Bauer tops field of 230 in Langlauf nordic ski race

Even though his mom put a damper on his pace, Brad Bauer of Seattle cruised to an easy victory by more than 2 minutes Sunday in the Langlauf 10-kilometer cross-country ski race at Mount Spokane.

From the mass start in the 34th annual classic-style event, Bauer steadily pulled away from the 230 starters, gaining a lead of more than a minute past the halfway point where he was coming back against the flow of slower skiers.

“You can ski a more relaxed race and focus on your technique and stay fast when there’s nobody knocking on your back door,” he said.

“But I have to admit, I lost my concentration on Raven’s Glide (trail segment) when I found myself looking for my mom coming the other way.”

That’s the nature of Langlauf: It’s a family race of speedsters and shufflers, young and old.

Some skiers compete in the wood-skis division while some shun comfortable high-tech clothing for the natural itchiness of the “woollies” division.

Jim Nania of Liberty Lake was a standout on wood skis in a three-piece wool suit complete with a 100-year-old tie.

Paul Rossow of Spokane started at the back of the pack and finished near the end of the field pulling a covered trailer sled with his young daughter, Annika, napping inside.

“She’s 4 years old, and this is her fourth time finishing Langlauf,” Rossow said, wiping his brow and showing the strain of pulling a heavy sled around the hilly course.

“And, I might add, this is her last time doing the race in a sled.”

The race launched at 11 a.m. under sunny skies, excellent grooming and temperatures just under freezing even though high winds the previous night had toppled the scaffolding at the start-finish area, sprawling the sound system into the parking lot.

Brad Bauer finished in 28:25. The top female finisher was his aunt, Deb Bauer of Spokane, in 32:43.

Brad Bauer, 37, has won Langlauf eight times since he began entering the event in 2000.

Deb Bauer, 45, has won the women’s division 18 times since she began entering the race in 1988 – a 24-year period that includes four second-place women’s finishes and two events she did not enter.

“This is the only sport where the competition gets tougher as you get older,” said Rob Benedetti, looking a bit bewildered after the race as he surveyed his placement among the posted scores for the 55-59-year-old age group.

Final Results

Overall male: Brad Bauer, Seattle, 28:25.

Overall female: Deb Bauer, Seattle, 32:43.

Top 10 placers: 1, Brad Bauer, Seattle, 28:25. 2, Nathan Caproni, Spokane, 30:44. 3, Peter Boveng, Seattle, 31:20. 4, Brian Abrams, 32:01. 5, Jared France, Sandpoint, 32:22. 6, Nicholas Bauer, Spokane, 32:29. 7, Jud Ford, Spokane, 32:40. 8, Deb Bauer, Seattle, 32:43. 9, Colin McCarthy, Spokane, 32:44. 10, Alan Johnson, Spokane, 33:08.

Top three placers in each division, followed by home, and overall time.

Male 10 years old and under: 1, Andrew Sonneland, Colbert, 46:27. 2, Robert Dunlap, Colbert, 50:19. 3, Patrick Korus, Spokane, 57:46.

Female 10 years old and under: 1, Maya Lebar, Spokane, 55:53. 2, Calysta Drake, Deer Park, 59:07. 3, Linnea Sunderman, Spokane, 1:05:50.

Male 11-14 years old: 1, Ian McCarthy, Spokane, 35:05. 2, Daniel Korus, Spokane, 35:37. 3, Andrew Potyk, Spokane, 36:11.

Female 11-14 years old: 1, Grace Ford, Spokane, 37:07. 2, Corinn Bryant, Spokane, 39:34. 3, Kate Hawkins, Spokane, 48:59.

Male 15-19: 1, Colin McCarthy, Spokane 32:44. 2, Scott Strong, Spokane, 34:29. 3, Dylan Driscoll, Spokane 36:38.

Female 15-19: 1, Brynn Williams, Sandpoint, 41:46. 2, Retta Hill, Spokane, 51:18. 3, Anna Aho, Spokane, 1:12:44.

Male 20-34: 1, Charles Joy, Spokane, 33:09. 2, Wyeth Larson, Spokane, 33:57. 3, Drew Schlieder, Spokane 37:04.

Female 20-34: 1, Haley Cooper-Scott, Spokane, 37:42. 2, Jeannie Nelson, Spokane, 42:32. 3, Megan Bircher, Coeur d’Alene 49:21.

Male 35-39: 1, Nathan Caproni, Spokane, 30:44. 2, Jon Jonckers, Spokane, 47:00. 3, Brent Perdue, Colbert, 49:58.

Female 35-39: 1, Lisa Sunderman, Spokane, 42:08. 2, Tanya Keeble, Spokane, 42:33. 3, Truc Pham, Spokane, 58:24.

Male 40-44: 1, Jud Ford, Spokane, 32:40. 2, Alan Johnson, Spokane, 33:08. 3, Douglas Krumpleman, Hayden Lake, 38:34.

Female 40-44: 1, Camille, Jordalen, Chattaroy, 42:01. 2, Erika Krumpleman, Hayden Lake, 42:46. 3, Lael Hinds, Spokane 43:57.

Male 45-49: 1, Eric Ginn, Spokane, 33:50. 2, Ned Brandenberger, Sandpoint, 35:02. 3, Ben Suttlemyre, Coeur d’Alene, 37:55.

Female 45-49: 1, Alison Scott, Spokane, 38:19. 2, Megan Roland, Spokane, 46:23. 3, Molly May, Spokane, 51:11.

Male 50-54: 1, Peter Boveng, Seattle, 31:20. 2, Brian Abrams, 32:01. 3, Jared France, Sandpoint, 32:22.

Female 50-54: 1, Alison Weiner, Spokane, 41:10. 2, Lisa Meiners, Spokane, 46:10. 3, Dawn Schaaf, Spokane, 51:02.

Male 55-59: 1, Bruce Utsey, Spokane, 33:58. 2, Brad Williams, Sandpoint, 36:21. 3, Bert Pschunder, Redmond, Wash., 36:53.

Female 55-59: 1, Dawni Jensen, Spokane, 47:40. 2, Gwen Pentecost, Pullman, 54:02. 3, Jude Martin, Spokane, 54:12.

Male 60-65: 1, James Bauer, Spokane, 36:06. 2, Bodhi Densmore, Spokane, 37: 52. 3, Sam Schlieder, Spokane, 38:14.

Female 60-65: 1, Jane Joseph, Spokane, 50:40. 2, Linda Bauer, Spokane, 1:01:22. 3, Meredith Heick, Spokane, 1:09:45.

Male 66 and over: 1, William Greene, Spokane, 43:53. 2, Dwight McCain, Coeur d’Alene, 45:21. 3, Alex Nilsson, Creston, 46:48.

Female 66 and over: 1, Inge Bohnet, Spokane, 1:14:42.

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