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TUESDAY, SEPT. 20, 2016

MONDAY, SEPT. 19, 2016

9/11 snub insensitive

At first I was stunned, then angry, when I saw more than half of the front page featured Mayor Condon. (His problems could have been published on another page or another day.) What happened to 9/11, not even a flag of remembrance on the front page?

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STA plan won't help us

STA is requesting an increase in the sales tax at the next election. I live in a 55-and-over community. I called STA and asked if they are considering extending the bus service to our community off Highway 195. They informed me they were not considering a route to serve this area.

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Voting for I-735

I read once that corporations and special interest groups expect $10 in return for every $1 contributed to political campaigns and I believe it. Cathy McMorris Rodgers receives approximately $3 million in such contributions each election cycle. That suggests McMorris Rodger's corporate and special interest supporters expect $30 million in tax breaks and other sweet deals in return for their donations.

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SUNDAY, SEPT. 18, 2016

Bundys supported locally

Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy and six other armed occupiers of a federal wildlife refuge in Harney County, Oregon go on trial soon, and Ammon Bundy was quoted as saying "I was following directions from God." That source of direction would be hard to argue with, if it was true.

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CMR fighting over-reach

Recently I had the privilege of hearing Cathy McMorris Rodgers speak at a meeting I attended. She spoke of several concerns but the one which stood out was the overspending and government waste coming out of Washington D.C.

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Conquer terror sponsors

On Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016, we commemorated a day 15 years ago that rightly lives in infamy. There is only one valid response to that act of war, and that is the indefatigable and dedicated pursuit of victory against all practitioners of state-sponsored terrorism. Iran, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan are or were the four major players in that world. All of them should be conquered; their governments replaced with regimes friendly to the West.

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Effect of non-enforcement

The author of a recent letter to the editor was offended by a front page headline on Aug. 21, "Suspect in grisly killing had avoided deportation." They believed the headline was "... more aptly suited to the tabloids found in the checkout lines ...".

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Parting Shot — 10.24.16

Four Palestinian friends who were injured during conflicts walk by the sea at Gaza's small fishing harbor Monday. Fighting left thousands of people with disabilities or no limbs in this ...



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