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Bill Jennings: Introducing the offspring to the slopes

Introducing kids to skiing and snowboarding is a big investment for parents. There’s no guarantee time and money spent will result in a freshly-minted enthusiast. But the fifth grade passport program lets you try before you buy.

Scotchman Peaks winter hiking series starts Saturday

HIKING – The Friends of the Scotchman Peaks 12th winter hike series starts January 20. Join a guided winter hike in the Scotchman Peaks proposed wilderness areas. The hikes range in difficulty from easy to very strenuous. FSPW Executive Director Phil Hough will lead the season’s first hike, Saturday. Saturday’s moderate hike will take participants from Lightning Creek to Regal Creek Trail.

End of season is bittersweet day for bird dogs

Scout, an English setter, holds a steady point on a quail covey he sniffed out in Lincoln County on Monday as hunter Tim Hood moves in for the flush. (Rich Landers / The Spokesman-Review)
My old English setter was melted into his dog bed Tuesday morning. He was stiff but fulfilled from closing out Washington’s upland bird hunting season Monday afternoon with a nose full of sage and quail scent.

Lookout’s wife-carrying contest a big hit

Participants in the Lookout Pass annual wife-carrying race scramble off the starting line on Jan. 14. Justin Shipman and Megan Cox, center, won the race and were awarded $139. (Eli Francovich / The Spokesman-Review)
Under normal circumstances it’s a major faux pas to ask someone’s weight. And many, when asked, might shave a few pounds off in the telling.

Reader photo: Prepare for takeoff

A pair of trumpeter swans preparing for takeoff at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge on Jan. 13. (Cortney Litwin / Courtesy)
Cortney Litwin caught a pair of trumpeter swans preparing for takeoff at Turnbull Wildlife Refuge on Jan. 13. “It takes tremendous effort to get 30 pounds off the ground and into the air,” Litwin wrote.

New ranger in Coeur d’Alene River district

A new deputy district ranger has been selected for the Coeur d’Alene River district in Smelterville, Idaho. Phillip Blundell started his new job on Jan. 8.

Mount Spokane’s ladies days start

Mount Spokane’s Friday ladies days ski and snowboard instruction program has started. On Feb. 9 and March 2 women can learn from female ski and snowboard coaches.

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