Your Photos: Inland Northwest 12th man

You and your friends could be on The Spokesman-Review’s front page on Super Bowl Sunday showing your 12th Man pride! Grab your Spokesman-Review 12th man page from the newspaper on Jan. 22 or download the cheer card here. Photograph yourself, your friends or your family members holding the cheer card and upload it to our reader photo gallery. The photo gallery will stay online through the Super Bowl and we’ll display as many of the pictures as possible on our front page on Super Bowl Sunday. Show your Seahawks pride!

Incyte Diagnostics employees in the Spokane Valley showing their 12th man pride! (Kim Hagerty)

18 month old maisy ruth christensen (chantel christensen)

My mom enjoying the superbowl (Karen Shirley)

I-90, Exit 264, Salnave Road, Cheney, WA. In memory of Tony Clibon, The biggest 12th Man who lived! We love and miss you so very much! GO SEAHAWKS! (Deb Pittack)

Kenny LOVES the Seahawks! (Mary Johnson)

12th man in Riverfront Park (Wendy Imming)

Shelp Family (Left to Right) Brazden,Salina,Dreyton,Breanna in back row Zachary (Salina Shelp)

Wallie Libby in sunny Palm Springs (Patti Libby)

Zaeda & Emma ready for the Superbowl!! Gooo seahawks! (Brooke Allen)

Our place in Puerto Morelos, Mexico (Mike Altig)

Bev Altig in Puerto Morelos Mexico (Mike Altig)

Puerto Morelos, Mexico policia holding the flag (Mike Altig)

Taken next to a 1947 desoto, Havana, Cuba (Mike altig)

This photo was taken at the Safeway at North point shopping center the day after we won the San Fran game. (Ken Madsen)

Photo taken in front of our house on Saturday, Feb 1st. My boys made the snowman and wanted to show their spirit! (Mike Hart)

The 12th man. the sign is 30ft in the air hanging off a forklift mast. its facing South on Market street so its visible to north bound traffic. the response was overwhelming, people love it. Go SEAHAWKS! P.S the orange line represents the Denver Broncos heart rate flat lining. (Don and Patrick Lehn)

The 12th man has arrived in Aruba this afternoon. Go Hawks!! (Dianna Pfeifer)

Go Seahawks from Honolulu! (Cindy Parker )

Mother and son sporting our home team! Camille and Fleet daly (michelle beldin)

Little 12's Super Bowl Eve Spokane, WA (Leah Jackson)

Toby rocking the 12th man flag! (Matt Burns)

Camille practices cheering for the Hawks at Papa and MaaMa's house! 1/31/14 (Kim Schafer)

Our deck with Seahawks lights. (Lesley Haskell)

Colville, Jan. 31st (Deb and Jim)

51st and Hogan (Ray Tansy)

My wife and I built this 12th snowman. Go Seahawks! (Jim Burrow)

On Dec 23 2012, the Seahawks played the 49ers. My wife a 49ers fan and myself a devoted Seahawks fan decided to bet the fan fair of our unborn child on the game. Seattle beat San Fran 13-42 crowning him a Seahawks fan. Jen, his mom, wanted to buy a 49ers outfit so he could support her team too. Being an avid Hawks fan he wouldn't put Niners gear over his diaper. On Jan 19th the Seahawks host the 49ers for the Championship game. Jen seeking an opportunity to get Little e in 49er gear decides to bet, "If the 49ers win he gets a Niners outfit." I agreed, but said if the Seahawks won he would be able to get a 12th man jersey. After the win I tried to order his jersey but the Proshop was out of stock. Right down to the wire in classic Seahawks fashion the Proshop stocks back up and Little e's new jersey arrives just in time for his first Super Bowl two days before the big game. Attached is the picture of Little e & Big E showing off their 12th man pride! (Eric Von Behren)

Doesn't matter where my son Brendan goes..he's a die hard Seahawks fan! Taken at Spokane Valley Mall Regal Cinemas (Mary)

Clear Lake, WA 1/31/14 (Randy Harrison)

Happy Blue Friday! (Tracy Stevens)

These people rock (I don't know them)

