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July 30
  • Editorial: WSU scientific research gets in gear with Accelerator partnership

    Page A13 The minting of Washington State University research took a huge step forward Tuesday with the announcement of a new partnership with Seattle-based Accelerator Corp. The agreement puts the university in …

  • America first

    Page A13 Our government, under President Obama, has put the economic welfare of Israel above the safety of U.S. citizens by rescinding the order that U.S. planes could not fly into Israel. … 96

  • Vote for Shea

    Page A13 Josh Arritola (R) is challenging Matt Shea (R) in the 4th Legislative District. I’m a registered Republican and small business owner in the 4th who understands the importance of electing … 92

  • Shutdown reminder

    Page A13 Bruce Rawls (July 20) reminded us that it was Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers who was partly responsible for the government shutdown, and we should remember that come election time. What … 117

July 29
  • Editorial: Overdue action on VA welcome, but benefits crisis looms

    Page A9 With the August recess rapidly approaching, Congress has apparently reached a deal on a bill to begin repairing the Veterans Affairs health care system. It was either that or go … 6

  • Robert J. Samuelson: Solving corporate tax flight

    Page A9 Corporate America’s latest public relations disaster comes under the banner “tax inversion.” In an inversion, a U.S. company shifts its legal headquarters to a country with a lower tax rate. … 43

  • Oh no, election time

    Page A9 It’s election time again. Yippee. 89

  • Equality ruled out

    Page A9 “All men are created equal.” Due to growing inequality, those words from Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg no longer apply. 163

  • Negotiate with Iran

    Page A9 I support U.S. negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, and I hope Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell will seize this opportunity to publicly speak out in support of … 9

  • Middle East, if only

    Page A9 If ever I could be persuaded that conservatism has some value, it’s Charles Krauthammer’s July 19 column, “Missiles offer a flash of moral clarity.” It has seemed to me that … 78

July 28
  • Leonard Pitts Jr.: Keep selfies away from sacred places

    Page A9 In a place haunted by ghosts, on a thoroughfare of the damned, standing upon ground once watered by blood, Breanna Mitchell lifted a camera to take her own picture. She … 23

  • Why vote for Ozzie?

    Page A9 A couple years ago, someone smashed a window in my truck and got my wallet, a small sum of money, and my credit cards. As I canceled the cards, I … 28

  • Weak endorsement

    Page A9 The Spokesman-Review’s endorsement of the very weak Independent candidate appears to be an attempt at offering the gift of an easy-to-defeat opponent to our current 5th Congressional District representative. In … 78