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Hiker kills aggressive mountain goat; efforts increase to educate public to coexist

Mountain goats approach hikers on the summit of a Cabinet Mountains Peak apparently looking for food or maybe salty packs or skin to lick. (Rich Landers / The Spokesman-Review)
An aggressive mountain goat was shot and killed by a hiker in the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness last month bringing new concerns about the threats that outdoor recreation poses to the normally docile white ghosts of rocky peaks. A woman from Lincoln County, Montana, shot the nanny with a .357-caliber handgun on July 19 at the top of a switchback on a narrow, cliffy section of the trail to Leigh Lake.

Field reports: Women in wilderness explored by panel

OUTDOORS – Four local women with wide-ranging experience in the great outdoors will join for a panel presentation on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Bowl and Pitcher amphitheater at Riverside State Park. The “Women in the Wilderness” panel is the latest in the summer-long Wednesdays in the Woods presentations organized by REI.

Tour de Lentil provides challenging ride through the Palouse

A building along State Route 194 shows its Cougar pride. (John  Nelson / The Spokesman-Review)
Cycling on the Palouse can feel a little like an epic adventure at sea. Giant, wheat-covered hillsides meet the skyline, looking like golden oceanic swells. You chug upward, cresting that massive wave, then plunge down the other side. Repeat, again and again.

Reader Photo: On top of the world

Lexi Greenwood and Kelly Kopczynsky celebrate on the summit of Harrison Peak after backpacking three days along the Selkirk Crest in North Idaho. (Chris Kopczynski / CHRIS KOPCZYNSKI PHOTO)
Lexi Greenwood and Kelly Kopczynsky celebrate on the summit of Harrison Peak after backpacking three days along the Selkirk Crest in North Idaho.

Weekend weather: Possible relief from heat and smoke in sight

The entire region remains blanketed under high temperatures and an air quality alert from the National Weather Service, but some relief may be in store from both the heat and smoke perhaps as early as Sunday from a front carrying showers and thunderstorms through the area.

Hiker with dog has close wolf encounter in North Idaho

A gray wolf that has just swam across a North Idaho stream stands to assess a hiker and his dog that have entered its territory four miles from the nearest road. (Rich Landers / The Spokesman-Review)
I’d planned a July day hike with my dog along a North Idaho stream for a good dose of outdoor exercise and a cool respite from the summer heat. The bear spray I keep handy on my day pack saved me a lot of grief that day.

Berry picking a lesson in where to look

Some picked, some waiting. (Matt Liere / Courtesy)
There is something I find immensely satisfying about picking berries, but it’s not something I’d expect a lot of folks to understand or appreciate. It can be tedious work, filling a sizable container, something I’d never accomplished until well past 30 years of life.

Salmon success subject of TV series

Salmon anglers have benefited from efforts to reduce the impacts of Columbia River dams on runs of chinook and other salmon. (Rich Landers / The Spokesman-Review)
A Spokane production company has released a 13-episode television show detailing some of the successful efforts to improve salmon runs along the Columbia River and its tributaries.

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