This is me and my mom, we live in Denver. I'm going for the hawks to win the Super Bowl, I love Brandon mebane. My Mamma and Pappa sent me this in the mail do go hawks. You can say it's a house divided but we all know who's gonna win. GO HAWKS (Jaden Walker)

Taken in my man cave with my four month old daughter. The newest 12th man. (bradley telquist)

Cardinal Pep Band Friday night. (Craig Johnson)

Ellingsen Paxton Johnson Orthodontics supporting our Seahawks! 1/31/14 (Sarah Conley)

My husband Jim and I built this 12th-snowman yesterday. Go Seahawks!!! (Linda Burrow)

Thomas Family (Jon Thomas)

The 12th dog! Spokane (stacey boulton)

waving the flag at Master Blasters in Hillyard. (Don Lehn )

ABM in in 12th man. Go Seahawks! (Maria Berrios)

ABM is in. Go Seahawks! (Maria Berrios)

Apt complex on South Hill by Ronz Window Splashes 1 / 27/2014 (Ron Newberry/ Ronz Window Splashes)

Window at Off Regal Lounge on South Hill by Ronz Window Splashes 1 / 31 / 14 (Ron Newberry/ Ronz Window Splashes)

Go Seahawks! (Lisa Tawney)

Me & my son Isaiah (Yome Hong)

Four generations of the 12th man! From 11yrs - to 87yrs. GO HAWKS!! (Gennie Hawkins)

Owner Tracy Cassel showing his 12th Man support for the Seahawks this weekend. Complete with Seahawks Ultimate Hand, custom Seahawks cartop sign, and Seahawks apparel. (Justin Pinter)

Go Seahawks! From Grandpa Gary in Spokane on January 31, 2014 (Richard Schmidt)

Our female Doberman, ZOE, just her cast redone today by the folks at South Grand Vet Clinic. Looks like ZOE is now a Seahawks fan! (Dave McCann)

Taken on Blue Friday 1/30/14. My son, deaf, and a huge fan of Derrick Coleman #40 waiting for his school bus to Praire View. (Michelle)

CPAs at McDirmid, Mikkelsen & Secrest PS show their Seahawks pride on January 31 at our office in the Chronicle Building (Bill Simer)

Father and daughter show Seahawk support at Riverpark Square Mall. (Jody Lawrence-Turner)

RiverBanker crew joining the ranks of the 12th man! (Ben Boldt)

Russell MacKenzie, who runs the kitchen at the Union Gopsel Mission in Spokane, WA (Russell MacKenzie)

Beastquake reaches The EPCOT 1/31/14. (Dan Thompson)

HOTSTART Engine Heating also sports Skittles for our Seahawks! 1-31-14 Spokane WA (Leslie Czernik)

Spokane Public Library staff show their Seahawk pride at the Downtown Library on Friday, 1/31. (Eva Silverstone)

12th Man!!! Freeman High School Seahawk fans! (Raelyn Davis)

The 12th dog! (Stacey Boulton)

Our Spirited 12th Man Group at Zak Designs. (Jara Deaugustino )

INHS employees show their support for the Seattle Seahawks. Go Hawks! (Julee Maltsberger)

Game face on! (Jennie Roginski)

Enjoyin the snow day!! Ready for Sunday! GO HAKWS!! (Amber Morse & Daniel Utter)

Inland Northwest Health Services employees show their support for the Seattle Seahawks (Julee Maltsberger)

Taken as a selfie at home. (Dana Duvanich)

Bronco fan outnumbered by winning Seahawks fans! (johnette ward)

GO HAWKS!!!!! (Tracy Anderson)

My husband and I built this12th-Snowman yesterday. (Linda Burrow)

Couldn't pass up a photo op with this awesome 12! Taken at the Seahawks vs. Vikings on November 17th! (Heather Young)

Everyone is a fan! This is the plastic goose that my 85 yr old mom keeps on her porch. The goose has a closet full of clothes for every occasion and the neighbors look forward to seeing what she will wear next. Mom lives in Spokane Valley and this is the first football outfit that goosie has ever worn. She keeps up with the times! (Sharon Weiler-Race)

