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Faces of the Fallen

The Inland Northwest has a strong military tradition. For generations it has sent its sons – and now too, its daughters – into harm’s way when the nation is at war, knowing that not all will come back. The men and women in this slide show are part of a national toll of some 1,084 military personnel who have died in Afghanistan since the fall of 2001 and 4,400 who have died in the Iraq war since March 2003.

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Spc. Carlo E. Alfonso, 23, Spokane, Army. Died: 2008

Navy Diver 2nd Class for Seal Team One Jacob Keith Bare, 23, Chewelah, Navy. Died:2011

Cpl. Joshua E. Barron, 24, Spokane, Marines. Died: 2015

Sgt. 1st Class Clifford E. Beattie, 37, Medical Lake, Army. Died: 2011.

Spc. Ryan M. Bell, 21, Colville, Army. Died: 2007.

Spc. Robert T. Benson, 20, Spokane, Army. Died: 2003.

Staff Sgt. Marvin L. Best, 33, Prosser, Wash., Marines. Died: 2004

Spc. Nathan R. Beyers, 24, Coeur d’Alene, Army. Died: 2011.

Seaman Michael T. Boswell, 22, Newport, Wash. Died: 2006

Staff Sgt. Chad Arthur Caldwell, 24, Spokane, Army. Died: 2008.

1st Lt. Jaime L. Campbell, 25, Ephrata, Wash., Army National Guard. Died: 2006

Cpl. Justin Clouse, 22, Sprague, Army. Died: 2014.

Sgt. Maj. Bradly D. Conner, 41, Coeur d’Alene, Army. Died: 2007.

Sgt. Jason C. Cook, 25, Malott, Wash., Marines. Died: 2004.

Sgt. James E. Craig, 26, Spokane, Army. Died: 2008.

Sgt. Timothy P. Davis, 28, Spokane, Air Force. Died: 2009.

Sgt. Dariek E. Dehn, 32, Spangle, Army. Died: 2007.

Sgt. Jacob H. Demand, 29, Palouse, Wash., Army. Died: 2004.

Cpl. Joshua R. Dumaw, 23, Spokane Valley, Marines. Died: 2010.

Spc. Blain M. Ebert, 22, ,Washtucna, Wash., Army. Died:2004.

Lance Cpl. Nickoulas H. Elliot, 21, Spokane, Marines. Died: 2012.

1st Lt. Forrest P. Ewens, 25, Chewelah, Wash., Army. Died: 2006.

Cpl. Llythaniele Fender, 21, Medical Lake, Army. Died: 2007.

Sgt. Damien T. Ficek, 26, Pullman, Army. Died: 2004.

Staff Sgt. Wyatt A. Goldsmith, 28, Colville, Army. Died: 2011.

Cpl. Kelly B. Grothe, 21, Spokane, Army Reserve. Died: 2007.

Sgt. Stephen C. Hattamer, 43, Spokane Valley, Army. Died: 2003.

Sgt. Nathan P. Hays, 21, Wilbur, Wash., Marines. Died: 2002.

Sgt. Jacob M. Hess, 22, Spokane, Marines. Died: 2014

Pfc. Charles B. Hester, 23, Cataldo, Idaho, Army. Died: 2007.

Sgt. Curt E. Jordan Jr., 25, Greenacres, Army. Died: 2003.

Sgt. Abe M. Kaschmitter, 23, Davenport, Wash., Marines. Died: 2009.

Spc. Jarrod Lallier, 20, Spokane, Army. Died: 2012.

Capt. David I. Lyon, 28, Sandpoint, Idaho, Air Force. Died: 2013

Tech. Sgt. Herman Mackey III, 30, Fairchild Air Force Base, Air Force. Died: 2013.

Spc. Harley Miller, 21, Spokane, Army. Died: 2004.

Pfc. Dennis L. Mitchell, 19, Spokane, Marines. Died: 2004.

Cpl. Darrel J. Morris, 21, Spokane Valley, Marines. Died: 2007.

Spc. Nicholas W. Newby, 20, Coeur d’Alene, Army. Died: 2011.

Sgt. Travis W. Nixon, 24, St. John, Wash., Army. Died: 2005.

Airman First Class Tyler J. Patton, 20, Coeur d’Alene, Air Force. Died: 2011.

Sgt. Travis D. Pfister, 27, Richland, Marines. Died: 2007.

Capt. Victoria A. Pinckney, 27, Fairchild Air Force Base, Air Force. Died: 2013.

Staff Sgt. Afton M. Ponce, 28, Priest River, Idaho, Air Force. Died: 2014

Chief Warrant Officer Clint J. Prather, 32, Cheney, Army. Died: 2005.

Pfc. Christopher J. Reed, 20, Craigmont, Idaho, Marines. Died: 2004.

Pfc. Blake W. Samodell, 24, Davenport, Wash., Army. Died: 2005.

Spc. Jeremiah W. Schmunk, 20, Warden, Wash., Army National Guard. Died: 2004.

Sgt. Jeffrey Shaver, 27, Newport, Wash., Army. Died: 2004.

Staff Sgt. Mathew H. Stiltz, 26, Spokane, Army. Died: 2012.

Chief Warrant Officer Benjamin H. Todd, Colville, Army. Died: 2009.

Pfc. Bufford Van Slyke, 22, Nine Mile Falls, Wash., Marines. Died: 2007.

Capt. Mark T. Voss, 27, Fairchild Air Force Base, Air Force. Died: 2013.

Sgt. Lucas T. White, 28, Moses Lake, Army. Died: 2006.

Capt. Luke C. Wullenwaber, 24, Lewiston, Army. Died: 2004.

Sgt. 1st Class W. Zapfe, 36, Priest River, Idaho, Army. Died: 2007.

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