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SUNDAY, FEB. 11, 2018

SATURDAY, FEB. 10, 2018

Baltimore Sun: Climate hot enough for you? Not for Scott Pruitt

The following editorial appeared in the Baltimore Sun: One might be tempted to assume that having Scott Pruitt – a devout climate change denier who, as head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is to public health what medieval rats were to, well, public health – admit that humans have influenced the planet’s climate would be a good thing. Not so fast.

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Coal and new industry

One can't blame Robert Murray for buying favors from Trump and Scott Pruitt. He has watched his business wane profusely as folks have decided clean water, clean air and coal worker safety are more important to 'mericans than multibillionaire businessmen.

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Importance of philosophy

I looked forward to delving into a few classes in philosophy during my undergraduate years. However, my advisors did not seem to share my enthusiasm. Philosophy, it seemed, was merely a bump in the road for most majors. Taking more than one class would be tantamount to burning your money, I was told. After all, why bother thinking if society can do that for you?

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More support for disabilities

Monday's article from the Seattle Times about Rainier School ("Report details problems at West Side institution for disabled people," Jan. 22) is not an accurate picture.

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Tax money used well at CVSD

We would like to add our voices in support of the Central Valley bond and levy coming up on February 13th, 2018. We continue to be extremely impressed with the value our community receives from the renewal of our schools. Kids in our community are proud to attend these beautiful schools and this improved environment produces excellent academic results. As parents of five Central Valley School District graduates we have watched our (now adult) children grow and thrive, largely because of the education they received at the wonderful schools in Central Valley. The teachers helped our children believe they could succeed, as a result, they have.

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Thank you, Congressman Newhouse

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Congressman Dan Newhouse. For the first time in 31 years, a major pro-growth and pro-family reform of our federal tax code was passed reducing the burden of taxes and government mandates on American families and businesses.

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Vote no on school levies

Mr. Jones is wrong ("Support school levy renewals," Jan. 21), this round of school levies is not the usual replacement category. The legislators last year raised our property taxes statewide to fund schools and also canceled the remainder of school levies across the state. Note nearly all districts are asking for a new levy. These levy requests are not replacement taxes, but may indeed be significant tax increases dependent on the school district when compared with revenues under the previous system.

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FRIDAY, FEB. 9, 2018


What’s your DST style?

A) Daylight Saving Time. B) Daylight Savings Time. C) Daylight Savings and Loan Time. D) Daylights Saving Time. E) Selection Sunday Time. F) daylight-saving time. G) The Life You Save ...