Austin loves the SeaHawks!!!! (Jennie Roginski)


Jackson and Alaina showing their 12th man pride before school this Friday. Go Seahawks !!!! (Tiffany Syron )

The boogies (Aaron Strombooger)

Last Blue Friday of the season! Our surgical office staff rallied and showed our support! GO HAWKS!! (Heather Young)

Spokane County 12th man (Aaron Strombooger)


blue Friday! go Hawks!!! (Mia )

In front of a co-workers desk, that's a 49er's fan, that started an illadvised war (Cole Pieratt)

Here is a second picture of our Huge Seahawks Jersey we had custom made in honor of teh Seahawks! Sent a photo earlier of a different angle.....GO HAWKS!!!! (Keith Scribner)

Address 508 E Rockwood Blvd., We just had this custom made Seahawks #12 man shirt made for the front of our house. It's over 8 feet by 11feet. This idea came from trying to find a way to show our support for our Hawks because we couldn't make it to the superbowl with our friends this year. Our 7 year old son came up with the idea to make a huge Seahawks Jersey for the house. . (Keith Scribner)

4 generations of the 12th man, from 11yrs. to 87 yrs. GO HAWKS! (Michael hawkins)

Carroll Bear (missy majnarich)

My son just started talking, manages to say seahawks and football every game day!! (Courtney Dixon)

Car belonging to Brian McDonnell, avid GB Packers' fan, displaying "12" flags. (Paul McDonnell)

Brian McDonnell, avid GB Packer's fan, displaying GB bumper sticker and "12" on back window (hard to see in this pic). (Paul McDonnell)

Here is our 12th Man (Jenni)

Schofield family 12th man snowman! Go Hawks! (Alice Schofield)

Momma's 49th Birthday on 1/30/2014! The Cox Family all got Seahawks Sweatshirts! Terry, Evan, Leo, Teri (Momma),& Tim on 1703 W 25th, Spokane, WA, 99224 (Tim Cox)

Go Hawks! (Stephanie Bowman)

In Medical Lake, even the snowmen are in the game (shirley maike)

Today the 30th, snowiest day in January 2014 at Huntwood Industries, Liberty Lake, WA (Julie Turner)

My son, Drew Yanuszeski is a high school teacher in South Korea and a huge Seahawk fan. The flag is hanging now outside his classroom window!!! (Robbie Yanuszeski)

My Grandsons, the Seahawks good luck charms!! (Cathy Dixon)

Cheering on Sandpoint's own Seattle Seahawks Seagal, Danae Rokstad as she heads to NJ to cheer in the Super Bowl! Pictured (left to right): Denise Mayo, Lori Armbruster, Donna Rokstad (Danae's proud mom!) and Jenni Pagano of Sandpoint. (Lori Armbruster)

Even the snowmen are in the game (Shirley Maike)

Banner Bank's Call Center Loves the Seahawks! (Andrew Berger)

Banner Bank's call center loves the Seahawks! (Andrew Berger)

Taken at South Hill Pediatric Dentistry. We are a pediatric dental office full of Seahawks fans! (we don't really use the big drill.....we promise :)) (Erin Johnson)

Taken at NorthTown Mall. John Shasky on the right, the General Manager of NorthTown, won tickets to Superbowl! Go Hawks (Deborah McIntyre)

Family Calendar (Juan Silva)

The 12th Grandmas and Grandpas at Fairwinds-Spokane Retirement Community show their Seahawk pride! (Christa Thaxton)

Chief Moses Middle School STEM students (Moses Lake) cheer on the Seahawks! (Kelly Frederick)

12th man at work (Danny Flores)

Pumped for the Super Bowl in Spirit Lake, Idaho! (Dan Stevenson)

Royal Plaza Seahawk Cheerleaders!!! (Cal Booth)

Royal Plaza Seahawk Cheerleaders!!! (Leann Springer)

12th Wo-man ladies in Sprague Wa. Love trucks and football too. (Audrey Lynn)

Taking a break in the snow, Peter Dix (age 5) is proud to be a Seahawk fan!! (Michael Dix)

The team at Fidelity Associates Insurance showing our 12th Man Pride! (Melanie Fiegl, Fidelity Associates)

