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April 19
  • Froma Harrop: An enigma wrapped in a ball of fur

    Page B4 A big-selling book, “Cat Sense: How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet,” helps cat lovers understand what is going on in the hearts … 8

  • Charles Krauthammer: Disclosure another casualty of zealots

    Page B4 The debate over campaign contributions is never-ending for a simple reason: Both sides of the argument have merit. On the one hand, of course money is speech. For most citizens, … 24

  • Councilwoman Amber Waldref and Sen. Andy Billig: McDonald’s drive-thru snubs residents’ wishes

    Page B5 Did you know the busiest crosswalks in the city of Spokane are located not downtown, but in the University District, near the Gonzaga University campus? It was in one of … 20

  • Verdict jeopardizes safety

    Page B5 I am happy for Gail Gerlach and his family. He got away with what should have been at least second-degree manslaughter or reckless endangerment of the public. 74

  • Verdict reflects changing times

    Page B5 Times change and we must change with them. Not long ago no one locked their doors or removed ignition keys. Times change and it’s time to make changes. 49

  • Pay oil transport premium

    Page B5 I completely agree with your April 13 editorial on oil train regulation. There is one item that you did not mention. On March 3, the Wall Street Journal had an … 4

  • Oppose money in politics

    Page B5 OK, enough is enough. No matter what party you are in, we have to band together against the corrupting influence of too much money in our politics. I doubt seriously … 8

  • Tiresome double standard

    Page B5 I don’t recall seeing any complaints from Dave Darlow (April 12) or anyone else when President George W. Bush flew over the Gulf of Mexico or New Orleans. Remember? That’s … 36

  • Preserve Ten Commandments

    Page B5 Gary Garoutte’s April 9 letter has so many errors and so much innuendo it’s hard to know where to start. First, display of the Ten Commandments is not unconstitutional, as … 18

  • Disaster visits unneeded

    Page B5 I have been reading with interest all the letters to the editor from President Obama haters about his visit to Oso and the disaster there. I submit that if he … 9

  • Stability of marriage lost

    Page B5 What a shame, in more ways than one. As recently as 1980, only 13 percent of moderately educated mothers with a high school education and some college had children born … 19

  • How did she vote?

    Page B5 This is an important election year. Voters need to know how Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers votes on every bill presented in the House. 17

  • Libraries have evolved

    Page B5 Regarding Larry Blanchard’s April 11 letter about the Spokane Valley Library and the library district’s bond issue proposal: I can understand his nostalgia for libraries as storehouses for books and … 1

  • Peaceful prosperity

    Page B5 National governments continue to waste enormous resources on the military in the name of achieving ever-lasting peace. Figures from the 2011 Stockholm International Peace Research Institute annual report show that … 15

  • Stop sewage overflow

    Page B5 During our most recent regional flood season, once again many local reports of raw sewage overflow were posted. We live at the pinnacle of civilization, and we still can’t keep …

April 18
  • Amy Goodman: White supremacy, America’s real threat, being ignored

    Page A13 Another U.S. shooting spree has left bullet-riddled bodies in its wake and refocused attention on violent, right-wing extremists. Frazier Glenn Miller, a former leader of a wing of the Ku … 89

  • Editorial: Rep. Matt Shea should know better than to support lawbreaking Nevada rancher

    Page A13 Voters in Legislative District 4 should be concerned that Rep. Matt Shea would venture off to Nevada to support a scofflaw engaged in a dangerous standoff. Defiant rancher Cliven Bundy’s … 52

  • No death penalty for theft

    Page A13 In this country we do not have the death penalty for theft. I know some people think we should. But the vast majority of citizens decided long ago through their … 122

  • Pleased with Gerlach verdict

    Page A13 As a retired, well-seasoned career criminal trial prosecutor, I have never before been actually happy to see a criminal defendant acquitted at trial. The Gail Gerlach verdict gave me a … 39

  • Frustrated with construction

    Page A13 Anyone who uses Francis Avenue or any of the streets crossing Francis between Division and Crestline has probably used an unusually high number of expletives in recent days. The city, … 8

April 17
  • Editorial: Let voters decide if council positions should be full time

    Page A11 Spokane City Council personnel costs have almost doubled over the last decade. Two proposed salary advisories are an opportunity to reassess how much residents expect of their representatives, and what … 3

  • Dana Milbank: Is the smartphone making me dumb?

    Page A11 I missed my brother’s anniversary last week. But I have a very 21st-century excuse: I lost it in the cloud. I discovered this the next day when my sister-in-law mentioned …

  • God’s law points the way

    Page A11 Leonard Pitts Jr. continues his Christian-bashing with his April 7 article condemning World Vision and Richard Stearns, as well as all of Christianity. Individual Christians and Christian organizations have always … 144

  • Need a return to morals

    Page A11 What’s all the fuss about kids bullying each other? Isn’t that what we’ve been teaching them for the last 75 years or so? 65

  • Mount Spokane not just for skiers

    Page A11 In his April 10 article, “Mount Spokane expansion in a new phase of debate,” Bill Jennings omits an important argument. 7

  • Pay issue politicized

    Page A11 Democrats are trying their best to divert attention from the Obamacare problems as the next election approaches. The latest issue, brought up by President Obama himself, is pay equality between … 42

April 16
  • Editorial: Donation loopholes need to be resealed

    Page A11 As the courts continue to strike down campaign contribution limits, disclosure becomes increasingly important. But political parties are only interested in that if it gives them an advantage. On Monday, … 9

  • Trudy Rubin: Learning to save freedom

    Page A11 What do Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton agree on? They, like many other prominent Americans, talk effusively about helping Afghan women. The fate of Afghan women is also a subject … 2

  • What if girl died?

    Page A11 We should strongly agree with the April 9 editorial that the Spokane City Council should “rescind (its) week-old resolution supporting relief for the owners of dangerous dog.” This resolution relieved … 39

  • Drug prices explain costs

    Page A11 The Spokesman-Review’s “Area’s top-paid doctors” (April 10) missed the important point that all of the physicians in the top five practice in sub-specialties that require the use of very expensive … 81