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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

December 13
  • Unhealthy journalism

    Page A13 Oh no! Last time, a Rep. Paul Ryan look-alike tried to push granny off a cliff. Now, those nasty old white men are going to take away healthy school lunches; …

December 12
  • Editorial: Spokane should reconsider vote on apprentices

    Page A15 The Spokane City Council should reconsider a scheduled vote on an ordinance that in 2017 would require a minimum 15 percent of workers on city construction projects be apprentices. The … 4

  • Martin Schram: Acts were torture, and despicable

    Page A15 On Thursday, April 12, 2007, as then-CIA Director Michael V. Hayden was testifying behind closed doors of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence about his agency’s ultra-secret methods of interrogating …

  • Safety first, runners

    Page A15 I love the fact that Spokane residents get out to exercise in all kinds of weather, day or night. I am an avid outdoor runner, but in doing so I …

  • Stabilize crude

    Page A15 As a resident living along a rail route hauling Bakken crude oil shipments from North Dakota to West Coast ports, I am concerned. Discussed in an Oct. 26 article in …

  • S-R has liberal slant

    Page A15 In response to David Rachoy’s letter Dec 7: You are correct that if such a thing (Gruber) was pulled by a Republican administration, it would be front-page stuff for weeks.

December 11
  • Editorial: Lobbyist meals, for lawmakers’ sake, should be easy to disclose

    Page A9 As the Washington Legislature’s ethics board prepares new rules for lobbyist meals, it should avoid piling on too many ingredients. The public ought to know when the meetings take place … 3

  • Dana Milbank: Grubering takes gaffe to new low

    Page A9 A gaffe, under the oft-cited Michael Kinsley rule, is when somebody in Washington accidentally speaks the truth. But what happens when frankness leads you to say something so monumentally stupid …

  • DOL infringes on freedoms

    Page A9 This state, through the Washington Department of Licensing, infringes upon my freedoms, and I would like them to remedy this.

  • Saddened by column

    Page A9 After reading the Nov. 29 column by retired Methodist minister Paul Graves, I was shocked and then saddened by the realization that he had obviously turned away from the truth …

  • Pass a bill, House

    Page A9 So Republican House of Representatives leadership is outraged by President Obama’s executive action on immigration reform, claiming “this is not the way democracy is supposed to work.” But democracy is …

  • Lakeland Village needed

    Page A9 All I know is that for the 30-plus years of my association with Lakeland Village there have been disability groups in Spokane and in the state that have wanted to …

December 10
  • Editorial: Aging population needs Washington state’s attention

    Page A13 As Washington awaits the release next week of Gov. Jay Inslee’s proposed 2015-2017 budget, and how it will fund another big increase in education spending, a coalition of labor, management … 2

  • Trudy Rubin: Aleppo cease-fire a symbolic start

    Page A13 When Staffan de Mistura took over as special United Nations representative on the Syria crisis – with the task of ending the violence – he faced a mission impossible. Three …

  • Whose holy book?

    Page A13 The Dec. 2 letter to the editor was titled “Graves should read Bible.” Paul Graves is a Christian minister. Yes, he has read the Bible.

  • Girls at debate impress

    Page A13 I would like to compliment The Spokesman-Review on coverage of the recent “Rhetoric in the Ring” event, held to benefit the Rogers High School Speech and Debate Club. So many …

  • Thanks for article in Boomer U

    Page A13 Thank you for the excellent Dec. 1 article by Erica Curless in Boomer U, Today on Health.

December 9
  • Editorial: As oil train shipments increase, talks needed in Olympia

    Page A11 Last spring, Washington lawmakers couldn’t agree on what to do about the increase in oil trains, but they did call for a study. Last week, key legislative leaders learned via … 15

  • Robert J. Samuelson: Not happy yet? Just wait for it

    Page A11 We all want to be happy, don’t we? Well, if you’re dissatisfied, frustrated or downright miserable, cheer up. There’s apparently a cure for you. Even better, it will materialize automatically. …

  • Vote on salaries now

    Page A11 Really? The majority of Spokane City Council members don’t think the voting public can tell the difference between a school bond, Spokane Transit Authority request and the mayor’s salary issue? …

  • Let our people ski

    Page A11 The Washington State Parks Commission decision in favor of expansion of the Mount Spokane ski area is a great victory for the citizens of Eastern Washington. The decision demonstrates that …

  • Nice to hear good news

    Page A11 What a surprise to read a story (Nov. 29) about the Boy Scouts that highlights the good that the organization can do. For too long now we have been inundated …

December 8
  • Leonard Pitts Jr.: Where’s line on cruel, unusual?

    Page A11 So what does “cruel and unusual” mean? I once asked that of a law professor. The Eighth Amendment prohibits “cruel and unusual” punishment, but I figured there had to be …

  • Laws must be followed

    Page A11 A blindfold and scales represent the American judicial system, signifying equality and balance.

  • Flying not all that bad

    Page A11 Joan Kopczynski’s rant about flying (Nov. 30) includes name-calling and labeling of “middle-class slobs,” the “over-65 crowd,” and “families with screaming children” as those catered to by the airlines. Unless …

December 7