My son Jakkson chilling and watching the Seahawks play! (Courtney Dixon)

I was visiting Tolmie State Park with my grandchildren. (Carole Wandolowski)

Hawks #1! (Rene Guerrero)

The Guerreros taking a 12th man picture this morning in the snow! (Rene Guerrero)

Ben's new Seahawks cast after breaking his wrist Jan 26! taken 1/30/14 in our house. (Molly Schemmel (mom))

Wyatt, our little Seahawk cow dog, chillin out in our fan cave! (Errin Nelson)

Long-time Seahawks fans, first-time jersey purchasers. #3 for the win! (Eric and Jenna Miller)

seahawks cousins (Eve Jones)

Aloha from baby beach on maui. GO HAWKS. (marcy oman)

Our cat Mel likes the 'Hawks! Photo taken 29 Jan 2014 (Jan Daniels)

Jacoby Favre and Dad Dan! Cheering up the Hawks! (Daniel Legg)

12th Man Cookies! Our House 29 Jan 2014 (Jan Daniels)

46, 38, Omaha!!! Jacoby Favre Legg (1.5 yr.s) from Ponderosa. He is a Russellin'! (Daniel Legg)

Jacoby Favre Legg and his Daddy Daniel from Ponderosa! Go Hawks! (Daniel Legg)

At the Legg house in Ponderosa. Charity, Jacoby and Daniel-SeaaaaaaaaaHawks!!! (Daniel Legg)

Upper parking lot, River View Corporate Center, Spokane Valley. 1.29.14 (John Gaffney)

Sporting a vintage hat to cheer on our Hawks in the Superbowl in four days, (Jeff Martinelli)

Debi Acker's classroom at North Pines Middle School (Debi Acker)

Mrs. Acker's 2nd period class at North Pines Middle School (Debi Acker)

Mrs. Acker's class with Principal Grassi at North Pines Middle School (Debi Acker)

Davian Toulou gets out all of his Seahawks gear while watching the NFC Championship at home (Daryl Toulou )

!2th DOGS - Lets GO HAWKS - Loon Lake, WA (Sandi Amundsdon)

12th Dog. (Teresa Atchison)

Connor Joseph 8 Months old. Cutest Seahawks fan!! (Katie Hearne)

12th Man cookie supplied by reader Dian Lee, 81. (Dian Lee)


From Los Alamos, NM 1/29/14 (Ryn Herrmann)

Seahawks Game (Brianna)

Seahawks Game (Brianna)

Tailgating (Brianna)

Mike and Troy enjoying some half-time treats!!! GO SEAHAWKS!!! (Brianna)

Mike and Troy enjoying some half-time treats!!! GO SEAHAWKS!!! (Judi Lappano)

Mike and Troy enjoying some half-time treats!!! GO SEAHAWKS!!! (Judi Lappano)

Grandson James enjoying another Seahawk WIN!!! GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Judi Lappano)

Bonners Ferry, ID ladies aerobics class, January 29, 2014 (Carmen Jones)


If you need a 12th man on the beat from the streets in NYC or NJ.. I am your 12th man. (Leroy Jackson)

Dick & Debi Acker with Maggie Bea in Spokane (Dick Acker)

"Tackle Football Kids" Tuesday Pre Super Bowl Party in living room. (Craig Johnson)

Go Hawks (Pat O)

3 generations of Seahawks pride in Newman Lake (Mary O)

Journey painted this for her teacher. (Tesha Corkrum)

Lucy the 12 Dog taken at her Seahawk fan home (Theresa Beaudoin)

Jesslyn Tucker of Post Falls, Idaho rooting on the HAWKS! (Trudi Tucker)

Go Seattle Seahawks! (cheryl Ripley)

Riverfront Park Clocktower (Eve Jones)

Nursing 12th Fan!! Left to right: Autumn Nguyen, Lynda Hanley-Cole, Suzi Tuter, Denise Fell (Autumn Nguyen)

NFC championship game in Seattle. Go Seahawks!! (Josie Dix)

NFC championship game in Seattle at Centurylink field. Go Seahawks!! (Josie Dix)

