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Bonnie Lake full of water, discover for paddlers, anglers

A kayaker paddles Rock Creek from the outlet of Bonnie Lake near the Whitman-Spokane county line. (Rich Landers / The Spokesman-Review)
The fishing is poor and the beavers haven’t tried to dam the outlet of Bonnie Lake this year, at least not yet. The high water of April has receded after flooding the rancher’s hay field and wetlands downstream from the basalt-canyon lake south of Cheney.

July a hot month for bicycling events

Debbie Jacobs of Moscow, Idaho, rode STP – the 200-mile long Seattle to Portland recreational bike ride – in June 2013. (Debbie Jacobs / Courtesy)
June is a tough act to follow for organizers of bicycling events in the Northwest, while July delivers some of the most popular rides of the year – so popular, they’re mostly sold out.

Reader photo: Subtle beauty

The Saltese Uplands, a Spokane County Conservation Futures property, is a place of subtle beauty. Early June is a great time of year to enjoy the wildflowers. (Mary Weathers photo)
The Saltese Uplands, a Spokane County Conservation Futures property, is a place of subtle beauty. Early June is a great time of year to enjoy the wildflowers.

Walleye picking up slack for Columbia salmon anglers

Walleye appear to be plentiful in the mid-Columbia River this year. (Allen Thomas / Courtesy)
This spring chinook season in Southwest Washington was so flaky – with the high streamflows by mid-March and low Bonneville Dam counts – that I only made one trip for the premier fish of the Columbia River.

Lawmakers support angler fee to boost Columbia salmon

Legislation to extend for two additional years the special $8.75 fee to fish for salmon and steelhead in the Columbia River and its tributaries got strong support Wednesday and approval by the Senate Natural Resources and Parks Committee.

Simple ways to cook wild turkey

1. Fillet breast from carcass and trim away any fat and “non-meat stuff.” Remove or scarify the thin membrane on the outside to make the meat more tender. (Bart George / Special to Outdoors)
I admire wild game chefs and I eat their food with great delight. But sometime simple is the way to go at our house. Accompany the meal with a good wine or beer and you might even get raves.

John Wayne rail-trail bike trip delightfully uncrowded

Cyclists cross a century-old trestle near Rosalia on the John Wayne Trail, which runs 253 miles across Washington. (Rich Landers / The Spokesman-Review)
While the Eastern Washington portion of a cross-state rail trail continues to be snubbed for funding by the Washington Legislature, a few folks continue to explore this world-class route in the rough. The John Wayne Pioneer Trail has rough sections, it has closed sections and it also has stretches that are easy-wheeling for fat-tire bikes.

Trekking poles boost hikers on the trail

Spokane rheumatologist Meredith Heick practices what she preaches about lowering impact to leg joints by packing trekking poles to Europe for her 110-mile hiking vacation around Mont Blanc. (Rich Landers / The Spokesman-Review)
Trekking poles that resemble cross-country ski poles are considered essential equipment by many hikers looking to make their walks more efficient and less stressful on ankle, knee and hip joints.

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