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SATURDAY, FEB. 17, 2018

More voodoo economics

The Republican members of Congress have finally proven that they are unable to add two and two and come up with four. The tax "reform" bill which they passed adds to the national deficit instead of reducing it. It makes President Trump's promises to build a border wall, invest in infrastructure, and replace the Affordable Care Act with "something better" empty promises because the bill will not generate the revenue to do those things. Less revenue equals less funding. Less funding means fewer government services.

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Radical point of view

I don't agree with everything President Trump says but I have to respond to the letter from Wm. Worden ("Silence on Trump is complicity," Jan. 31).

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Stigma on mothers and sons

If a man lives with his mother or spends time with her, he is considered weak. I resent this attitude as it implies that women are weak and we are assuredly not. It also implies that all mothers try to keep their sons from growing up by telling them what to do and cuddling them, which is also insulting. This is not the truth.

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FRIDAY, FEB. 16, 2018

Kathleen Parker: Invasion of the bots

WASHINGTON – If you want to know whether Democrats will take back the House and/or Senate in November, just ask Russia. Or rather, ask the Russian trolls who have triumphed in disseminating real “fake news” to influence U.S. elections. They credibly did so in 2016 by creating a more-favorable electoral environment for Donald Trump. And, reportedly, they’re determined to make trouble again in the 2018 midterms.

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51st state

Mr. Rob Chase ("51st state would represent us better") might be happier moving his Liberty Lake residence about six miles to the east. There, the "us" he longs for is to be found in abundance. There, he would be free to associate with those who share his values. Here, we value every person: our education and health. We value our diversity. We value the land and water that sustains us. All of us.

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Elizabeth Bruenig: The latest schoolhouse slaughter shows we have been defeated

Nothing symbolizes the foreclosure of the future like the slaughter of a nation’s young. And it’s so routine now – there have been 18 school shootings in 2018, an average of one every 60 hours – that attention will quickly fade, as it does with subjects one doesn’t intend to do anything about. Another word for that bitter fatalism is defeat. And we have been, in an important moral sense, defeated. We won’t do anything about it, or can’t; the fact is so well understood that we don’t even need new commentaries stating as much for each shooting – we just recycle the old ones, from the old shootings. If this is what American freedom means, if this is what the Constitution entails, if this is where prayer gets us, then it’s easy to understand why millennials – the first generation to be raised on a steady stream of schoolhouse slaughter – barely believe in anything, democracy, American-style liberty, America’s future and organized religion included.

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First Night

The first time Spokane had a community New Year's festival, almost 20 years ago, there was only one other business open: Moreland Coffee. First Night saw 17,000 people downtown and the lines went around the block at Moreland's.

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Let people make own opinions about firearms

I grew up shooting rifles and shotguns in the general direction of targets and birds on my grandfather's farm in Chehalis. I don't think I ever hit any. I was supervised by my uncle and it was safe despite my young age and utter lack of shooting ability.

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THURSDAY, FEB. 15, 2018

CO2, Inslee gets it

In Mark Duclos' letter ("Tax will hurt more than help," Jan. 24), he stated that "there is absolutely no need for this stupid carbon tax" being proposed by Gov. Inslee. In the interest of removing stupidity from this issue I would like to help Mr. Duclos understand why a carbon tax is needed.

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Dana Milbank: Falsehoods fly freely in Trump’s America

This is the autopsy of a lie. On the night of Nov. 18, Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez was found dying on the side of an interstate in West Texas. There were immediate signs it had been an accident. Martinez’s partner, Stephen Garland (who suffered a head injury and doesn’t recall the incident), had radioed for help, saying he thought he ran into a culvert.

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Five things to to remember

(Before tonight's U.S. vs. Canada gold medal hockey game.) 1. Not everyone cares for poutine. 2. The vast majority of Americans have never heard of Don Cherry. 3. The vast ...

Where’s Santa? NORAD is tracking him here

For decades the folks at the North American Aerospace Defense Command have kept track of Santa Claus as part of their duties of watching anything that comes over the North ...