Seahawks 41, Vikings 20 November 17, 2013 (Arin Martinez)

Representing in the Caribbean! (Kelsey Gray)

We are #12! Seahawk-Saints playoff game 2014 Go Seahawks! (Josie Dix)

Downtown Seattle headed to Centurylink field for NFC championship game 2014. Go Seahawks!! (Josie Dix)

Our dog is a fan too! Go Seahawks!! (Josie Dix)

My son came upstairs wearing this sweet outfit. He is definitely showing his Seahawk spirit. GO HAWKS!! (T Smith)

Spokesman-Review Human Resources department exhibits its 12th man spirit (SR Human Resources Department)


Gretchen & Dana at home in Spokane waiting for the Superbowl! (Teri Thom)

Cartoon by Stephen B Smart on the 12th Man (Stephen B Smart)

Moo - AH Hawks ! Broncos get out of our Hay ! (Patty Parsons)

Riverfront Group Health Seahawk Pride!! GO HAWKS!! (kimberly Wikle)

In my Kitchen in Moses Lake, getting ready to prepare the 12th Man Bronco Stew. Go Seahawk's, today is Jan 28 2014. (Denny Pelto)

Go hawks! (Jim Porter)

Pogo is ready for some Super Bowl! Taken at Suncrest, WA, on January 26, 2014. (Bruce Hurley)

Friends Karina, Teah and Madison at home! Go Hawks! (Tammie Driver)

Sisters Teah and Madison at home! Go Hawks! (Tammie Driver)

Mother and Daughter enjoying a "winning" home game in Oct 2013 (Judi Lappano)

Jesslyn Tucker of Post Falls, Idaho (Trudi Tucker)

Peter Rise from Elmer City on a Pacific Lutheran University Study Abroad trip in Argentina. (Ralph Rise)

Addy Nicole stopping for a quick pic with her man Russell Wilson! (At Yolks on North Foothills) (Serenity S.)

Photo taken at Big Horn Lodge near Noxon Montana (Steve Whitacre)

Reppin' the 12 from Houston, TX!! (Titus Szymanowski)

1/27/14 - Keaton one week old in Deaconess NICU is already cheering on the Seahawks! (Sarah Henderson )

Even Ballerinas take time out for the Seahawks Company Ballet School (Jonna Maule)

Teah and Madison at home (Tammie driver)

Representing the 12th man at the SR (The SR 1st Floor Staff)


Go Hawks!!!! Seattle bound all the way from Coeur D alene, Taken 1/26/14 (Becky Engels)

Ireland Luiten cheer representative for Jr Sea Gals 2013 September just prior to beating Broncos In pre season game! (Greg luiten)

Ireland Luiten cheer representative for Jr Sea Gals 2013 September just prior to beating Broncos In pre season game! (Greg luiten)

My daughter Addy Dolle from Spokane, at a Seahawks Game in November (Lynne robinson)

here is our 14 month old grandson Graysen loving the Hawks like the rest of his family!! It was taken a couple of weeks ago in his living room with the family! (Cindi Williams)

Six year old Brayden Sapier is ready for a Seahawk WIN! (Ashlee Martinez)

This is the wreath on our front COLORADO! We are transplants from Chewelah/Tri-Cities and love our Seahawks!! (Laurie Ghigleri)

Dr Richard Herdener and Dr Katherine Reed sporting the 12th man at Dermatology Specialists of Spokane! GO HAWKS!!! (Darla Brenneise and Shardel Clarry)

Stella Gilligan (middle) at Peach Tree Retirement Apartments in Yakima, Wash. (Kathleen Coleman)

Paul McDonnell mailing package to daughter Shannon in Chicago. (Paul McDonnell)

At Spokane Civic Theatre...the "Crazy for You" cast and crew are "Crazy for the Seahawks!". Photo by Steve Rodenbough. Jan 26, 2014 (Cheryl Johnsen)

ALC Newport WA Sunday School showing their support 1/26/14 (Robin Balow)

ALC Church in Newport WA showing our suppost. (Robin Balow)

John Hausmann at the Spokane VA Medical Center - LET'S GO HAWKS! (John Hausmann)

