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THURSDAY, SEPT. 13, 2018

More on 911 center

Rebecca White's well-written comprehensive article last Thursday ("Pushback over hire of new 911 director," Aug 30) covered a thorny topic that has multiple layers. As one of the people quoted in the article, I'd like to add a few points:

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Max Boot: Protest is as American as football. Why doesn’t Trump get it?

The tang of fall is nearly in the air. The summer is all but over. Football season is here. Are you ready for some . . . culture war? This war may feel unending, but it only began a little more than two years ago. During a preseason game on Aug. 26, 2016, Colin Kaepernick, then the quarterback of my beloved San Francisco 49ers, refused to stand during the playing of the national anthem to protest police brutality against African-Americans. Soon the trend spread across the NFL.

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Imagine the nightmare

Imagine you and your family are on an outing to Canada. When you arrive, Canadian Customs is closed but you drive into town for dinner anyway.

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Johnson has the experience

I am writing to endorse Patrick Johnson for the Spokane County District Court judge position. I have known Patrick since I was a deputy prosecutor in Spokane County 16 years ago and know that he will make a good judge for District Court.

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TUESDAY, SEPT. 11, 2018

Let's compare motives

Over the last week or so we've been pounded with TV ads concerning Liberal Lisa Brown. Apparently the only reason she runs for office is to raise taxes. Wow. Good to know.

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State buries, not promotes, religion

Last month, Sandra Christensen submitted a letter in which she actually accused the government of promoting a state religion ("Great or hate?," Aug. 19, 2018). Although she never gave it a name, I can only surmise she's referring to Christianity.

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Team up on Albi

I have watched the debate over a "downtown stadium" versus continued use of Albi with interest. I have felt for a long time that the city never realized the potential that Albi could provide. For example, summer outdoor concerts, that Northern Quest Casino has great success with.

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MONDAY, SEPT. 10, 2018