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January 10
  • Editorial: Legislatures have bigger budgets, challenges

    Page A10 The Idaho and Washington legislatures open for business Monday with shared challenges – transportation, education, employee compensation – but with brighter revenue prospects as the grip of the Great Recession … 3

  • Special to The Spokesman-Review: Wolves part of Washington’s future, heritage

    Page A11 Until 2007, you wouldn’t have seen wolves in Washington. Though historically common throughout the Pacific Northwest, by the early 1900s shooting, poisoning and trapping had eradicated the state’s wolves. Today, …

  • Guest opinion: Keystone XL will boost manufacturing jobs

    Page A11 The United States has climbed out of the Great Recession, but we need to keep creating good jobs. U.S. manufacturers are doing their part – hiring 740,000 additional workers since …

  • Mindset of destruction

    Page A11 The concept that fragile man must multiply to subdue the environment is outdated by centuries. But as the world population currently exceeds 7 billion, there continues a prevailing belief every …

  • Be wary of gay ray

    Page A11 Gov. Butch Otter likes to cowboy-up on his ignorance. He wants the U.S. Supreme Court to hear his case to continue to outlaw gay marriage in Idaho. The total thrust …

  • War on pope

    Page A11 Michael Ramirez (Jan. 4) and other conservatives have no problem with injecting religion into political matters such as gay marriage, but heaven forbid that Pope Francis should apparently do the …

  • Make workers work

    Page A11 While I applaud Spokane County Chief Operating Officer John Dickson for his efforts to improve customer service, employee development and more, the real problems go much deeper than that. As …

  • UW met enrollment goal

    Page A11 With regard to your Dec. 28 editorial “WSU medical school makes sense”: The University of Washington has not fallen short of its enrollment goal of 20 students per year in …

January 9
  • Editorial correction

    Page A13 Petitions supporting an initiative to repeal Spokane’s sanctuary status would need 2,477 signatures. The Jan. 7 editorial overstated the number.

  • Amy Goodman: Close Guantanamo, return land to Cuba

    Page A13 This week marks the 13th anniversary of the arrival of the first post-9/11 prisoners to Guantanamo Bay, the most notorious prison on the planet. This grim anniversary, and the beginning …

  • Editorial: STEM scholarship plan right for Spokane

    Page A13 A unique public/private scholarship program is putting down roots in Spokane, which should enable more area students to take advantage of a program that can work for them, and the … 1

  • College aid isn’t working

    Page A13 When I hear my sister-in-law crying on the other end of the phone because she’s unsure how to have the conversation with her youngest son about not being able to …

  • Lessons to be learned

    Page A13 Regarding “Tracking the impact of gun laws makes sense (Jan. 4)”:

  • Obesity misunderstood

    Page A13 Regarding “Obesity shouldn’t be protected by ADA (Jan. 2)”: A few points of fact were lost in the article.

January 8
  • Editorial: Idaho should heed changing tides on gay, transgender rights

    Page A11 The end of discrimination against gay, lesbian and transgendered citizens hasn’t been swift, but it is inevitable. A review of recent developments shows that Idaho’s dogged resistance may be subsiding. … 27

  • Boehner wins speaker of the House despite GOP rebellion

    Page A11 John Boehner won re-election as speaker of the House on Tuesday with the help of an unlikely ally: Mario Cuomo, the former Democratic governor of New York. Astute readers may …

  • Misguided passion

    Page A11 If Patrick Kirlin (“Ignore the sign” – Dec. 31) and his kind would only place their misguided passion into preventing pregnancies in the first place, we wouldn’t need abortion clinics.

  • Options for protection

    Page A11 The nice Jan. 3 story about Spokane Police Officer Traci Ponto helping a Spokane gun owner, and the tragic story of a young Idaho woman killed by her 2-year-old both …

  • Torture isn’t patriotic

    Page A11 I disagree with Catherine Humberg’s Jan. 2 letter saying that if we are against torture, we are unpatriotic. Untrue. I was born over 60 years ago, and in all that …

  • Mourning ‘America the Beautiful’

    Page A11 “America the Beautiful,” where have you gone?

  • Diesel too expensive

    Page A11 Can anyone in the oil industry proffer a coherent reason why diesel fuel is disproportionally more expensive than regular gas? It is a far less-refined product, but it is now …

January 7
  • Trudy Rubin: Optimism for world in 2015 takes persistence

    Page A11 2014 was such a grim year for foreign policy that I’d like to write a column predicting things will get better this year. In truth, there’s scant reason to hope …

  • Editorial: Keep Spokane’s law giving immigrants sanctuary

    Page A11 The sometimes ugly remarks about immigrants made at Monday’s Spokane City Council meeting should be a concern to every resident who believes that a more diverse population will be critical … 30

  • Obama says too much

    Page A11 Is it me or does President Obama have something to say on everything that happens to hit the news, only a day or two late. This man needs to quit …

  • Newsroom skepticism needed

    Page A11 “Facts are the facts” said the Dec. 27 guest editorial on the economy. Yes, and economic facts are the easiest to spin.

  • Cause and effect of crime

    Page A11 As I listen to the sometimes violent protests against police, I have to examine some cause-and-effect issues.

January 6
  • Robert J. Samuelson: Economic numbers support cautious otimism

    Page A9 Hello, 2015. We now are in the sixth year of economic recovery since the end of the Great Recession in mid-2009, says the National Bureau of Economic Research, a group …

  • Editorial: Outdated pot law again stirs costly trouble

    Page A9 The outdated Controlled Substances Act of 1970 continues to act as a gateway to lunacy, with the latest example being a lawsuit filed by the states of Oklahoma and Nebraska … 8

  • Telltale adjective

    Page A9 Regarding Jim Barbieri’s Dec. 28 letter to the editor: Any point he was trying to make was completely overshadowed by his gratuitously irrelevant description of President Obama as “biracial.”

  • Learn from shooting

    Page A9 No question it is a tragedy a young mother was killed at the Wal-Mart by her toddler. But, there are no accidental shootings. All shootings are either deliberate or unintentional: …