I have been a 12th person before there was such an official title! (Shirt from our first Super Bowl) (Shirley Roberg)

Govies Sculpture at the game!! (gypsy)

Monday night game at Centuryfield (gypsy)

12th man party 2014 (Phyllis/randi/cindy/bernie)

2014 12 man party (Shellie/Randi)

Snowmobile trip to Calispel peak.The 12th man ridge riders January 24th. Ride to the Sun. (Jim & Kimm)

Taken at home on 1/26/14. (Jim Hoffman)

Home in Chattaroy, WA 1/26/14 Go Hawks!! (Jim Hoffman)

Hawk photo taken with my grandson Bradley at home in Chattaroy, WA. 1/26/14 (Jim Hoffman)

My friend, Kelly Regan, is 6 months pregnant with the next great Seahawks fan (or player--this one's a kicker!) I couldn't resist painting her belly with the 12th man emblem, complete with the seismic waves! (Kara McCollum)

The wall of fame!!! Go Seahawks (Victor waggoner)

UPS Rick proudly showing his 12th man support! January 24th, Republic, WA. (Richard Lybarger)

Lunch time with the Hawks. (Adam West)

All the way from Fort Worth, Texas we represent the Seattle Seahawks!!! GO HAWKS!!! 01/26/2014 (Elli Holm)

My grandson Jon "the 12th man" sporting his new Seahawks hat! (Lori Lyons)

My son, who happens to have Down syndrome, fell asleep last night dreaming of his Seahawks! (Jacki Putnam)

GO HAWKS!!! (Fred-Eye)

I am a commercial pilot and took my flag to all 4 corners of the USA this last week but the best was this stop in DENVER!!! Let your flags fly! (Kelly M. Colliton)

our flag-hung right!! (gypsyredbird)

NWCoalition of SeahawksFans celebrate after playoff wins trip superbowl!! (gypsyredbird)

12th man at Cheney Middle School (Mike)

Karen Kubu Hager and her sister Cheri Kubu are reday for the big game! (Karen Haeger)

Abe Haeger already loves the Hawks and is learning the game plan! (Karen Haeger)

Da12th man (brian bland)

I am a 12!!! (Ken)

Brady is ready for the Super Bowl! Go Hawks!! (Michelle Musgrave)

Downriver Golfer 12th Man! 1/25 Spokane, Wa (Vickie Kelly)

Ross Family Spokane Wash. (Trigger, Steve, Linda and Corky Ross)

Trigger 12th man with Ross family (Steve & Linda Ross)

Our 12th Man Fan Shirt becomes our Flag here in Colbert! (Joe Stapleton)

Ted is the 12th Man. Raise the flag Ted, raise the Flag (Cheryl Grabicki)

Kale wants G-Mom to get a new poster with Seahawks on it. (G Lois James)

Wally Wilson was created to celebrate holidays and changing seasons, but most importantly to cheer on the Seahawks. Go Seahawks!!!! (dennis koesel)

My son on the moon! If Richard Sherman was on the moon, he wouldn't need a helmet! (Rick McQuesten)

In my office in front of my computer. Totally fake! (Rick McQuesten)

6 month old, Brant Dix is dreaming of a Seahawks Superbowl victory. location: Spokane south hill When: Saturday naptime (509 290 2989)

Game day... (Dianne)

Game face... (Fred-Eye)

Mizelle and Amelia are ready to step in if needed! (Carol Voogd)

Spokesman Review Parking Structure looking East with the Review Tower and Lincoln buildings in the back ground. (Paul Gulliford)

U-District Physical Therapy "Believes" in the Seahawks and Coaches vs. Cancer. Go Hawks! (Brian Cronin)

Plastic Snowman in yard. When you dispersed that 1st plaquards I put it on the large snowman. It's been there the entire time. (Marceen Zappone)

Shari, Shelby, & Joyful Noise BELIEVE in Colbert, WA! (Sharon Russell)

1/24/14 in my room. (Michael Nielsen )

Scoreboard Sports Bar in Spokane Valley taken 1/20/14. Work done by Ronz Window Splashes, Spokane (Ron Newberry)

