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The first trumpeter swans to hatch naturally at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge near Cheney are shown here with two adults in spring of 1967. The young trumpeters were possibly the most pampered members of the wildlife set in the Northwest at the time. The cygnets and a fourth not shown are the first of the then rare trumpeters ever hatched in captivity in Washington and possibly the first ever hatched in this state. All 35 adult trumpeters at the refuge at that time had been raised their from cygnet introductions. Apparently they all took a proprietary interest in the newly hatched cygnets. Biologists said it was difficult at times to tell which is the mother. A half dozen adults surrounded the cygnets when Chronicle photographer Wesley Cameron and assistant refuge manager Lowell Napier started after them on June 27, 1967, while the other Trumpeters tried to lure the men away or maneuvered to keep themselves between boat and the cygnets.

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