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Step 10. Add fuels gradually…. This photo is a good summary of the fire-building steps Nick Weber demonstrated to a group of search and rescue volunteers. He began by setting up a tarp to keep his fire site and firewood dry. Then he made a platform of logs to keep his fire off the wet ground and snow. Next he gathered several large piles of wood and cut some of it into small dimensions, including a pile of sticks the diameter of pencils and another pile the diameter of a thumb. He used a fluffed out a cotton ball coated in petroleum jelly as tinder and ignited it with a stroke of his knife on a magnesium sparking stick. This photo shows how he gradually adds larger sizes of wood to build the fire. Note the large gray stick he placed across the platform. This acted as a wind break for the tinder and creates flame-feeding air flow under the sticks as they are added to the fire.

Rich Landers