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July 22
  • Fagan clarifies position

    Page A11 Wow. The July 16 candidate feature, “Candidates make their pitches,” really distorted my position on the matter of equal rights and pay. The article states “He (Fagan) thinks allowing women …

  • Gambling itself is bad

    Page A11 Over the past couple of years, there has been much rhetoric about the threat to Fairchild Air Force Base by the proposed tribal casino in Airway Heights. However, there is …

  • Lightfoot not a hate group

    Page A11 So Shawn Vestal (June 26) is complaining about a murder being “under the radar.” First of all, it doesn’t fit the stereotype of a right-wing wacko murder: No AR-15, no …

July 21
  • Editorial: Stratton, Verduin best City Council choices for general election

    Page A11 The race for Spokane City Council District No. 3 is the most competitive on the primary ballot, with four good candidates vying for the seat vacated by Steve Salvatori one … 14

  • Robert J. Samuelson: Puerto Rico’s economic crisis not comparable to Greece

    Page A11 We’re told that Puerto Rico is our Greece, and sometimes it seems so. The U.S. territory (its residents have been American citizens since 1917) has a heap of economic problems. …

  • Vote Kinnear for District 2

    Page A11 Lori Kinnear is running for the open South Hill, District 2 Spokane City Council seat. Lori has over six years experience working in the council office. She is the longest-serving …

  • Web offers many civics lessons

    Page A11 George Nethercutt’s expressed mission (July 4) to make students more civically aware is commendable in intent, but raises some questions. Is the objective the same that has encumbered the effectiveness …

  • STA has plenty of riders

    Page A11 Dean Pyle (July 12) clearly does not ride Spokane Transit Authority buses, as he is incorrect when he says that the buses are never loaded with more than six fare-paying …

July 20
  • Leonard Pitts Jr.: Trump’s rise telling for GOP

    Page A9 He’s number one?! Yes, it’s an early poll and, as such, pretty near useless.

  • Fagan needed on council

    Page A9 Mike Fagan is running for re-election to the Spokane City Council. Mike has been under a lot of criticism lately, but he has stood firm. The criticism is because he …

  • Celebrate without fireworks

    Page A9 This Fourth of July was worse than a nightmare for many residents of Eastern Washington. Several fires were traceable to fireworks.

July 19
  • Kathleen Parker: On treating human fetuses as commodities

    Page B10 In his satirical solution to Ireland’s prolific poor, especially among Catholics whose fish diet was thought to enhance fertility, Jonathan Swift suggested a new menu item: succulent 1-year-olds for dinner. …

  • Ann McFeatters: Calling out candidates’ so-called bold, new promises

    Page B10 We interrupt your summer to bring you bold, new promises from the growing list of people with huge egos who wish to become president. We helpfully provide translations. New Jersey …

  • Editorial: Condon and Fagan deserves re-election

    Page B10 The Spokesman-Review strongly endorses the re-election of David Condon as city of Spokane mayor, and Mike Fagan as District 1 city councilman. Condon’s two opponents in the primary are Shar … 26

  • Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers: Forest, wildfire bill needs to become law

    Page B11 With wildfires burning across the Northwest, the U.S. House of Representatives has taken action to prevent catastrophic fire, effectively fight wildfires when they happen, and bring jobs and opportunity to … 8

  • ACA hurts practices, patients

    Page B11 The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled on the red party’s attempt to trim President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Most of it will remain the same. How will this affect us, …

  • Purge Founding Father names?

    Page B11 If the current trend continues, “Honors for racists being reconsidered” (July 6), one could logically conclude that we will need to change the name of Washington state and our nation’s …

  • Confederates weren’t traitors

    Page B11 I viewed a striking anomaly in Johnny Erp’s July 11 letter. How anyone could be so correct about one thing, yet so wrong on another, is beyond me.

  • Supporting states’ rights

    Page B11 Some contend the Civil War was only about slavery. That is simplistic and unreasonable. It was partially about slavery. A person’s ability to own another ended with the war. That …

  • Stratton’s a leader for Spokane

    Page B11 Since her appointment to the Spokane City Council last September, Karen Stratton has been a vocal champion of civil service principles and fairness in government hiring.

  • Trump free with speech

    Page B11 I don’t get why some people are so upset with Donald Trump’s remarks. He is running for president, and he is addressing issues that are important. He has the guts …

  • Union fees voluntary

    Page B11 Regarding “Unions should earn members” (July 12), by Cindy Omlin:

  • Take ‘Wright’ out of name

    Page B11 Regarding Nancy Street (July 10) and many other commentators on Fort George Wright Drive: It is my understanding that the name honors the fact that there was a significant military …

  • Large buses cost-effective

    Page B11 People are always complaining about mass-transit bus system efficiency. The buses run most of the time half-empty. One of the first suggestions is that the system should be using smaller …

July 18