Front window at Famous Ed's on Regal & 55th. Taken 1/23/14. Work done by Ronz Window Splashes, Spokane (Ron Newberry)

Ed Poblete & Little Beast (Ed Poblete and Lil' Beast)

Black and Associates Insurance is local and supporting our Seahawks to win the Superbowl! (Danni Walls)

Got out of class to show our support! Go Hawks!!!#Raisetheflag #hawknation #legionofboom January 24, 2014 (Sierra McCanna)

Mother and Daughter showing they love the Seahawks! (Kalli McGilley)

12th man: short but a not to small to wave the flag Taken at grandmas on 1/23/14 (Kathy Hook)

Robin & David Knutson and Leslie Mowatt with Taima at EWU 1/23/2014 Roos Field at EWU (Leslie Mowatt)

NorthTown Mall Management team in front of one of the mall directories. Friday, January 24. (John Shasky, Senior General Manager)

Ervins at G-Mom's, all devoted fans (G Lois James)

Start em young! Next generation of "The 12th Man" (Adam BearCub)

Even Sasquatch in Disautel Pass (near Omak) is rooting on his Seahawks (Gwen Hilson)

EWU fan flash mob held on 1/23 at Roos Field, Eastern Washington University. Look closely and you will see our special guest, Taima, from the Seattle Seahawks. (EWU )

Cubby with Bigfoot 12 man on Desautal Pass (Philip A Barnaby)

Teen Challenge Spokane 12th man cheering on the Seattle Seahawks to a Super Bowl win!! (Tony Cloud)

Game-day hawk, Taima, Ryan Gaard and daughters Kyra 7, and Kinley 3 in the Inferno at Roos field. (Ryan Gaard)

Even 4-legged English Springer Spaniels are the 12th Man! (Kathy Bergloff)

Just hanging out with my new pal, the actual hawk that leads the Seahawks into games, no big deal. (Sam Buzby)

Me, my two brothers and stepfather. They paint me up once a year when we go on the Annual Spokane Valley Seahawkers Bus Trip. Great People. Great Time! (Jason Bradfish)

At Jennifer's Auto Sales and Service we support our Seahawks!! (Danny Flores)

My friend Shelly Cunnington, representing the 12th man at Raycap in Post Falls, ID Go Hawks! (Staci Oestreich)

Whitman express having fum with Russell (Paula martin)

Go hawks! Whitman elementary (Paula martin)

Whitman express (Paula martin)

My husband getting ready for the playoff game against the San Fran. (Eric Miller)

mike with the bronco cheerleaders at sports authority field on tuesday jan 2, 2014. WE CAN BE FRIENDS!!! (mike honey)

Noah (4) Micah (3) Swanson. Northwood. (William Swanson)

This my best friend and Seahawks watching bud, Sadie (Steve Thain)

That is me and my lucky Seahawks Hat (Steve Thain)

Supporting the hawks!! (Jeff)

12th Man Rockin The Islands! (Adam BearCub jr.)

Seahawks! (cheryl ripley)

Brothers, sisters, spouses, nieces and nephews .... all cheer for the great Seattle Seahawks!!!! (Lori Lyons)

Go Seahawks! Dylan Nelson of Spokane may only be 5 but he is one of the "Hawks" biggest fans. (Jo Fitzpatrick)

The Next Door Espresso gang :) (Fred, Vonessa & Ava)

Hunter Pope and Grandma Dana bring deployed Dad Raymond Pope to the big game. (Tom Engdahl)

This is 12th MAN Antenna Ball. (Cindi Williams)

Cassel Promotions & Signs representing our support as the 12th Man. Go Seahawks! Superbowl baby! (Tracy Cassel)

Go Seahawks (Andy Franklin)

12th Man in Window from Moses Lake (Denny Pelto)

Larry and Tudy Hatch (Tudy Hatch)

Lucky the dog likes the Seahawks. (Tudy Hatch)

Beast Mode! (Sarah Duke)

Even the Big boys have 12th man fever! Go Hawks! (Dan Plotzki)

Novation, Inc has 12th man fever! Go Hawks!!! (Lisa Plotzki)

