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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

October 18
  • Shea has union support

    Page B5 I’m glad The Spokesman-Review covered the Oct. 6 debate between Josh Arritola and Matt Shea. It was one of Shea’s rare appearances in public, at least in our state.

  • Speaker choices scary

    Page B5 Last year, I was disappointed when Whitworth University brought noted plagiarist Doris Kearns Goodwin to town for its President’s Leadership Forum.

  • Ringo reflects Idaho values

    Page B5 As a retired educator, I urge your vote on Nov. 4 for Shirley Ringo for Congress.

  • Confident in Beggs

    Page B5 Many of us know someone affected by a mental health issue. Fewer of us know someone so afflicted and incarcerated. More than half of those in jails and/or prisons suffer …

  • Need justice reforms

    Page B5 At this pivotal time of change, what the Spokane County prosecutor’s office needs is Breean Beggs. He is an innovator and his expertise in criminal justice reform is second to …

October 17
  • Editorial: County, too, could benefit from having ombudsman

    Page A11 The ombudsman cometh. Again. Maybe. Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich has asked the Spokane County Commissioners to consider an agreement that would extend the purview of city ombudsman Tim Burns from the … 8

  • Ebola fight needs world’s action

    Page A11 The headlines shift hourly between Ebola and ISIS. The question is often asked, “Should we put boots on the ground?” The answer is yes – but not in the Middle …

  • Dalton has integrity

    Page A11 As a resident of Spokane Valley, I am writing in support of retaining Vicky Dalton as Spokane County auditor. I must be candid and state that I do not know …

  • Two reasons for Haskell

    Page A11 There are two strong reasons that Spokane County voters have to vote for Larry Haskell for Spokane County prosecutor:

  • Better uses for money

    Page A11 So, Spokane Mayor David Condon feels himself worthy of a $7,000 raise next year, granting himself an estimated $180,000 annual gross, and advocates similarly for his own appointees. He takes …

October 16
  • Editorial: Expand checks on gun sales: Vote yes on 594, no on 591

    Page A9 The politics of Initiative 594 – background checks on private weapons sales – bear a resemblance to those of Initiative 502, the ballot measure that legalized recreational marijuana in Washington. … 74

  • Dana Milbank: A reminder that life is fleeting

    Page A9 There haven’t been a whole lot of good Jewish carpenters since Jesus. As I have just learned anew, I’m not about to reverse the trend.

  • Beggs shows leadership

    Page A9 Our current prosecuting attorney, Steve Tucker, certainly hasn’t shown any real leadership within the office and often seems to have difficulty making any decision. One candidate for this office, Larry …

  • Return Tveit to District Court

    Page A9 I served 25 years as the victim services director in Stevens County and recently retired. As a result I was in close contact with the court system and know both …

  • College speaking done right

    Page A9 Shawn Vestal (“What are colleges’ speakers teaching?” Oct. 4) muses about what colleges hope to teach students by sponsoring ethically questionable speakers like Condoleezza Rice and Angelo Mozilo. For-profit celebrity …

October 15
  • Editorial: New oil rail rules must ensure accountability

    Page A11 Spokane residents and officials frustrated by a railroad and oil industry filibuster at a June hearing on oil train safety will get another opportunity Oct. 28, and they’ll have new … 4

  • Nobel panel chose well for peace

    Page A11 The Nobel committee finally got the Peace Prize right in 2014. After blowing the chance to choose Malala Yousafzai last year – as a brave and inspiring champion of girls’ …

  • Kayak settlement wrong

    Page A11 This is in response to the $400,000 settlement between Gonzaga University and the family of Christopher Gormley, a freshman who died on a kayaking trip with the university. Although it …

  • Pakootas will work for us

    Page A11 We deserve better than Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers as our representative in Congress. Since 1994, when Tom Foley was defeated by George Nethercutt, the middle-class interests in our 5th Congressional …

  • Confused by endorsement

    Page A11 I’m scratching my head over The Spokesman-Review’s endorsement (Oct. 5) of Michael Baumgartner for 6th Legislative District senator.

October 14
  • Robert J. Samuelson: Why is the world economy so weak?

    Page A21 It’s become a dreary ritual. Every six months, the International Monetary Fund forecasts the global economy – and cuts its previous forecast. Despite an army of economists, all of its …

  • Editorial: Token challengers leave seats to incumbents

    Page A21 It’s disappointing when political races don’t draw the kinds of challenges that force robust debates on the issues, and that’s what happened in Legislative District 3, Position 2 and Legislative … 5

  • Revitalize the park

    Page A21 I grew up listening to family talk about the glories of Expo ’74: the culture, the exhibits and the dramatic transformation that took place in Spokane at Riverfront Park. Spokane, …

  • I-594 leads to confiscation

    Page A21 If voters knew the truth about Initiative 594, then the repressive, anti-gun measure would suffer a massive defeat. Is that why our rabidly anti-gun media is giving preferential treatment to …

  • Not a voice for women

    Page A21 I write to urge Carolyn Williams (Sept. 27), and women and men like her, to begin taking their information about Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers from the Congressional Record rather than …

October 13
  • Leonard Pitts Jr.: Rights deserve timely respect

    Page A9 Last week, a federal judge told us what we already knew. Namely, that police in Ferguson, Missouri, violated the rights of protesters demonstrating against the shooting death of Michael Brown. …

  • Big money? Ask

    Page A9 With elections just around the corner, I challenge each of us to find and vote for those candidates willing to create meaningful change in politics. Our system is broken, and …

  • Wolfe for assessor

    Page A9 CJ Wolfe is the man for Stevens County assessor.

October 12