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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

August 9
  • Support child tax credits

    Page A11 I’ve been visiting Spokane and Cheney to help pack up and move my Eastern Washington University student after graduation. I read the article by your Shawn Vestal, “Gains made by …

  • Perils of geoengineering

    Page A11 Where Have Our Deep Blue Skies Gone?

  • Sladich is right

    Page A11 Harry Sladich is right. He is an expert hotelier. He provided his professional opinion. Businesses and governments regularly hire subject-matter experts for professional opinions. It is interesting at how many …

  • Better use for signs

    Page A11 This letter is addressed to all the candidates who are running for various and sundry positions this election season. Can I please take some of your bigger signs after the …

August 8
  • Editorial: Ruling puts onus on lawmakers to fund ‘warehousing’ mentally ill

    Page A11 For lawmakers who thought the next legislative session would be all about satisfying the McCleary mandate on education funding, the Supreme Court gave them another big-ticket item to consider: mental … 12

  • Amy Goodman: Hiroshima’s lessons for the world

    Page A11 “I hate war,” Koji Hosokawa told me as we stood next to the A-Bomb Dome in Hiroshima, Japan. The skeletal remains of the four-story building stand at the edge of …

  • Endorsement incorrect

    Page A11 Your endorsement of Mary Lou Johnson (County Commission, District 3) was factually incorrect and quite misleading. In your endorsement of Johnson you stated:

  • A royal spin job

    Page A11 I never imagined writing a letter responding to a princess. I don’t doubt Princess Haya Al Hussein’s good intentions. She notes (July 27) the importance of social and economic growth …

  • Raise standards

    Page A11 If I wrote a letter to the editor saying the moon is made of green cheese, and the Earth is flat, and that gravity is a government trick on us …

  • Upkeep before beautification

    Page A11 I am perfectly OK with the bond for beautifying Riverfront Park, but it confuses me that nothing is being said about the bridges. If we can’t walk across the bridges …

August 7
  • Dana Milbank: The battle cry of the white man

    Page A9 The unfriendly airwaves of talk radio this week gave us an inadvertently revealing moment. Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama, a Republican immigration hard-liner and part of what the Wall Street …

  • Editorial: Property tax pledge for fire, police carries financial risk

    Page A9 The 1 percent property tax increase Washington cities and counties can impose without a vote of the people has been a handy pressure-relief valve when City Council members and county … 3

  • Thin the forests

    Page A9 Let us, and our forests, breathe again. Green thinned forests – or black, burned, destroyed forests? Our choice, now.

  • Peace wasn’t rewarded

    Page A9 A July 29 letter says, “If only Arabs and Hebrews had been able to work together to make the desert bloom, with peace and goodwill. …”

  • Present both sides

    Page A9 A July 18 letter writer stated a seven-year barrage of 12,000 rockets has terrorized 1 million Israeli citizens. However, he neglected to say how many bombs and missiles responded to …

August 6
  • Trudy Rubin: Good leadership answer for Iraq

    Page A15 As the Gaza conflict drags on, Iraq has faded from the headlines, even though the country is falling to pieces. So it was intriguing to meet a terrific group of … 2

  • Editorial: Spokane smart to remove ‘crime box’ from job applications

    Page A15 In another sign the community is moving ahead with criminal justice reforms, the city of Spokane is planning to delete the “crime box” on initial job applications. Currently, many job … 1

  • Unleash the energy

    Page A15 America is currently producing 30.2 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. We are using only 26.6 trillion.

  • Comment on forest plan

    Page A15 Forest Supervisor Rick Brazell, of Lochsa Land Exchange infamy, is at it again. I encourage those who enjoy recreating in their national forests to submit electronic comments on Brazell’s proposed …

  • No more cease-fires

    Page A15 Kudos for Sheila Fox’s July 14 letter.

August 5
  • Editorial: Charities will benefit from spare change, too

    Page A9 Panhandling puts a face on poverty, and turning away from haggard individuals holding a cardboard sign can be difficult. People want to help, and that is even more the case … 16

  • Robert J. Samuelson: An age of angst for many parents

    Page A9 You could hear the tension in his voice. His 20-something daughter was living at home. She had a graduate degree from a good university that, in times past, would have … 6

  • Adopt military displays

    Page A9 I just returned from Southern California. While down there, in the cities of Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley, there was something that immediately caught my eye, and heart.

  • Equal rights in Gaza

    Page A9 Stephen Berde (July 19) says, “If Hamas fighters lay down their arms, there would be peace. If Israelis were to lay down their arms, there would be death, instantly, for …

  • Corporations and taxes

    Page A9 Catherine Rampell (July 27) had an interesting take on corporate personhood and taxes.

August 4
  • Leonard Pitts Jr.: Access separate but unequal

    Page A9 A few words about the “poor door.” Maybe you already know about this. Maybe you read on Slate, saw on Colbert or heard on NPR how a developer qualified for … 50

  • Cut VA administration

    Page A9 The main problem with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), as with most government bureaucracies, is too much administration. I believe most of the VA’s problems could be solved … 28

  • ACA misses many people

    Page A9 The Affordable Care Act was intended to provide affordable health insurance for some 40 million uninsured citizens. According to numbers on the front page of July 25 Spokesman-Review, 8 million-plus … 112

  • Look to technology

    Page A9 How many more children have to suffer an agonizing slow death in hot cars before we find a foolproof way to prevent this terrible tragedy? Year after year we are … 17

August 3