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Carlton Complex Fire

A wildfire in central Washington spun out of control early Friday morning, pushing back police and fire crews and forcing the evacuation of several more homes in addition to the entire town of Pateros and a hospital in Brewster. There are no confirmed estimates yet on how much the Carlton Complex Fire, sparked on Tuesday by a lightning strike, has grown. Consistent gusts of dry air throughout the night fanned the flames. The fire remains zero percent contained, and fire crews are hoping for assistance on Friday from state resources.

July 18, 2014 9:07 a.m.  •  0 comments

Malaysian plane shot down over Ukraine

A Malaysia Airlines passenger plane carrying 295 people was shot down over war-torn eastern Ukraine on Thursday, Ukrainian officials said, and both the government and the pro-Russia separatists fighting in the region denied any responsibility for downing the aircraft.

July 17, 2014 11:42 a.m.  •  0 comments

Wakeboarding with Ricky Krieger

Ricky Krieger is a professional wakeboarder who honed his flying feats of derring-do growing up on the shores of Long Lake. Going for a ride with Krieger is like having a front-row seat at an outrageous aerial circus. The boat leaves an exaggerated wake that forms a huge kicker, sending him high in the air.

July 17, 2014 12:00 a.m.  •  0 comments

Firefighter memorial plaque

The third of 17 memorial plaques for Spokane firefighters killed in the line of duty was unveiled on the northwest corner of Garland Ave. and Howard St. Tuesday, July 16. Thomas Sparrow collapsed and died on the corner while fighting a house fire nearby in 1939. Several Sparrow descendants were in the audience during the unveiling.

July 16, 2014 4:38 p.m.  •  0 comments

Spokane Shock defeat Arizona Rattlers 73-66

Spokane Shock defeats the Arizona Rattlers, 73-66, during an AFL game in the Spokane Arena, Sat., July 12, 2014.

July 12, 2014 10:25 p.m.  •  1 comment

Post Falls Festival parade

The annual Post Falls Festival featured a parade, a fair at Q’Emiln Park, cars races and a car show and live music in the park.

July 12, 2014 5:06 p.m.  •  1 comment

Billboard live painting

Jesse Pierpoint, artist and creative director for Seven2, live-paints a portrait of Nelson Mandela on a billboard at 301 W. Main, Friday, July 11, 2014. Pierpoint’s interpretation of “legacy” is a project by Boom Creative and Global Credit Union and is part of the credit union’s Global Citizen campaign.

July 11, 2014 2:33 p.m.  •  2 comments

Legal pot shop opens in Spokane

Hundreds of people lined up to buy recreational marijuana, July 8, 2014, in Spokane as Washington became the second state to legalize pot.

July 9, 2014 1:22 p.m.  •  1 comment

95-year-old WWII vet honored by family

95-year-old Jerry Weed watched his family erect American and 82nd Airborne flags in his honor on Friday, July 4, 2014, in Spokane, Wash. Weed served with the 82nd Airborne in World War II and jumped with them during the D-Day invasion of Normandy, France.

July 4, 2014 5:21 p.m.  •  2 comments

From the Archives: Fourth of July

Take a look back at photos taken from past Fourth of July celebrations.

June 30, 2014 11:05 a.m.  •  0 comments

Hoopfest Elite Championship Games 2014

Hoopfest players battle it out in the Men’s and Women’s Elite Championship Games on Sunday, June 29, 2014, at Nike Center Court in Spokane, Wash.

June 29, 2014 9:21 p.m.  •  0 comments

Hoopfest 2014

The Hoopfest 3-on-3 basketball tournament, which draws nearly 7,000 teams and 27,000 players to downtown Spokane, gets underway on Saturday, June 28, 2014.

June 28, 2014 4:11 p.m.  •  4 comments

From the Archives: Hoopfest, the early years

Five blocks on Howard, Wall and Spokane Falls Boulevard were blocked off for Spokane’s inaugural Hoopfest in 1990. It’s grown a bit over the years. Take a look back at Hoopfest photos from 1990-1993.

June 25, 2014 10:31 a.m.  •  3 comments

Spokane Shock defeat the San Antonio Talons 70-30

Erik Meyer’s return to the lineup was just what the doctor ordered as the reigning AFL MVP, who missed several games with a broken collarbone, led the Spokane Shock to a 70-30 victory over San Antonio on Friday at the Arena.

June 20, 2014 9:48 p.m.  •  0 comments

Worst week: Fairchild Air Force Base

Twenty years ago this month people at Fairchild Air Force Base and nearby Spokane were recovering from shock, dealing with grief and wondering “what next?” On June 20, a former airman recently discharged for erratic behavior had killed four and wounded 22 at the base hospital before he was shot dead. Four days later, with most of the wounded in hospitals and the base holding funeral services for two of the shooting victims, Fairchild’s last B-52 tilted at a sharp angle and slipped from the sky while practicing for an airshow, killing all four onboard as it was engulfed in a ball of fire.

June 15, 2014 12:00 a.m.  •  1 comment

Fairfield’s 2014 Flag Day Celebration

Fairfield’s 2014 Flag Day Celebration

June 14, 2014 4:47 p.m.  •  1 comment

Spokane Indians home opener

The Spokane Indians kicked off their 2014 season with a well-attended game against the Eugene Emeralds.

June 13, 2014 9:48 p.m.  •  1 comment

Full moon images from around the world

Today might be considered a superstitious person’s superstorm: Friday the 13th and a full moon. To others it’s just an alignment of month, day and moon phase. View a gallery of full moons from around the world taken over the years.

June 13, 2014 2:08 p.m.  •  0 comments

Budweiser Clydesdales visit Spokane

The Budweiser Clydesdales arrive at the Spokane Convention Center on Wednesday, June 11, 2014, in Spokane, Wash.

June 11, 2014 8:04 p.m.  •  0 comments

Spokane Youth Sports Awards

The Spokane Youth Sports Awards, downsized from a large luncheon to a simple program at the Woldsen Theater at the Fox, were given out Tuesday, June 10 to recognize outstanding coaches, athletes and teams.

June 10, 2014 8:48 p.m.  •  1 comment