SUNDAY, DEC. 27, 2015

Krauthammer column all gas

After reading Charles Krauthammer's Dec. 19 column, I wondered if he realizes that in the last four years the cost of natural gas has dropped precipitously due to an oversupply. It is wrong to suggest that President Obama has gutted the coal industry. The capitalist market has gutted the coal industry because it is less expensive to use natural gas. It is often Krauthammer's goal to deride Obama and when doing so, he never lets facts get in the way.

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SATURDAY, DEC. 26, 2015

Condon should keep focus

Mayor David Condon is a dedicated leader, a visionary and person who truly cares for the well-being of Spokane and its surrounding communities; qualities that make him a respected leader within our Northeastern Washington Association of Mayors. Over four years, we have witnessed the positive changes he brought to Spokane in streets, residential and commercial development, lower utility rates and more efficiency garnered restructuring City Hall.

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Refugees deserve better

Let me see if I have gotten this straight. I read that during the last five years over 130,000 Americans have either killed others or themselves with guns. It seems to me that we do not care if Americans kill Americans. Yet, we are terrified to let 10,000 thoroughly vetted Syrian refugees into our country for fear that they would probably get one of the easily gotten guns.

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Trump's words dangerous

So Donald Trump wants to temporarily stop certain groups of Muslims from entering the United States. He has just given ISIS more ammunition for their recruitment efforts. It was bad enough when he said he saw Muslims in New Jersey celebrating after 9/11. Funny how no one else saw it (except for Mr. Carson.) Trump either doesn't care, or, I'll use his favorite word, is too "stupid" to realize words have consequences. His words spread hate and fear. No wonder neo-Nazis have endorsed him. Who's next? The KKK? Wonder what those two groups think about his two foreign-born wives.

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FRIDAY, DEC. 25, 2015

Drivers, not roads, key to safety

Drivers, not roads, key to safety You have an article in the Dec. 20 Spokesman-Review about recent fatalities on highways 195 and 26. We all should feel deep sympathy for the parents of those students. I can't think of anything harder to cope with than the death of a son or daughter. I do hope that they have faith in a God in heaven who has a plan that gives us hope for an afterlife.

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Senate panel introduces tuition lock proposal

Here’s a news item from the Associated Press: BOISE, Idaho (AP) — An Idaho Senate panel has introduced legislation that would freeze college and university tuition for incoming freshman so ...

Wild Card/Tuesday — 2.9.16

I finally figured out the value of that publicly funded $2M presidential beauty contest that the Idaho GOP is holding Tuesday, March 8 -- blog fodder for Huckleberries Online. We ...

The heaviest thoughts…

The media is filled with it. A legion of younger hungry single men all foam at the mouth upon command at the thought of it. Even that wonderfully-obscure male bastion ...



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