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Thu., June 15, 2017

Time to negotiate

I was privileged to serve in uniform around the globe as an enlisted sailor in the U.S. Navy for 12 years. In the Navy, we achieved great things because we acted as a team and we communicated with each other, even when we disagreed. Unfortunately, state Senate Republicans do not seem to understand these lessons. They need to remember that we are, in the end, all on the same team.

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TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2017

Tue., June 13, 2017

County beats dead horse

My first reaction to the "County plans lawsuit" headline was, really! Then I thought of an old saying, just how many times can you beat a dead horse? Our commissioners went to battle on this tribal casino issue and they lost. Now they want to spend our taxpayer's money to a law firm in Seattle to keep beating a broken drum. Again, I say really, let it go, you lost, get over it.

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Tue., June 13, 2017

Hypocrites on violence

Republican hypocrisy is front and center with recent attacks on comedian Kathy Griffin after her distasteful skit showing a representation of a decapitated Donald Trump. Presidential candidate Trump repeatedly encouraged violence against liberals, and his followers gleefully obeyed, so much so that he's now facing court cases for inciting violence. In 2016, several Trump rally attendees publicly threatened Hillary Clinton, but that was okay with his supporters. Aging rocker Ted Nugent physically threatened both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and was rewarded a year later with an invitation to the Trump White House.

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MONDAY, JUNE 12, 2017

Mon., June 12, 2017

Don't dismantle programs

Concerning the May 24 article, "Trump proposes to sell off Bonneville Power assets" and the May 27 article, "Trump's budget cuts West Coast quake warning system funding."

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Europe Tour 2017: Chapter Five

SARAJEVO, Bosnia Herzegovina - Week four of my four months of travel throughout Europe is now in the books. The official count for my journey without adult supervision is five ...