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November 21
  • Krauthammer: Obama dithers, Hollande strikes back

    France’s leader taking leadership role in West’s response to terrorism.

  • Harrop: Paris, New York resilient after attacks

    New generations will have to contend with ongoing terrorism.

  • Prosecutors shouldn’t abdicate

    On Nov. 12, the Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys issued a statement calling for a referendum on whether Washington should retain the death penalty. They argue a referendum is needed …

  • 1-1401 voters misinformed

    Another unfunded mandate decided by a bit over 1 million, 71 percent, who voted for Initiative 1401, and a bit over 438,000 against. That is out of 3.9 million registered …

  • Time for federal sales tax

    Bernie Sanders says he wants to raise $1 trillion in taxes on businesses to pay for his new giveaways. People, wake up. All taxes paid by all businesses are paid …

  • Businesses too permissive

    While visiting a doctor’s office this week, I was shocked to see an elderly man in the waiting room holding a small dog. The dog began to squirm, so the …

  • Peace begins at home

    My child is my “raison d’être,” my reason to be. He is everything that is good and pure in a world that can be treacherous and cruel. As his mother, …

  • SS isn’t regressive

    Norm Luther’s Nov. 15 letter was misleading or ignorant about Social Security fairness. Payroll taxes stop at the $118,500 level. People making more than that receive no credit or benefit …

  • Colorado takes health care lead

    It appears that our state legislators will get their wish and have someone else test the water regarding health care reform. A group in Colorado has managed to collect 60,000 …

  • Time to reorient the world

    Another successful international terrorist attack highlights the efficacy of world leaders and their combined containment/anti-terrorist policies. Terrorism appears to be a symptom of a world with unequal access for all …

  • Consolidate state patrol, fish and wildlife enforcement

    “Wild Future” and opportunity to re-assess F&W resources, goals

  • Editorial: Court fails to clarify charter school ruling

    Rather than give lawmakers clear signals on charter schools, a divided court stubbornly stays the wrong course. 1

November 20
  • Third way on health care

    In almost all the Affordable Care Act discussions, people for and against improved insurance continue to assume that single-payer is the only option for national health care. It isn’t.

  • ISIS like rabid animals

    Any animal that contracts rabies (which attacks and takes over the brain) is dangerous both because it cannot be cured and because it can inflict the disease on those with …

  • Pitts’ columns appraised

    I have to agree with Dorothy Carter (Nov. 3). The Oct. 19 column by Leonard Pitts Jr. connecting the National Rifle Association with the Nazi Party was truly a gem, …

  • Goodman: Equating refugees with terrorism wrong

    Xenophobes lead efforts to shut door to Syrians fleeing bombs from all sides. 13

  • Hope for new regime?

    Let us hope that the new regime in Congress will meet the expectations of Americans. This will require the passage of legislation to immediately help the American working class climb …

  • “Good guy with a gun” notion not scary

    Doug Floyd in a Nov. 7 letter wrote about the notion of a “good guy with a gun” calling it “scary.” Really? The logical extension of this argument is that …

  • Editorial: Competing Yakima Basin groups develop productive plan

    Thirty-year, $3.8 billion plan would help irrigators, restore salmon runs.

November 19
  • Dana Milbank: GOP launches brutal cliche assault on Syria

    “Rise to the challenge,” says McMorris Rodgers in just one example of hackneyed phrases that stand in for substance. 5

  • Editorial: AG report should end attacks on legal research, services

    The baseless allegations against Planned Parenthood have done considerable damage to clinics and important research into diseases. They need to stop. 1

  • Veterans earned the title

    I take exception to your use of the term “veteran” to describe people who have been thrown out of service (“Rule won’t shelter all homeless veterans,” Nov. 11).

  • Keep ACA, expand

    In her Nov. 8 column, “It’s time to start over on health insurance,” Sue Lani Madsen, like most Republicans today, likes to pick and choose her history dates. Some of …

  • Israeli apartheid cracking?

    It’s good to see front-page coverage of the European Union’s decision to require labeling of Israel’s West Bank products (“EU plan deepens Israel’s isolation,” Nov. 12). The movement to impose …

November 18
November 17