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FRIDAY, DEC. 29, 2017

Amy Goodman: The fight to protect journalists

President Donald Trump is being credited with achieving the first legislative accomplishment of his presidency, pushing the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” through Congress. He described it as “an incredible Christmas gift for hardworking Americans,” but in reality it’s the largest wealth transfer from the bottom to the top in American history.

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Devastation of Trump administration

As with many of you, I was disgruntled by the 2016 election results and the predictable incompetence, enmity and greed expected of a Trump administration. He did not disappoint, but the extent of the devastation has been unprecedented. Never in the history of this country has a chief executive waged an active war, often by Twitter, with the opposing political party, the press, ethnic minorities, immigrants, our LBGT citizens, our allies, anything reminiscent of the former administration, political and moral convention, the intelligence agencies and Justice Department and, frankly, the majority of the American people. His lies are legion and daily

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Sensationalizing death

Regarding your recent article on Chuck Jungblum's accidental death: I, in no way, condone what he did in the past, but he did serve his sentence and returned to his home to help his wife care for their only child who was gravely ill from juvenile diabetes. At the time of the accident they were en route to help care for her as she fought for her life in an ICU unit. The fact that you sensationalized the story to sell news was heartless, hurting only the innocent family left.

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Why is Cathy smiling?

Cathy McMorris Rodgers, why did you vote for the Trump tax scam? What is it that you don't like about the majority of your constituents--the majority who aren't millionaires? Do you enjoy watching what appears to be many of us going about in some sort of daze, oblivious to your actions, minding our own lives without a care about what you are doing in Washington, D.C.? You're always smiling behind Paul Ryan during his press conferences, knowing your seat in Congress was safe. Note my choice of verb "was". Once the voters in the 5th Congressional District really understand your support for the rich, the corporations and Trump, the majority who have been sitting on the sidelines and not voting will rise up and remove you from office. See what happened in Alabama?

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THURSDAY, DEC. 28, 2017

How to measure life lost?

How do we measure the value of a life lost because of a train derailment, a city gone up in smoke because of an oil train explosion following a derailment or a city's water system polluted by gallons of spilled Bakken Crude Oil?

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Renewable energy now

In light of epic fires and floods caused by human C02 and methane emissions, has anyone else noticed that the Earth continues spinning with or without human life? How foolish that we poison our paradise. Fossil fuels are the drugs fed to us by corporations that profit from our hobbled dependence. The Citizens United decision tells us that corporations are people. If so, let us pray for these people to find self-preserving wisdom, even as the corporations prey on us. It is time to become sober. Renewable energy now.

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WEDNESDAY, DEC. 27, 2017

Birth of murderers

It can be established that almost all of U.S. mass murderers entered the country through our hospital maternity wards. Overwhelmingly more entered by that route than entered through migration from Muslim countries. For that matter, whether or not they are currently observant, the religious background of these murderers is Christian, not Muslim. It appears that no one is following up on this massive religious preponderance.

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Don't fall for Albi scam

So I see we have a "new"scam from Spokane Public Schools. Let's get rid of our 30,000 seat Joe Albi and build a new smaller stadium downtown. What's wrong? Let's see, downsize the stadium and put it where there isn't any parking and what parking there is you will have to pay for.

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Newfound morality

Jennifer Rubin's Dec. 11 column was an exercise in partisan hypocrisy to the nth degree. Her rant against the GOP has many points that are factual, but her whitewashing of the Democrats by ignoring the facts is shameful.

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EORAC adopts the governor’s revenue projection

Sen. Steve Bair, R-Blackfoot, moved to “accept the governor’s projections as reasonable,” and for 2018 set the EORAC projection for state general fund revenues for fiscal year at $3.6409 billion, ...

Where’s Santa? NORAD is tracking him here

For decades the folks at the North American Aerospace Defense Command have kept track of Santa Claus as part of their duties of watching anything that comes over the North ...