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May 9
  • Baltimore should catch up

    Page A11 Though we may be geographically separated from the racially charged incidents occurring within our country, it is necessary to critically examine and discuss these events as they become more frequent.

  • Letter writer saves the day

    Page A11 Thank god for Curtis Stone’s letter of May 3 concerning the confiscation of our firearms. He has exposed the conspiracy by the Commie lefties to disarm us with background checks.

  • Indian Trail overloaded

    Page A11 I am a resident of the Indian Trail area, and I strongly oppose an additional 96-unit/196-parking lot apartment, high-density housing unit on Indian Trail Road (Lusitano and Selkirk are already …

  • An excuse to loot, destroy

    Page A11 The parties involved in the Baltimore riots were not concerned about the alleged victim. It is just an excuse to loot, steal and destroy.

  • Unions deserve more credit

    Page A11 I was on the golf course with two close friends a few days ago. They began berating unions and union membership. Did not have one good word to say. I …

  • Mother has common sense

    Page A11 The best news I’ve seen or heard all week was about the mother in Baltimore who saw her 16-year-old son on TV disguised and protesting. She marched down there, grabbed …

May 8
  • Editorial: Kelley keeps state on hold with refusal to step down

    Page A11 Has anybody here seen Troy Kelley? Perhaps the phantom will appear today in Pierce County Superior Court, where Judge Frank Cuthbertson is scheduled to hear a motion for his recall … 2

  • Editorial correction

    Page A11 Thursday’s editorial named the wrong jurisdiction for the initial ruling in the cellphone case. It was Thurston County Superior Court.

  • Doyle McManus: Why Congress is avoiding the war vote

    Page A11 When President Obama announced nine months ago that the United States was going to war against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Congress reached an unusual near-consensus on two big …

  • Officers should check biases

    Page A11 On April 4, in North Charleston, South Carolina, Officer Michael Slager shot Walter Scott after he ran from the scene of a routine traffic stop. Why are police officers misusing …

  • GOP attacks self-defeating

    Page A11 When the Republicans won both chambers during the last election, I hoped that the avalanche of attacks against the president would stop. On the contrary, they increased. “He is ignorant” …

May 7
May 6
  • Trudy Rubin: Sunnis need help to take on IS

    Page A13 AMMAN, Jordan – When Islamic State jihadis poured into Iraq from Syria in June and attacked Sheikh Abdullah al-Yawar’s compound, he urged the Iraqi government to fly weapons to a …

  • Editorial: Counties’ revenue plight can’t be ignored forever

    Page A13 The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office has lost 20 deputies since 2008. Lincoln County is down five. The story is much the same all over Washington, and the counties are making … 2

  • Beyond tattoos

    Page A13 I’m responding to the May 2 letter from Barb Beck of Colbert titled “Who Pays for Tattoos?” It must be the same source that pays for body piercings, acrylic nails, …

  • Do-nothing mayor

    Page A13 My monthly visit for an allergy shot forced me to negotiate the splendiferous roads in downtown Spokane. Driving my van found me bouncing around uncontrollably, even at 20 mph. I …

  • Speaking up for troops

    Page A13 As a Vietnam veteran, I would tell Jan Polignoni (May 3) that she/he is one of many Americans who thanks and appreciates all that our military has done to keep …

May 5
  • Editorial: New rules on oil trains may block transparency

    Page A9 Days after the Washington Legislature passed an oil train safety bill, the federal government released regulations that could put the public back in the dark. On Friday, U.S. Transportation Secretary … 2

  • Robert J. Samuelson: Trans-Pacific Partnership about more than trade

    Page A9 The trouble with our trade debates is that people assume they’re only about economics. Since World War II, U.S. trade policy has also been a pillar of U.S. foreign policy. …

  • Bloomsday spirit

    Page A9 As my husband and I watched the Bloomsday race Sunday morning, I was impressed by the number of young runners who noticed my husband’s Vietnam Veteran hat and paused to …

  • STA campaign was bad

    Page A9 I was not surprised how close Spokane Transit Authority Proposition 1 ballot measure was to passing considering the advertising that showed a loving STA; great for the elderly, students and …

  • County search a charade

    Page A9 So, in this large country, full of talented, experienced people, we advertise for a Spokane County chief executive officer. The selection board winnows down the choice for two county commissioners, …

May 4
  • Leonard Pitts Jr.: One-person plan for social change

    Page A11 On the Thursday before Baltimore burned, Mr. Lee went to Washington. He didn’t have far to go. The Rev. Tony Lee is the 46-year-old pastor of Community of Hope, an …

  • Out on a limb

    Page A11 Wilma Vail knows the score (“Beware quaking aspens” – April 4)

  • Pot profiteers harmful

    Page A11 Unfortunately, I believe that Washington government has equated the “gangland attitude” of profiteering shown by so many so-called medical cannabis “stores” with all of us, i.e., legitimate medical patients and …