Near Moscow Idaho, the Seahawks are the cats meow! (C. Root)

3 yr old Nathan is the "littlest" biggest 12th man. He knows every play in the book! A wee hawk for sure :-) I took this picture while he was playing outside in his full hawk uniform (Saralyn Cook (mother))

My elf-self repping the 12th man in my cubicle! (Shelby)

Cathy wore her new Seahawk Shoes for the big game here in Spokane. Go Seahawks! (Joe Stapleton)

While visiting in Seattle last Sunday Patti and I watched the game in the Rock Bottom Grill in Bellevue. Go Seahawks! (Joe Stapleton)

The 12th Man on Sunday, January 19th, during the Seahawk Game ... taken in Palm Springs, AZ. by Julie vacationing there. Go Seahawks! (Joe Stapleton)

Dewey the attack bird shows his true colors. (Geoff Pinnock )

Spokanes original full-contact flat track junior roller derby team is proud to be part of 12th man! Ladies and Gentlemen, your Lilac City Pixies at the Lilac City Rollergirls practice facility, Wednesday 1/22. (Jason Wiebe, Director)

The 12th girl cheering as the Seahawks beat the 49ers! (M Soyars )

Go hawks! (Dylan Clark)

12th man is everywhere, even in the kitchen!!! Go Hawks!!! (Bill Dodge)

12th Woman spotted at the Starbucks on 13th and Grand (Allison Armfield)

The 12th dog rooting from Hauser, ID! (Roxy)

Grandma Elliot loves the Seahawks!! (cheryl Ripley)

Reporter Kip Hill and his cat, Odin, cheering on the Seahawks from Spokane on Jan. 22. (Kip Hill)

Go hawks!!!! (amanda kirsten debbie)

Raymond Smith, waiting for kickoff! (Russell Smith)

Karen Kubu Haeger and her mother, Sandra Grant Kubu ready to cheer on the Hawks! (Sandra Kubu)

Happy but wet after Marshawn Lynch scores a TD agains the Saints in the divisional playoff game. (John Taylor)

My son in his room after putting up the Russll Wilson fathead he got for Christmas. (John Taylor)

Go Hawks! (Wes Masterson)

The "rivalry flag"! My boyfriend is a Denver fan, I am a Seattle fan. Let the games begin!! (Tammra)

12ing on Sherman Ave. :) (Ashley Baumbach)

Family outing at the regular seasons last game against the St. Louis Rams 12/29/2013 (Jeff Mcintyre)

"Bleacher Creature" Christmas gifts from my sons, Jay and Ryan. (Donna Fender)

Wednesday morning at home - where the Hawks rule! (Lew VanDeMark)

12ing before the NFC Championship. 12:00 at Riverfront Park Clock Tower. (Scott Baumbach)

Our Own Legion of Boom! Cricket LOVES the Seahawks! (Rich and Melaine Williams)

12th Man Fans (Brenda)

Leanne Pardee, Sydney Linde, Kellie Pardee . Grandmother, granddaughter, mom all showing team spirit. Taken at my home in Spokane Valley on Jan 21. (John Pardee. )

East Valley High School Special Needs Class Room (Jon Thomas)

The guys at Spokane Subaru with 1 Bromco fan that paid to be in the (tom hunter)

Maier Men (Dad & 3 Brothers) Enjoy A Moment Before the NFC Championship Game - Which All Agreed That This Game Was The Most Exciting & Intense Sporting Event Ever Attended. 1/19/14 Touchdown City (Seth maier)

Dashiell Stucke shows his Seahawks pride in Spokane (John Stucke)

Karsten Stucke showing his Seahawks pride (John Stucke)

Tim Hanley, Jan. 22, 2014, Spokane Valley (Addy Hanley)

I decided to show our support for the Seahawks by putting a 12 on our shop in Colbert made of blue rope lights. it's about 10 feet high and 12 feet wide. GO HAWKS!!! (Jim Johnson)

Shadle High School grad Evan Mason raises the 12th man flag on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands (Kris Mason)

Northside Seawhawks representing the 12th man. (Aaron Johnson)