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SUNDAY, FEB. 18, 2018

One-sided Vestal

Mr. Vestal arrogantly paints those preferring parent-led teaching of their children's sexual behavior with the dark brush of bigotry in his hit piece directed at the "small but relatively loud" group of detractors who stood in the way of Get Real, Planned Parenthood's sex-ed, social engineering Trojan Horse ("Schools shouldn't tiptoe on sex ed," Feb. 2).

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Peacock no comfort

I read the recent Spokesman Review article about a person trying to sneak their peacock on board an airplane, claiming the bird was a "comfort animal" ("United joins Delta in tightening rules for comfort animals," Feb. 2).

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Second Amendment limits

Jeff Hall had a very well-thought out opinion on the Second Amendment ("It's time that 'every man be armed'," Feb. 4). Much of his thoughts I agree with, and the thinking, I believe, is sound. But, I would only point out three statements that I'm quite sure are untrue.

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The Columbian: A threat to democracy that we can’t ignore

The following editorial appeared in the (Vancouver, Wash.) Columbian: While recent discussions about the stability of American democracy have centered upon Russian meddling, the issue of gerrymandering presents an equally significant threat. By actively disenfranchising voters, officials in several states have undermined the very purpose of our electoral system.

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SATURDAY, FEB. 17, 2018

Ed Rogers: GOP’s day of reckoning on guns is here

Well, here we are. Another horrific school shooting has gripped the country, and with it come the standard calls for Washington to do something. And it is time to do something. Republicans control the House, Senate and White House. We should be creative enough to come up with a few specific changes to the law, not something cosmetic or hollow, but some real initiatives that will make it harder for the evil among us to obtain the vicious weapons that have been used against innocents in recent years. To do nothing has become untenable. The Democrats on the left and the media will howl that whatever Republicans do won’t be enough. But this isn’t about satisfying them. It is about acknowledging the problem everyone else sees and using the power that voters have given Republicans to do something about it. Americans are sending their kids off to school wondering whether they will come home. Republicans cannot choose to do nothing in the face of that reality.

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A carbon tax for WA

While opponents argue against Inslee's carbon tax, if we truly consider the externalities of carbon emissions, the real question is "How can we not afford it?"

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CMR ad from Jan. 7

An advertisement ran Jan. 7 thanking Cathy McMorris Rodgers for standing up for Washington's locally owned community pharmacies as evidenced by her co-sponsoring four house bills, on two of which she was called an "original co-sponsor."

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Froma Harrop: Drop the shock. Just get these creeps out of office

You don’t have to buy into every #MeToo claim to see female dignity regularly mocked at the highest levels of government. And a president who would endorse a man banned from a mall for preying on girls for the U.S. Senate has lost the right to shock. So drop the shock. That greatly simplifies the mission for those wanting to restore honor in American political life. Just throw the creeps out.

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Jennifer Rubin: Bombshell Russia indictments: What do they all mean?

Making the first documented case of a complex plot by Russians to influence our elections and specifically to bolster President Donald Trump, special prosecutor Robert Mueller III has indicted 13 Russians and obtained a plea bargain from a cooperating U.S. witness accused of identity theft. The Washington Post reports: “The Justice Department’s special counsel announced the indictment Friday of a notorious Russian troll farm – charging 13 individuals with an audacious scheme to criminally interfere with the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

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Koch brothers

A couple of weeks ago numerous news agencies (NPR, CBS, Time, Newsweek, CNN, Fortune, Bloomberg, etc.) reported the Koch brothers plan to spend $400 million in the 2018 midterm election cycle to maintain Republican/Libertarian control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

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Five things to to remember

(Before tonight's U.S. vs. Canada gold medal hockey game.) 1. Not everyone cares for poutine. 2. The vast majority of Americans have never heard of Don Cherry. 3. The vast ...

Where’s Santa? NORAD is tracking him here

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