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Don't skip vote

This is in reference to "Vote Republican, skip Trump," a June 16 letter asking voters to vote Republican but leave the presidential selection blank. While I agree with the writer about Mr. Trump, I strongly disagree with his idea to leave the presidential selection blank or choose someone else other than the Democratic candidate.

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Fight status quo for sake of nation 

I’m afraid. I admit it. I’m a gay man living in a country that seems to be fighting the legitimacy of my existence on a constant basis. Then one morning I wake up to a nightmare of 49 people killed at a gay nightclub. Just one day before, I celebrated Pride in Spokane and spent time with friends doing exactly what people were doing in Orlando. The only difference? I survived.

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Limit rapid-fire rifles

As a lifelong gun owner and Vietnam combat infantry veteran, I, and the NRA, recognize that modern rapid-fire assault rifles are only designed to kill other human beings, essentially at fairly short range.

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Limit, track bullets

In response to the editorial on gun regulation, I agree that current and wannabe legislators must commit to effective gun law passage as the price of getting elected. But don't stop with gun registration. It's the bullets that kill.

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Pakootas gets gun issue

The NRA's "weapons woman" is Washington state's very own Cathy McMorris Rodgers. She has received over $12,000 from the NRA, and she works hard for them. In 2012, when 20 schoolchildren and six adults were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary school, Cathy commented, "I think we have to be careful about new-suggesting new gun laws."

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Reinstate assault weapons ban

Following the Orlando massacre, President Obama has called on Congress to reinstate the assault weapons ban "to make it harder for terrorists to use these weapons to kill us."

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Rodeo was well done

I have lived in the Arden area just six miles south of Colville, for 10 1/2 years. I serve as pastor of the Arden Faith Baptist Church, and I decided to go to the Arden Old Timers Rodeo.

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Senate bill takes steps to improve wildfire fight

Called the Wildfire Budgeting, Response, and Forest Management Act, it would, yet again, attempt to end the trick called “fire borrowing,” where money for forest management, fire prevention and treatment is gobbled up to pay firefighting costs.

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Support EMS program

I wanted to share some information with our community about Spokane County Fire District 4's Emergency Medical Service program. Currently, 76.5 percent of all emergency calls are for EMS. This is the emergency service our community uses most.

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Terrorism comparison

I am a Catholic. So were members of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) who did kill Protestants in Northern Ireland - Protestants as disliked by the IRA as gays are by some coreligionists (including some Catholics as well as Muslims).

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Trump doesn't respect office

In my opinion, Trump has no respect for the office he is seeking, the president of the United States of America. This office is the most internationally important, the most prestigious, the most powerful position on our planet.

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FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2016


Parting Shot — 7.1.16

Photo Set (4 photos by Kathy Plonka/SR, click arrows above) Four-year-old Taylor Gustin of Coeur d’Alene marches in the annual Kids Parade in Coeur d’Alene this morning. The parade kicks ...

When you put a firecracker in a cow pie

I got a note from my friend John Mraz. "Growing up on a farm, our favorite firecracker maneuver was to find a fresh cow pie, insert firecracker, and then light ...



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