trust land in Airway Heights. …

  • Anti-tribe bias on display

    Page B9 “Casino opponents take case to state,” the June 17 glaring/blaring news headline across the front page of The Spokesman-Review.

  • Casino gambles with Fairchild

    Page B9 The Spokane Tribe has just over 4,000 members and 155,000 reservation acres. They can build on reservation land. Washington has millions of citizens that this precedent-setting decision impacts. With the …

June 20
  • Charles Krauthammer: New strategy needed in Syria, Iraq

    Page A10 It’s time for a new strategy in Iraq and Syria. It begins by admitting that the old borders are gone, that a unified Syria or Iraq will never be reconstituted, …

  • Editorial: More than open enrollment needed to boost Idaho grad rates

    Page A10 Idaho needs more college graduates, and the state Board of Education is considering a policy that would pre-admit every qualified high school senior who might attend one of the state’s … 2

  • Froma Harrop: Libraries still valuable in digital age

    Page A10 Younger Americans can hardly imagine a time when you had to visit a library to research the population of Phoenix in 1980. Google now does that in seconds. Entire books …

  • Guest opinion: Without action on school funding, state may face crisis

    Page A11 It is the paramount duty of the state to make ample provision for the education of all children residing within its borders, without distinction or preference on account of race, …

  • Bad trade for Americans

    Page A11 Mom, dad: Remember what I said about the Trans Pacific Pact? How corporations would be able to go to private courts and get judgments against the United States federal and …

  • Read TPP before voting

    Page A11 Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers needs to explain to her constituents why she supports the super secret Trans-Pacific Partnership.

  • Don’t judge auditor

    Page A11 As a subscriber of The Spokesman-Review for over 20 years, I was so disappointed to see your editorial about our current state auditor. You have taken the position of investigator, …

  • Accomplishments deserve note

    Page A11 The widespread and sensationalized revelations about Rachel Dolezal’s ethnicity are calculated to destroy her reputation, her career and her life.

  • Media manipulating story

    Page A11 Spokane is in the news again. It’s the terrifying case of Rachel Dolezal, the black/white girl. What a national kerfuffle.

  • Honesty, integrity matter

    Page A11 Pardon the pun, but some issues in this world really are black or white. One is either black and African American, or they are not. A good analogy would be …

  • Not high on Stuckart, Stratton

    Page A11 As a retired educator, still teaching, I don’t really need a cause. But after reading Shawn Vestal’s June 10 column, unseating Spokane City Council President Ben “Pothead” Stuckart and Councilwoman …

  • Trade bill, water articles lacking

    Page A11 Articles in the June 13 Spokesman-Review on the trade bill and California water shortage never got to the point.

  • Still need Hagney’s class

    Page A11 I read (June 15) with sadness and dismay the decision to pull the plug on John Hagney’s Practicum In Community Involvement class at Lewis and Clark High School. And to …

  • Will she play the name game?

    Page A11 I will be checking your legal filings for perhaps a petition for change of name to George Washington or Mother Teresa by Rachel Dolezal.

  • Dolezal sparks new conversations

    Page A11 As a former member of the Spokane Human Rights Commission and the city’s last human rights specialist (1998-2004), and friend of the NAACP, how could I not comment on the …

June 19
  • Editorial: Move fast, carefully on ombudsman selection

    Page A15 The Rachel Dolezal implosion was bad enough, but the panel she chaired to oversee the police apparently needed some oversight of its own. On Thursday, the Spokane City Council voted … 4

  • Amy Goodman: Diverse group unites against Alaska oil drilling

    Page A15 It has been more than 15 years since tear gas filled the streets of Seattle and tens of thousands of people protested the meeting of the World Trade Organization, or …

  • Juneteenth call to action

    Page A15 The 2015 Juneteenth Celebration’s theme is “Cultivate Our Roots to Strengthen Our Branches: What Legacy Are You Leaving?” This call to action by Spokane’s Juneteenth committee is timely given local …

  • If only unions had power

    Page A15 The facts as stated by David Darlow are beyond imagination (“Unions in control” – June 9). Claims that “unions are in control of all public sector and labor employees” is …

  • Obamacare designed to fail

    Page A15 Dave Oliveria likes Obamacare. That’s an opinion he shares with health insurance companies. Since Obamacare was passed, the stock prices of the five largest health insurers have increased 260 percent, …

June 18
  • Editorial: It’s time for urgency on state budget

    Page A11 With a potential shutdown of Washington government less than two weeks away, all is quiet on the budget front. Gov. Jay Inslee has finally taken a more active role refereeing … 3

  • Editorial correction

    Page A11 Rachel Dolezal was education director of the Human Rights Education Institute. The title was incorrect in the June 16 editorial.