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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

November 14
November 13
November 12
  • Single issue is shortsighted

    Remember the next time you vote staunchly Republican just because of the single issue of abortion you are in a sense saying that you are willing to trade the future …

  • Firearms require competence

    There has been way too much published and broadcast lately about what is called an accidental discharge of firearms. I am a former peace officer, and in my past a …

  • Should be thankful for NRA

    Regarding the Nov. 3 letter, “NRA modern fascists”: Dorothy Carter’s comparison makes no sense whatsoever. In the 1930s, the Nazi Party disarmed the German citizens by confiscating their guns, and …

  • House taking 255 days off

    Republicans always complain that government just doesn’t work, and they are apparently correct. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives just released its 2016 schedule. Of the 365 days in the year, …

  • Milbank: Netanyahu burns bridges in front of him

    Iaraeli leader, Obama forgo even the semblance of cordiality.

  • Editorial: Invest in college access, not tax cuts

    Idaho can boost its workforce the economy by investing more in education programs such as dual-credit offerings.

November 11
  • Stop ombudsman pick

    OK, so the city of Spokane hires this person from Canada to fill the police ombudsman position. I do believe there is something wrong with the selection committee.

  • Rubin: Murder set back Mideast peace process

    Without Rabin, hope of two-state resolution on West Bank faded.

  • Prevent takeover of land

    As a senior at the University of Idaho, the pressure to know what’s next is palpable. Inevitably the dreaded question comes up: “What’s next after graduation?”

  • Accept women in STEM

    Thanks to Jared Mauldin for his thoughtful letter, reported in the Nov. 2 Spokesman-Review, regarding gender bias against girls and women interested in STEM careers. I’m not sure it’s ironic …

  • Veterans deserve our gratitude

    Veterans of all wars deserve rock star treatment.

November 10
  • Ritzville not in flood plain

    I am writing to you to share my concerns in our town of Ritzville and surrounding communities in the channeled scablands. The Federal Emergency Management Agency classifies us as in …

  • ‘Conservatives’ open spigot

    Regarding “GOP approves budget deal (Oct. 29)”: Your conservative Republican readers must have been completely dismayed by that article. This budget deal struck by former Speaker John Boehner includes raising …

  • Know-nothings alive and well

    Now that the election is over, I have some comments about an Oct. 24 article in which the reporter described all of the ways a voter could mismark a ballot: …

  • Editorial: State must change ID law

    Legislature should bring driver’s license and ID laws into compliance with federal REAL ID Act. 10

November 9
  • Too many Westerns

    “The answer to the bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun.” Arthur Houk (Oct. 30) has been watching too many old Westerns.

  • Imperfect ACA an improvement

    Sue Lani Madsen’s Oct. 31 column about the Affordable Care Act was an annoying whine. Like many anti-Obama complainers, she criticizes the ACA with nitpicky anecdotes, ignoring big picture evidence …

  • S-R favors incumbents

    In a Nov. 1 letter, Stella McDonald points to the poor legislative record of Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers over the years and asks, “Will The Spokesman-Review still endorse her in …

  • Leonard Pitts Jr.: Gun owners’ fear misplaced

    Accidental shootings outnumber self-defense use. 12

November 8
  • Kathleen Parker: Truth sets George H.W., Jeb Bush free

    Elder Bush’s candor helps clear away family issues for Jeb’s campaign. 1

  • Anti-oil tunnel vision

    I’m always reading complaints about fracking. “It will cause earthquakes!”

  • Maps in stories would help

    I am a daily reader of The Spokesman-Review and enjoy the local paper immensely for its historical, informational and educational values. I wish more people would glean the value of …

  • Shoot straight on guns

    Letter writer Arthur Houk (“Employ trained marksmen,” Oct. 30) has endorsed a sure-fire solution to tragic mass shootings such as the recent incident at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon.

  • Blessed to have Smith, Barbieri

    What a great, informative article Shawn Vestal wrote for the Oct. 30 Spokesman-Review. Our community is richly blessed to have Sharon Smith and Don Barbieri doing their magic in many …

  • Pray in private

    Check the rule book. Bremerton School District officials need not cite past U.S. Supreme Court cases concerning religious displays on a public football field. The assistant coach need only follow …

  • Home businesses imperiled

    If you have a home-based business in the Spokane Valley, you need to start watching what our City Council is attempting to do. Because of a few residents that have …