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May 28
  • Crack down on phones

    Page A11 The May 19 “Getting There” column says law enforcement officers will put more emphasis on cellphone and texting use while driving during the Click It or Ticket It campaign. While … 40

  • Obama-bashing a sign

    Page A11 Why all this Obama bashing? 90

  • Lack of outrage explained

    Page A11 Rick Johnson (May 11) seems genuinely concerned over what he calls the Republicans’ selective outrage. He wants to know “where is their outrage” over the Iraq War and the 2008 … 105

May 27
  • Mona Charen: Misguided protest of speaker shown up

    Page A9 This story has a very troubling start, but a pretty satisfying conclusion – if it really is the conclusion. Among the contemptible episodes of student/faculty hecklers’ vetoes at commencement ceremonies … 21

  • Editorial: Editorial: Airlines’ bid to hide taxes flies low on transparency

    Page A9 Surveying airline ticket prices is only slightly easier than taking in the view from a 747 lavatory, and the industry likes it just fine that way. Fares that exclude baggage … 7

  • Why execute people?

    Page A9 Crucifixion was one of the most painful ways to die. One amazing aspect of Christianity was to transform this symbol of terror into one of worship. Ironically, the gurney used … 73

  • Colleges misfire on security

    Page A9 Regarding the May 23 story on Idaho campus gun carry: It’s truly amazing that Idaho’s college and university administrators would consider increasing security due to the newly passed campus carry … 64

  • Not forced to pray

    Page A9 It is interesting to read Pete Scobby’s May 23 take on the U.S. Supreme Court ruling about public prayer at government meetings. He seems not to have understood the Supreme … 110

  • Drawing wrong conclusion

    Page A9 Michael Ramirez’s May 18 cartoon of Pope Francis and the so-called gospel of Marx is evidence that Ramirez is ignorant of the difference between Christ’s love of the poor and … 76

May 26
  • Leonard Pitts Jr.: A love our vets can see

    Page A9 “I want a love I can see. That’s the only kind that means a thing to me. Don’t want a love you have to tell me about. That kind of … 40

  • Be inspired by holiday

    Page A9 Memorial Day was set aside as a time to reflect on the numerous sacrifices made by fallen members of our armed forces. These brave men and women excelled in their … 15

  • Skeptics treated unfairly

    Page A9 Questioning and skepticism are necessary components of legitimate scientific work. Theories are presented, tested, challenged, debated and refined. This process bears results that are more credible, defensible and supported. 235

May 25
  • Editorial: City’s HR practices should match civil service requirements

    Page B8 Mike Lopez was the city of Spokane’s man from the moment Mayor David Condon and Fire Department officials determined they needed someone to reassess emergency response policy. And that’s a … 6

  • Kathleen Parker: Ignorance of the issues is a symptom of bigger problems

    Page B8 Former President George W. Bush once said, rather proudly, that he didn’t read newspapers. President Barack Obama, a confirmed newsie, has claimed to read the major papers, perhaps to learn … 13

  • Smart Bombs: VA vouchers no solution

    Page B8 Now that veterans’ health care is under the microscope, conservatives are predictably uttering “vouchers” as a solution. For instance, Fox News pundit Charles Krauthammer said, “If you would suggest that … 17

  • Anne Michaud: Western clothing styles could use some modesty

    Page B9 Women in full burqas and hijabs poured into Tehran’s streets last week to protest the modern dress of their urban sisters. City women usually nod to the conservative religious dress … 2

  • Dennis Mansfield: Cadets’ service an honorable tradition

    Page B9 On May 5th, 1868 Union Army Maj. Gen. John A. Logan established Decoration Day (later to be renamed Memorial Day). His order stated that Civil War graves be decorated “with …

  • Executions are uncivilized

    Page B9 Unlike Kathleen Parker, who on May 11 wrote, “When Lady Justice takes a count of bleeding hearts outside the execution chamber, she won’t find mine among them,” my heart bleeds … 32

  • Light rail, again?

    Page B9 Once again, a new year and, once again, the subject of a light-rail system in the Inland Northwest pops up like the lilacs of the area. What part of “no” … 24

  • Close online tax loophole

    Page B9 According to a July 2013 study by Arthur B. Laffer and Donna Arduin, passage of the Marketplace Fairness Act would allow states to close the online sales tax loopholes, resulting … 29

  • Oceans are warming

    Page B9 Morris Kaufman’s May 18 letter, “Climate change is natural,” states a common climate change skeptic position that because atmospheric temperatures have been stable since about 2000 there is no global … 41

  • Phone books obsolete

    Page B9 As I left my house the other day, I saw a continuing problem on my door step: a phone book. I picked it up and added it to the other … 12

  • Thanks to local VA

    Page B9 I’m tired of reading about all the wrong things the Veterans Administration is doing. I have been receiving service from our local Spokane VA Medical Center for many years and … 3

May 24