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MONDAY, NOV. 21, 2016

Trump actions abolishing HR departments

With the election now completed, expect another demise of a career choice: Human Relations. What made most workplaces a safe haven with rules of etiquette in vogue has just been abolished by electing Donald Trump to the highest office in the land. His complete disregard of respect for anyone not named Trump is a travesty.

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SUNDAY, NOV. 20, 2016

Have love in your heart

In the early 1930s, when I was a young child in the sparsely populated Dishman Hills, our closest neighbor was a black family who lived about three-fourths of a mile away. Their name was Brown and they owned a nightclub called the Pirate's Den. They later renamed it Club Harlem. It was on a bluff overlooking old Sprague Avenue.

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No similarity between Hussein, Obama

Michael Ramirez may have thought he was clever with his Nov. 15 cartoon in The Spokesman-Review, comparing the take-down of Saddam Hussein to that of Obama's legacy. I was personally offended. There is not a shred of similarity between these two men except for being in power. Barack and Michelle Obama have served this country for eight years with great honor and integrity, and no personal scandals. No one can take that legacy away from them.

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Respect differences

Last Friday, my 22-year-old daughter was working at a fast food restaurant in the Gonzaga district when a customer said to her "I'm glad Trump is president; now dykes like you have to keep your legs closed." While his words were confused, his message of intolerance was crystal clear.

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Support needle exchange program

Political changes following an election have obvious impacts on policies and programs. As members of the Spokane medical community and the torch bearers of health care's future, we want to express our support for continuing the Needle Exchange Program through these uncertain political times.

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Trump backers sent clear message

To the Trump supporters, congratulations. You just sent a very clear message to your children and grandchildren – that's it's OK to be a racist, a bully, a sexist, a bigot; it's OK to mock the handicapped, to call an entire race derogatory names, to demean others' religion, to threaten anyone who disagrees with you, to call your opponents insulting names.

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Parting Shot — 12.2.16

Tacoma Police Department animal control officer Kate Madden salutes during the procession for Tacoma police Officer Reginald "Jake" Gutierrez on Friday in Tacoma, Wash. Crowds gathered to pay respects to ...

The week that was…

Tonight’s “Idaho Reports” on Idaho Public Television includes an update on the events of the week, including the Associated Taxpayers of Idaho annual conference, a traditional run-up to the legislative ...



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