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Bill Jennings: Snowboarding slumps with trend toward skiing again

This winter there’s been something different about my mountain trips that I couldn’t quite put a finger on. It recently hit me in the lift line: skiers appear to be outnumbering snowboarders. After a couple of decades of growing popularity (estimated at about 5 million riders) that saved the snow sports industry, could snowboarding be in a slump?

Western states look closely at endangered species protection

DENVER – Wildlife managers, conservationists and business interests are meeting in Denver as the Western Governors Association looks for ways to change the way endangered species are protected. They’ll spend Wednesday and Thursday talking about the states’ role in deciding what species get protection under the federal Endangered Species Act and how conservation is paid for, among other topics.

Idaho’s roadkill salvage law seen as delicious success

A whitetail deer pauses while crossing State Highway 11 near Pierce before safely making it across. A 2012 law lets people salvage less fortunate animals. (Barry Kough / Lewiston Tribune)
You may hear little of it, but Idaho’s nearly 4-year-old law that allows people to salvage roadkill is surprisingly popular. According to an online data base maintained by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, more than 4,800 animals have been salvaged from the state’s roadways since the law took effect.

Matt Liere: Hunting partners not easy to find

Finding decent friends can be challenging, but it seems finding a great hunting buddy is damn near impossible. In my youth, an acquaintance with a vehicle and permission to hunt were all I needed to be enticed into a relationship, but I’ve since discovered selecting a hunting partner, or

End of era for Yellowstone as snowcoaches retired

The clattering Bombardier snowcoaches at Yellowstone will be officially retired. (Casey Page / Billings Gazette)
With an unceremonious trip from Old Faithful to Mammoth early Tuesday morning, a form of winter transport in Yellowstone National Park motored into history. The 18 clattering yellow Bombardier snowcoaches were officially retired.

Outpeople: Mark Mills is an advocate for northern pike in the Pacific Northwest

Mark Mills is an advocate for the northern pike in the waterways of the Pacific Northwest. (Courtesy photo)
Mark Mills of Spokane may be the best and possibly the most passionate northern pike fisherman in the Northwest. He admits his interest in catching pike borders on an obsession. When he’s not fishing for them, he spends hours reading online reports about this toothsome fish, watching pike fishing videos and talking to pike fishing friends—anything he can do to fulfill his need to learn more about these fish. His friends have nicknamed him “The Pike Supremacist.”

Bill Jennings: Snowskating can keep body and mind sharp

A growing body of research suggests learning a new skill at midlife will help keep your neurons firing efficiently as you grow older. Here’s one for you: snowskating. A snowskate is basically a skateboard with a short ski under it instead of wheels.

In brief: Protected status upheld for four state species

Greater sage-grouse and western gray squirrels will remain on the state’s threatened species list and snowy plovers and northern spotted owls on the state’s endangered species list, according to a vote by the the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission.

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